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Chapter 11

The Rift of Korisedrah and the Battle of Gilliahmas :: The Azraella and his forces rush to the Rift of Korisedrah – Enraged Yaldabaoth calls retreat – The Azraella holds his guard, Yaldabaoth fails in hand-to-hand combat – The Demiurge struggle to push through the Rift – Yaldabaoth pulls back and ponders a way to engage the Azraella – Yaldabaoth hears Jehovah’s call for help, goes to Gilliahmas to lend support – Azraella goes to Kolob’s Cluster, confident in his Daughter – Reasons for retreat: revealing candidates for the Ahgendai – Heaven grows anxious for Michael and Mahaleenah – The Azraella gathers hidden forces at Kolob’s Cluster – At Gilliahmas, Mahaleenah struggles against the princes of Yaldabaoth – A thousand trumpets blast: Michael comes with heavy reinforcements – Emanu-Elish attacks Mahaleenah – Jehovah-Yahweh tries to reach the Daughter but proves unable – The Darkness pulls back – Both armies take time to recover – Yaldabaoth arrives to surround the Light on every side – Mahaleenah charges into the Demiurge, seeking to reach Yaldabaoth – Minions of Darkness: Douds, Kezan, and the Kalliform – Nine dark princes battle Mahaleenah and forty Archons – Twelve Archons challenge Yaldabaoth and are shattered like glass


1  But towards the Rift of Korisedrah did the Azraella and all his forces speed in a hurried rush, drawing behind him the vast armies of Yaldabaoth; which armies did pursue with gnashing teeth and bitter fury, being themselves whipped and driven by the Lord of Doom.

2  And passing near the portals of Alu-Shali, the Koshendai did take cue, and with great subtlety did they begin to constrict the folds of the great dimensions, to channel both the Azraella and the Demiurge into the gateway of the Rift, causing that the vast armies of Yaldabaoth should prove themselves constricted upon all their many flanks, to hinder them in the use of all their mighty numbers.

3  Thus in the reaching of the Rift did the forces of the Azraella rush into the shining fold, and reaching quick the other side, they did turn themselves in a mighty pirouette, even like a swirling, whirling pillar of fire and glory and into this maelstrom did the long thin line of darkness fall.

4  Being themselves unable to vast assemble their mighty numbers because of the tightness of the way; and there was worked upon the armies of the Demiurge a great and swelling slaughter; causing that many of the Demiurge should be hurled into the depths of the great Abyss, to be themselves imprisoned.

5  Thus in the outer reaches of the Rift did the Azraella possess far greater numbers, while the Demiurge which poured through such narrow confines did present themselves as something weak and paltry; being on the one hand pushed from behind by the weight of mighty numbers while on the other they did find themselves inexorably drawn into the maelstrom against their very will.

6  Feeling within, the slaughter of advancing forces, Yaldabaoth did lose his boastful glee, but became instead filled with rage; feeling within himself the shock of dread; becoming in an instant filled with anxious need to reach himself the forefront of battle whereby he might turn the tide, to pull from defeat a bright and shining victory.

7  Yet was he unable lest he trample upon his forces, causing those which were before him to scatter in utter panic, to increase among his minions a feeling of doom and dark defeat; becoming himself ever more frustrated by the cunning of the Azraella which had led him to the trap.

8  Seeing then his own dilemma Yaldabaoth did sound retreat, pulling back from out of the Rift the vast remainder of his armies, being himself hopeful that the Light might give pursuit, permitting that even he might turn the tables against the very Ahgendai.

9  But the Azraella would not follow, neither could hurtful tauntings draw him out from the far other side; being himself content to hold the ground where he had won so great a victory in the first phase of battle; for the Azraella did rightly know that Yaldabaoth would seek again and again to find a way to subdue and overwhelm him.

10  Now when Yaldabaoth saw that the Azraella would not come out to fight him; even then did Yaldabaoth charge in against him, to grapple with the Ahgendai in fearsome hand to hand; yet for all his mighty powers still did Yaldabaoth prove unable to subdue the swirling maelstrom, being himself cast back into the Rift again and again.

11  Causing that Yaldabaoth should strive by every means to break apart the Rift of Korisedrah, permitting that he might use even all the weight of his mighty armies against the swirling maelstrom of Azraella, to overwhelm it utterly with a vast and dark maelstrom of his own.

