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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
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Chapter 1

The Light in the Darkness

The mysteries of God’s love revealed – Go forth to teach and bless – In the realms of the Demiurge – Azrael stands before Jehovah-Yahweh (JY) – Clothed by priesthood, oracles and trust – Demons rush to consume – The Demiurge speaks: A voice of death and doom – The mission statement of Azrael Ondi-Ahman (AZ) – Jehovah-Yahweh responds, gives his perception of humankind, attacks Azrael – JY calls forth his legions – Anchillicus, the chief demon – JY destroys his own minions and agrees to debate with Azrael


1  Come my children and sit you quietly by, and I shall reveal in you the mysteries of a Father’s love, which even now would beckon unto you as if from afar; causing to swell up within you the tender whisperings of that Heavenly Mother which even now would follow hard after you.

2  Come then, and in some holy place find sweet repose, for therein would I gently lead; hoping that by some gentle word or soft embrace, I might make you stronger still in this path on which you tread, in that world which lies beyond all beginnings.

3  Let therefore all those who should read the words of this book, put away all envy and hate; being made all still and quiet with joyful expectation; for into your keeping would the Father give an abundance of heavenly things, if it so be that you would turn loose from the soul the shadows of endless doubting.

4  For herein would I grant unto you that certain knowledge whereby you might give before the adversary a ready defense of the children of men; for in so small a seed as man has there come forth that heavenly glory from which you have sprung; being filled in your souls already with all manner of goodness and joy exceeding.

5  Therefore is it required of you also, that having taken to your souls the mysteries of God, that even you should go forth to bless the children of men with all manner of goodly grace;

6  Teaching unto them always the peaceable things of Heaven; giving unto all who seek, tender words of life and joy, that they may be endowed from above with strength and wisdom; being ennobled within and without by the only true knowledge which is come from God;

7  Becoming in their very persons even as their Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, which even now do wait most anxiously the coming forth of many children into that glory which leads to exaltation in the kingdom of God, even worlds without end.

8  Let all those therefore who would read herein the words of this book put away all pettiness of heart and mind, being made free of such entanglements as would make small and lowly the soul within; for into your very heart and soul would I pour forth still the greater portion; that there might spring up within the mind the only true wisdom which is come from God.

9  Adding by some measured word the power beyond all power, and the glory beyond all glory; that you, being made fixed and firm within by some holy resolve, might know more fully the mysteries of eternity.

10  For it did come about that I was sent forth into the realm of darkness wherein the Demiurge are made to rule. For it was decided that even I should go forth most boldly to give a ready defense of all mankind.

11  And finding my feet placed firmly in some darkened world made pale and gray by distant stars, I felt the coming forth of that Dread Lord before whom all religion is made to bow.

12  For the earth beneath my feet did tremble and quake continually as though it would flee itself away; and the skies above were filled with great and dreadful flashes, and there gathered before me a dark and sullen mist sweeping low over the grounds, filling the airs above with the sounds of some great hissing, and all the air was made vile and odious.

13  And there billowed up from out of the mist to stand before me, a dark and loathsome form; and there were in his eyes a red and piercing flame; and I beheld full force, the awful presence of Jehovah-Yahweh.

14  Thus was I made to stand before the Demiurge, being girded within and without by all manner of calmness, having secured my soul most deeply with the knowledge of God,

15  Being clothed on every side by that priesthood which endures forever and ever, even worlds without end; holding in my hand the oracles of power and light.

16  And notwithstanding that I should stand in the realm of darkness, yet did my heart and soul rest firmly in the light; for in my Father’s love had I placed all my trust; knowing most surely that in the moment of need, he would deliver.

17  Now there came out from the midst of the Demiurge a great many of the Kezan which did rush upon me, whereby they might consume me into themselves; and reaching forth the hand, I did cast upon the whole of them a single oracle of great power, and there flashed round about them a white searing flame, and being filled with sudden dread, they did flee again unto the Demiurge, spitting and howling with sore displeasure.

18  And Jehovah-Yahweh, seeing that so small a man should stand before him, he did rise up to speak, and there came from the darkened presence the voice of death and doom; which thing did cause the very ground beneath my feet to groan and shake most violently.

