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Book of Pearls
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This book reveals details concerning Luciferian and Demiurgic interaction with humans of the Middle and Upper Paleolithic age. An account of the Second War in Heaven is revealed and why it relates to us, here and now.


Chapter 1

I am The One, First God and Father Creator – Azrael made strong through faith – The Father and his Daughter: relentless, fearless and indomitable – Becoming the progeny of the Azraella – Who among the Gods would prove themselves worthy? – The fall of Shaemdiel – Ahgendai to defend the glory of Heaven – War to reveal candidates for kingdom of the Ahgendai – Two benefits of the second war in Heaven – Shaemdiel’s pride and fear – Deep and subtle plans of The One – A school of struggle needed to test candidates – Two teachers, opposites in nature – World of the First Power: a school unlike any other – Where armies of Light and Darkness strive for the soul of man – A school to prove those worthy to be Ahgendai – Yaldabaoth and Jehovah-Yahweh – Jehovah-Yahweh sought to increase influence over man through preachers – Demons watch over the servants of Jehovah-Yahweh – Yaldabaoth creates nine other sons – The legions of the Demiurge, armies of chaos – Heaven in need of warrior Gods – Followers of Azrael, members of the Elohim – Jehovah reflected by dark teachings and traditions – Azrael to establish a far more noble way


Chapter 2

Shaemdiel absent in greeting the Ahgendai – Sons follow Shaemdiel, no daughters fall – Conflict on the plains of Kuristan (review) – Shaemdiel attacks Michael – The Son of Man and thirty thousand Seraphim – The mystery of the Son of Man – Shaemdiel’s self-created pride – Mahaleenah speaks to Rutheniel: Making right what now stands wrong – Godly actions uncloud the mind – Rutheniel speaks to her daughters: Who will follow Shaemdiel, to appear as fallen also? – Every daughter stands as one to bring about redemption – The Fallen are ushered from Heaven to the First Cosmos – The Azraella bids farewell to Shaemdiel – The Fallen leap into the vastness of the First Cosmos


Chapter 3

Ahman, Galendriel, Rutheniel and Mahaleenah take counsel – Solobriel and fifty Seraphim stand guard – Mahaleenah reveals three imperatives: redeem and restore the Fallen, establish soul in world of First Man, establish kingdom of the Ahgendai – World of First Man unmade by God: no earth spirit – Four new forces of opposition – Who is worthy of so great a challenge? – Mahaleenah returns to Mahaliel – The army of the Ahgendai greets the Azraella – Azraella addresses the warrior host – Azraella takes Mahaleenah to see Yaldabaoth’s army – Anticipating Yaldabaoth’s attack: timed with the first dispensation – Shaemdiel’s involvement in the attack on Heaven – Azraella’s confidence in Michael and Sher-el – Determining the time and place of battle – The Ahgendai leave to observe Shaemdiel’s efforts among First Man


Chapter 4

Ahgendai secretly observe Shaemdiel’s labors – Shaemdiel takes pity on man: begins teaching Enosh – Shaemdiel gathers his lineage and reveals plans for First Man – The dispensations of Shaemdiel – Making man good through Immediate Recompense – Separating man through knowledge – Shaemdiel forges an oracle from his children’s burdens – The Enoshahim versus the screelings – Shaemdiel teaches Enosh: a tribe is formed – The Demiurge and Shaemdiel – Shaemdiel teaches Enosh about tribal law and custom – The Law of Immediate Recompense – Enosh returns to her clan, gaining honor and respect – Enosh demonstrates the use of the atlatl and reveals the source of her knowledge – The clan marvels at Enosh’s teachings – Enosh is appointed shaman of her clan – The battle of the baboons – Enosh speaks of far horizons – Progressing from clan to tribe


Chapter 5

Forging a tribe – Law and custom, language and belief: the fire that binds – Enosh establishes the laws of Shaemdiel – War is declared upon all screelings – The law of the highest good: utilitarianism – Enosh leads attack on a clan of screelings – Screelings offered a choice: adoption or death – The Enoshahim grow in numbers – The clans of the screelings resist the Enoshahim – The Enoshahim continue to prosper – Enosh dies, the daughter becomes shaman – Jehovah-Yahweh despises Shaemdiel and Enoshahim – Screelings wander in fear and weakness – Shaemdiel convenes the Fallen – The battle begins between Jehovah-Yahweh and the Fallen – Yaldabaoth grows weary of the struggle, a troubled truce is enforced – Yaldabaoth dismisses Jehovah and speaks to Shaemdiel – Protecting the seed of God’s beginning – Yaldabaoth’s price for peace – Shaemdiel agrees, yet has plans of his own – Mahaleenah continues to observe, Azraella returns to The One


