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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
3rd Endowment
4th Endowment
5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment


Chapter 1

The Ancient of Days descends, and speaks to the Teacher a great parable – Michael and his Beloved dream – Adam and Eve come to the earth to dwell among the children of men – Adam and Eve teach and give knowledge – Birth of Cain and Abel – Cain teaches blacksmithing, commerce, trusting in the arm of the flesh – Abel teaches husbandry, farming, music, and writing – God is not pleased with Cain’s offering


Chapter 2

Lucifer woos and seduces Cain with a song – Lucifer lifts the veil from Cain’s eyes – Consider, Cain, how you are like unto me – Lucifer boasts of his plans to recompense Michael – Cain is persuaded to contend against God –  Cain teaches war, empire, usury, and distorts the teachings of Abel


Chapter 3

Marriage of Abel and Yoshibel – Matriarchal priesthood is established – Cain is angry and jealous towards Abel – Yoshibel has a son, Gimmel – Cain covenants with Lucifer to bring evil to the house of Adam – Cain gathers sons of men, forges a sword – Teaches murder for gain and power – Cain murders Abel


Chapter 4

Adam asks Cain about Abel’s absence – Cain reveals his anger and intent – An angel comes and converses with Adam – The curse of Cain and the mercies of God – The angel sets a mark upon Cain – Cain travels to the land of Nod and establishes Sumer


Chapter 5

Adam comforts Eve and Yoshibel – The birth of Seth is foretold – The seed of Seth and house of Abel – Seth is born – Adam and Eve gather the righteous – Adam speaks of his return at the Sacred Gardens of Ondi-Ahman – Adam and Eve ascend into Heaven


Chapter 6

Sons of Adam mingle with the daughters of men – Enoch is called to teach and gather the lovers of God – Establishing Zion and the Tabernacle of Peace – Enoch travels to Sumer, converses with Cain – Enoch asks for water during drought – Rain is promised in return for water and safe passage – Cain is gracious towards Enoch – Enoch and the righteous settle near Lake Ishan


Chapter 7

The drought ends, Cain gives gifts and land to Enoch – Zion is built, the city of peace established – Bashia, the High Priestess and Matriarch, teaches daughters of Zion – Contentions and disputations in the House of Cain – Yasher-Baal contends against his father for the throne – Yasher-Baal kills Cain and assumes power – The yoke of the law and state religion established – Yasher-Baal desires the death of Enoch


Chapter 8

Zion dwells in peace for forty years – Enoch is called in a dream to journey three days to the mount – Bashia appointed over the people of Zion – Enoch and patriarchs travel to mount and see God – Yasher-Baal prepares to war against Zion – Azotus is sent from Sumer to spy out the land of Zion – Azotus meets Marisa, the daughter of Bashia and Adami – Azotus falls in love with Marisa and warns her of the coming attack – Marisa takes Azotus to Zion to meet with Bashia


Chapter 9

Armies of Sumer lay siege against Zion – Bashia comforts Zion and confronts Yasher-Baal – Mighty men of Sumer grow fearful because of Bashia’s words – Yasher-Baal rebukes his army and threatens Bashia – A great wind scatters the armies of Sumer – Enoch returns to Zion


Chapter 10

The wall and gardens of Zion – The temple of Zion – Duties of the High Priest and Priestess – The prosperity of Zion – Hazar- Gabatha and the gift of wine


Chapter 11

Yasher-Baal plots against Zion – Lucifer converses with the son of Cain, revealing many dark and hidden things – Yasher-Baal gathers his men of valor and promises glory for Sumer and retribution against Azotus – Rahob is appointed High Priest of Sumer – Sumer conquers the cities of Kish, Shinar, Uruk, Babel, and Calneh – Sons of Yasher-Baal made kings


Chapter 12

Azotus is kidnapped from Zion and put on trial – Busiris, the chief judge of Sumer condemns Azotus and demands repentance – Azotus refuses to beg mercy from the wicked – Yasher-Baal passes judgment against Azotus and his family – Azotus is executed, attended by angels


Chapter 13

The Ancient of Days appears to Enoch – Enoch and Methuselah are called to teach and comfort – God’s indictment against the high priest Rahob, and blood sacrifice – The sacrifice that God desires – The promises of God – Enoch begins his mission and testifies against the workers of iniquity


Chapter 14

Jubal of Calneh – Kneeling before Enoch – Story of abomination – Jubal cries out in anguish – Enoch comforts Jubal of Calneh – Parable: The King and His Wayward Son – The forgiveness of God – Wicked priests contend with Enoch – Enoch rebukes the priests of Rahob – The desolation of Yasher-Baal foretold – People desire death of wicked priests – Enoch returns to Zion after seven years


Chapter 15

Elon Zanoah defends his daughter – Elon rebukes the elders – The gathering of an army – King Remlah seeks a scapegoat – Fifty soldiers take Methuselah captive – Elon rescues Methuselah – Methuselah anoints Elon – King Remlah gathers a mighty army – Battle at the Narrows of Tiglath – Elon executes King Remlah – The letter of Elon to Yasher-Baal – King Melech battles Elon at Mount Tekoa – Yasher-Baal gathers his war council – Adrammelech made king, taxes increased – 300,000 men made ready for war – Jandrus in the robes of Yasher-Baal


Chapter 16

An angel confronts Methuselah – Methuselah’s excuse for not returning to Zion – Is this the liberty which God would give? – The confusion of Methuselah – The angel explains the liberty of God – Methuselah refuses to forsake Elon – Jandrus marches against Perga – The deception of Yasher-Baal works – Death of Elon and the execution of 20,000 – Methuselah weeps for Elon Zanoah – Yasher-Baal turns his army towards Zion


