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Gnostic Summer Solstice

The Festival of Joy



7th Endowment 2:33-36, 60-62


33 Remember then, do not forget, that it is appointed that the first and greatest festival of all your years to come shall be that of the Festival of Joy, in commemoration of the coming forth of God and Heaven to the man called Azrael.

34 Bring therefore unto the wild places wherein you choose to celebrate, the tents for camping beneath the sky; for even as Azrael was made to dwell in a tent within the mountains deep, even so shall you in like fashion do, that you may prove yourself as one with the very Friend of God.

35 And even as you would celebrate the coming forth of God, still is it appointed that on the day of the summer solstice, from the rising of the sun to the setting, even on this day shall you celebrate the coming forth of the Song of God; for even as the sun gives forth an abundance of light on the longest day of the year, even so shall the Song of God give light throughout all the generations of mankind upon this world whereon you stand.

36 For the Song of God is made the gift which we from Heaven give, to be for you a place of learning filled with sacred wisdom; a place where you and God might meet and there but sweet embrace, a place of refuge from the storm where you might find deliverance....

60 Hold up therefore the Song of God and from its pages read, becoming yourselves as good ambassadors, teaching and preaching with joyful hearts that God did not forget; letting shine the light of joy which reveals the prize they seek, to know at last the mind of God and to touch the great eternal.

61 And so it is given that in the Festival of Joy are you given three reasons for jubilation, which reasons are: the coming forth of God and Heaven, the appointment of Azrael to be for you a teacher, and the coming forth of the Song of God to be for you a light.

62 This then be the first and foremost of all your festivals, to be for you a source of joy, filling the Heavens above the earth with shouts of hallelujah.


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