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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 12

The Cleft of Soli-Endi-Muhat :: The Azraella gathers legions at Soli-Endi-Muhat – A vast, invisible vortex – The Azraella feels his Daughter’s fear as Yaldabaoth destroys the Archons – Mahaleenah battles with Yaldabaoth – Armies of Heaven rush as one to push the Darkness back – Michael guards and holds the Daughter until she recovers – Mahaleenah calls retreat to Soli-Endi-Muhat – Archons guard the rear as the armies of Light withdraw – Darkness chases the Light to Soli-Endi-Muhat – Yaldabaoth anticipates a rematch against the Azraella – Yaldabaoth puzzled by Azraella’s will – Archons and Seraphim harass the pursuing armies of Darkness – Elohim returns to Salem, conceiving possible defeat – Elohim intrigued by the vortex , hopeful for deliverance at Soli-Endi-Muhat – Mahaleenah arrives with the Darkness chasing – The Azraella instructs his Daughter to take Terrestrial citizens to safety – Jehovah-Yahweh strikes the Daughter, but is shamed by her response – Mahaleenah leads terrestrial host into the vortex and through the portal suns of Ashengaard – Warriors healed and purged of dreadful memories – Terrestrial host arrives in the First Cosmos: Mahaliel and the seven moons – Mahaleenah thinks of her Father, left surrounded by Yaldabaoth


1  At the Cleft of Soli-Endi-Muhat did Azraella gather together the 700,000 to prepare the place of battle, being himself most well informed concerning the struggles at Gilliahmas; having been informed by the Kragenjin regarding the death of Emanu-Elish and the coming forth of Yaldabaoth upon the trysting field.

2  Now at Soli-Endi-Muhat did the Koshendai break asunder the binding seals of Wabbisura, permitting that they should bind together opposing fields of great dimensions to create a vast, invisible vortex which did connect together the cosmos of the Heavens with the cosmos of the First Creation.

3  This then would prove the trap which the Azraella had first conceived before the coming of Yaldabaoth, permitting that the Ahgendai and those which followed should become themselves the bait which would lead the Demiurge away from the realms of Heaven.

4  And all the 700,000 did marvel at the creation of so vast a vortex, being itself invisible to every spectrum of discernment; possessing at its outer well a subtle pull which grew by small degrees, even until it should prove an inexorable power which the Demiurge could not evade.

5  Then did the Azraella reveal to all the strategy which would free the Heavens of that dark and fearsome tide, causing that each and every legion should rehearse each move and maneuver, to prove themselves the masters, becoming themselves empowered in the working of the plan.

6  And as the legions of Light practiced each maneuver and each step, the Azraella felt in his soul the anxious heartbeat of his Daughter reaching out to him through the Tael, being herself touched with fear and deep foreboding; and gazing deep into the Tael, he beheld Yaldabaoth with all his princes striking hard against the Mahaleenah and the forty Archons with her;

7  Pressing hard on every side until at last there came before the Daughter the very Lord of Doom and Chaos, Yaldabaoth the Chief Demiurgos of all the darkened realms; being himself full enraged and fierce emboldened by the shattering asunder of the twelve Archons which had risen up before him.

8  These he quick dispatched, being himself far beyond their powers to restrain or hold at bay; for with a mighty roar he did seize up all twelve together and there was heard instantly the shattering sound of glass, and like bursting shards of glittering light those which once were Archons did drift away into the Deep of space to be themselves no more.

9  And there stood before the Mahaleenah a darkness filled with terror and dark oblivion, and in an instant she did leap forth to battle, striking out with sword and shield, to give herself to rage and fury in lashing out against the Lord of Doom, causing that he should stand astonished by the power which moved within her.

10  Feeling in himself because of her, the sting and hurt of many wounds which from the Darkness flowed; for the Daughter proved as one made fearless, attacking without regard, being herself focused only upon the sure destruction of so dread a nemesis as stood most fierce before the hosts of Heaven.

11  What dreadful hate Yaldabaoth felt, what deep and bitter loathing as rage and fury mounted, swelling up within him as a seething, bubbling brew until at last it spewed forth to devour the Daughter of Light.

