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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 24

The wickedness of man and the rise of idolatry – In Heaven the Elohim gather – Michael speaks – The seed of Seth and Abel – Redemptive power of priesthood – Emmanuel speaks to Michael: Abram and Sarah – Priesthood to be established with the seed of Abram – Emmanuel to come forth as Yeshua – The Law of Dispensation – The dispensation of Raphael and Uriel – Emmanuel incarnating in the meridian of time – Michael gives the promise of resurrection – The dispensation of Ariel and Azrael – The Father of All speaks


1  Now many generations passed after the days of Noah, and the children of men forgot the ways of God, and they turned themselves to their own lusts.

2  And the children of men built many cities, and they made war against one another, for the children of men no longer thought themselves to be one house before the God of Heaven, for there arose a multitude of religions which did set one man against the other.

3  For the God of Heaven they remembered no more, but instead, they fashioned unto themselves idols of wood and stone, or some they made of gold or silver.

4  Now the ways of men became divided also, for they no longer spoke the same language. For in the beginning the sons of Noah spoke the language of Adam, which had been preserved throughout many generations, even down to Noah.

5  But in the days when the children of Shem the elder, Japheth, Ham and Cimbri moved over all the face of the earth, to dwell among a diverse people, they did mix the language of others with their own. And after many years their language was no longer pure.

6  And the priesthood which Noah had confirmed upon the sons of his loins began to diminish from the earth because of great wickedness. And ignorance and bestiality entered into the hearts of men.

7  Now in the kingdom of God did the Elohim gather before the Father of All, and there stood before him seven mighty ones, and beside them, one who was like unto the Only Begotten of the Father, even Emmanuel.

8  And Michael, even the Ancient of Days, spoke to the Father of All, saying:

9  “Behold, Ahman, how that the children of men have grown exceedingly wicked. For surely above all the creations which you have ordained to be, they are quick to forget the ways of the Lord.

10  Now, my Father, if it be according to your will, let us establish the way whereby all the promises which were given unto so many might be fulfilled according to your word.

11  For the time has come when we must establish the promise which was given concerning the seed of Seth and of Abel, his brother.

12  Therefore, let us call forth a man from among all the sons of men, and with him shall we establish a covenant, and all his seed shall be as that of Seth, who in the beginning walked in the ways of God.

13  And let us call from among his seed certain men who will walk among the chosen, that they might teach unto the children of promise all the ways of God.

14  And all they who shall go forth to do the works of righteousness, whereby evil shall be made to diminish from before the earth, even these shall become as the seed of Abel, seeing that they have made themselves of great worth to the children of men.

15  Therefore, seeing that so many shall be made to become as the seed of Seth by way of covenant, we shall hide in their inward part the seed of Abel, that they might be nurtured unto the Lord.

16  And on the day when we shall call forth to them to stand forth as prophets among the people, they shall arise from the midst of obscurity and proclaim aloud the words of God unto all the people.

17  For consider, my Father, how the people are made to perish in their sins, for there are few who are made to hold the priesthood of God upon the earth, whereby redemption might be made according to your grace.

18  For this cause, my Father, is there need to establish priesthood upon the earth by way of covenant, that it might never fade away from before the eyes of men because of much wickedness.

19  For unto whatsoever man we shall call from among the children of men, with him and his seed after him shall we cause a portion of the priesthood of God to attend unto the covenant which we shall cause to be established among them.

20  But unto all who shall become as the seed of Abel, whether male or female, to walk as prophets among the people to bring them unto a remembrance of all the words of God, unto such prophets as these shall we cause to be given a fullness of the priesthood forever.”

21  Now when Michael had said these things, Emmanuel spoke to him, saying: “My Father, in the land of Shinar, in the city of Babel, there is made to dwell the man Abram and his wife, Sarah.

22  Now if it be according to your will, let us establish with him the covenant of priesthood.

23  For I have caused that my Spirit should move upon him to trouble him concerning the abominations which are made to afflict the innocent.

24  Therefore, if it seem good to you, I will call to him in the midst of great adversity, that I might give answer unto the prayer of his soul and I shall deliver him from affliction.

25  And I shall cause to be established with him the covenant, whereby he and his seed after him might become as a peculiar people; even a nation of priests shall they be unto the Lord of Heaven.

26  Wherefore, seeing that his seed shall multiply upon the face of the earth, I shall cause my Spirit to move upon certain holy ones, and they shall become as prophets unto the covenant seed of the man Abram, and they shall teach them in the ways of godliness.

27  And on the day appointed, I shall go forth to the earth that I might dwell among the children of my soul, that I might more perfectly teach them the way wherein they should walk before God.

28  And whosoever shall walk in the way of the Lord, even they shall be made as one with the God of Heaven, and from his hand receive a fullness of glory.”

29  Thus spoke Emmanuel unto his Father, Michael. And the Ancient of Days blessed him before all who were gathered there, even Gods many and Lords many. And he spoke to him, saying:

30  “Consider, my son, how that Lucifer is fallen and is made to walk upon the earth to trouble the hearts of men. For he has afflicted the children of men with many sorrows, insomuch that many are made to curse the God of Heaven.

31  Now if it so be that you should go down to the earth to walk among the children of your soul, then shall the Fallen One rise up against you, and with much cunning cause that the children of promise should kill you before many witnesses.

32  Therefore, seeing that evil shall conspire against my anointed one, perchance to frustrate the mercies of God, even so shall I contend against Lucifer in righteousness, for your sake.

33  For consider how that in the beginning I did go down to the earth that all the spirit children of both Emmanuel and Sophiel might be made to dwell in mortality, that they might come to a knowledge of good and evil.

