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Chapter 13

Yaldabaoth suspects a trap – Jehovah-Yahweh is rebuked and blamed for Mahaleenah’s disappearance – Despite greater numbers, Yaldabaoth frets over Azraella’s calmness – Yaldabaoth slips through deep dimensions to catch the Azraella unaware – The Oggaliaphim give Azraella time to recover – Light and Darkness, pain and death: the fiercest battle of all – Three dark princes are swept away – Yaldabaoth attacks, the Azraella slightly yields – The Azraella throws Yaldabaoth back and the Light leaps into the vortex – Yaldabaoth quickly recovers and chases after the Azraella into the vortex – Heaven is freed from the clutches of darkness and defeat – Armies of Light and Darkness rush through the depths of the vortex – Dark armies become confused and bewildered, Yaldabaoth unaffected – Armies of Light healed and restored – Armies pass through the seventh sun of Mahaliel – Demiurge unable to perceive the hidden kingdom of the Ahgendai – Yaldabaoth ponders his defeat and forced return to the First Cosmos – A Solemn Convocation on moon of the seventh moon – The world of the First Power and a differing order of Hodos Alea – “I am The One, First God and Father Creator” – The Ahgendai: making the Heavens new and filled with deeper purpose


1  Now at Soli-Endi-Muhat did Yaldabaoth view with suspicion the position and forces of the Azraella, suspecting therein a trap which he could not perceive or in the mind intuit; viewing with some apprehension the vanishing of Mahaleenah and all her host, being unable to ascertain to what place she had gone.

2  For this cause did Yaldabaoth rebuke with fearsome rage the bravado of Jehovah-Yahweh, for in attacking the Daughter did he cause to vanish the greater part of Azraella’s army, being now beyond the reach of the Lord of Doom; causing that he should feel robbed of that final victory which would have left exposed and undefended even all the realms of Heaven.

3  Seeing therefore the effrontery and impudence of Jehovah-Yahweh, the Chief Demiurgos did fierce command that he surcease and take again his former place, and there await his father’s dictates regarding the order of battle.

4  Hearing therefore the harshness of his father, Jehovah-Yahweh did withdraw from battling the Archons and did himself resume his former place, becoming himself most hidden fearful of the brutal rage of dread Yaldabaoth while yet inward chafing to engage again the enemy whereby he might win a greatly pleasing victory.

5  Thus was there arranged in solemn formations both the armies of Light versus the armies of Darkness, and in the balance did the armies of Yaldabaoth seem still as some vast and terrible sea which did surround the Light on every side; appearing to the Demiurge as if they alone possessed advantage.

6  Yet did Yaldabaoth fret within his mind over the calmness of the Azraella, remembering how that at Korisedrah the Azraella had worked a mighty slaughter against a vast and darksome sea, to prove himself the victor over a force of greater numbers.

7  Now Yaldabaoth did assign that five dark princes should attack with their armies against the Seraphim and the Cherubim, having chief among them even Jehovah-Yahweh; which fearsome armies should prove a great distraction to the Azraella and all the Archons with him.

8  For Yaldabaoth did intend that even he, with the remainder of his forces, would slip unseen through the hidden folds of the twenty-third dimension, to attack at once the Azraella only, to separate him from his command whereby he might stand alone; and in that deep and great aloneness cast him into death.

9  In great assaults of rage did the Darkness leap to attack, striking hard against the legions of Light and Glory, causing that the Seraphim and Cherubim should struggle desperately side by side against the Demiurge, to cast into the great Abyss one charging line upon another, to cut them down as noxious weeds which would choke and quick destroy.

10  Becoming themselves pressed and harried by overwhelming odds, causing the very angels to shudder midst the fearsome weight of doubt, feeling in their very souls the awful weight of doom which howled and raged with dreadful fury, to fill the heart with fear; while fiercely storming tides of pain and death lashed unceasingly against the very angels.

11  Yet did the Seraphim and Cherubim move as they rehearsed, to match with sudden knowing both move and countermove, shifting swiftly from one position to the next, to keep confused the attacking hordes of doom; causing often that they should charge into themselves and cause a mighty havoc, forcing the Demiurge to often stumble in the midst of their confusion.