12  And in a sudden instant did Yaldabaoth gather the sum of all his might and with a darkly piercing roar of sheer and utter violence he did strike back, hitting hard upon the shield of Mahaleenah, causing that the shield should break and shatter, splintering into a thousand fragments within the cosmic Deep.

13  And beneath the blow did Mahaleenah stagger, being herself overwhelmed by the shock; but in an instant did the Daughter quick rebound, to pivot and quick attack, striking deep into Yaldabaoth, her sword most nearly swallowed, causing that there should flow from out of the Chief Demiurgos a foul and dreadful ooze.

14  Roared again the dreadful Lord, and in a sudden flash he spun and struck hard again against the Daughter, to pierce the light wherein she dwelt, and in a blinding, gasping rush of pain Mahaleenah fell, being herself pierced and wounded.

15  And in that moment, within a stark and bitter instant did even all the hosts of Heaven turn from battle and in a fiercely mighty rush they flew swift as lightning into the face of Yaldabaoth, being themselves beyond the terror of dark oblivion, but becoming themselves as oblivion fiercely rushing to swallow up Yaldabaoth.

16  Thus in an act of supreme oneness, even all the Cherubim and all the Seraphim, with all the mighty Archons also, being themselves attended by the armies of the Terrestrial Kingdom, even all these vast and mighty hosts did focus upon that single place where Yaldabaoth darkly stood.

17  What a hurtful shock struck Lord Doom, what dreadful, shocking pain; to be himself with all his princes cast back into the darksome flood of all the Demiurge together; causing that even all the Demiurge should stand in shock at seeing so dread a sight.

18  And beneath the rush of angels, within the flood of light, even Michael did reach forth to guard the Daughter, to hold her in his arms till she should quick recover; and Mahaleenah standing on her feet again spoke with urgent voice in the midst of the deadly fray, saying:

19  “It is enough, the stage is set and we must quick away. For yonder stands my Father, the final act he soon will play and we must lead the Darkness to the Cleft of Soli-Endi-Muhat.”

20  Loudly blew the trumpets then, to shake the regions deep and every angel, none excepting, did rise up with a mighty shout and leaped forth to follow after; being themselves anxious in trailing after the Daughter who had quickly taken lead, being herself full recovered from the dark and hurtful wound.

21  Yet in fleeing away from Gilliahmas did the Archons continue in the rear guard, offering to the Demiurge a fierce and terrible resistance, being anxious to keep safe the hosts of angels during the great withdrawal, till the armies of Heaven were safely gone unto the Father who calmly waited the springing of the trap.

22  Now in the armies of Mahaleenah were there many casualties, for among the citizens of the Terrestrial and Celestial Kingdom were there slain or wounded up to 5 percent of the total host, with twenty-six of the Archons shattered into oblivion.

23  But among the armies of Yaldabaoth were there up to 20 percent of all the hosts made captured, and in the great Abyss made to dwell, causing that the armies of Darkness should appear as something mauled and fiercely shredded by the forces of the Light; filling the eyes of the Demiurgos with a cold and bitter hate.

24  Yet did Yaldabaoth take little thought of all these things, viewing with cold disdain the weight of all his losses; but focused instead on Mahaleenah and the angels which followed after, being himself most eager to pursue and overwhelm, for despite the weight of many fallen, still did Yaldabaoth possess far more greater numbers.

25  Making the armies of Light to appear as something small when compared to the vast hordes which rushed to overtake the Daughter in her flight to Soli-Endi-Muhat; snapping out with vicious attacks against the Archons which bravely guarded the light of rushing angels.

26  For in the mind of Yaldabaoth did the end seem near, believing firmly without a doubt that the victory would soon be his when the Heavens would lie in ruins about him, to be for him a prize; causing that in his eye he could see already the triumph of his revenge.

27  And seeing that the armies of Heaven would flee away to safety, Yaldabaoth did pursue, believing that in the doing he would be brought before the Azraella, for to the mighty Father was the Daughter sure to go; giving to the Chief Demiurgos a fierce and mighty re-match where he might avenge his losses at the Rift of Korisedrah.

28  For Yaldabaoth believed already that he was twice the victor crowned, first at the battle of Xanjipoorah and again at Gilliahmas, for in both were the Ahgendai made to flee, to rescue themselves from certain doom, abandoning to Yaldabaoth the very fields of battle; causing that the Ahgendai should appear as twice defeated and sure to lose the final battle.

