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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
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4th Endowment
5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment

Chapter 1

The mysteries of God – As Man is, God once was – Revealing the birth of God and the pathway of exaltation – The dawn of God’s beginning  – Eidos and the Deep – Areta, the Mother of Life: dwelling in the midst of Eidos – A cosmic egg is formed – Areta separates herself from Eidos – “Let there be light!” – The five powers of creation are released – The seeds of life and laws of evolution – Areta’s hope of companionship and Oneness – A comet filled with life strikes the waters of the earth – Evolution of the children of men


1  There is a mystery greater than every other, a wonder and a marvel which no man has ever before comprehended, neither have the learned perceived it.

2  For those men of authority who would speak vainly the name of God, do not know him; being filled with pretenses and empty words, being puffed up and ever prideful of such imaginings as do creep upon them unawares.

3  Yet shall I make known to you the hidden mysteries of God, being ever hopeful that by such a knowledge as I would give into your keeping might you, of yourselves, seek most earnestly to imitate the Father and Mother of all your soul.

4  For there are many which have heard already the seed of this greater mystery; believing with all their heart that as Man is, God once was; and as God is, Man might become.

5  Yet are they without understanding regarding this thing; being made blind and confused by those men which are set to rule over them in the churches.

6  Come then, my children, and open wide the doors of your heart; and I will reveal in you the beginnings of that One from which all of Heaven is made to leap forth.

7  For even I shall reach into that distant past, before the dawn of every beginning. I shall write of things long forgotten through the veils of endless time.

8  I will call forth the beginnings of all things holy and eternal; I will make most fully known the birth of God and the foundations of Hodos Alea, even the pathways of eternal progression and exaltation shall I set before the eye, whereby you might know them.

9  For even now would I reveal a mystery within a mystery, being the greatest of all; being bound and determined by the laws of time and space, being hid in common view, and concealed within the tabernacle of my flesh;

10  That being made to appear in the likeness of all other men, I might hide up the things of God; revealing by careful measure the mysteries from above;

11  Drawing forth from all my treasury, here a little, there a little, line placed on line and precept built on precept; that by such a means I might keep sacred the knowledge which leads unto God.

12  This truth then will I set forth in the heart and mind together; for all things eternal, both in God and Heaven found, even these things do exist because of me; and without me are all things holy vanished away to be no more.

13  Come then with true intent and even I shall give birth in you of a far more greater hope than you, of yourself, can ever dream.

14  For the dawn of God’s beginning would I make real in the very soul of you; that by such a knowledge as I might give, there might arise from afar, that bright and distant star which would lead you home again; being blessed within and without by glory and exaltation forever.

15  Only be you wise regarding such things as I would make known herein; for there are many who, for religion’s sake, would make mock the things of God;

16  To cast into the mire of endless contention, the light which dwells within; whereby they might make ridicule the things which you most love, to bind you in a darkness of their own making, forever and anon.

17  For God is greater than the smallness of men, being greater than all your dreams and expectations together; and the wonders and glories of Heaven far beyond the imaginings and philosophies of every man and every woman.

18  Open wide then the doors of your heart, that you might understand in the mind and feel in the soul the stirrings of some eternal thing; that you may receive in the very midst of you the likeness of God, wherein you might abide forever; to dwell in peace and joy within the starry bosom of both the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother together.

19  Now in the beginning did there exist neither God nor Goddess; for in the vastness of the cosmos was there found but darkness and emptiness only.

20  But there existed within the vastness, a power which moved and brooded in the greatness of the Deep, being in itself masculine in force and presence; being called Eidos, the uncreated and unbounded; even the mindless creator and thoughtless purposer of all things created and uncreated.

21  For all matter does spring forth out of the midst of the Eidos itself, having neither shape nor form; being pushed and moved about by such chaos as did stir within the depths of the Eidos.

22  Yet did there dwell in the midst of Eidos, that which lay unseen, being of itself the mystery unknown yet always present; being in herself both mind and power, even the Mother of Life.

23  Being hidden up and unperceived within the Deep; desiring most fully to bring forth order out of chaos, and light out of darkness; seeking for herself some greater purpose filled with meaning.

24  Thus did the Mystery move most subtly within the midst of the Eidos, being called of herself Areta; and peering out into the Deep, she spoke to herself, saying: “Here is matter unorganized, being empty of life, having neither light nor purpose.”

25  And in the bosom of the Eidos did Areta stir most cleverly, causing that the Eidos should gather from out of the regions of endless space, the sum of all uncreated matter; even until there should be gathered into one place, a cosmic egg of great size and shape.

26  Yet was the cosmic egg empty and void within itself; and Areta perceiving these things spoke again to herself, saying:

27  “I shall cast myself away from the midst of Eidos, to be separate and apart from him forever; and I shall dwell alone in the bosom of the egg whereby I might give life and purpose to the matter unorganized.”

