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Content and Chronology of Authorship

Comprised of twelve independent yet interrelated books, the Song of God is a newly revealed book of scripture presented as an advancement and restoration of divine knowledge.

Written over a period of twenty-one years by a single author, the
Song of God is a grand unification of wisdom and truth, confirming with sound clarity the beauty, value and potential of humankind.


1979   On the morning of June 19, in the Uinta Mountains of Utah, Archie D. Wood witnessed the appearance of highly evolved, glorified human beings who identified themselves as God. Seven years later, Wood was commissioned to begin writing what would become the first book of the Song of God.

1986 / 2007   Book of Wisdom
According to the author, the book of Wisdom was the most difficult to write. It was also the last of the twelve books to be completed[*]. The book of Wisdom is comprised of three sections:

- The Indictment   (chapters 1-13)

- Gnosis Revealed   (chapters 14-26)

- Last Words of Azrael   (chapters 27-29)

1987   Book of Beginnings
Through a series of historically based parables, this book reveals details concerning the Great Leap Forward: a time when the children of God first came to dwell among the native evolutionary humans (the “children of men”) in order to establish the promise of eternal life. This book traces the genetic line and influence of both the Adaam and the Fallen during the first two dispensations. Insights are offered pertaining to the agenda of the Elohim, the Fallen, the Demiurge, and the rise and fall of ancient yet advanced civilizations.

1991   Book of Yeshua
This book contains the historical teachings of Yeshua Ben Joseph, the man commonly referred to as Jesus of Nazareth. This material provides a detailed account of Yeshua’s ministry and transcendence. From the sermons of John the Baptizer, to Yeshua’s post-resurrectional teachings, this book gives contextual insight for all who would become as the Only Begotten.

1992   Book of Enlightenment
This book Introduces the Demiurge and reveals Yaldabaoth’s role in the First War of Heaven and the rebellion of the Elohim’s Chief Arch-Angel, Shaemdiel (Lucifer). Discover the hidden designs of The One pertaining to the Fallen and this world, the world of the First Power.

1997   1st Endowment
Follow the author as he is taken on a journey through time and space to the celestial realms of Elohim, where questions are answered and mysteries revealed.

1997   2nd Endowment
God’s defense of humankind against the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh. Major themes include: the nature of man, human sexuality, true worship, reincarnation, liberation, and redemption.

1998   3rd Endowment
Reveals the miracle surrounding the birth and evolution of God. An epic story of love, war and intrigue, this book provides historical context surrounding the first human to create soul and survive death with personality intact.

1999   4th Endowment
Follows the creation of the First Heaven, and progression of the first assembly of spirit children brought forth by God. This book reveals the founding principles of eternal progression and dispensationalism, offering practical wisdom that will empower any student along their path of transformation and transcendence.

2000   Book of Pearls
Meditations for spiritual mastery. In 2004 the author wrote seven more meditations, which were placed at the beginning of the book to become Pearls 1-7.

2003   5th Endowment
Reveals the circumstances and purposes behind the creation of the Chief Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, and the mystery brought forth as a counter-balance, known as the Ahgendai. Learn how the kingdoms of Heaven are protected from mediocrity and complacency, and gain new perspective regarding concepts such as: creation, duality, opposition, balance, and renewal.

2004   6th Endowment
Dictated by the Supreme Father of Heaven in the Adamic language, which the author translated into English, this book reveals a detailed account of the Second War against the Demiurge, and why it relates to us here and now.

2005   7th Endowment
Dictated to the author in English by the Supreme Mother of Heaven on December 24, 2005, this book is Heavenly Mother’s personal address to her children.

2007   *On November 14, an event transpired which resulted in chapter 29 of the book of Wisdom. This marked the official completion of the Song of God.

2008   The Song of God was published for the first time in its entirety.

2015   The 2nd edition of the Song of God was published.

Notes —

The entire Song of God was originally written in longhand. The author never used a typewriter or computer to do any of his writing, nor did he ever dictate scripture to a secretary or scribe. With the exception of the 6th and 7th Endowment, all previous books in the Song of God were written under the whispering influence of Heavenly Mother. This should not imply in any way that these books are less sacred than the 6th and 7th Endowment, which were dictated directly to the author.


SONG OF GOD - Living Gnosis of the Ahgendai

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