29  Yet in the deepness of his mind was there born the seed of doubt, for Yaldabaoth saw in Azraella a will of iron and fire and ice; for in seeing the wounding of his Daughter, even then would the Father not stir or move an inch in coming forth to rescue; which thing did sound a great alarm, implying to the Lord of Doom the working of a far more subtle plan.

30  How then to break so fierce and dread a will as this the Azraella possessed? How shatter and leave in ruin so great a bright resolve? Where was the flaw that lay unguarded that would wound a Father’s heart to leave him all exposed? How exploit and then to slaughter the only hope of God?

31  Deeply, darkly thought Lord Doom
the answer he quick discerned:
“Kill the Daughter, extinguish her light
and the greater Light will dim;


32  Faltering, flickering flame of light
beneath the weight of sorrow,
then would break a Father’s heart,
to shatter at last his will.”


33  This alone the Darkness thought,
here alone he focused:
“Kill the Daughter and break the will,
and then the Heavens fall.


34  To be themselves but on their own,
unfit for war and battle,
to be themselves as easy prey
which I will quick devour.”


35  Roared with laughter the bitter Darkness,
his bellows shook the Deep,
pursuing with most eager heart
to chase the Daughter down.


36  Behind the fierce and dreadful Lord,
the Demiurge quickly followed,
eager chasing like fearsome hounds
to bear her to the ground.


37  But as he sought to follow, the Archons and the Seraphim led by Michael and Sher-el did harry and torment the armies of Yaldabaoth, striking at his flank and rear, causing that he must stop and quick defend; permitting that the Mahaleenah should increase her distance between the foe.

38  And there fell among the Demiurge, company after company, their battalions swept away to fall into the great Abyss, which thing did annoy the Demiurgos which were forced to stand and fight; going from one harassment unto another, being themselves unable to flick away the very Gods which did but great perturb them.

39  Now to Salem of Merigoth did the Elohim return, having viewed with consternation the loss of Gilliahmas and the destruction of twenty-six Archons which fell in dreadful battle; being themselves uncertain regarding what next they ought to do.

40  For to many did it starkly seem as though the Gods themselves were losing, and that the Demiurge might prove the victors in the face of fearsome war; having caused again that the Mahaleenah should flee in swift retreat.

41  And with solemn hearts they gazed upon the wonders of their world and all the Heavens round them, to fill their eyes with such beauty as soon might surely perish; for in their minds could they now conceive the loss of Heaven’s glory, being themselves resolved to arouse even all the kingdoms of Light to give a last defense if need be.

42  Thus did the Elohim convene in solemn convocation, knowing in their minds already that the Mahaleenah was in retreat, fleeing in a hurried rush to the Cleft of Soli-Endi-Muhat to stand beside her Father in the coming dreadful battle, being themselves most intrigued already by the massive vortex created by the Ahgendai.

43  For in the manner of its construction did it pose a constant riddle, for the vortex did connect the present realms of Heaven to the fartherest distant past; before the birth of God, before the rise of glory; and in this vortex did the Elohim behold even far more greater wonders.

44  For the Azraella had taken to himself the six remaining suns of Ashengaard, which suns were created by The One and Areta, being in their magnificence as massive blue giants which would forever shine; each sun being made to dwell equidistant from each other within the vortex.

45  Thus did the Elohim look with anxious heart upon the doings of the Azraella and his Daughter, being hopeful that at the Cleft of Soli-Endi-Muhat they might see a great deliverance; being among themselves desirous that the Ahgendai might prevail against the armies of Yaldabaoth.

46  Now there rushed out of the Deep of space, even Mahaleenah and all her many forces, having traversed through many regions by the use of her dimensions, and standing before her Father she spoke, saying: “Look, my Father, the Darkness comes.”

47  And looking into the distance both the Father and the Daughter saw the coming of Michael and Sher-el and all the Archons and Seraphim with them, and behind them rushed a vast and terrible darkness which swallowed up the stars, casting the regions round about in a deep and gloomy shadow.

