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Chapter 36

Bartimaeus is healed of blindness – Many marvel and wonder – Bartemaeus taken before the rulers of the synagogue – Parents of Bartemaeus are questioned by Pharisees – Bartemaeus rebukes the rulers – Bartemaeus is cast out of the synagogue – Bartemaeus becomes a disciple – Greeks come seeking Yeshua


1  There lived in Jerusalem a man which was blind from birth, whose name was Bartimaeus; and each day he would come and sit at the temple gates begging alms of those which went in.

2  The disciples of the Lord, when they were passing by, beheld the man, and they asked the Lord, saying: “Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he should be born blind?”

3  Yeshua answered them, saying: “Know you not what you have asked? For how can a man sin before he is born, except that you first believe in the rebirth of the soul?

4  But I tell you truly, that neither has this man sinned, nor his parents; for it was expedient that the works of God be made manifest through him.

5  For this cause am I sent unto the world, that I might make manifest the works of him that sent me; work while yet it is still day and the light shines upon you.

6  For when the night is come, then can no man work, for darkness is come upon you. I tell you truly, that as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

7  Now after he said these things, he bid the disciples to bring the blind man unto him;

8  And when he was come near, the Lord stooped down upon the ground, and gathering in his hands the dust thereof, he spat upon it that he might anoint the eyes of Bartimaeus with the clay.

9  And when he was anointed, the Lord commanded him, saying: “Go now and wash in the pool of Siloam, and you shall see.”

10  So Bartimaeus went unto the waters, and when he had washed his eyes, behold, he jumped for joy for he could see.

11  When, therefore, he had gone unto his own house seeing, his neighbors exclaimed among themselves, saying:

12  “Is this not blind Bartimaeus which sat daily at the temple gates begging?” He answered them, saying: “I am he.”

13  And his neighbors asked him, saying: “How then came you to see?” He answered them, saying:

14  “A man whose name was Yeshua anointed my eyes with clay and commanded that I go unto the pool of Siloam and wash; and when I had washed my eyes clean again, behold, I could see.”

15  And the neighbors, when they heard this, were filled with wonder, and they asked him, saying:

16  “Where then is this Yeshua? Is he not the man which is come from Galilee and of whom all Israel speaks?”

17  And Bartimaeus answered: “I know not any of these things.”

18  Now they which were his neighbors brought the man unto the synagogue, for they desired that the Pharisees should examine him.

19  Now it was on the Sabbath day that Yeshua had caused that Bartimaeus should see, and the rulers of the synagogue, when they saw him which before was blind, they asked him by what power he was made to see.

20  And all which he had said before did he speak also unto them; and some which were of the Pharisees, said:

21  “This Yeshua is not of God; for he keeps not the Sabbath day according to the traditions of our fathers.”

22  But others which were of the Pharisees, said: “How can a man that is not from God do such miracles?” And there arose a division among them because of it.

23  And the Pharisees, turning to him that was blind, said: “What do you say of him which opened your eyes?” He answered, saying: “He is a prophet of God.”

24  When they heard this of the man, they grew angry against him, saying: “This man was never born blind. Why have you thought to deceive us?”

25  And calling forth the man’s parents, the Pharisees asked them, saying: “Is this the son which you say was born blind? How then is he able to see?”

26  But they which were the parents, being fearful of the elders lest they be cast out from the synagogue, spoke, saying:

27  “We know that this our son was born blind; but by what means he is now able to see, we know not.

28  But why will you ask us? He is of age, ask him. He shall speak for himself.”

29  Again the Pharisees spoke unto the man, saying: “If you would rejoice, then give God the praise. As for this Yeshua, we know that he is a sinner.”

30  And Bartimaeus spoke unto them all, saying: “Whether he be a sinner or not, I know nothing at all. But this one thing I know full well, that once I was blind, but now I see.”

31  Then spoke the Pharisees unto him again, saying: “Tell us what Yeshua did unto you. How did he open your eyes?” This spoke the Pharisees that they might entangle him in his words.

32  But he answered them, saying: “I have told you already, and you would not hear. Why then will you hear it again? Would you also become his disciples?”

33  When the Pharisees heard this, they grew angry and reviled against the man, saying: “Surely you have become as one of his disciples, but we are Moses’ disciples only.

34  For we know of a surety that God spoke unto Moses upon the mount; but as for this Yeshua, we know not from whence he is come, or by what power he does these things.”

35  And Bartimaeus, growing bold in the Spirit, said unto them: “That you know not from whence he is come, or by what power he has performed many mighty works is indeed a marvelous thing, for he it is which opened my eyes.

36  Now we know that God hears not the sinful man, but if any man be a worshipper of God to do his will, this man God hears.

37  For from the beginning of the world was it never heard how that any man could open the eyes of one born blind. No, not even Moses whose disciples you are.

38  If, therefore, Yeshua were not of God, he could do nothing at all. Yet I am he which was born blind, but now I see.”

39  When the Pharisees heard this, they were astonished by his words, and they spoke unto him, saying: “You were altogether born in sin, and will you think to teach us?”

40  And rising from the places of honor, they did lay hands upon the man and cast him out from the synagogue into the streets;

41  And they declared unto all which saw, that whosoever would be his friend, the same would be cast out also.

42  Now by and by when Yeshua heard what was done unto the man, he went forth seeking after him.

43  And when he had found him, he spoke unto him, saying: “Bartimaeus, do you believe the coming of the Anointed One?”

44  And hearing the voice of the Master, he knelt before him and spoke, saying: “Who is he Lord, that I might go and worship him?”

45  Yeshua answered him, saying: “You have seen him already, and it is he that speaks with you even now.”

46  When Bartimaeus heard this he marveled greatly, and he spoke, saying: “Lord, I believe.” And from that day he followed after the Master.

47  Now there came certain Greeks unto Jerusalem seeking the Lord; and they came unto Philip which was numbered among the apostles, saying:

48  “Sir, tell us where the Lord might be found, for we desire to speak with him.”

49  Then went Philip unto Cephas and together they went unto Yeshua, saying: “Master, certain Greeks have come seeking you.”

50  And bidding the Greeks unto him, the Lord spoke privily unto them the whole day long, and when he was completed, the Greeks went away saying among themselves:

51  “Surely in this man is there room found for every man, for in him has the kingdom of Heaven descended unto the earth.”