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Chapter 9

The Battle of Xanjipoorah :: Yaldabaoth probes the Surinatha, seeking passage into Heaven – The Koshendai give alarm, the armies of Light gather – All Gods and Goddesses go to Olaha Shinehah to give comfort – The Darkness pierces the veils of Kathis to stand before the Light – Yaldabaoth and Azraella exchange words – The Demiurge attack in the regions of Xanjipoorah – Light and Darkness battle – Mahaleenah and Cherubim hold the Darkness at bay – Though outnumbered, the Azraella matches move for move – Eight days of vicious battle – Azraella tells Mahaleenah to retreat as rehearsed – Mahaleenah retreats with her legions to Gilliahmas – Jehovah-Yahweh and two brothers follow after Mahaleenah – Armies of the Demiurge divide: Jehovah claims Mahaleenah for himself – Yaldabaoth intensifies his attack on the Azraella – Azraella retreats as planned to the Rift of Korisedrah, Yaldabaoth eagerly pursues – Michael watches through the Tael, the retreat of both the Ahgendai


1  And the Darkness swiftly gathered, to press itself against the boundaries of Surinatha, which Surinatha is a sphere of light which does encompass even all the cosmos which surrounds Olaha Shinehah and the Celestial Kingdom all together; being itself the boundary which would hide within its brightness the boundless and eternal.

2  And from out of the depths of evil did the Lord of Chaos step forth to strike against the sphere, against the Surinatha, to breach the light which outward shined, permitting that he and all his dreadful hosts might pass unhindered into the realms of God.

3  Thus did Yaldabaoth call forth the dimensions at his command to forge the fractals into a key to turn the hidden prime, and with cunning insight he set himself before the task, probing here and probing there, ever seeking to find the passage which would yield and let him pass; even he with all his armies to storm the realms of Heaven.

4  Yet while he searched and deeply probed, there was heard throughout the Heavens a deep and great alarm, for the Koshendai did send out a quick alarm filled with sudden dread; causing that from out of the Koliahmas should come the Azraella fit for war and fearsome battle; having beside him his one and only Daughter; and behind the two there quickly gathered the armies of the Light.

5  And in a place made foreordained they stood and in the stillness waited, every legion quietly calm, every warrior ready, each in thought most fierce resolved to meet the Lord of Doom and turn aside the flood, to cast it far away.

6  Now throughout the kingdoms of the Light did even all know of the coming of Yaldabaoth and all his armies with him; seeking at the Surinatha to find therein a passage, and in the finding cause that there should pour into the cosmos wherein the Heavens dwelt, a flood of utter darkness filled with hateful rage.

7  For this cause did all the Gods and Goddesses and all the Lords of glory throughout all the Seven Councils of Light, even they – none excepting, went swiftly unto Olaha Shinehah to give comfort and encouragement to all the worlds therein.

8  Knowing beforehand that many would prove themselves most fearful and filled with constant dread, being themselves haunted by memories of long ago when Yaldabaoth first made war, to break in pieces the worlds of Olaha Shinehah, to cast them into ruin.

9  Thus in the day of shadows, Darkness crept within, pushing, seeping, inward creeping into the realms of Light; sweeping aside the veils of Kathis, until there stood before the Azraella, a vast and darksome horde; swarming, storming, fiercely bristling, most eager for a fight.

10  Ten mighty armies, each commanded by a dreadful lord, facing down the Azraella contempt behind their eyes, each convinced and full persuaded that they must surely win; for in numbers did they exceed the armies of the Ahgendai, and at their head there fiercely moved the very Lord of Doom.

11  And between the armies of the Darkness and the armies of the Light there fell a mighty hush; and in the quietness did Yaldabaoth deeply stir, to shake the very Heavens, to rouse himself to speak, shouting out across the distance in a voice which loudly boomed, saying:

12  “I have returned O Azraella, and these my minions with me. How then shall you stand against me, for I am mighty and made as many, having at my command a vast and troubling swarm which even now would sweep you from the field, to become yourself as chaff before a bitter wind.

13  What say you now, O Azraella? What power shall save you seeing that even now I am made greater than all your might? How then shall you stand against so many, seeing that the very Gods have left you here alone with none but these paltry few to stand beside you?

