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The 2nd Endowment contains God’s defense of humankind against the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh. Major themes include: the nature of man, true worship, sexuality, reincarnation, liberation, and redemption.


JY:   Jehovah-Yahweh

AZ:  Azrael Ondi-Ahman


Chapter 1

The mysteries of God’s love revealed – Go forth to teach and bless – In the realms of the Demiurge – Azrael stands before Jehovah-Yahweh (JY) – Clothed by priesthood, oracles and trust – Demons rush to consume – The Demiurge speaks: A voice of death and doom – The mission statement of Azrael Ondi-Ahman (AZ) – Jehovah-Yahweh responds, gives his perception of humankind, attacks Azrael – JY calls forth his legions – Anchillicus, the chief demon – JY destroys his own minions and agrees to debate with Azrael


Chapter 2

JY: What defense shall you give me of man? – Azrael begins his defense of humankind – JY provides his reasoning for governing with fear, guilt and shame – AZ counters: fear is the cornerstone of hate – Love is greater than hate – JY continues to reveal his contempt for humans


Chapter 3

(1st Indictment begins) Humankind chased by precepts of foolish men – Azrael sent to break chains – Sing and dance and fear no longer – JY gives first indictment: man filled with lusts and perversions – Sex for procreation only – Women to be ruled over – Men to labor constantly – Controlled by shame and guilt – AZ gives his defense: Demiurge dissimilar and unable to comprehend Man – Sex not just for procreation – The harmful doctrine of polygamy – Salvation found in the heart of the woman – Why the Demiurge fear women – The dangers of overpopulation – God’s desire regarding the passions of the flesh


Chapter 4

JY: Will you declare good, what I have declared evil? – Jehovah’s view of homosexuality – AZ: Understanding that which you are not – Demiurge possess no likeness unto Man – False prophets and teachers condemn natural passions, and declare celibacy, virginity, and denial as superior – First step to spiritual freedom is sexual liberation – Sexuality and the affirmation of life and joy – God’s view of homosexuality


Chapter 5

Sex: the pathway to the spirit – body and spirit bound by passions – Dangers of promiscuity – Introducing the five means of sexual intercourse: Play, Communion, Health and Healing, Procreation, Theugenics – Benefits of sexual play and communion – The hidden powers of the woman – Freedom from false teachings


Chapter 6

The health and healing benefits of sex – Tending the gardens of your soul – Results of denying passions – Aligning the body and spirit – Seeking out the rhythms of life – Music, dancing, and laughter – The importance of love – Guarding love and tender feelings


Chapter 7

The way of exaltation (Hodos Alea) – Heavenly parents’ love for their children and each other – Harmful religious teachings concerning marriage – The true nature of marriage – Procreation: the fourth means of sexual intercourse – Sanctity of marriage and the family experience – Do not equate sex with marriage – The meaning and purpose of marriage – The greatest of unselfish acts – Be wise in bringing forth children – Becoming partakers with God – Marriage and children provide eternal lessons – Theugenics: the fifth means of sexual intercourse – Establishing the Tabernacle of God’s Peace – Theugenics defined – Heavenly Mother and Father found in every spirit – Finding God within each other


Chapter 8

The Demiurge attacks – JY: Why will you corrupt the whole of man? – Sex: a vile and loathsome necessity – Why elevate the woman? – Passions make men weak and docile – Keys of death and shame – AZ: The peculiar power of the woman – Salvation found in the equality of women – The voice of The One – Azrael waits for the next indictment


Chapter 9

(2nd Indictment begins) JY: All are guilty of sin and death – Man is filled with base passions – Man corrupts and pollutes the earth – Man seeks knowledge, not wisdom – Man should live but one lifeAZ: The source of apathy towards the earth: effects of the single life doctrine – Concerning the principle of reincarnation – The school of life – Death is an awakening – Man’s greatest enemy: Inhumanity – The nature of death: evil perishes, goodness lives on – Women: Mothers of Life – Reincarnation bridges the generations of Man


Chapter 10

(3rd Indictment begins) JY: Man is unnatural in all his actions – Man is without any natural affection – Purging man with war – War have I made for the good of man – Forcing man to do good – No salvation for women – Earth beautiful without man – AZ: By what means would you discern beauty? – Demiurge dissimilar from Man in every part –Without Man, there can be no beauty – Cannot forgive what is not understood – The true nature of Man – Concerning limitations and boundaries – Dreams, the uncreated, and the hidden soul – No virtue is found in war – The seed of curiosity and the mortal life – Searching to find some greater purpose


Chapter 11

(Closing Arguments) JY: Worship as seen through the eyes of the Demiurge – Man without goodness or righteousness – Judgment, torment, and revenge unto the disobedient – Even I am god – Laws, commandments, servitude and bondage – Religion, ritual and blind formality – Demiurge and the scriptures of men – Last words of the Demiurge: How shall you make less the god which all men fear?AZ: A final defense: dwindling shadows in the world of the First Power – Darkness must yield to light – God is Mother and Father to all – True worship defined: no room for fear and division – Wrath or love, servitude or glory? – Jehovah-Yahweh rushes in hopes to destroy – The light of God does not falter


Chapter 12

Waiting in faith – (faith defined) – The coming forth of Shaemdiel and fallen angels – Shaemdiel is shown the oracles of God – Azrael Ahgendai reveals himself – Restoring the Fallen to their former glory – Confessions of Shaemdiel: I am made unworthy of such redemption – Azrael replies: God’s love greater than any sin – Who is worthy to touch the soul of God? – Loving as God loves – Finding the goodness in the fallen – Shaemdiel’s Beloved steps through the veil – The Fallen rejoice at the coming together of their Parents – Azrael steps through the veil and communes with the Supreme Mother of Heaven




Thus have you most greatly erred, Jehovah-Yahweh, concerning the nature of both God and man;

for no man can truly love what he fears,

neither can a man worship what

he most inwardly despises.

2nd Endowment 11:59