28  Thus did Areta reason, and taking thought she cast herself into the cosmic egg wherein she might dwell; yet was the Eidos unaware of either her presence or her absence, being unable by any means to perceive the Mystery within the midst of him.

29  And so, Areta did dwell in the midst of all the matter which was gathered together; causing that there should be created in the heart thereof, a great and swelling heat; which heat did draw out from the matter unformed, all manner of gasses and energies which did swell and seethe and stir about;

30  Causing that the cosmic egg should be consumed by such heat and energies as the Areta did create. And in the time appointed Areta gazed into the blackness of the Deep, and with great power did she cry out, saying: “Let there be light!”

31  And there did burst most suddenly forth, all the matter unformed, being imbued with gasses and energies of every kind; and the matter did move out in every direction with a mighty rush, to fill the void of the great Deep; to lay most securely the foundations of the cosmos which you see.

32  Thus did there begin the birth of forever; for in the bursting forth of the cosmic egg, were there also released the five powers of creation; which powers are the movements of time and space, electromagnetism, gravity, strong force and weak force.

33  And as the matter moved out into the deepness of the Void, time and space did equally move, and all the powers also, causing that there should exist the wonders, and mysteries, and galaxies of the cosmos; being filled with stars and planets and moons, each to move round about the other.

34  Yet were the new creations without life, and Areta, reaching into the very soul of her, did cast from her bosom the seeds of life and the laws of evolution;

35  For Areta desired to bring forth the beginning of some mind, like unto her own, whereby she might no longer be alone;

36  Desiring for herself a greater fulfillment than she had before known; hoping with all her soul, the coming forth of some companion whereby she might attain unto Oneness.

37  For in the aloneness of another is there found but aloneness only; but in the coming together of two souls in harmony and joy is Oneness made possible; causing that each being both separate and together, might embrace to their souls a hope and a glory greater than any other.

38  And if it so be that there should exist a constant and joyful communion between the souls of a man and a woman, then is there made to be that certain and inseparable union which death, as well as every other power, dominion or principality is powerless to break apart.

39  But which union must continue in Oneness, to dwell in joy and love and peace forever; to grow from glory to glory, to add in wonder, one exaltation upon another, even worlds without end.

40  This then was the innermost desire of Areta; which thing caused that she should send out from the heart and soul of her, the seeds of life and the laws of evolution unto this world whereupon you stand and move about.

41  That by such a means she might bring order out from the midst of chaos, and light from out of the heart of darkness; to give forth an abundance of life within the womb of the great Deep.

42  And so Areta did cast throughout the innumerable galaxies, the foundations of life; and there were a great multitude of suns which had gathered into their grasp, many planets and worlds; and on these worlds, which were scattered as dust upon the wind throughout the cosmos, did there spring forth the hope of Areta’s desiring.

43  Thus in this world did there appear the oceans and the seas; and there came from out of the midst of Areta, a comet filled with life; which comet did strike deep into the waters of the earth.

44  And Areta commanded from out of the Deep, saying: “Let there be life!” And there began to take shape the beginnings of all life; and there was added unto this the movements of time; and in the rolling forth of the ages did the lesser life give way to the greater life.

45  And when there had passed away, through constant progression, an innumerable succession of eras and epochs, there did exist the birds which flew, and the fish which swam, and the creatures which moved upon the land.

46  For through the process of evolution did all life seek some greater end; while those which proved themselves unable to continue, even these did pass away to be no more.

47  And Areta, seeing all these things did rejoice within her soul; for all which she saw was good and pleasing to the eye; and she exclaimed in joy, saying:

48  “It has begun, this life in the midst of the Deep. Now shall I call out from the measurable, the immeasurable; I shall draw out from the bounded, that which is boundless and eternal.

49  For I shall most carefully woo the life which I have created, to take it from that which is less to that which is greater; that, perchance, I might bring forth some mind like unto my own; and in that day shall I seal him up, to be as One with me forever.”

50  Thus in the world did there evolve the children of men; being most cunning and smart above all other creatures; possessing in themselves a brutal cleverness which caused that man should subdue the whole earth unto themselves.

51  Making subject unto their will the creatures which moved upon the face of the land, and the birds which flew in the airs above, and the fish which swam about; bending through cruel and forceful means all living things.

52  Yet for all the cleverness of man; despite the genius of their thought, or the ingenuity of their ways, still were they unable to see beyond themselves; for they were born without any spirit to guide them, or any soul which would lead them out of darkness.

53  Being brought forth into their life both separate and alone; for in the first days of yonder world was there neither God nor Goddess, but man only; possessing in themselves no concept of good or evil; neither understood they right from wrong.

54  For they sought only the solace of power and dominion, whereby they might achieve some greater gain for themselves; to make subject unto the man of power, every other man whereby they might rule harshly over them.