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Chapter 2

The World of First Man

World of the First Power: war, pollution and fear – The power of the Emperor – A caste system of privilege and power – Women in the world of the First Power – A constant madness: fear, death and cannibalism – Three great empires: Chen, Rome, Drakonia – Maximillius Drakonus: the 42nd Emperor of Drakonia – The order of rule in Drakonia – Seti-Kahn


1  Thus, my children, did there exist in that far and distant beginning, the very world from which all things glorious and eternal are made to come; for there did arise out of the darkness of yonder world, the dawn of God’s beginning.

2  Be you wise therefore regarding such things as you shall find herein; for even I would make known to you a tale of fearsome shadows filled with death and terror; and of that light which did go quietly forth into the darkness, to give hope in place of despair, and joy in place of fear, and life in place of death.

3  Now in the world of the First Power were all things in a constant state of war and death; for swift destruction did loom most constantly over every city upon the earth; and unceasing fear did cause that every man should seek some refuge in strength and cunning deceit.

4  Thus in every nation and people were all the affairs of men fashioned in military order; causing that men should rule harshly over all those which were weaker than themselves, to make war upon every living thing.

5  For in that day did the empires of the strong make war against every nation and people; causing that men should fight most violently against every other man; and that every man should struggle harshly against the very elements of the earth.

6  Spilling out upon the land, and in the seas, and throughout the airs above, the vial of all their many corruptions; and the whole earth lay polluted, and there arose within the nostril a horrible stench filled with sickness.

7  And not this only, but throughout the many lands and nations of the empire was every city and every town made most heavily fortified, being commanded and ruled over by men under arms; and there were mounted upon the walls great and mighty guns which spoke with violent fury.

8  By such means were the cities of man turned into armed and deadly camps; and all those which lived within the cities, or near unto them, even they were made the chattel of the Emperor which ruled over all things.

9  Causing that all lands and properties, all wealth and prosperity, even every man and every woman, and even children also, even all these things were owned by the Emperor which ruled.

10  Insuring that unto the Emperor and the state was there given an absolute power and a certain control in the life and doings of all his subjects.

11  And in those days was every man and woman made to fear and tremble before the whims of the strongest man; being motivated and pushed about by constant terror; causing that they should seek for themselves some harbor of safety through means of power and privilege.

12  For this cause did it come about that in the affairs of men was the Emperor made chief and foremost of all who ruled; and after the Emperor did the state take place; to carry out, after its fashion, the orders and decrees of the Emperor.

13  But after the Emperor and the state did the kings of the nations rule within the borders of their domain; yet did even the kings of the earth give fearful obeisance unto the Emperor; for in his presence were all men of power made to fear and shake with dreadful tremblings.

14  Thus in the world of First Man was there caused to exist a caste system of privilege and power. For unto the nobility was there given command of all armed forces; being made generals and admirals and officers of military command; owing the whole of all their allegiance to the Emperor only.

15  And after the nobility did the most common of soldiers swagger upon the land; being themselves drawn from the lower classes; and after the soldier of war was there given privilege to all those who worked in the technical fields of war and science.

16  And even unto the least of men was there given still a lesser privilege, being themselves but men of low esteem, being the workers and slaves of factories and farms, being viewed by men of power as common and of little worth.

17  Yet in the affairs of man was there no place for the woman found, except that they should relieve the man of all his sexual passions; being constantly pressed upon by such brutal cravings as all men were subject to.

18  For in the world of the First Power were all women upon the earth made the slaves and property of men; being in themselves the mere places where a man might spill forth even all his seed; to exhaust himself of all his lustful appetites with all manner of wild and cruel abandon.

19  Thus were women most constantly plundered by the powers and privileges of men; for unto the woman was there given neither privilege nor honor; for even every woman, if she desired to live, was made to please most slavishly the whims of the man which ruled harshly over her.

20  For in the days of man were all women taken away in their youth to the House of Blood and Fire; being but seven years of age, and most forcibly circumcised, having their clitoris cut away and the wound seared with a hot iron.

21  For in the war societies of men was it determined that no woman should know the joys and pleasures of sexual congress, lest she assume some power over the man.

22  And not this only, for it was not permitted that any woman should have a name, but were given numbers only, according to that house wherein she was made to serve.

23  Neither was it permitted the wearing of clothes, causing that they should walk about naked and exposed; being made subject to the elements which raged fiercely beyond the walls of the house.

24  Nor was the woman permitted to be educated or learned regarding the issues of her life, lest she prove herself the equal of the man; and thereby cause the man to tumble from the height of all his privilege and power.

25  And so, by the harshness of man, was the woman made distrustful of all other women; turning the heart of the woman against all else; even to the loathing of her own offspring.

26  Seeking through the pleasuring of the man which ruled over her, the smallest advantage whereby she might attain for herself enough to eat, and a dry, warm place to sleep.

