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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
3rd Endowment
4th Endowment
5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment



Pearl 1

“I Am Serene...”



Pearl 2

“I Am Detached...”



Pearl 3

“I Am Empty...”



Pearl 4

“I Am Complete...”



Pearl 5

“I Am Compassionate...”



Pearl 6

“I Am Awakened...”



Pearl 7

“I Am Eternal...”



Pearl 8

The truth which can be spoken

Is not Eternal Truth...



Pearl 9

Awaken yourself by your Self

And you become enlightened...



Pearl 10

The Eternal gives birth to all things,

All things flow from out of Her depths;

All things return to find again their birth...



Pearl 11

See the sacred in all things

And you become holy.

See the good in all people

And you become enlightened...



Pearl 12

Build in yourself a good foundation and all things are possible.

Believe in yourself and you will never fall...



Pearl 13

To know your highest, know your depths.

To soar beyond, go within...



Pearl 14

The Spirit is like water...



Pearl 15

The Eternal is like an ocean,

Deep and filled with mystery...



Pearl 16

The way of the Spirit is peaceful and harmonious...



Pearl 17

There is no fire which burns like passion,

No capturer of the Self like hatred...



Pearl 18

The world is filled with patterns

Hidden deep and oft unseen...



Pearl 19

Love freely, and life becomes a wonder.

Become the Spirit, and boundaries disappear...



Pearl 20

Open your mind, and all things are possible.

Open your heart, and you become the world...



Pearl 21

Love the many, yet keep to the one.

Embrace the other, yet cherish the one you love...



Pearl 22

In silence the mystery is preserved;

In hearing, the mystery is awakened...



Pearl 23

Surrender power,

And power is born within you.

Give up control,

And you can govern yourself...



Pearl 24

All things move in circles,

Like the seasons of the year...



Pearl 25

When troubles come be calm and quiet,

Let go the dark emotion.

But ponder deep and softly speak

And weigh within the hand...



Pearl 26

Desire the simple, and you will never want.

Live simply, and complexities disappear...



Pearl 27

Prayer of Assurance



Pearl 28

Prayer of Release and Emptiness



Pearl 29

Prayer to the Great Mother





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These are the words which the Master spoke in the gardens of the soul,

shaping the life which he would live and there most humbly dwell;

placing within the mind that good direction where he might safely tread,

to follow well in the steps of God.