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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 3

The brutishness of the man compared to the grace and beauty of the woman – Areta seeks to uplift the woman – Women unable to perceive Areta’s message – Areta decides to dwell among mankind in a physical body – Setting forth the salvation of all mankind – Areta in the flesh – The marvels of a tabernacle – Opening a doorway to the palace of Seti-Kahn – Areta is discovered, beaten, tattooed, raped – A smile for a future son


1  From the womb of all her creations did Areta move most subtly; stirring from the midst of all her dreaming to gaze upon the world of man; seeking for the good of all, the promise of something greater.

2  Yet in the ways of men did Areta grieve in the soul; for man, of himself, could not break asunder the chains of war and death; for all men, following the ways of men, were made strong and violent; seeking always for themselves some greater power whereby they might subdue all other things.

3  But in the women of the earth did Areta perceive the deliverance of all mankind; to lead the nations of man from that life which was base and filled with death, to that which was greater still, being delightful and filled with wonder.

4  For man, of himself, could not save himself, being brutish and cruel; being filled with all manner of bestiality and corruption; being made in their flesh hard and unyielding; having no soul within the heart to lead them.

5  But in the women of the earth did Areta see most clearly the birthseed of man’s salvation; for though the woman, in her several parts, prove but soft and yielding, still did she bear in both form and movement, a fullness of grace and beauty.

6  For you know yourselves that water, being soft and yielding in itself, still does it wear away the hardest stone; and the wind, though it move about unseen upon the earth, still would it break in pieces the mightiest of trees; or cause to wear away the mountains which stand most firmly.

7  For through the movements of time will even that which is soft and pliable wear away that which is hard and unyielding; for the softest winds do move forever; while the mountains, being bound most firmly in space and time, will not forever stand.

8  Thus in the grace and beauty of the woman is the eternal most surely found; but in the ways of brutish man is there found the bindings of space and time; which space and time do cause that all things mortal should pass away, while grace and beauty must continue forever on.

9  For this cause did Areta seek the uplifting of even every woman upon the earth, whereby she might rise above the harshness of man.

10  To guide even the whole of all mankind, through soft words and tender touches, to that glory which lay unseen by the eye, but was in the woman most gently felt.

11  So Areta went forth unto the world of man, to drift alone upon the breeze; and wherever she did come upon some woman, even Areta would speak from the wind most softly unto her.

12  Yet could the woman not discern the presence of that gentle light which would shine upon the heart of her; for in the very midst of the woman did there dwell that constant fear which made all the world most dark and hurtful.

13  But still would Areta not relent, going forth unto a multitude of women; speaking softly into the heart of things made bright and hopeful; yet could none which heard perceive with clearness the whole of Areta’s intent.

14  For this cause did Areta reason within herself, saying: “The harshness of man has made the woman anxious and most desperate; causing the woman to be overcome with fearful trepidation.

15  Thus shall I put forth some greater means, whereby the woman might both see and hear such words as I would speak into the heart.

16  Perceiving through such dreams as I would send unto them, a hope and promise which would lead them unto me; whereby I might save them from all their terror, to fill them with joy and peace forever.”

17  Such were the words which Areta spoke. Yet for all her deep desiring, even in this did those which dream prove unable; having in themselves no means to perceive the hope of their own deliverance.

18  For such dreams as did intrude most gently upon the minds of women, were but swallowed up in the terrors of the night; to be broken up in fragments midst fear and dread, to lie unremembered and unknown.

19  Then spoke Areta in most gentle musings: “The women of the earth are unable to see, neither can they hear such words as I would send unto them; for fear and death have stopped the ear and made blind the eye that they should prove unable to perceive such hope as I would place in the heart.

20  For this cause shall I go forth unto mankind, whereby I might save them from all their folly; to take upon myself the form of a woman, whereby I might partake of all their suffering, that I might most fully know them.

21  And from the heart thereof shall I guide most carefully and wisely that hope which I shall cause to dwell among all men; for even I shall cast forth that seed which shall prove greater than all other men; to lay most discreetly the foundations of life and joy together; being made wiser than the cunning designs of all other men.

22  Thus shall I cause to come from my womb, a son which will bend, most subtly, the harshness of men; whereby I might lift up the heart of every woman, to build in them the hope of man’s salvation.

23   Ever building, ever adding; here a little, there a little; precept built on precept, line placed on line; adding by small degrees the foundations of something greater still; laying by careful measure the beginnings of forever.

24  For this cause shall I go down unto the world of men; that mingling my life in the midst of all, I might make sure a more firm foundation, whereby all might be enlivened by such light as I would place in the heart of man.

25  By such subtle means would I set forth the salvation of all mankind; that having clothed myself in the tabernacle of the woman, I might rescue even every man and every woman from fear and death.

26  That living as a woman in the midst of women, I might make certain the paths of peace, whereby the whole world might be healed of war and sickness.

27  Thus through the passing of the generations shall the seeds of peace be firmly planted; going always from lesser to greater; moving and pressing onward even until the nations of man are made to live in hope and joy forever.

28  And in that day, when the heart of man is changed forever, then shall I draw from the midst of yonder world, that greater mind which shall prove itself the equal to mine; and I will, in Oneness forever dwell, to bring forth from my womb a new Heaven and a new earth.”

