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Book of Pearls
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This book contains the historical teachings of Yeshua Ben Joseph, the man commonly referred to as Jesus of Nazareth. The following material provides historical details and context surrounding Yeshua’s radical ministry and his untimely death.


Chapter 1

The coming of John the Baptizer – Baptizing of publicans and soldiers – Scribes and Pharisees investigate John – John rebukes the Pharisees – Gamaliel, Nicodemus, and Joseph of Arimathea – The voice of one crying in the wilderness – The coming of the Anointed One – Scribes and Pharisees are perplexed – Josephus Caiaphas plots against John – Judas of Kerioth is sent to spy on the Essene


Chapter 2

The men who rule are troubled – The fame of John the Baptizer – Herodians test John – Which of the prophets have your fathers not persecuted? – The Anointed One shall purge his house – John speaks of the temple which Herod built – John speaks to a Zealot concerning the Anointed One – Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace – Mark well the goodly man – John dreams a dream, waits by the river Jordan for three days and nights – Behold, O Israel, he comes


Chapter 3

In the land of Zebulon – Spirit of God calls out to Yeshua – Yeshua gathers his family – The baptism of Yeshua – Yeshua in the wilderness – Certain of John’s disciples follow Yeshua – Judas reports to Caiaphas – Physical description of Yeshua – John: I must decrease while he must increase – John goes to Jericho


Chapter 4

Yeshua heals Lazarus of blindness – Simon the Pharisee healed of leprosy – Yeshua teaches women – The healing of Onias – The healing of the beggar at the temple – Healing on the Sabbath – Purging the temple – By what authority do you do these things? – Sermon of Light – Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees – True temples – Yeshua goes to Galilee


Chapter 5

Marcus Galerius – Caiaphas is threatened by Galerius – Chief priests and elders plot the death of Yeshua – John the Baptizer is arrested – John is imprisoned in Machaerus – Herod kills John the Baptizer – John is buried in Egypt


Chapter 6

Yeshua returns to Nazareth – Reading from Isaiah – Is this not Joseph’s son? – Yeshua rebukes the elders – Parable: The Lord of the Vineyard – Nazareth rejects Yeshua – Yeshua and his family – James becomes a disciple – Yeshua preaches from Simon’s boat – Miracle of catching fish – Conversion of Simon – Fishers of men


Chapter 7

Simon’s mother-in-law is healed – The grace and goodness of Yeshua – Parable: The Wedding Feast – Parable: The Fish Net – True circumcision – On what day shall the kingdom of Heaven come?Break apart the wood, and I am there – Zebedee rebukes Yeshua for stealing his sons – The true Father of men – Let the dead bury the dead – The fame of Yeshua spreads – Herod desires to see Yeshua


Chapter 8

Yeshua enters the house of Matthew – Yeshua criticized for eating with sinners – Only the sick need a physician – Behold, a gluttonous man – Judging righteously – A good tree brings forth good fruit – Digging up the roots of evil – Matthew: What must I do to have eternal life? – Yeshua forgives Mary Magdala – Come, follow me


Chapter 9

Healing the man with a withered hand – Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath? – Parable: The Sower – Yeshua explains the parable – Parable: Hidden Treasure – Yeshua invites all to follow him – Healing the son of a Greek – Parable: The Mustard Seed – Parable: The Two Planters – False disciples – Be you doers of the word, and not hearers only


Chapter 10

The faith of a Roman Centurion – Yeshua and the children – Disciples argue over who is greatest – Except you be converted as little childrenParable: The Laborers – Yeshua calms the stormy sea – At the city of Hippos, in the house of Demitrius – Yeshua speaks against slavery – A Roman defends the practice of slavery – The rise and fall of empires – Living peacefully – Demitrius follows Yeshua, but the Roman takes offense


Chapter 11

Women disciples – Contention over women disciples – Yeshua withdraws to be alone – In the affairs of men, which is strongest? – Parable: The Slender Vine – Women are worthy to receive from God – Women of history – The strength of women – Yeshua heals a blind man – Yeshua speaks on baptism and fire – Signs of the times – Think not that I came to destroy the law


Chapter 12

I am the good shepherdParable: The Lost Sheep – Parable: The Lost Coin – False shepherds – Seeking the lost – Parable: The Grace of God – Will you muddy the waters of the Lord? – Yeshua accused of being insane and possessed of demons


