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The True Gnostic Church (TGC) is a gentle endeavor to unite the family of God on Earth and facilitate the birth of a global spirituality. We are a fellowship of like-minded individuals seeking to embody and reflect the gnosis of God — as revealed in the Song of God, and through personal revelation and experience. We are a church of True Gnostics, humanity is our religion.


With the emergence of the Song of God and the teachings of Azrael Ondi-Ahman, we have the opportunity to create a more relevant religious context that can embrace and accommodate our highest spiritual experiences, pursuits, and potentials. The Song of God presents a new vision of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going as a species. The True Gnostic Church is a global, grassroots effort to share and give shape to this vision with grace and integrity. As this work continues to unfold, we hope to co-create an environment in which the Song of God can be heard, celebrated, and danced to, as well as examined, questioned and debated.


The True Gnostic Church represents a diverse spiritual collective empowered by choice and bound by desire and duty to defend and uplift the human family. We serve as benevolent stewards of the earth and the life it supports. For True Gnostics, worship is centered around the family, in the homes of believers who strive to strengthen their faith practice through intelligent thought, inquiry and discourse. The True Gnostic Church is a restored work in progress. Let the family of God unite, and with this Song that God has sung, continue in our efforts to create a new Heaven and earth.

• Must provide the means for humankind to imitate (worship) God — which God would represent humanity’s highest ideals and noblest visions.


• Would have as its only goal the betterment and exaltation of humankind.

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“In order for faith to be real and acceptable to God, then such a faith must always acknowledge the believer’s right to walk away from that faith without any judgment or condemnation from God, or from God’s appointed church. True faith, justified faith, is always about choice; for it is the freedom to choose that makes a faith powerful. It is not correct doctrine which empowers the believer, but rather the freedom to choose, and in the choosing, faith becomes the gift we give ourselves.”

Basic Beliefs #13

Any faith embraced by true Gnostics:


• Must have the ability to make its followers better, in a moral sense, when compared to those who are not of the religion. Adherents would thus alleviate and contribute less to the suffering caused by moral evil (any practice or behavior causing harm, injury, or death to others).


• Must encourage scientific inquiry, allowing humanity to reduce the amount of suffering caused by natural evil (any natural occurrence which inflicts ruin, injury or death, ie: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, disease, etc.)


• Must explain what’s going on, and within its framework satisfy reason.

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