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Book of Pearls
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The 3rd Endowment reveals the mystery behind the birth and evolution of God. Herein lies an epic love story and the history surrounding the first human to create soul and survive biological death with personality intact.


Chapter 1

The mysteries of God – As Man is, God once was – Revealing the birth of God and the pathway of exaltation – The dawn of God’s beginning  – Eidos and the Deep – Areta, the Mother of Life: dwelling in the midst of Eidos – A cosmic egg is formed – Areta separates herself from Eidos – Let there be light! – The five powers of creation are released – The seeds of life and laws of evolution – Areta’s hope of companionship and Oneness – A comet filled with life strikes the waters of the earth – Evolution of the children of men


Chapter 2

World of the First Power: war, pollution and fear – The power of the Emperor – A caste system of privilege and power – Women in the world of the First Power – A constant madness: fear, death and cannibalism – Three great empires: Chen, Rome, Drakonia – Maximillius Drakonus: the 42nd Emperor of Drakonia – The order of rule in Drakonia – Seti-Kahn


Chapter 3

The brutishness of the man compared to the grace and beauty of the woman – Areta seeks to uplift the woman – Women unable to perceive Areta’s message – Areta decides to dwell among mankind in a physical body – Setting forth the salvation of all mankind – Areta in the flesh – The marvels of a tabernacle – Opening a doorway to the palace of Seti-Kahn – Areta is discovered, beaten, tattooed, raped – A smile for a future son


Chapter 4

A’Kontay: the House of Seti-Kahn – The three hundred women of Seti-Kahn – The offspring of Seti-Kahn – A son is born – Keeping secret the child’s identity – Areta names her son God (Noble One) – Areta finds a hidden room – Filling the room with love and wonder – Areta teaches her son – A woman attempts to escape the compound – Impaled upon the stake – A crying son – If I die, shall I yet live again beside you?


Chapter 5

A bright and happy boy, hidden away and alone – A mother’s counsel to her son: The virtue of silence – Power of the spoken word – The art of listening – Strength and fortitude – Clear thought and boundless vision – Do not fear – Live nobly and well – Adversities and hardships – Faith, the seed of hope – To know, to dare, to do, to be silent – Nurturing the seed of faith


Chapter 6

Learning the Prayer of the Self – The son asks concerning about goodness – Living a life of service – Life and love, grace and beauty, hope and joy – The sum of all good things are found in the woman – Salvation found in the grace and beauty of the woman – Changing the ways of men – The woman: a temple where man ought to worship – Loving a woman – Enlighten, clothe and uplift the woman – Unlocking the seed of goodness within the woman – A son’s promise


Chapter 7

The boy glimpses the cruelty of  – Mother...let us run – Areta gives reasons to persevere and – Fear no longer for my sake – Mother and son are betrayed by a jealous woman, seized by violent men – Why do you fear the softness of a woman? – Penalties of the law – The son rushes upon his mother’s tormentors – Areta and her son are separated


Chapter 8

The son of Areta is sent to the military barracks – Cadets forged through cruelties and hardships – Three schools of the military – A boy having two different natures – A boy with an unconquerable will draws from his mother’s teachings – Rising through the ranks – Seti-Kahn inquires of his son, and grows fearful – Cruel intentions of Seti-Kahn


Chapter 9

Life in the world of First Man: treachery, deceit and suspicion – The Emperor is made aware of Seti-Kahn’s intentions – The Emperor receives a report of the boy – The Emperor asks a centurion about the boy – Centurion commanded to guard the boy – An uncommon incident occurs in the barracks: the son of Areta defends a young cadet – Why will you rob us of our right? – Cadets agree to listen to the son’s reason for acting against tradition


Chapter 10

The son of Areta speaks – A subtle plan to rescue the young – A change in timing – Only twenty out of every one hundred cadets endure – Seeking to be champions of the Emperor – Strength taken from tormentors – Shall we seek weakness or power, strength or softness? – Refrain from beatings and harsh words – The secret designs of the instructors – Noble fellows, how shall we decide? – A roar of approval


Chapter 11

Breaking tradition – Manegus Acquilla: the Senior Commander of A’Kontay – History of Seti-Kahn – The First Instructor speaks with Manegus – Appeasing the father, while yet honoring the son – A cunning plan – The son is appointed to the Captaincy – The Great Game: battling for the Emperor’s Standard – The games begin – A’Kontay wins the Standard of the empire – The rage and contempt of Seti-Kahn