Chapter 6

I am The One, everlasting of everlasting – Azrael appointed and foreordained – In likeness of The One: God on earth – The sacred three of Kai – The Azraella reveals his observations of the world of the First Power – The One responds: I would hide in obscurity the shadow of my likeness – A synthesis of the beginning and the ending – The three commissions of the Azraella – The fearsome will of Azraella – Shaemdiel’s Law of Immediate Recompense unable to fashion soul – The Darkness to attack with the going forth of Adam and Eve – The daughters of Shaemdiel gather – God and Azraella observe through powers of the Tael – Jehovah-Yahweh surrounds the daughters – Daughters of Shaemdiel rebuke Jehovah – Mahaleenah appears, dressed for battle


Chapter 7

Jehovah recoils in the presence of Mahaleenah – Mahaleenah subdues the whirlwinds and lightning – Jehovah fumes and seeks to find a weakness – Recalling a past defeat: memories of Sophiel – A woman calm and fearless – Jehovah makes one last attempt at gaining an advantage – Exasperated, Jehovah leaves with a threat – Daughters of Shaemdiel rejoice – Mahaleenah’s silent reverie – A battle soon to come – Daughters reveal the intentions of their father Shaemdiel – The Council of Elohim gathers – Determining those few who will initiate the first dispensation – Only the strongest and most worthy – Adam and Eve to unknowingly trigger the war in Heaven – The Supreme Quorum observes and ponders – Areta: The stage is set and all the actors ready


Chapter 8

Adam and Eve begin the first dispensation – Shaemdiel angry, meets with Adam face to face – Enoshahim grow to prefer Adam and Eve over Shaemdiel – Jehovah-Yahweh also confronts Adam and Eve – Yaldabaoth counsels Shaemdiel and Jehovah – Yaldabaoth solidifies the plans behind his assault – Arming and training the armies of Darkness – The eldest son of Shaemdiel – Cain, through violence, starts the war in Heaven – Mahaleenah informs the Elohim of Abel’s murder – Mahaleenah encourages Ahman and Galendriel to seek her Father’s help – Ahman and Galendriel resolve to seek the Azraella’s support – Elohim petitions The One to release Azraella Ahgendai – Mahaleenah leads the way to the gates of the Keep –Elohim petitions the Azraella for a portion of his strength – The Ahgendai agree: Elohim adopts the Father and his Daughter – Adam and Eve discuss the coming war in Heaven – The Darkness gathers to press against the realms of God – The Azraella stands calm and ready


Chapter 9

Yaldabaoth probes the Surinatha, seeking passage into Heaven – The Koshendai give alarm, the armies of Light gather – All Gods and Goddesses go to Olaha Shinehah to give comfort – The Darkness pierces the veils of Kathis to stand before the Light – Yaldabaoth and Azraella exchange words – The Demiurge attack in the regions of Xanjipoorah – Light and Darkness battle – Mahaleenah and Cherubim hold the Darkness at bay – Yaldabaoth presses hard against the Azraella – Though outnumbered, the Azraella matches move for move – Eight days of vicious battle – Azraella tells Mahaleenah to retreat as rehearsed – The cunning plans of the Azraella – Mahaleenah retreats with her legions to Gilliahmas – Jehovah-Yahweh and two brothers follow after Mahaleenah – Armies of the Demiurge divide: Jehovah claims Mahaleenah for himself – Yaldabaoth intensifies his attack on the Azraella – Azraella retreats as planned to the Rift of Korisedrah, Yaldabaoth eagerly pursues – Michael watches through the Tael, the retreat of both the Ahgendai


Chapter 10

Fearing defeat, Michael and Sher-el seek out their Parents – Michael reports his concern to Ahman and Galendriel – Michael petitions to gather the Elohim, hoping to aid the Ahgendai – Bound by honor to repay a debt – Galendriel agrees but voices concern – The threat of setting aside divine nature – Michael confident that obligation and divine nature can both be preserved – Michael determined to sacrifice holiness for the sake of honor – Ahman addresses the danger of oblivion and the burden of leadership – Michael responds – The Elohim is summoned: Ahman presents Michael’s plea – An unexpected quandary: everyone volunteers – Michael decrees only a tenth of Elohim should go to war – The ‘call to arms’ is sent throughout the Terrestrial Kingdom – Michael takes the army to Mestroyka Ridge to prepare for battle – Jehovah surrounds Mahaleenah and begins to taunt her – Mahaleenah responds by shooting Jehovah with an arrow – The Demiurge gain the advantage – Michael comes rushing with his vast armies of Heaven