19  And Jehovah-Yahweh spoke unto me, saying: “Who are you that you should stand in the midst of my dominion? By what power are you brought before the Lord of Darkness? Speak! I command it. Why came you forth unto this darkened world where only I am made to rule?”

20  And I answered the Demiurge, saying: “I am Man, and even I have come forth to give for all mankind a ready defense. For even God has decreed that I should come forth unto you, that I might set free the souls of all men, that not even one should fear you any longer.”

21  Now when I had said these things, the Demiurge rushed forth in sudden rage, as if to destroy; but holding himself back, he rose still further into the air to tower above me; and hissing forth with frightful rage, he did bellow out in harshest tones, saying:

22  “I am god, and beside me there is no other! If you are Man, then bow before me, for I alone am both creator and destroyer of all living things. Bend therefore the knee in humble reverence and I shall let you live!”

23  But I answered the Darkness, saying: “God I know, but as for you, you are just a Demiurge. Why then should I fear you? Is darkness greater than light? Come then and let us reason, for in your presence would I give a strong and sure defense of all mankind.

24  For I am prepared most fully to give forth a strong accounting, believing most surely that in the whole of mankind there is a goodness which moves unseen and undetected in the affairs of men.

25  And if it so be that I should set free the mind of man, that they should be no longer fearful because of you, then shall their goodness grow greater and stronger in the passing by; becoming for all who are willing, even as a sure pathway in that hard and bitter world which lies beyond the far beginning.

26  Then shall every man and every woman come to a true knowledge of that God which comes from above; and he shall become unto them as a loving Father, and they shall become even as the children of his soul.”

27  Now when the Demiurge heard the manner of my speech, he grew still further in sullen rage, and he spoke hotly, saying: “You frail and puny thing, will you dare speak thus to me?

28  Will you mock the Darkness even now, knowing full well that even I have come forth to destroy you every whit? For I alone am the only true god. What power therefore shall stay my hand, seeing that I am most jealous and filled with wrath?

29  For I am the source from which all life is made to come. I am the hand by which all things are made to perish, bringing against all who will not fear me, a swift destruction, terrible and most sudden.

30  What care have I for man, seeing that he is but a speck of dust, a trifling thing which shakes and trembles before me; an insignificant worm with arms made weak and legs which move in fear about?

31  These have I made as meat for the fire and food for the belly. For I am god, creator of heaven and earth. Great and mighty is my name, and over all the children of men am I made both lord and judge.

32  By what means therefore shall you appease my wrath against the whole of man? By what force or power would you rescue man from me? For there has risen up against you already, the fullness of my indignation and fury; for you have not known me, neither will you worship me.

33  From whence shall come forth the light to save you if it so be that I consume the whole of you in fire and torment? Therefore, worship me and I shall set aside my wrath; tremble and bow in reverence before me, and even I shall withhold both judgment and death.

34  For is not worship better than death; is not servitude preferred above dark oblivion?” So spoke the Demiurge in the fullness of his power.

35  Yet in that moment did the Spirit of God speak within me, and stepping out before the Demiurge, I did stretch forth the hand and in a loud voice I spoke, saying: “Here is the light which is come from God to save me. Destroy this if you can.”

36  And there leaped from the hand still another oracle of power, and there flashed from the midst of it a white and piercing light; which light did encompass me on every side. And within the light did I feel a soft embrace as if from God, and so I stood calmly before the Darkness to await his swift destruction.

37  Now when Jehovah-Yahweh saw that I was encased in a shield of light, he leaped forth suddenly with a mighty roar, and he did fall upon the light to destroy me.

38  What then can I say concerning the awful rage of the Demiurge? For he was like a madman beating and tearing with great and dreadful power; striving with all his might to break apart the light in pieces, spilling forth upon the shield the fullness of his wrath.

39  Yet did the light remain steadfast and sure, and in the light did I hear once again the songs of God; and there filled the light the sweet fragrance of Heaven and all its many seasons; and I smiled before that Dreaded Lord which raged round about me to destroy; yet in the light of God did I securely rest.