Chapter 17

The second siege of Zion – Ancient of Days in the Holy of Holies – Message of deliverance – God’s forbearance towards the wicked – Treasures on the temple steps – Heavenly Mother comes to Bashia – Saving the Matriarchal Priesthood – Japhia the wife of Methuselah – Bashia prepared to meet Yasher-Baal


Chapter 18

Bashia meets Yasher-Baal again – Yasher-Baal demands to know what is wanted – Bashia pleads for the people of Zion – Yasher-Baal scorns Bashia and vows to destroy both city and people – Bashia bargains for the life of Japhia – Yasher-Baal consents, Bashia surrenders Zion – The sureness of Bashia


Chapter 19

The gates of Zion are opened on third day – Soldiers enter the empty city – Treasures on the temple steps – Yasher-Baal rebukes Penuel – Soldiers search for nine days – The spirit of Azotus appears to Yasher-Baal – The wisdom of Azotus – Yasher-Baal tries to kill Azotus again – Yasher-Baal seeks Japhia – An earthquake swallows up Zion – Yasher-Baal goes insane – And vipers kept well the courts of the king


Chapter 20

The genealogy of Methuselah and Japhia – Maciah, the High Priestess of God – Genealogy continued – Noah, the son of Lamech – Methuselah sends Noah to find a wife – Noah enters the house of Phiniah – Suzanne singing among the flocks – Noah steals away Suzanne – Lamech is upset, Methuselah rejoices – Noah and Suzanne wed


Chapter 21

Contention between the Adaam and Enoshahim – Michael and Lucifer meet – Lucifer takes credit for contention –

Michael responds: Is there glory in weakness? – Lucifer invited to return to God – What evil is greater than the mercy of God? – Lucifer is filled with loathing and contempt and walks away from the hope of reconciliation


Chapter 22

Methuselah reveals a mystery to Noah – Methuselah dreams of a flood to come – Petitioning God to save mankind – Noah’s promise to speak to God – Patriarchal prayer of intercession – God comes and speaks to Noah – Spirit of adoption is promised – God’s promise of deliverance – Suzanne and the Matriarchal Order – Angels take Methuselah to God


Chapter 23

Noah gathers the seed of Adam and journeys to Mount Ararat – The companies of Shem, Japheth, Ham and Cimbri – Noah sends his sons throughout the earth – God speaks to Noah on Mount Ararat – The spirit children of God descend to the earth – Lucifer comes to Noah on Mount Ararat – A promise to frustrate the plans of God – Lucifer shows his power – Noah shows the power of God – The words of Noah to Lucifer – Promise of the Mighty One: redeeming Lucifer – Noah gives a sign: rainbow – Lucifer weeps – The death of Suzanne – The ascension of Noah


Chapter 24

The wickedness of man and the rise of idolatry – In Heaven the Elohim gather – Michael speaks – The seed of Seth and Abel – Redemptive power of priesthood – Emmanuel speaks to Michael: Abram and Sarah – Priesthood to be established with the seed of Abram – Emmanuel to come forth as Yeshua – The Law of Dispensation – The dispensation of Raphael and Uriel – Emmanuel incarnating in the meridian of time – Michael gives the promise of resurrection – The dispensation of Ariel and Azrael – The Father of All speaks


Chapter 25

Nimrod and the city of Babel – Rise of idolatry – Terah, the father of Abram – Abram and Sarah visit Terah – The ten gods of Terah – Abram devises a test to determine the power of Terah’s gods – Abram smashes the gods of Terah – Terah returns and demands an answer – The god of stone, fierce and angry – Terah has Abram arrested and taken to Nimrod – The king sentences Abram to be executed


Chapter 26

Abram in prison, prays to God – God answers Abram’s prayer – Emmanuel promises Abram deliverance, establishes a covenant, and names him Abraham – Nimrod’s wife falls sick – God speaks to Nimrod in a dream – Abraham delivered from prison – Abraham heals the queen of Babel – Nimrod rejoices, gives many gifts to Abraham – Abraham rejects Nimrod’s offer to build a temple – Nimrod grows fearful, commands Abraham to leave – Terah commanded to kill his son


Chapter 27

Terah dwells in the tent of Abraham – Death of Terah – God speaks to Abraham about a choice land and a nation of priests and prophets – Abraham is promised a son – Abraham goes to the land of Canaan – After many years Abraham goes to the land of Hebron – Abraham bids rest to one like unto the Son of the Morning – Sarah persuades Abraham to take Hagar to wife – Abraham bargains with Lucifer to spare the wicked – Lot escapes pestilence of Sodom and Gomorrah


Chapter 28

Hagar gives birth to Ishmael – Discord in the tent of Abraham – God chastises Abraham – Circumcision and the covenant – Abiel of Salem visits Abraham – Abiel councils Abraham regarding Sarah and Hagar – The mercies of God are an offense to man – Discourse on priesthood


Chapter 29

The birth and circumcision of Isaac – Abraham prepares a feast – Sarah’s song of praise – Sarah sings to Heavenly Mother – An angel comes to Abraham in a dream – Abraham bathes and anoints himself – Melchizedek appoints Abraham High Priest and Patriarch – The Ancient of Days completes his story, and the Teacher writes




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Through a series of historically based parables, the book of Beginnings establishes how the connection was made between God and evolutionary humans with the advent of the first two dispensations.



Wherefore, be strong in the Lord your God,

and fear not the might of the oppressor,

for your God is greater than the fury of the ungodly,

and his mercy towards you is from everlasting to everlasting.

Beginnings 17:50