Chapter 12

History is made – A special Standard is given – The Emperor honors the son of Seti-Kahn – The Emperor’s own ring – The son receives a name and rank: Kronus Maximillius, Imperial Tribune – The Emperor whispers to Kronus – A secret meeting occurs between the Regent and Seti-Kahn – The Stazzi – What weakness can bring down this youth? – Foxes and the wolf


Chapter 13

Seti-Kahn’s cruel test – Cunning thoughts of the Emperor – The Emperor commands the death of Areta – Manegus questions Kronus – Kronus searches for his mother – A woman shattered and broken –Tell me Mother, the things which did befall you –A love greater than all things


Chapter 14

Areta speaks to her son – You are the light for which I waited – Kronus tells of Seti-Kahn’s cruel test, offers two paths: flee or die together – Areta: Would you bring my life to nothing? – Areta reveals her true self to Kronus – Kronus beholds the eternal wonder of Areta – Why did you endure this life?How can one man alone, change the lives of so many? – The power of Oneness – Kronus leaves his mother’s cell


Chapter 15

A great feast in the fortress of A’Kontay – The Emperor learns about the death of the mother – Assumptions of the Emperor concerning Kronus – Seti-Kahn is dishonored before his guests – Seti-Kahn asks for a chance to restore his honor – The Emperor speaks, establishes another test for – Protecting the north from the armies of the Chen – Kronus agrees to the challenge


Chapter 16

Kronus chooses his commanders – Expectations of the Emperor – Kronus arrives at the Fortress of Octavius and prepares for battle – Chen soldiers are haunted and harassed – Generals of the Chen gather: dimming hopes of glory – Ahgi Wynnaki brings bad news – Will they send but a boy to fight us? – The Chen remain to fight till the end – A cunning trap is laid for the Chen – Lake Tiberius claims forty thousand Chen soldiers – The Chen retreat in despair


Chapter 17

Mass suicide of the Chen – Kronus returns home – Manegus Acquilla is questioned by the Emperor concerning the ways of Kronus  –  Acquilla gives report: neither treachery nor vanity; no consumption of human flesh; breaking custom and tradition; caring for the wounded; burying the dead – Emperor wonders if Kronus is a threat or a blessing – The Emperor tests Kronus’ loyalty – Kronus is given the iron bracelet – Kronus is Sent to Asia


Chapter 18

Warring against the Chen – Two years of death and war – The harshness of Seti-Kahn – Kronus is haunted by the brutalities of war – Kronus is given an estate and one year leave – Preparing for the fifty women – Women receive unexpected goodness – The women remain uncertain, having no fear to guide them – Kronus speaks of a peaceful future – A vow of change


Chapter 19

Men and women eat breakfast together – Kronus speaks to the women – Women to be considered as precious – Two labors: tending house/gardens, improving the self – This house will I give you to be as a school – Kronus to teach skills – A plea for one year of silence – The women receive a golden necklace and new clothes – Women are asked to choose a leader among them – The chief steward expresses his fears – Kronus: Life is risk – The women, undecided, ask Kronus to choose one to lead – Kronus chooses the First Woman of the house, and gives a bracelet of gold


Chapter 20

Kronus’ estate – Orchards and gardens – The First Woman is given a name: Yoshibeth – Teaching the art of love and sex – The House of Kronus – The women’s response towards Yoshibeth – Preparing for guests and a feast – The women’s love and respect for Kronus


Chapter 21

The guests arrive: forty men of power – The men converse concerning Kronus – Kronus comes dressed bearing his Coat of Arms – Introducing the forty women – For what purpose would you clothe these women? – The men are swayed by charm, grace and a clever hoax – Feasting, laughter and pleasant conversation


Chapter 22

A new song is sung – Kronus and Yoshibeth dance – Kronus speaks to the forty men regarding the women of his house – Kronus and Yoshibeth demonstrate the power of the kiss – Hidden gifts and pleasures – Playing the game of sweet seduction – Come then, and I will show you the playing of this game