12  Thus did Yaldabaoth seek by desperate measure to push back the maelstrom of Azraella, being hopeful that in the doing he might gain room enough whereby he might gather together even all his forces into one on the far side of the brightly shining Rift; permitting that he might prove himself advantaged in the gaining of a foothold.

13  Yet for naught did he expend his fearsome efforts, for the Azraella would neither move nor be intimidated, but held his place with firm resolve, refusing in the face of rage and fury to take a step behind, pushing back with all his might, to feel himself invigorated by the great and desperate struggle.

14  And after the passing of many days, Yaldabaoth grew weary and did himself pull back, to leave the Rift behind him; and brooding darkly in the midst of all his mighty armies, he thought thusly to himself, saying:

15  “The Azraella I cannot push back, neither can I cause him to leave the far other side to give me battle here; for in the Rift of Korisedrah his place is made secure; yet still must I find a way to draw him out to battle, for in a broad and open field my numbers will surely crush him.”

16  In this manner did Yaldabaoth ponder deeply midst troubled musings, being himself unsure of what next he ought to do, when of a sudden there arose within his mind a cry of great alarm; for Jehovah-Yahweh did cry out for him to come and quickly rescue, for in the regions of Gilliahmas did the Demiurge struggle desperately against the Mahaleenah.

17  Then did Yaldabaoth take delight, speaking to himself again, saying: “A way at last is made revealed whereby I might draw out the Azraella; for there in the regions of Gilliahmas his Daughter proudly stands in holding back the darkness. She alone I will attack and in the doing, even then shall the Azraella leap forth to save her.”

18  Having therefore decided what next he ought to do, Yaldabaoth did gather even all his many armies and in a sudden moment did cast himself away; speeding, rushing, swift like lightning, flashing dark across the Deep, going quick to Gilliahmas.

19  Seeing therefore that Yaldabaoth had fled away to attack the Mahaleenah, the Azraella went straightway to Kolob’s Cluster, for he worried not for Mahaleenah, seeing that in every move and countermove of war and battle he had set forth a subtle design; having established through most cunning wisdom the achievement of many goals.

20  For it was his intent from the beginning that the Elohim should choose for themselves who would go to the aid of Mahaleenah, being compelled by honor to take upon themselves the mantle of war; knowing himself beforehand that in the choosing would they make as candidates those who would become the sons and daughters of the very Ahgendai.

21  Becoming themselves through the heat of war and bitter fury unsuited for the Elohim, having changed from those who knew not the ways of war and fearsome strife to those who were as masters; needing for themselves a place and a glory more suited to their new and pressing nature.

22  This then proved the reason why Mahaleenah should flee from the battle of Xanjipoorah to go in haste to Gilliahmas, and why the Azraella should likewise call retreat; instilling within the Elohim the fear of dreadful loss and the call of pressing honor.

23  For even now among the Elohim had the word most quickly spread, that in the Rift of Korisedrah had the Azraella proved the victor against the darksome flood, handing to Yaldabaoth a clear and bitter defeat, causing that even he should flee away.

24  Causing even now that the Elohim should watch with anxious heart concerning what next the Lord of Doom might do; and seeing that he went straightway to Gilliahmas, the very Heavens shuddered, for now would the full weight of Yaldabaoth soon press hard upon Mahaleenah and Michael together.

25  Thus did the Heavens fall from the heights of jubilation at the victory of Korisedrah to that of grave concern, being themselves most apprehensive with regard to Mahaleenah and Michael in the battle which lay ahead, wondering to themselves what next the Azraella might choose to do.

26  Yet to Gilliahmas the Azraella did not quickly go, but to Kolob’s Cluster instead, for there had he foreordained the gathering of hidden forces; and there at Kolob’s Cluster did there come to stand beside him even Murel-Sundii-Mahali, being herself First Queen among the Shulieye, and with her came some 400,000 of the Cherubim dressed and fit for war, their quivers with arrows bristled.

27  And to these were added some 220,000 of the Seraphim with Abdiel the great Commander, being themselves likewise dressed and fit for war, bearing each upon their person a shield and flaming sword; being all in all most grimly eager to go to the rescue of Mahaleenah and Michael in the regions of Gilliahmas.

28  Now the Azraella added to all these forces the 80,000 of his personal guard, being comprised of some 73,000 of the Seraphim which had fought with him at Xanjipoorah, as well as the 7,000 of the Oggaliaphim also; putting under his command at once a host of 700,000 which would go to Gilliahmas to work a mighty wonder.

