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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 10


Fearing defeat, Michael and Sher-el seek out their Parents – Michael reports his concern to Ahman and Galendriel – Michael petitions to gather the Elohim, hoping to aid the Ahgendai – Bound by honor to repay a debt – Galendriel agrees but voices concern – The threat of setting aside divine nature – Michael confident that obligation and divine nature can both be preserved – Michael determined to sacrifice holiness for the sake of honor – Ahman addresses the danger of oblivion and the burden of leadership – The Elohim is summoned: Ahman presents Michael’s plea – An unexpected quandary: everyone volunteers – Michael decrees only a tenth of Elohim should go to war – The ‘call to arms’ is sent throughout the Terrestrial Kingdom – Michael takes the army to Mestroyka Ridge to prepare for battle – Jehovah surrounds Mahaleenah and begins to taunt her – Mahaleenah responds by shooting Jehovah with an arrow – The Demiurge gain the advantage – Michael comes rushing with his vast armies of Heaven


1  In the fleeing away of the Ahgendai did Michael find deep despair, foreseeing in his mind a dark and troubling day when the Heavens might cease to be; and with his Beloved Sher-el did they together go seeking their Father and Mother, being hopeful in convening together the Council of Elohim in all its many quorums and houses.

2  Thus did they find upon the world of Kyleah both Ahman and Galendriel, seeking themselves to give both hope and confidence to the citizens of the Telestial Kingdom; sweeping aside such anxieties as did most deeply rise within the hearts of many since the coming of the Demiurge.

3  And seeing together both Father and Mother, Michael did petition to speak privately with them concerning such apprehensions as in him stirred because of the fleeing away of the Ahgendai before the darksome horde of Yaldabaoth with all his sons beside him.

4  And going aside to some quiet place, Michael spoke with urgent words, saying: “Behold, my Father and my Mother, how Jeruel is made imperiled, and all our glory with it; causing that even now should fearsome shadows rush forth towards the regions of Gilliahmas.

5  For even now in this very moment does Mahaleenah fall back in dread retreat being herself overwhelmed by the armies of the Demiurge, seeking for herself some thin respite against the fearsome onslaught of so vast a troubling horde; causing that there should rush after her even three full armies which seek to quick destroy her.

6  But not this only, for even as I speak does the Azraella flee himself away, being overwrought and far outweighed by the armies of Yaldabaoth; causing that even we should hear within the Tael the mocking glee of doom; and to what place the Azraella has gone, even this we do not know, but this only: the Darkness follows quick behind him;

7  Being unable himself to go to the aid of that Daughter which he loves beyond all other things, causing that there should weigh upon his heart and mind the fear of dreadful loss; which fear like certain death would break his mighty will, to leave us all undone.

8  Thus is it imperative that the Elohim be quickly gathered, for even we must give assistance to the Daughter Mahaleenah; to stand beside her in the fray which soon must fall upon her; for this alone I know is certain: that in all retreats there comes that time when you must stand and fight.

9  Let us then, most noble Ahman, petition even all the Heavens round, to gather to ourselves a mighty host fit for war and battle; causing that we should prove sufficient in rushing to the aid of Mahaleenah, and in the rescue of so fair a maiden, lift from the mind of Azraella the burden of a Father’s fear.

10  For even all the Lords and Gods of Elohim do owe to Azraella a debt beyond our reckoning, having himself defended all the Heavens round against Yaldabaoth when first he leapt out of the great Abyss to trouble all our many realms.

11  Thus in the first war of Heaven did Azraella stand alone against the Darkness, to fight on our behalf; securing for even all our Houses the continuation of our glory, having himself subdued the Chief Demiurgos, to lead him bound by great dimensions to a cosmos far beyond our very memory.

12  Now are we bound by honor to repay so great a debt, for even now does the Azraella and his Daughter stand overwhelmed and hard pressed by the return of Yaldabaoth and all his mighty armies, striving bravely against the flood to save us all from doom.

13  What then most noble Father and Mother are we ourselves to do? Where would honor have us stand regarding so grave a debt as weighs upon the heart? For this cause do I now petition the assembling of the Elohim where I might state our plight, and in our quorums find resolution.”

14  So spoke Michael, and with deep care did the Father and Mother confer among themselves through the whisperings of the Tael, and at last did Galendriel speak, saying: “It is agreed, my son, that upon our shoulders do we bear a debt of honor towards Azraella; which debt our heart demands that we should pay in timely fashion.

15  But in the art, science and subtleties of war are we of the Eloheim unschooled in all its many complexities; being ourselves from our beginnings till now made in heart and mind both peaceful and holy; being ourselves set free of such weighty passions as would lead us to war against the Demiurge.

16  If then we should set aside our nature, then would even all the Eloheim become as lost and troubled souls within a nature not our own; having forced upon us a hard and flinty disposition which the Demiurge would compel that we should bear before the heated blast of war and chaos.