Chapter 11

The Azraella and his forces rush to the Rift of Korisedrah – Enraged Yaldabaoth calls retreat – The Azraella holds his guard, Yaldabaoth fails in hand-to-hand combat – The Demiurge struggle to push through the Rift – Yaldabaoth pulls back and ponders a way to engage the Azraella – Yaldabaoth hears Jehovah’s call for help, goes to Gilliahmas to lend support – Azraella goes to Kolob’s Cluster, confident in his Daughter – Reasons for retreat: revealing candidates for the Ahgendai – Heaven grows anxious for Michael and Mahaleenah – The Azraella gathers hidden forces at Kolob’s Cluster – At Gilliahmas, Mahaleenah struggles against the princes of Yaldabaoth – A thousand trumpets blast: Michael comes with heavy reinforcements – Emanu-Elish attacks Mahaleenah – Jehovah-Yahweh tries to reach the Daughter but proves unable – The Darkness pulls back – Both armies take time to recover – Yaldabaoth arrives to surround the Light on every side – Mahaleenah charges into the Demiurge, seeking to reach Yaldabaoth – Minions of Darkness: Douds, Kezan, and the Kalliform – Nine dark princes battle Mahaleenah and forty Archons – Twelve Archons challenge Yaldabaoth and are shattered like glass


Chapter 12

The Azraella gathers legions at Soli-Endi-Muhat – A vast, invisible vortex – The Azraella feels his Daughter’s fear as Yaldabaoth destroys the Archons – Mahaleenah battles with Yaldabaoth – Armies of Heaven rush as one to push the Darkness back – Michael guards and holds the Daughter until she recovers – Mahaleenah calls retreat to Soli-Endi-Muhat – Archons guard the rear as the armies of Light withdraw – Darkness chases the Light to Soli-Endi-Muhat – Yaldabaoth anticipates a rematch against the Azraella – Yaldabaoth puzzled by Azraella’s will – Archons and Seraphim harass the pursuing armies of Darkness – Elohim returns to Salem, conceiving possible defeat – Elohim intrigued by the vortex , hopeful for deliverance at Soli-Endi-Muhat – Mahaleenah arrives with the Darkness chasing – The Azraella instructs his Daughter to take Terrestrial citizens to safety – Jehovah-Yahweh strikes the Daughter, but is shamed by her response – Mahaleenah leads terrestrial host into the vortex and through the portal suns of Ashengaard – Warriors healed and purged of dreadful memories – Terrestrial host arrives in the First Cosmos: Mahaliel and the seven moons – Mahaleenah thinks of her Father, left surrounded by Yaldabaoth


Chapter 13

Yaldabaoth suspects a trap – Jehovah-Yahweh is rebuked and blamed for Mahaleenah’s disappearance – Despite greater numbers, Yaldabaoth frets over Azraella’s calmness – Yaldabaoth slips through deep dimensions to catch the Azraella unaware – The Oggaliaphim give Azraella time to recover – Light and Darkness, pain and death: the fiercest battle of all – Three dark princes are swept away – Yaldabaoth attacks, the Azraella slightly yields – The Azraella throws Yaldabaoth back and the Light leaps into the vortex – Yaldabaoth quickly recovers and chases after the Azraella into the vortex – Heaven is freed from the clutches of darkness and defeat – Armies of Light and Darkness rush through the depths of the vortex – Dark armies become confused and bewildered, Yaldabaoth unaffected – Armies of Light healed and restored – Armies pass through the seventh sun of Mahaliel – Demiurge unable to perceive the hidden kingdom of the Ahgendai – Yaldabaoth ponders his defeat and forced return to the First Cosmos – A Solemn Convocation on moon of the seventh moon – The world of the First Power and a differing order of Hodos Alea – I am The One, First God and Father Creator – The Ahgendai: making the Heavens new and filled with deeper purpose



Who then among the Gods would prove themselves most worthy,

to become themselves far greater and filled with mighty powers?


6th Endowment 1:19