Chapter 23

Kronus and Yoshibeth display their love – The men retire to bed, seeking to imitate Kronus – A gift is given so the men will remember – The guests return home to find bitterness and fear – Remembering the House of Kronus – The forty men abandon tradition and custom – Changes are made – Two hundred women are sent to Kronus – Kronus receives news of war – Markus Tobias and Seti-Kahn – Seti-Kahn threatens Kronus


Chapter 24

Commodus III, the Emperor of Rome seeks for revenge – Drakonia’s men of war gather – Seti-Kahn’s reveals plans for battle – The Emperor asks the opinion of Kronus – Kronus asks for two days of study – The Stazzi keep watch over Kronus – Two days later, Kronus reveals his strategy for defending Antarctica and plundering Rome – The Emperor favors Kronus’ plans – Jealous peers resolved to murder Kronus


Chapter 25

Kronus’ plans are carried out successfully – Drakonia strikes South Africa –A new Drakonian coin is minted – A new coin is minted – The Regent and Seti-Kahn lead secret plot to kill Kronus – Kronus is honored by the Emperor and receives a new rank – Troubles in Rome – The Emperor of Rome puts a price on Kronus – The Stazzi are ordered to guard Kronus – Kronus returns to Yoshibeth, and prepares for the coming of the Emperor – Words of love between beloveds


Chapter 26

The Emperor visits the House of Kronus – Unknown treasures hidden by tradition – Kronus reveals the women’s school to the Emperor – The Emperor views Kronus’ treasury – The Emperor ponders the gain to be made in breaking tradition – The first Emperor and the beginning of dark traditions – How to undo what the mighty have established? – Kronus reveals a plan to empower the Emperor – The Emperor agrees to Kronus’ plans, orders the building of a women’s school


Chapter 27

Kronus builds a new women’s school for the Emperor – Various groups rise in opposition or support – The Emperor gathers the greatest men of war and requests a gift for his anniversary on the throne –Titus Germanicus speaks his protest – An ultimatum: take Petragia or die – Seti-Kahn plans to escape the Emperor’s wrath – Kronus is summoned to lead in battle – Kronus reveals his plans for the taking of Petragia – The Emperor places his seal upon the plans of Kronus – Seti-Kahn threatens his son – Kronus bids farewell to his Beloved


Chapter 28

The battle for Petragia begins – Drakonian forces harass the defenders of Petragia – The island is captured – Kronus offers life to the fortress commander – In a public scene: Rome officially surrenders – The Roman Senate takes action against their Emperor – Vespasian IV is elected the new Emperor of Rome – The Emperor of Drakonia assumes a new name: Drakonus Magnorum – Kronus is named ‘Hero of the State’ – The Regent and Seti-Kahn continue to conspire against Kronus


Chapter 29

Seti-Kahn plans a feast in honor of Kronus – Kronus is warned of danger in a dream – The great feast and a poisoned blade – Prepared, Kronus eats with confidence – Seti-Kahn makes a second plan to kill Kronus, orders a women to kill him – Kronus, Manegus, and the woman sneak away – Seti-Kahn is found guilty of treason – The guilty are burned at the stake – Kronus weeps


Chapter 30

Kronus assumes the role of Supreme Commander – Appointed to the office of the First Proconsul – Kronus’ beloved relationship with Yoshibeth – Rings of gold and vows of love – Forever, in life and death – Creating a tabernacle of peace – Kronus suffers from a tired heart – The Emperor implores Kronus to live – Kronus’ last words – Shadows grow with the death of Kronus


Chapter 31

The soul of Kronus – Civil war looms with the death of Kronus – The Emperor is killed – The torment of Yoshibeth – The soul of Kronus remains by his Beloved’s side – Yoshibeth dies: neither soul nor light – The legacy of Kronus is wiped away – The grieving soul of Kronus observes the doings of man – Kronus seeks places hidden and uncorrupted – A weapon is tested: unquenchable flames scour the earth – The destruction of mankind – Areta hears the weeping of Kronus


Chapter 32

Kronus and Areta reunite – Kronus mourns the world of man – Kronus grieves the loss of his Beloved – Areta explains her presence as Yoshibeth – Kronus observes Yoshibeth’s body of spirit – A vow to one day save Yonder World – Kronus and Yoshibeth enter the streams of intelligence – Areta and God – We shall call it Heaven



Life preceded God.      God evolved from life.