17  How carefully then must we tread, for if in going to the aid of Mahaleenah we should set aside our truer nature while taking up the ways of war, then will not the holiness of all our realms be made uncertain? And in the doing shall not Yaldabaoth win half a victory against us?”

18  In this manner did Galendriel speak, and Michael answered, saying: “There is a way where we might safely tread between the obligation imposed upon us by honor, and keep secure the holiness of Elohim; for this have I perceived through weighty reason: that there is a certain means by which both obligation and divine nature might be preserved.

19  Thus is it imperative that there should be found among the Elohim, and even throughout the realms of our domain also, all those who would for the sake of Elohim, lay aside their sacred nature and in the doing seize with firm resolve a hard and pressing duty;

20  Taking upon ourselves the repaying of the debt, to rush in haste to the aid of Mahaleenah and in the doing relieve the heart of Azraella concerning the Daughter he does most deeply cherish; permitting that he might more freely act in fighting dread Yaldabaoth, even as we shall stand beside the Daughter in defending Gilliahmas.

21  Thus would even I and my own Beloved stand forth as volunteers in shouldering so great an honor, causing that we, with many others also, might perform this trying duty; letting go that sacred bond wherein all things holy are made to stand as one forever.

22  This then be the sacrifice which I and many others will deep perform for this Elohim that we love; only this alone would I request: that even as we, for honor’s sake, would fulfill a sacred duty, even so shall those of the Elohim continue on in holiness and peace forever in honor of those who would go to the aid of Mahaleenah.

23  By this means shall those who go to battle, strive to preserve forever this bright and holy realm, even as those who remain behind to live in peace shall preserve in honor those who would fulfill this debt which honor presses hard upon us.”

24  But Ahman, in hearing the words of Michael, spoke in answer to his son and daughter, saying: “Do you not remember, my son, how that Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah, the Ahman of El Ramadee did shatter into nothingness when going to the aid of Azraella during that first and troubling war; to become himself oblivion, to be no more forever?

25  Are you willing therefore to face this same oblivion when going to war against the Demiurge? And if it so be that you should prove strong enough in facing so grave a danger: will you prove in heart and mind strong enough to bear the burden of watching those who follow after you break like shattered glass to be themselves no more?

26  Can you, most noble children, surrender in yourself the holy in order to preserve the holiness of those you love, even all the Elohim together? Can you bear upon your soul the stain of war and darker passions in order to preserve the realms of Heaven?

27  Can the heart which loves so purely, surrender itself to rage; or can the mind which thinks so nobly, become itself filled with war and bitter struggle? Can you ask these things of others, even as you must ask yourselves?”

28  And Michael answered, saying: “It is a weighty matter against which the heart and mind do struggle; yet does the necessity for action compel that I should quick decide; for the imperatives forced on me by honor do demand that I endure such sacrifice as duty would place upon me.

29  For this above all things I know most certain: that the Gods of Heaven are pure and holy, that the Celestial realm is beautiful above all the realms of Heaven, that the Ahgendai who seek to guard the things I love even now stand overwhelmed by the Demiurge and are themselves in fast retreat.

30  Therefore is it now most needful that a portion of the heavenly realms rise up and go to the aid of those who would sacrifice themselves for our benefit; for according to our custom is it rightly known that a gift deserves a gift, and that a sacrifice must meet a sacrifice.

31  Let us therefore convene as one even all the Elohim together, for upon us alone this duty falls, causing that those who would take upon themselves so sacred an obligation should sacrifice personal holiness in order to preserve the holiness of the Gods and Heavens together.

32  And in the doing shall I take upon myself the awful weight of loss regarding those who should shatter into oblivion in following after me; to keep within my heart and mind the name and likeness of such noble compeers, and in their memory consign the deeper value of all our deeds together.

33  Thus my good and noble Parents would I beseech the gathering of the Council whereby we might decide together that one and only course which honor alone can dictate; and whatsoever thing which we decide together, even therein will I likewise place my hand; to stand as one with all the Lords and Gods of Elohim.”

34  Now in the hearing of Michael’s words did both Ahman and Galendriel agree with heavy heart, and throughout the Tael did the word rush forth, summoning from throughout the Heavens the Lords and Gods of Elohim; and gathering as one in Salem of Merigoth even Ahman did present the whole of Michael’s plea.

35  And the Elohim, hearing for themselves the entirety of Michael’s words, even they did adjourn, each to their several quorums to decide with all solemnity the course which they would take, weighing within the mind their duty and their honor.

36  Yet in their quorums did there arise the unexpected quandary, for when asked among themselves who would stand with Michael in the rescue of Mahaleenah, even then did all the Lords and Gods of Elohim stand forth to volunteer; causing that Michael should come himself to decide what next to do.

37  Then did Michael, as Chief Archon decree that only a tenth part of Elohim should become themselves imperiled, while all which remained should continue in the Council of Elohim whereby they might preserve in holiness and peace the wonder and glory of all their realm, in memory of those who were appointed to go themselves to battle.