29  For at Gilliahmas did Mahaleenah face at once the armies of Jehovah-Yahweh, and Emanu-Elish and Dagon-Erat also; being themselves together numbered among the dark princes of Yaldabaoth; possessing at their command a vast and swelling horde which did strive with vicious effort to overwhelm the Father’s Daughter.

30  Believing as they might that against them the Daughter could not prevail, having at her command but paltry few when compared to the Demiurgos; being herself as one surrounded and cut off, being unable to save herself from a sure and dark defeat.

31  Yet despite the weight of reason, despite the surging flood, Mahaleenah did resist with valiant effort, for the Cherubim proved fierce and unrelenting while the 7,000 Seraphim did likewise establish before the fearsome tide a wall which would not yield but fought with violent fury, sweeping into the great Abyss vast numbers of the foe.

32  Then came at once a swelling blast, the sounding of a thousand trumpets, Michael the Arch-Angel, Chief Archon of the heavenly host; and with him the armies of Light brightly rushing to the fore, each commanded by the Gods and Goddesses of Elohim, fit for fearsome battle.

33  Which thing caused that even the Demiurgos should stare in disbelief, for there rushed up against them an army equal to their own, causing that the gathered princes of Yaldabaoth should seize at once the frightful moment, to press with deadly vigor against the Mahaleenah.

34  And there leaped up against her to stand as face to face, even the dread prince Emanu-Elish, seeking for himself alone the glory of her death; and with vicious lunging he charged straight into the Daughter, perchance to strike her down before the armies of Light and Glory.

35  And there went up a sudden gasp, for the Cherubim and the Seraphim did themselves grow fearful for her sake; yet did Mahaleenah command that they should hold their place against the evil tide; for she was determined to strike for herself against the evil prince to cast him into oblivion.

36  Thus did the Daughter leap to meet Emanu-Elish, shield to shield and sword to sword, pressing here and lunging there, strike and counterstrike; swift like lightning, crushing thunder rippling through the Deep; light and darkness deftly swirling within the bitter dance.

37  And in a sudden moment there came a dreadful hissing, for Emanu-Elish did burst asunder like blackened shards of glass, glittering darkly against the light, to drift itself away; and all which saw among the Demiurgos did stare in disbelief, having believed beforehand that the princes of Yaldabaoth were beyond the touch of death.

38  Then in a deafening roar did Jehovah-Yahweh strike fearsome hard against the light, striving with most brutal effort to reach the Mahaleenah, and by his own presence strike her down before the onward rush of angels; for at the death of Emanu-Elish did Michael hasten forward, to fall upon the rear of all the Demiurgos.

39  But for all his efforts Jehovah-Yahweh proved unable, being himself repelled by the Seraphim which did close in quick around the Mahaleenah at the shattering of Emanu-Elish; to shield her well from the Demiurge, while overhead the Cherubim did let fly a mighty storm of fiery shafts which rained down upon the flood.

40  In this manner did the Demiurgos find themselves pressed hard between the armies of Mahaleenah and the armies of Michael, causing that Jehovah-Yahweh should call out into the mind of Yaldabaoth that he should come and quick assist lest he himself be vanquished by the light which swirled about him.

41  Yet fiercely on the battle raged, going first one way and in an instant gone another, causing that there should hang in the balance both victory and defeat; and who at last should prove the victor could no one quick perceive, causing that those which fought on either side should strive and groan midst fearsome struggles to tip the scales of war.

42  Thus in great uncertainty the battle raged and on the fourth day did the forces of the Demiurge pull back to reassemble the tattered remains of all their might; and in a hurried tone did Jehovah-Yahweh confer heatedly with his brother Dagon-Erat concerning what next they ought to do.

43  And as they wrestled among themselves in the forming of a plan, even in that moment did the Mahaleenah and Michael set in order the armies of the Light; for among the Cherubim and Seraphim were many gravely wounded, while among the armies of Elohim had many been most hurtful wounded.

44  These then did the Mahaleenah evacuate to far more safer regions, permitting that they might heal and full recover; being herself quick to walk among them to give to each a kiss, expressing from her heart the gratitude of both the Father and the Daughter.

45  Now for two days did the armies of Light and Darkness prowl most carefully around each the other, to find perhaps an opening left undefended and unguarded, each seeking that one advantage which might prove the complete undoing of the army which did oppose them; seeking each with utmost care to find that certain weakness.

46  But on the third day of their respite was there felt throughout the region, a tremor and a rumble which grew by steady measures; for in the distance far away did Yaldabaoth rush to battle and with him a vast and mighty horde, which soon did shake the regions deep, to fill them up with dread.