27  Now in the world of men was there made to move through the affairs of all, a constant madness filled with fear and death; for man was given to the devouring of all which were weaker than themselves.

28  To consume in the belly, the flesh of such men and women as fell subject to death and the law; which thing caused that even the strongest of men should prove most mean and cruel; to drink the blood of children whereby they might take captive the youth of their flesh.

29  For even the flesh of birds and beasts were mixed with that of human flesh; for all men prized most highly the flesh of other men, whereby they might hold captive in themselves, the power and life of the man which they consumed.

30  And unto all the soldiers, great and small, was there given blood to drink, being mixed together with beer or rum; for it was believed that the life of the body was in the blood; while in the flesh of man was all power made manifest.

31  Such were the traditions and attitudes which gave shape and form to the ways of men; being harsh and cruel; inflicting upon all who lived a terror which did make weary the life of every man and woman; to fill the minds of all with nightmares filled with darkness and death.

32  Now in the world of First Man were there only three great empires upon the earth, which empires did rule over every nation and every people; demanding of all men the most servile obedience; placing upon the shoulders of all, a duty and obligation both heavy and severe.

33  Thus, of the empires which ruled, was the Empire of the Chen made first to be established; being bordered by the Ural mountains to the west and possessing the lands of Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, China and Japan in the east; to the lands of India, Southeast Asia, and Australia to the south; as well as all the islands of Malaysia and the Philippines also.

34  Having under arms some twenty-four million men; possessing armies and navies and air forces which did enforce the whims of the Emperor and all his court.

35  But there bordered the Empire of the Chen, the Empire of Rome; having mighty armies which did fight constantly upon the borders of the land; causing that the Empire of Rome should strive continually against the hordes of the Chen; being in a state of war for a thousand years.

36  And Rome sat as a fearsome beast upon the land, having under its rule all of Europe and Scandinavia, as well as all the lands which bordered the waters of the Mediterranean, even all the way to the Indus River to the east; and there was added unto this all the lands of Africa and Madagascar.

37  And there were under arms a host of eighteen million men, possessing armies and navies, and air forces which did enforce the laws and decrees of the Emperor, and all those which served him as kings and Caesars.

38  But of the empires which dwelt upon the earth, there was none so great and fearsome as the Empire of Drakonia; which empire embraced by force even all the lands which lay between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

39  Which lands included all of North America and Greenland, South America and Antarctica; and not these only, but also the islands of the Pacific, even to New Zealand.

40  Yet even unto this mighty empire was there given an even greater marvel than all other things; for Drakonia had even laid claim to all the moon; establishing upon its surface a great many factories and colonies, which brought forth a great many riches and wonders unto the empire.

41  Now the Empire of Drakonia kept some twelve million men under arms; possessing for itself the smallest of armies, but possessing great and mighty navies and air forces which did establish through swift destruction, the will of the Emperor and such kings and Caesars as did serve at his pleasure.

42  Such was the power of Drakonia, that even all of Rome and even the Chen also, did conspire continually against it; striking here, pushing there; trying with utmost zeal to seek some means whereby they might seize for themselves a portion of its power.

43  But in the great fortress city of Trajenium did Maximillius Drakonus rule; being the forty-second Emperor of all Drakonia; being made most constantly aware of such conspiracies as Rome and the Chen would devise against him.

44  Being in himself most powerful and cunning in all matters of state and war; having within his court some fourteen advisors and councilors which did keep the Emperor ever mindful of such events as moved within the domains of all the realm, or which lurked, most secretly, within the halls of distant powers.

45  Now there dwelt within the borders of Drakonia, the fifty-one nations of the empire; and over each nation did there rule a king, which king did inherit the throne of his power from the father before him; yet did all the kings serve at the pleasure of the Emperor.

46  And there was given to rule over the nations and their kings, the five Caesars of the empire; and unto each Caesar was there given ten nations.

47  And even as the kings beneath them, so was it with the Caesars; for each did receive his place and honor from the father which went before him; yet did the Caesars likewise serve at the pleasure of the Emperor.

48  Thus, unto the Caesars was there given command of such armies and navies and air forces as did dwell within the borders of their province; whereby they might spy continually against all those which dwelt within the borders of their power.

49  Yet unto the kings was there given rule over the secret police, whereby they might spy continually against all those which dwelt within the borders of their power.

50  But notwithstanding the power and authority of kings and Caesars, still did every man owe firm allegiance to the Emperor only; causing that there should exist in the courts of both kings and Caesars, a house filled with intrigue and treachery.

51  Now in the capital of Trajenium did there gather in the House of War, the greatest of the generals and admirals which held command over all the armed forces of the empire; and there sat in power over them, a man called Seti-Kahn, being appointed by the Emperor, the Supreme Commander over all military forces.