38  Thus in the choosing did a tenth part of Elohim stand with Michael and Sher-el in the paying of honor’s debt; being themselves most joyful eager in going to the aid of Mahaleenah in the regions of Gilliahmas.

39  And added to the tenth part was there also appointed that the “call to arms” be sent throughout the realms of the Terrestrial Kingdom whereby as many as would might join themselves to Michael; and there came out from Olaha Shinehah a vast and mighty host, being each and every one eager to prove a help to Mahaleenah.

40  Seeing therefore so vast an army even Michael and his compeers did take the whole of them to a place called Mestroyka Ridge; and there did they forge weapons of power and mystery; giving to the least among them the very keys to the twelve dimensions of the Elohim, whereby they might be preserved when fighting the very Demiurge.

41  Now in the regions of Mestroyka Ridge, near the Portals of Shah-Malan did Michael set in order the army which would rush to Gilliahmas; pressing upon most willing hearts the urgency of their training; establishing over all a discipline both rigorous and certain, creating between every man and every woman a camaraderie of good and noble bearing.

42  And when all was ready, Michael did himself sound the trump, a blast heard through the Deep, and like the bursting forth of mighty waters the whole army did leap at once; bounding quick through turning primes, rushing through the fractals; heading straight into the fray to save a Father’s Daughter.

43  But in the regions of Gilliahmas did the forces of the Demiurge quick surround the legions of Mahaleenah, causing that Jehovah-Yahweh should laugh and hiss across the way, to taunt and mock the Daughter, roaring out across the Deep, saying:

44  “Upon the field you are outnumbered,
and all your forces bright,
are now imperiled and soon will die
before my awesome might.


45  What say you now most foolish woman
who stands with sword and shield,
will you not now but cry surcease
and give to me the field?


46  You stand alone and cannot win
for now I hold you fast,
and in this dark and lonely place
your forces cannot last.


47  For I will overwhelm you,
your legions swept aside,
and you will stand defenseless
before the fearsome tide.


48  So why resist and be imperiled,
why think you still of fighting?
You cannot win, your cause is lost,
why tempt the fiery lightning?


49  Come yield to me in quick surrender,
for none will come and save you,
you are alone within the Deep,
for you there’ll be no rescue.


50  Quickly now and give me answer,
why stand you quietly still;
why must you be so stubborn
and force my hand to kill?


51  Speak up now so I can hear,
what answer will you give?
Prove yourself both wise and humble
and I will let you live.


52  What say you now most foolish woman
who stands with sword and shield,
will you not now but cry surcease
and give to me the field?”


53  Such were the words of Jehovah-Yahweh, and in the hearing did Mahaleenah think to answer him; and setting down her sword and shield she took from a cherub which stood beside her both the arrow and the bow; and with a mighty heave and sigh she let fly the fiery shaft across the trysting field.

54  And the arrow flew swift and terrible in its flight, ripping through the folds of time, slicing through dimensions, to strike itself upon the helm of fierce Jehovah-Yahweh; causing that he should stagger beneath the sudden blow; and the armies of Darkness did gasp to see so dread and brazen a deed.

55  And in a roaring, seething fit of rage, Jehovah-Yahweh did roar out loud above the murmuring noise, saying:

“You crazy witch, you stupid bitch,
you strike me hip and thigh,
curse you now and be consumed
for now you’re going to die!”

56  And in a sudden, awful, terrible rush the armies of the Demiurge did launch themselves straight into the face of Mahaleenah, striking hard on every side; desperate battle fierce engaging, sounds of bitter fury, light and darkness striking hard to shake the Heavens round.

57  Thus in the regions of Gilliahmas did the deepness shake with rage; for the Demiurge proved relentless in seeking to break and crush, while Mahaleenah proved their equal in matching strength for strength and cunning for cunning.

58  Refusing herself to yield a step, but firmly holding on, standing bravely before her legions, her sword like lightning flashing; striking hard with dread intent to pierce the heart of doom; holding up for all to see her good and bright resolve.

59  Yet did the forces of the Demiurge continue to grind and press against her, and in a loud voice did Mahaleenah sing:

“Come my darling beauties,
let swift your arrows fly,
let fall your rain upon the foe
as lightning from the sky.


60  Press on, press on, do not relent,
for we must never yield,
against the foe we must strike hard
and sweep them from the field.


61  Let sound the trump and sally forth,
and hope your shield shall be,
hold your ground and press the fight,
turn back this darksome sea.


62  So fight my darling beauties,
let strength your heart take wing,
keep high your spirit and hold not back
and make the Heavens sing.”


63  In this manner did Mahaleenah sing encouragement into the heart of all her many legions; yet with every passing moment did her plight become itself more pressing and filled with desperation; for the armies of the Demiurge were made of greater numbers; which numbers continued to press and flank to find some great advantage.

64  But in the distance far away the sound of a thousand trumpets blowing; Michael rushing to the scene with mighty armies with him; causing that even the very Demiurge should turn themselves to see the coming of the light.