47  And there rose up around the Mahaleenah on every side, the fearsome armies of Yaldabaoth, to surround at once the armies of Heaven into a grip which none could quick elude, becoming in a dreadful instant held fast in place before the Lord of Doom.

48  Seeing therefore so vast a host Mahaleenah did reach forth throughout the Tael to comfort and encourage the armies of Heaven altogether, speaking into the minds of all, saying: “Fear you not the coming darkness, neither tremble nor be uncertain, for soon there will come to aid us even the very Azraella who will prove to us a Savior.

49  Mark you now and keep an eye, watch with care this Mahaleenah, for even though the darkness gloom and in the distance rage, still am I as one made calm and filled with confidence; for this I know above all else, that in the moment of greatest need, even then shall the light burst forth to swallow up the darkness.”

50  Thus spoke the Mahaleenah and in a swift and sudden leap she charged into the Demiurge, attacking fast she hit them hard, to strike them hip and thigh; scattering before her the very darkness, like chaff before the wind, quick and terrible, seeking fierce with all her might to reach the Chief Demiurgos, even Yaldabaoth.

51  And all the hosts of Heaven did leap to follow and there erupted suddenly the sounds of battle, and there flew forth to stand beside the Daughter, Michael and Sher-el and forty of their compeers, both of Gods and Goddesses; to act for her as guards and shields in the midst of the deadly fray; piercing deep the darkened tide to sweep them all away.

52  Yet did the Demiurge resist with fearsome might, for the Demiurge feared more the wrath of Yaldabaoth than the rushing, flashing light; resisting with equal vigor the rage of angels, to present themselves as demons of hate and fury, lashing out with savage intent to strike the angels down.

53  But Yaldabaoth, in seeing the charging of Mahaleenah was filled with a grudging admiration in the face of all her boldness, and did himself desire to confront her in the midst of fiercest battle, to test for himself in personal combat this woman who would not yield or tremble before his might.

54  Now in the armies of Yaldabaoth did the sons of his mind command the host of many Douds, which Douds were the creation and emanation of the dark princes themselves, to serve as they command.

55  And the Douds, which were many, did also create and cause to emanate from themselves a vast host of the Kezan, which Kezan were themselves mindless and incapable of thought or fear; but were themselves driven by the blood of hate which coursed darkly through them, to goad and push them to constant battle.

56  But in the personal guard of Yaldabaoth did there stride the very Kalliform, which Kalliform Yaldabaoth did fashion from himself and the first Eidos together; for the Kalliform did act for Yaldabaoth as his own personal army, being themselves ferocious towards all things save their master only.

57  And before the Kalliform did even the dark princes most inward tremble, for of all the Demiurge were they made the monsters which kept in line the dark princes themselves, lest they think to war against their father, to usurp the power of his might and take it to themselves.

58  Yet chief among all the princes of Yaldabaoth prowled and plotted the dread Jehovah-Yahweh, ever watchful of his father looking for a weakness; refusing himself alone to quail or tremble before the Kalliform, but did with bitter scorn seek some means to quick undo them.

59  This then proved the armies of Yaldabaoth, for Yaldabaoth commanded alone the Kalliform and all the dark princes together, while the dark princes did command each the Douds which they created, even as the Douds proved most bitter masters above the vast hordes of Kezan.

60  Now Yaldabaoth called forth the nine dark princes, and with these did he rush to stand before the Mahaleenah, to battle her face to face; and between the Demiurgos and the Mahaleenah and her forty Archons there erupted a dreadful, savage battle, for of the Archons did six prove gravely wounded, while of the dark princes were two most deeply hurt.

61  But for Yaldabaoth there was no match save the Mahaleenah, yet there rose up before him some twelve Archons filled with great resolve and these did strive mightily to withstand his dreadful fury, to block his way and hold him fast lest he fall upon the Daughter.

62  Yet did the Lord of Doom sweep aside the twelve, to break them as most fragile glass, to make them as no more; and in the midst of battle’s chaos he stood at last before the Daughter; finding in her countenance a grim and fearsome warrior who would not yield or back away; being herself most full determined to pay him back in kind.

63  While all around the battle raged, fierceness meeting fierceness, savage struggles within the Deep where Light and Darkness met, shocking fury against shocking fury where angels fought and strove; to hold at bay the flood of doom in the place called Gilliahmas.