48  And the Azraella, turning to his Daughter spoke, saying: “Quick, my child, as we rehearsed, take to yourself even all the citizens of the Terrestrial Kingdom and into safety take them. For there is no need that they should be at further risk.

49  Go therefore and into the vortex fly with eager haste, and to the moons of Mahaliel find refuge for the brave; for it is enough, their task is done, having proved themselves most worthy. Go you then and these most quickly rescue, for soon I too will follow, to flee away from Heaven and take the Darkness with me.”

50  This is what the Father spoke, and Mahaleenah did leap forth to quick obey, and with a mighty shout she reached through the Tael to call even all the citizens of the Terrestrial Kingdom which had battled in defense of Heaven’s glory; having put themselves at dreadful risk to preserve the good and holy.

51  And to the standard of the Daughter did the citizens of the Terrestrial Kingdom gather, being themselves relieved of harsh and bitter duty, looking themselves upon the Daughter with eyes of gratitude and relief; for the memories of Gilliahmas did haunt them in the mind and in the heart did wound them.

52  But watching from the darkness glowed a pair of baleful eyes which blazed at seeing Mahaleenah gathering to herself a mighty host, and in the heart of bitter shadows, Jehovah-Yahweh fiercely mused; being himself most eager to avenge the death of Emanu-Elish, to steal from Yaldabaoth a victory against the Daughter.

53  For Yaldabaoth had proved unable to destroy her, causing that Jehovah-Yahweh should desire for himself the honor; to beat his fearsome Father in the killing of Mahaleenah, taking to himself a great and dark revenge.

54  Quietly then did Jehovah-Yahweh marshal his personal guard, waiting for his word and when all was hard and tensely coiled, Jehovah gave a roar, and across the distance did the Demiurge leap to strike against the Daughter; surprising the very Ahgendai by the suddenness of his charge.

55  But in a flash did Mahaleenah respond, to cast herself straight into the face of Jehovah-Yahweh, to toss him back into the darksome tide, causing that he prove shamed before those which followed after him; and in a fit of overwhelming rage, Jehovah-Yahweh did rush forth the second time to strike at Mahaleenah.

56  Yet in a quick and sudden instant did the Arch-Angels of Elohim intervene, both they and a full legion of the Seraphim, to hold at bay Jehovah’s wrath till Mahaleenah should leap away into the vortex, both she and all the citizens of the Terrestrial Kingdom; being in one moment there and clearly seen, and in the next vanished and gone away.

57  Streaking in a hurried rush to the distant far beyond, going beyond the birth of God, beyond the birth of glory; traveling faster than their dreams, piercing deep the weight of memory, beyond the grasp of time; to see for themselves in the far distance, a brightly shining point of light, even the first of six suns of Ashengaard, which like a portal did beckon from afar.

58  And approaching the point of light, even the host of the Terrestrial Kingdom did plunge straight into the heart of the living sun, following close upon the heels of Mahaleenah, and as they passed through to come out upon the other side, even all did feel the darkness of war purged out of their heart and mind.

59  Feeling within themselves a sweet and healing balm, which balm did soothe away the many hurts of battle, to heal and quick restore, imbuing in each and every person a feeling of wellness and joy, being braced within by an eager expectation.

60  On and on rushed the host of Heaven, following quick the Daughter’s lead, going from one sun unto the next, passing through each in rapid succession; and with each and every passing were they purged more fully of dreadful memories, to view the battle of Gilliahmas as no more than a strange and passing dream.

61  Till at last they came to the journey’s end to burst out of the seventh sun in a splendid joyful rush; to fill the airs with songs of maranatha and sweet hosannas, seeing before them the very world of Mahaliel and the seven moons which moved round about, being in their orbits brightly fixed.

62  Now around the seventh moon did there orbit still another moon, being itself a world of rich appointment and exquisite beauty; and to this moon of moons did Mahaleenah bring the citizens of the Terrestrial Kingdom, and there came out to meet them, even the seven Azurgai filled with greetings and joyful blessing.

63  Yet in the midst of joy and safety did the Daughter look back from whence she came, back into the far beyond where Light and Darkness battled at a place called Soli-Endi-Muhat; and there breathed out from the lips of Mahaleenah but one word only, speaking softly throughout the Tael, saying: “Father.”