12  And in the rush of fearsome battle where Light and Darkness clashed, Yaldabaoth slipped away into the hidden folds of the twenty-third dimension, both he and a mighty host beside, slipping through most hidden mysteries to spring up suddenly beneath the feet of Azraella to catch him unaware;

13  Striking hard with vengeful mien, to cast the Azraella off his balance, causing that he should fall exposed before a Nemesis which knew no pity, but was instead most filled with hate; and with bitter zeal did Yaldabaoth leap suddenly to strike with all his might, perchance to kill the Light of God.

14  But there leaped forth to defend, a great many of the Oggaliaphim which did cast Yaldabaoth back, giving to the Azraella a momentary respite whereby he might recover from the fearsome blow; and regaining his former state, there sprang up before the Azraella three dark princes which sought to deeply wound him, to make of him an easy prey for the father which they feared.

15  And immediately did the Azraella strike with awful fury against the princes of Yaldabaoth, and with terrible striving did he prevail against them while all around there roared a tumultuous battle filled with the hurt and rage of many struggles, for the Oggaliaphim did rage against Yaldabaoth while the Archons of Elohim held at bay the armies of doom and darkness.

16  Thus was there seen the fiercest battle of all, greater than Korisedrah, more terrible than Gilliahmas, filling the whole of Soli-Endi-Muhat with a brutal melee of light and darkness swirling round about each other grasping for advantage, seeking each through desperate means to cast the other into ruin.

17  For pain and death did fly into the face of every combatant, to fill the hearts of all with a haunting fierce despair, gorging the minds of those which struggled with fear and constant dread; compelling those which once were holy to take on a darker burden, and this for the sake of all the realms of Heaven, whereby they might preserve them.

18  And there fell into broken ruin the three dark princes which had sought to wound the Azraella, for the fierce and dreadful Savior did slay in quick succession first the dark prince Apuis-Ra, then Osceo-Ka’in, and at last Tapari-Chemoshi; causing that even Yaldabaoth should stare in disbelief, to see such mighty princes swept away as though they were but dust.

19  Then in a sudden flash of blinding light there came to stand before Yaldabaoth even the Mighty One of God, possessing in his countenance a stern yet calm demeanor, and reaching throughout the Tael, the Azraella sent forth the signal, and everywhere midst the struggling fearsome battle did even all the forces of light and goodness give forth and quickly heed.

20  Now in the defeat of three dark princes did Yaldabaoth fiercely growl, and with a loud and hurtful roar he leaped upon the Azraella, and there ensued the most terrible struggle of all; each combatant striking blow for blow against each other; and in the grip of desperate struggle did the Azraella yield and backward step;

21  Causing that Yaldabaoth himself should notice and seize with fierceness the minds of all his many forces to give them dark instructions; for throughout the battle of Soli-Endi-Muhat did the forces of Light most slowly yield, to give most grudging ground, and in the mind did Darkness think:

22  “The Light will soon retreat and we will follow after, for I will hound them and harass, to rob them of respite; causing that the Azraella should prove unable to further plot against me; forcing upon his many legions the hurt of constant battle, forcing them at last to break beneath the weight of all my forces.”

23  So thought the Darkness; and little by little did the army of Light give way, backing step by step into that vortex which the Darkness could not see, or by any means determine, struggling with most violent fury to hold at bay the evil tide of doom, appearing to the Demiurge as if they soon must fall.

24  And in a sudden moment did the Azraella seize hold of Yaldabaoth altogether and with fierce and shocking power did cast him back into the flood of all his many armies, and in a great and sudden leap did the armies of Light follow after the Azraella into the vortex which led from the cosmos of Heaven to the cosmos of the First Creation.

25  And regaining quickly his sensibilities, Yaldabaoth beheld the swift retreat of the Azraella and all those which fought beside him, and with a piercing roar he leaped to follow after; chasing eagerly in pursuit into the vortex which he could not perceive, and behind him followed the armies of doom and utter darkness.

26  And in a wink were the Heavens free of fear and dread, for the darkness of Yaldabaoth had gone itself away, and in the silence of the Tael did there rise a mighty shout of joy and song, filling even all the realms with a sense of deepest wonder; for even all the realms had thought themselves lost and on the verge of dark defeat.