40  But the Demiurge raged continually all that day, and even in the night did he still rage without surcease; but in the coming of the dawn did he withdraw, and he spoke unto me, saying:

41  “Have you not seen the fullness of my power? Have you not felt the greatness of my wrath? Go you therefore away from me and in my mercy I shall let you live. Take yourself away from my dominions, for you have no part with me, seeing that you are come from another.”

42  Yet did I answer from within the light, saying: “How can I leave seeing that I have not given unto you the thing which God would require of me? For I have been sent to give forth a ready defense of the children of men, and except I do, then I am consigned to stand before you.”

43  Thus did I speak unto the Demiurge, and hearing this, Jehovah-Yahweh took thought to command me, saying: “Get you hence from my dominion, for I will not reason concerning the children of men, seeing that I alone am both lord and judge over them.

44  Leave then, and get you hence. For except you do as I command, I shall call down upon you even the very elements; and there shall be added unto me the powers of all creation; and I shall reach forth to crush you every whit. Therefore, leave this place and you shall live, for why will you die in this darkened world where I alone am made to rule?”

45  And I answered the Darkness, saying: “Except I accomplish all which the Father has given me to do, I shall not leave. For I am determined with a great resolve to give forth a strong defense of the children of men.”

46  Such were the words which I did speak, and hearing these things, the Demiurge called out in a loud voice a word of dark command, and the ground beneath my feet did break in pieces, and the sound thereof was like the breaking of iron and stone.

47  And that globe of light wherein I stood did rise up into the airs above the earth; and notwithstanding the fury beyond, still within the light could I plainly hear the songs of Heaven, and in my soul did there grow a great calmness while yet there raged round about the shield of light a great and terrible upheaval.

48  For the very elements did convulse in constant rage, one against the other; and there fell from above the earth great bolts of lightning which did strike against the light; yet within the light did the seasons of Heaven pass sweetly on.

49  And reaching out into the darkness, Jehovah-Yahweh called forth great meteors and comets, and these also did strike hard against that light wherein I stood, yet within the light was I filled with peace and joy.

50  When therefore Jehovah-Yahweh saw these things, he grew fiercer still, and he called forth ‘the legions of death and hell’. And there came forth in sullen fury, a multitude of the Kezan which did fall upon the light, striking and lashing out with all their fury, striving with great might to destroy and tear apart.

51  And all that day did the elements torment and the Kezan rage, yet did the light wherein I stood remain calmly in the airs above. And being exhausted of all his fury, Jehovah-Yahweh called surcease.

52  Now in the stillness of the storm did there arise a great many murmurings and contentions. And Jehovah-Yahweh called unto the chief Doud whose name was Anchillicus, and he asked him, saying:

53  “For what cause are these my minions made to murmur and contend against each the other?” And Anchillicus, bowing low before the Demiurge did answer, saying: “They murmur because of the man in yonder light. For they are made to wonder because of him, seeing that he is made to seem greater than all our wrath and power.”

54  When the Demiurge heard these words, he spoke with cool composure, saying: “Tell me truly, Anchillicus, for throughout all the aeons of time have you proved most faithful unto me: What think the Kezan of their Lord?”

55  And Anchillicus answered, saying: “Dread Lord, they see that you are made defeated by the light; and now are they left to wonder concerning which is greater still: the darkness or the light.”

56  So spoke the chief Doud unto Jehovah-Yahweh, and the Demiurge rose up greatly into the airs above, filling the whole sky with blackness and deep rumblings; and there poured out from the Darkness a hot and scorching flame which fell upon all the many Kezan round about.

57  And the many Kezan did leap and run about as if to flee, but the flames of the Demiurge did seek out even every one of them, and there was none to escape the awful wrath;

58  And there was great weeping and gnashing of teeth, evensomuch that many did tear the burning flesh from off their bodies; yet was there found no relief, and there fell round about the light, even all the Kezan which aforetime had served the Demiurge most faithfully, and Anchillicus also; being all consumed in fire and torment.

59  All these things did I see most fully, and there came after the fire, a great rushing wind which scoured as clean again the broken earth beneath; and in an instant did the Demiurge descend to rest before me.

60  And in the stillness did the Darkness move, and Jehovah-Yahweh spoke, saying: “What is man that I should consider him, or the children of men that I should take thought? Come now, and let us reason.”