Chapter 13

Are you the Anointed One, or look we for another? –Prayer and fasting – Raising the dead youth in Nain – Healing the nobleman’s son – Yeshua’s family comes for him in Cana – Parable: The Foolish Son and the Good Servant – Miriam becomes a disciple – Jairus seeks the help of Yeshua – Healing the woman who had an issue of blood – Jairus’ daughter is healed


Chapter 14

Yeshua teaches throughout Galilee – Leaders in Jerusalem grow fearful – On violating the traditions of the fathers – Tradition versus the law of Moses – The mercy of God towards those who repent – Right speech: Not what goes into the mouth, but what comes out – Parable: The Tares and Wheat – Who is worthy to know the mysteries? – Ask and it shall be given


Chapter 15

Lowering the paralytic youth through the roof – Which is greater: the power to forgive or the power to heal? – Parable: The Unforgiving Servant – Forgiveness: seventy times seven – Setting right your offenses – Love your enemies – Many disciples are offended – Repay to no man evil for evil – Kingdom of Heaven to be established in peace


Chapter 16

The healing of two blind men – Are you greater than Moses? – Sermon: The Manna of Moses and the Bread of Life – Disciples are offended a second time – Healing the deaf and dumb youth – A house divided against itself cannot stand – Creating the demons which haunt you – Simon professes devotion – Parable: The Forgotten Seed


Chapter 17

Yeshua returns to Nazareth – Teaching in the synagogue, the elders are offended again – Yeshua seized and taken to a precipice – Rufinius saves Yeshua – Yeshua takes counsel from his mother


Chapter 18

Yeshua appoints twelve apostles – Miriam appointed over seven women – Yeshua chooses the seventy and gives instruction – Take no thought for what you shall eat or drink – On entering the house of strangers – The salt of the earth and the candle which cannot be hid – God shall give you words to speak – The disciple is not above his master – The true vine – Constant in and out of season – Be not of this world – When the Spirit of Truth is come – If you love me, keep my commandments – You cannot serve two masters – Parable: The House Built On Sand – Love one another


Chapter 19

The transfiguration of Yeshua – Moses and Elijah – A voice from Heaven – Yeshua speaks of John the Baptizer – Teaching the Twelve Apostles – Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind – Parable: The Given Talents – I call you no more servants, but friends – The Father which is come from above – Yeshua weeps over the cities of Galilee


Chapter 20

Healing a madman in Caesarea Philippi – Who is clean and who is unclean? – Yeshua meets the King, Herod Philip – Why Herod Philip fears to die – Life is a bridge over a chasm wide and deep – The foolishness of fame – Herod Philip is comforted


Chapter 21

Judas reports to Caiaphas – The plan to kill Yeshua outside Israel – Judas becomes the assassin – The death of Judas also plotted – Saving a crucified man near Khirbet Shimon – Yeshua enters Tyre – Healing the daughter of a Gentile woman – The sisters Maximilla and Prisca – Yeshua teaches and heals in the gardens of Jakobis


Chapter 22

Zostrianos seeks a meeting with Yeshua – From whence comes the need to worship? – Will you believe by the seeing of the eye only? – Knowing yourself – Seeking the wonder of hidden things – The law of kind cleaving unto kind – Beware the sophistry of learned men – Zostrianos seeks to buy knowledge of the mysteries – Yeshua heals a youth of lameness – Zostrianos becomes bitter and complains against Yeshua – Maximilla and Prisca give a royal gift – Sidon petitions the Lord to come – In the house of Callistus – The adoption of Jude


Chapter 23

Finding joy – As a man thinketh – Making small the soul within – Take no thought for sins only – Achieving calmness – Guard well the thoughts of your soul – Conquering the self – Good gifts and wisdom – On multiple lives – Emptiness and the true value of the cup, window and doorway


Chapter 24

Why are we unhappy? – Parable: The Unkept Field – Awaken your self by your self – The burden of unceasing want – There is no fire which burns like passion – A weigher of weighty matters – The good man: what he is like – Putting away your anger – Live you happily then – On personal discipline – A sin greater than sin – On fears and superstitions


Chapter 25

Jews of Sidon show regard for Yeshua – Abgar Ouchama writes letter to Yeshua – Yeshua’s written response to Abgar – On being a good neighbor – Crime and mercy – Parable: Many Seeds Together Sown – Fear not, for I am with you – Reject not the fallen – Parable: The Rejected Man – Why Jerusalem fell to Babylon – You are the cup and I am the wine