29  Such were the words which Areta whispered into the soul of her; being determined with firm resolve to hold in full abeyance the sum of all her powers, by which she might walk unhindered through the affairs of men; being made in the likeness of women.

30  And so, Areta did go forth unto the earth. And in a place made separate and alone did she call into existence a tabernacle of most common beauty; and taking a portion of her soul, she did go forth to dwell therein.

31  And entering into the flesh of the woman, Areta did laugh and sing and dance; being made joyful and alive through the senses of the body; being filled through all her soul with wonder and joy exceeding; and Areta exclaimed aloud, saying:

32  “How marvelous and filled with wonder is the tabernacle of the woman; for I am filled to overflowing with rich emotion; for the body, being compact, is united throughout by the senses of the flesh, causing that I should see and smell and taste and hear and touch even all the world around me.

33  For in this small but wondrous frame am I now most easily perceived and located; having in so small a space a completeness filled with endless possibilities; being able to feel through the limitations of the flesh, even that which lies eternal and unbounded by space and time.

34  And even though the flesh of this body prove frail and delicate, still would it yearn to reach beyond the limitations and boundaries of the self; seeking beyond the things which are seen to that which lies unseen and far beyond the senses of the flesh.

35  Oh what wondrous delights the flesh does bring, causing that there should sing midst tender sighs and deeper longings, the song of all my soul’s desiring.

36  Causing that I should feel through warm touches and softest musings, the glories of the tabernacle and spirit together; being together fused and strongly bound through dreams and gentle breath.”

37  Such were the words which Areta spoke, and taking firm hold of all her many powers, she did open a doorway through space and time; for she desired to go unhindered to the gardens and palaces of Seti-Kahn.

38  And stepping through, she entered a garden which lay within the walls of the palace; and reaching behind her, she did close the portal through which she came; and with a sigh did surrender all her powers until she should call them forth again.

39  For Areta was determined and fully resolved to know most fully the life of every woman upon the earth, being made to appear as weak and frail before the might of men.

40  Now as Areta moved through the garden, there came suddenly upon her a guard of the Praetorium; and he did seize her by the hair and spoke most hotly unto her, saying: “How came you beyond the walls of the house? By what means did you slip beyond the place of women?”

41  And when Areta answered not, the guard did strike her full in the face; causing that she should stand before him midst deep and terrible trembling.

42  And the guard, looking upon her with loathing and contempt, beheld in her flesh neither scars nor bruising; neither saw he the sign of Seti-Kahn’s house upon her shoulder.

43  Then did the guard take her by force unto the chief steward; and the steward, hearing fully the guard’s report, commanded that Areta be beaten upon the back; and that the sign of Seti-Kahn be most harshly tattooed upon the flesh.

44  And gathering the women of the house into the chamber of pain and torment, they hung Areta by the wrists upon a pillar of iron, causing that her feet should not so much as touch the floors of the chamber.

45  Thus, when all was complete and fully ready, the guards called forth the six leading women of the house; and placing into their hands a reed made strong and hard, they commanded that the punishment of the law be administered.

46  By such commands were the leading women of the house compelled to strike Areta upon the back; beating with all their might, lest they stand accused of leniency, and thereby find themselves bound upon the pillar of iron, to be beaten by cruel men instead of women.

47  Thus did the women beat upon the back of Areta; causing that blood should flow from off the whole of all her back, to spill upon the floor; and Areta wept in great pain, being in agony and torment.

48  And when the punishment was completed, they did cut Areta down from off the pillar, causing that she should fall upon the floor midst great and terrible weeping; and the guards, calling forth certain women skilled in tattooing, commanded that they place the sign of Seti-Kahn upon her flesh.

49  Now when all these things were completed, Areta was carried away by the chief women unto the place of women; and there did she lay alone to recover from all her many wounds.

50  And there did pass a great many days, and when Areta was healed of all her many injuries, there came unto her a certain woman of the house, saying:

51  “I am the fourth woman of this house, and even I have been given charge over you. Prepare yourself therefore, for this very night will you go forth unto the master, that he might have you for his pleasure.

52  Only be you wise and most fully careful in all your doings, for the master of this house has beaten to death a great many women which did not please him, or which proved in their flesh unyielding and resentful of all his ways.

53  Go you forth then, and whatsoever he would do unto you, then in that be most willing and compliant, causing that he should find in you a woman for his pleasure, that perchance you might live and not die.”

54  Thus did the woman caution Areta concerning those things which soon would fall upon her; and Areta was taken unto the bedchamber of the master, being washed and cleaned, having perfumes and spices anointed upon her flesh.

55  And in the night did Seti-Kahn come suddenly upon her, as a great and ravenous beast; plunging within her with lustful fury; spilling forth the sum of all his seed and power.

56   And all that night did Seti-Kahn rape and plunder; striking with fists against the softness of Areta’s body; biting midst cruel passions upon her breasts and arms and legs; filling the heart of Areta with tears and gasping.

57  But when it was morning, Areta returned again unto the place of women, to rest from all her hurt and pain; and in the musings of her sleep did she softly smile; for there stirred within her womb, the seed of all her dreaming.