27  Yet in a sudden moment had the Azraella drawn away the danger, removing from all the Heavens the hurt and threat of recent times, to make all things appear as new and filled with life and love; causing that in every realm and kingdom there should leap forth a mighty jubilation.

28  How greatly then did the Heavens shout and sing their maranathas, how loudly did their hearts proclaim their love for Azraella and the Daughter which strove beside him; how deeply stirred their noble spirits for those which gave so much, to mingle together tears of joy with tears of deepest sorrow.

29  And throughout the Seven Councils of Light did even all the Gods proclaim aloud their deepest admiration for the Ahgendai and all those which stood beside him, to forge between the Azraella and themselves an alliance of friendship and mutual support.

30  Now in the depths of the vortex did the Azraella rush, while behind him there quick pursued the very Demiurge, rushing quickly down the hall perchance to overtake; and in the distance was there seen a brightly shining point of light, even the first of the suns of Ashengaard.

31  And seeing the sun the Azraella and all his host did leap forth with a start, feeling therein a timely doorway which would take them safely from the storm which hotly followed after, to place them securely in a place of refuge and quiet repose.

32  Thus did the warriors of light leap joyfully into the sun which served itself as a great and pleasing doorway; and entering in even all did find themselves refreshed and deep renewed, forgetting at once the sting of hurt and injury, to find therein a healing and a balm which soothed and quick enlivened.

33  But in the seeing of the sun which lay ahead did the Demiurge not rejoice, but felt instead the birth of dread and darkest apprehension; causing that Yaldabaoth should strive to slow down the speed of all their many rushings; yet was he unable, being himself caught and fastly held within the gravitonic well of the vortex which still he could not see.

34  Becoming themselves, one and all, drawn inexorably into the first sun which stood as a guardian within the vortex; and going in did even all, save one, become themselves confused by fading memories, having purged from their minds all recent events; forgetting at once the battles and strivings of war, but becoming instead as those confused and deep bewildered.

35  And through each successive sun did the armies of Light become themselves restored to health and joy and love, while the armies of Darkness became ever more confused; forgetting for a season who they were or what they did, or the place from which they came, all except for dread Yaldabaoth.

36  For the Lord of Doom was left alone and he did full remember, being himself as his former self, proving in his greatness unaffected by the suns through which he passed; becoming himself but further enraged by the stupor of his command.

37  And passing at last through the seventh sun, around which sun moved the world of Mahaliel, even all the forces of Light and goodness came to rest upon the moon of the seventh moon; even as the armies of Darkness did leap out from the far side of the seventh sun to find themselves where they began, in the very cosmos of the First Creation.

38  Being themselves, in looking back, unable to see or by any power perceive the sun through which they passed; seeing only the blackness of space and the stars which shined therein; for the system of Mahaliel did the Azraella hide within the folds and fractals of the twenty-fourth dimension; to keep as sacred and truly safe the Celestial Kingdom of the Ahgendai.

39  And peering back from whence he came, searching deeply the realms of space, Yaldabaoth looked and stared in disbelief; pondering to himself what could have been; striving to know by what means he should have been brought back so far from Heaven’s glory, causing that he should feel its absence within his dark and troubled mind.

40  While all about him the Demiurge did drift and stumble as if made blind, knowing not who they were, having forgotten the sum of all their knowledge in a bright and sudden moment; having no fear of their dread and hurtful master for they knew not the Lord of Doom, neither could they remember him.

41  Slowly then did Yaldabaoth drift away, pulling behind him in his wake even all the Demiurge together, turning ponderously as if in a strange and frightful dream; returning sadly in dark retreat to that place from whence they came.

42  And through the passing of the seasons, through the ebb and flow of time were even all the Demiurge brought back to slow remembrance of who and what they were, recollecting within the Void, of battles fought and won and of the nearness of certain victory over the Heavens far beyond.

43  Thus ended the second war of Heaven, which very war did give birth throughout the realms of light and glory of a deep and abiding wonder filled with joy; causing that even all powers, dominions and principalities within the creations of God should rejoice and sing and dance.

44  And there was placed in the center court of Salem of Merigoth, between the temples of Valhaladea and the Archons, a memorial to those which fell from among the Elohim in standing beside the Azraella and his Daughter in the battles of Gilliahmas and Soli-Endi-Muhat.