34  Wherefore, seeing that evil should conspire against the children of men to destroy them in their sins lest they repent and turn again unto God, I sent forth unto the earth Gabriel.

35  And he did put forth his hand to frustrate the designs of the Fallen One, for he did establish upon the land the adoption of sons and daughters, whereby there should be but one people upon all the face of the earth before the Lord.

36  Thus were the children of men delivered in the moment of great distress. And to all who should seek the God of Heaven did Gabriel give the promise according to my word, whereby they might become as the Only Begotten of the Father.

37  Seeing that by the ministry of the Arch-Angels of God the children of men are redeemed from the conspirings of Lucifer, I shall cause these others also to go down unto the earth, that they might establish the way before you.

38  Now consider how my Father, even Ahman, has appointed unto the seven Arch-Angels the Law of Dispensation, whereby much righteousness should be brought to pass.

39  Therefore, seeing that you shall call from among all the children of men, the man Abram, and seeing that you shall cause to be established with him and his seed after him the covenant, I shall cause to go down to the earth the Arch-Angel Raphael.

40  For surely his seed shall multiply greatly upon the land. Therefore, I shall send unto them Raphael, that he might deliver them in the day of trouble and affliction.

41  And he shall establish among the children of Abram the law whereby the way might be prepared for your going forth among them on the day appointed.

42  For by the hand of Raphael shall the law be established, and by the appearing of the Promised One shall the law be fulfilled.

43  Thus, in the day when the covenant people shall become as a mighty nation among the children of men, in that day they shall walk after the pride of their heart, to forget the covenant which you shall cause to be established with their fathers; then shall you call forth from among them many prophets, whether male or female, that they might warn the people against iniquity.

44  And if they will not give heed to the words of the prophets to turn again unto me, then shall I send forth to them the Arch-Angel Uriel.

45  And he shall establish before them the promise of the Father, whereby the Promised One shall arise from the midst of them, and you shall go among them to redeem the world from the wiles of the Fallen One.

46  Thus shall a way be prepared for the coming of the going forth of your soul unto the children of men, lest at your coming, they put forth the hand to kill the Father of their spirit.

47  And you shall go among them as a shepherd among the flocks; and you shall heal them of many sorrows; by the words which you shall speak unto them shall they find the way wherein they should walk before God.

48  The way of peace and holiness shall you establish before all the people. And if it so be that evil shall lay hold of the chief priests and rulers of the nation, that they should kill the Father of all people, then shall the words of the Father have power to lead as many as will to repentance. And I shall forgive them abundantly for your sake.

49  Now if it so be that they should kill the Son of God when you shall go forth to redeem them, then shall I cause that you should receive the resurrection of the body, that many might behold you again in the flesh.

50   And they shall know of a surety the promise of eternal life in the kingdom of God, that throughout all their generations the way which you shall teach them might give to many the assurance of hope.

51  Therefore, if the children of men shall seek earnestly the Lord their God, then shall I cause to walk among them the Arch-Angel Ariel.

52  And he shall restore to them the fullness of blessings; even the priesthood of God shall he make known to many.

53  And as many as shall desire to know God shall he fill to overflowing, for he shall reveal to all who will the mysteries of Heaven.

54  For his desire shall be to restore to the righteous the fullness of the Father. For he shall bring forth to the children of men the fullness of my word, that he might establish before all the people the promise of God, wherein you shall go again unto the earth clothed in great majesty and power.

55  And again, on the day appointed in the fullness of time, God shall send forth his mighty one, even he who contended against Lucifer in the beginning.

56  For when the children of promise shall be made to grow weary by reason of priestcraft, I shall send forth the Arch-Angel Azrael.

57  Surely in that day he shall lay forth the foundations of holiness whereupon the tabernacle of God might be established forever.

58  He shall prepare the way for the exaltation of the righteous whereby they might inherit the glory of God, even worlds without end.

59  For in that day shall Azrael bring unto the willing the law of Heaven, that he might seal together the hearts of husband and wife.

60  And he shall restore the children again to their Fathers, and the Fathers shall he turn to the children by way of great holiness.

61  Thus shall he apportion to the righteous every good thing that it is the Father’s will to give unto the obedient.

62  And he shall recompense Lucifer according to his deeds, for he shall lay forth the foundation whereby even the Fallen One might be redeemed according to the mercies of God.

63  So shall all things be accomplished in their dispensations, according to the wisdom which is in God.

64  And there shall be peace among all the nations of the earth, for Lucifer shall be made to rest beside the throne of his Father and my Father.”

65  Thus spoke Michael to his son, Emmanuel. And the Father of All arose before the Elohim and turning to Emmanuel, he spoke, saying: “Let the words of Michael, your Father, be established according to my will.

66  Now my son, go forth and call unto the man Abram, that you might establish with him and his seed after him the covenant whereby all his seed shall become as the house of Seth.

67  That from the midst of this covenant people you might call forth prophets to speak to the nations, and these shall you establish to be as the seed of Abel, for surely they shall go among all the people to teach them concerning the ways of God.

68  Now seeing that Abram shall be separated from the house of his father by obedience to your word, I shall go down to the earth that I might ordain unto him the Patriarchal Order of many Fathers.

69  Now seeing that we have spoken wisely concerning the children of men, let us go forth to redeem all who shall desire to come again into the kingdom of our glory.”

70  And so speaking, all the mighty rose before the throne and with a great shout blessed the God of Heaven. And Emmanuel went away from before the council and turned his soul to the man Abram.