Chapter 26

The healing of Arius in Caesarea – Physicians make inquiry – Arius takes the physicians to see Yeshua – Physicians question Yeshua – Yeshua rebukes the physicians – It is God alone who heals – The intelligence of body and spirit – Whosoever would heal another  – Holiness is the medicine of the soul – Disease and the lack of balance and harmony – All things pass away by and by – The power to heal and believe


Chapter 27

Judas attempts to kill Yeshua – Joseph of Arimathea seeks Yeshua – Gaining wealth at the expense of wisdom – Joseph: Riches are a blessing from God – Yeshua: God does not give wealth as a blessing – What must I do to have eternal life? – The Great Commandment – Joseph’s letter to Nicodemus – Yeshua returns to Judea – The blessed ones – Godly power given – He that is not against us is for us


Chapter 28

The widow who gave all she had – Through the eye of a needle – On giving alms to the poor – Woe unto the rich – On prayer – Forgiveness and prayer and fasting – Caiaphas tries to arrest Yeshua – Who is your Father that we might know him? – A greater witness than John – The witness of Moses – Contentions arise over who Yeshua is – Guards fail to arrest Yeshua, Caiaphas angered


Chapter 29

Judas and Simon to the Zealots – The Zealots go to see Yeshua – Seeing the miracles, the Zealots are impressed – Zealots offer to fight for Yeshua – The Messiah, whose son is he? – Kingdom of God not established with blood – Parable: The Unknown Treasure – Give to Caesar the things which are Caesar’s – The Zealots are angered at Yeshua – Parable: The Living Pearls – Twenty and four prophets – A Roman Tribune records the words of Yeshua


Chapter 30

The fame of Yeshua spreads – Sadducees test Yeshua on Moses and marriage – Yeshua teaches on marriage – The law which Moses gave – On the law of Moses and divorce – Yeshua proclaims women equal to men in the eyes of God – The woman taken in adultery – He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stoneWoman, where are your accusers?Will you kill another because you are offended?Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way


Chapter 31

Nicodemus goes secretly to Yeshua – The baptism of John versus the anointing of God – Faith receiveth, hope worketh, love giveth – On multiple mortalities – They which are come from God speak what they know – Men who love darkness – Pontius Pilate goes to Jerusalem – Pilate plots the death of the Galilean


Chapter 32

Zacchaeus in Jericho – Love erases sin – Parable: The Prodigal Son – Zacchaeus becomes a disciple – If your son ask for bread, will you give him a stone?Parable: The Unjust Judge – Herod Antipas rushes to Jericho to see Yeshua


Chapter 33

The town of Ephraim honors Yeshua – The beggar and the harlot – Parable: The Seed Which God Planted – Parable: The Yeast in the Bread – On feasting – You must give mercy to receive mercy – Despise not the poor – Parable: The Master of the House Who Locked the Doors – The last shall be first, and the first shall be last – Parable: The Unattended Feast – Yeshua heals a crippled woman on Sabbath – Yeshua rebukes the Pharisees


Chapter 34

Yeshua blesses the beasts of the wilderness – Yeshua in Arimathea discusses the law of love – Parable: The Good Samaritan – Yeshua enters a dispute on mercy and judgment – Parable: The Forgiven Thief – Yeshua warned about Herod Antipas – Yeshua enters Samaria – The woman by the well – The true place of worship – The harvest is ready, but the laborers are few


Chapter 35

Yeshua heals ten lepers – In the house of Simon of Bethany – A harlot anoints the feet of Yeshua – Parable: The Two Debtors – Daughter, your sins are forgiven you Parable: The Two Different Prayers – Circumstances, not judgment – Parable: Saving the Barren Fig Tree –Those who will not see – Yeshua foretells the destruction of the temple


Chapter 36

Bartimaeus is healed of blindness – Many marvel and wonder – Bartemaeus taken before the rulers of the synagogue – Parents of Bartemaeus are questioned by Pharisees – Bartemaeus rebukes the rulers – Bartemaeus is cast out of the synagogue – Bartemaeus becomes a disciple – Greeks come seeking Yeshua


Chapter 37

Teaching from the Mount of Olives – Beware of lawyers – Parable: The Rich Fool – Caiaphas questions Yeshua – Yeshua poses a question – Parable: The Two Sons – The people turn against Caiaphas – On Solomon’s porch with the Sadducees – An attempted stoning – Pharisees counsel caution


Chapter 38

Rulers try to use Herod Antipas to kill Yeshua – Making bread for the poor – Sabbath made for man – A deaf and dumb child healed – The cost of discipleship – On true cleanliness – On doing charity – Parable: Dives and Lazarus