45  And within the boundaries of the great Chasm which separated the Celestial Kingdoms from those of Olaha Shinehah was there placed a cluster of twenty-six suns; which suns did each bear the name of those Archons which had sacrificed so much for so many; to be to them as brightly shining testimonials of all which they had done for the sake of Heaven.

46  Now on the moon of the seventh moon of Mahaliel did the Ahgendai convene a great and Solemn Convocation, and there attended the Seven Councils of Light; and there presided among them the Azraella, and beside him there calmly sat the Daughter which he loved; and in the airs above were there gathered even all the mighty hosts of the Ahgendai, none excepting or excluded.

47  And to all which were gathered did the Azraella speak, to apportion to those of the Elohim an inheritance among the Ahgendai, if they should so desire; to become themselves as sons and daughters of a new and differing order of Godhood; to stand forever beside the Azraella and his Daughter in keeping forever young the Heavens which they loved.

48  For on the world of the First Power would even all who stood beside the Ahgendai in fierce and hurtful battle be given the promise of a far more greater glory; for those of the Elohim which had served in battle, even these would become as sons and daughters of the Ahgendai if it so be that they should regain anew their holiness in the world of the First Power.

49  While all those which were come from the Terrestrial Kingdom to fight against the Darkness, even they would become as ministering angels on the moon of the seventh moon of Mahaliel, if it so be that they should strive with all diligence in bringing about the designs of God in the working of the dispensations in the world so far away.

50  And between the lesser and the greater was there placed the workings of a new and differing order of Hodos Alea whereby any who should have desires might become themselves as the sons and daughters of the Ahgendai, having proven themselves as those most worthy upon the world of the First Power.

51  Thus did the Azraella lay before the Seven Councils of Light the desires and designs of The One and Areta together; and in the hearing did all marvel, to see therein a power and redemption far greater than before; for in the world of First Man would the dispensations of God work a mighty wonder in bringing about the advent of First Soul.

52  For among First Man would all those who should reflect the love and wisdom of God through the working of the dispensations of God, even would these then, whether man or woman, lay for themselves the foundations of endless soul; to become themselves in time as the ministering angels of the Ahgendai, to dwell forever upon the seven moons of Mahaliel;

53  Becoming themselves redeemed from that dark oblivion when the world of First Man did destroy itself because of hate; becoming instead as those immortal and everlasting, to dwell forever in joy among the very Gods of Heaven; possessing to themselves the fulfillment of all their dreams.

54  In this manner did the Azraella speak, revealing before the Gods a great many designs, which designs did contain within themselves even greater and greater wonders filled with mystery and delight; and when he was completed, even then did the Gods rejoice and give forth thanks, counting themselves as those most blessed in the hearing of all these things.

55  Behold then this mystery of mysteries, and in its telling take great thought to ponder well the course before you; for in the revelation of godly things would I have you strengthened and not as one made weak and feeble, becoming yourself instead as one awake and most aware of the God which walks among you, and of the power which lies within you to do much good.

56  Behold, I am The One, First God and Father Creator, Supreme and Holy Sovereign above all the Gods of Heaven; being myself and my Beloved timeless and immutable, eternal mind most ever constant; holding in my hand the streams of endless time, containing within my mystery the seeds of glory and exaltation forever, worlds without end.

57  For I am the Mystery deeply hidden, revealing always the songs of the ineffable filled with wonder; proving myself through kind devotion a good and holy consort; embracing to my soul the hopes and dreams of my Beloved, to be for her the fulfillment and the joy; for the Areta have I set as a crown upon my head and a light within my heart.

58  And together have we drawn from out of our depths both the Father and his Daughter, causing that they should create from out of their mystery even a new Heaven and a new earth; being in themselves the very Ahgendai which would hold at bay the Darkness and the Terror, to make forever the Heavens new and filled with deeper purpose.

59  If therefore you would be exalted, then prove yourself as one most constant, to walk in faith in following after the Azraella, for even as I shall prove a constant star before the eyes of Azrael, even in like manner shall he prove a constant star for you.

60  And like a star within the darkest night, brightly shining in the Deep, even he shall lead you home again, if it so be that you shall prove most faithful in following after the son I love so dear.