Chapter 39

Zealots offer to make Yeshua king – Judas and the Zealots turn against Yeshua – Why do you call me: Lord, Lord?Parable: The House Built Upon the Rock – Yeshua accused of having demons – Streams of living water – Honoring the Father – Yeshua greater than Abraham – Marcus Galerius writes to Pilate


Chapter 40

Yeshua flees to Ephraim – A young couple seek Yeshua’s help – Marriage based on love not law – The ring of Jakobis and a place of refuge – Lazarus falls sick – Disciples fear for Yeshua’s life – Yeshua sends Mary and Miriam to Lazarus


Chapter 41

The death of Lazarus – Yeshua comforts Martha and Mary – The crowd waits to see a miracle – Yeshua prays to the Father – Lazarus, Lazarus, arise – The fame of Yeshua increases – Caiaphas plots to murder Lazarus – Judas and Simon Zelotes repent


Chapter 42

Yeshua prepares to enter Jerusalem – Hosanna to the son of David – Pontius Pilate watches from the fortress – Chief priests watch from the temple – A priest cautions Yeshua about the Romans – The murder of Lazarus – Yeshua weeps at the death of Lazarus – Yeshua prophesies the destruction of Jerusalem – Yeshua sets hard his soul unto death


Chapter 43

Signs of the times and the end of the age – Making merchandise the souls of men – Beware of false prophets – Wars and rumors of war – Coming persecutions – Jerusalem and Judea forewarned – Parable: The Fig Tree – Be watchful – Parable: The Unwatchful and Wicked Servant – The coming of the Son of Man – For I was hungry and you fed meParable: The Ten Virgins


Chapter 44

Yeshua cleanses the temple – Whited sepulchers – False and pretentious disciples – God shall demand an accounting – False oaths – The weightier matters of the law – Denunciation of hypocrisy – How the prideful rule – Beware of titles or positions – Caiaphas plots to kill Yeshua


Chapter 45

Contention over Mary’s anointing of Yeshua – Judas betrays Yeshua – Preparations for the Last Supper – Betrayer: Lord, is it I? – The bread and wine – The washing of feet – Yeshua foretells his death – Promise of the Holy Spirit – The commandment to love – Yeshua foretells the three denials of Cephas


Chapter 46

Yeshua’s first prayer at Gethsemane – The apostles sleep – Mary’s devotion revealed – Yeshua’s third prayer – The coming of the temple guards – Whom do you seek? – In the house of Caiaphas – Judas tries to rescue Yeshua – Yeshua sent to Herod


Chapter 47

The three denials of Cephas – Yeshua brought before Pilate – Yeshua beaten by the guards – Pilate orders Yeshua crucified – Yeshua foretells the destruction of Jerusalem – The King of the Jews – Yeshua provides for his mother – Spectators torment and mock Yeshua – Final hours – The burial of Yeshua – Judas confronts Caiaphas before hanging himself


Chapter 48

Mary and the Gardener – A beggar goes to Miriam – On the road to Emmaus – The resurrected Yeshua comforts Nicodemus in a vision, rebukes Caiaphas and Ananus – Caiaphas has Ananus murdered – Yeshua appears to disciples and apostles – Doubting Thomas – Yeshua instructs followers to go to Galilee and tell Cephas of his resurrection


Chapter 49

Cephas goes fishing – A stranger on the shore – Miracle of the fishes – Yeshua feeds the disciples – Simon, do you love me?Lord, what shall these do?


Chapter 50

Teaching on a hilltop – The great “I am” – Doing worship, finding refuge – The spirit of man – Multiple lives (reincarnation) – The slayer and the slain – On seeking spirituality


Chapter 51

Be as wanderers upon the earth – The value of scriptures – How to live in wisdom and joy – Parable: The Spiritual Farmer – What the body is like unto – The spirit of man – The path of true wisdom


Chapter 52

Singing hymns of life and joy – Many mansions – I am the way, the truth and the lifeLord, show us the Father – Ask in righteousness – Peace I leave with you – The ever-abiding presence of God – Yeshua reveals to the apostles the mysteries of the gnosis – James, Thomas, and Mary the Beloved are appointed – Establishing the common and the hidden – Yeshua teaches secretly in the garden of Gethsemane – The power of love – The fullness of God to be revealed in the fullness of time – Rejoice in the light that shines within – Doubt not, fear not, be constant – Go you now and perform your labors



For his wisdom was above that of other men,

and of his understanding there was no end.

Yeshua 14:4