14  Yield therefore and save yourself, for shame and death await you, and oblivion shall be your grave; and in the ages yet to come, none be found to speak your name or fair remember, when here you struggled against the night and in the shadows fell.

15  Who then shall sing your song, or speak of all your glory? And you, O Azraella, shall be as unremembered beneath the weight of time, and only shadows and broken ruin shall mark the place where now you stand; and in the marching of the aeons, in the turning of the wheel, you shall be forgotten and all the Heavens with you.”

16  Then did Yaldabaoth roar with vicious glee, and the armies of the Demiurge did hiss and howl with great delight, causing that the regions of Olaha Shinehah should wobble and stagger in moving the great Eternal Round; filling the worlds of the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms with a stark and sudden dread.

17  For great was the power of that dark and fearsome tide which stood against the Light, for the dimensions at their command did assault with dreadful force against the realms of Heaven; bending beneath the weight of all their numbers the primes of Kadasarooya; causing that the armies of the Light should strain within the slip, most eager to force an end.

18  But the Azraella stood most calmly forth and raising up his hand, the armies of the Demiurge grew quiet and filled again with stillness, and the Lord of Light spoke, saying: “Hail, dark brother, from me to thee fair greetings.

19  Long have I waited for you to come and renew our close relation. Why then these dreadful threats, why all these dark intentions? Why such unfriendly hurtful postures? Why threaten me with death? For words alone are not enough for you to win the day.

20  And though this moment I seem outnumbered, still have I sufficient to defend the golden realm, to guard it well from dark destruction. For victory is given first to the one who proves most daring, being in ourselves most firm resolved to withstand the weight of all your forces which stand arrayed against us.

21  What then dark brother are we to do? For if today you came to speak, then let us fair embrace. But if instead you wish a war, then let us now press on. For now my ears are tired and weary of all your boastful prattle.”

22  Thus spoke the Azraella, while in the Deep there quietly watched both The One and Areta together. And The One spoke to his Beloved: “The plan is set and traps made ready, and now the fearsome struggle; that from this pain might come rebirth and all things good shall seem as new and made most brightly shining.”

23  Now in the regions of Xanjipoorah did the armies of Darkness array themselves against the armies of Light, and Yaldabaoth hearing the words of Azraella, became himself disgusted and filled with hurtful spite, and giving forth his dread command the Demiurge leaped forth to battle.

24  Ten dark lords of fierce demeanor, ten vast armies leaping across to the field; acting as one they charged ahead to strike against the Light; their weapons keen, their hearts made eager to wreak a mighty havoc.

25  And immediately did the Azraella and the Daughter take hold their fierce command, to meet with firm resolve the onslaught of utter doom; for the Father and his Daughter did lead the hosts of glory; to lead them into battle, standing themselves in the foremost rank to meet the darkness face to face.

26  Now to Mahaleenah was there given command over some 300,000 of the Cherubim, fit for war and fearsome battle; and those did fly over the irksome horde, unleashing a hail of arrows; which arrows were most curiously made, causing that whensoever an arrow should pierce the enemy, even that enemy would go captive into the dark Abyss.

27  But the Azraella commanded by himself alone some 80,000 of the Seraphim, each holding in their hands a brightly burning sword, and beside the Seraphim there moved in silent ranks the might and fury of the Oggaliaphim; being numbered themselves some 7,000 entities of flaming countenance which did strike terror into the heart of darkness; causing that the enemy should shake and tremble, to face so strange a thing.

28  Greatly struggled the Darkness against the Light, each pushing against the other looking for a weakness; move and countermove, reckless charging and desperate defense, each side pressing hard against the other in the regions of Xanjipoorah, striking here, feinting there, shocking fury upon shocking fury, while the Heavens held their breath.

29  And Yaldabaoth, seeing the light of Azraella shining brightly in the fray, did direct with eager zeal the masses of all his horde, seeking by weight of numbers to crush the hope of God and all the Heavens with him; charging even all his minions to win the day or be themselves consumed.

30  But there flew above the armies of Yaldabaoth the Cherubim of Mahaleenah, striking here and there with anxious heart to hold back the bitter flood, casting down upon the foe the rain of many arrows; sending into the dark Abyss a great many of the Doud.

31  For in the directing of the Cherubim did the Daughter prove a wise commander, holding firm with cool resolve; speaking out above the din of battle, saying:

32  “Yonder stands my Father,
the foe he holds at bay,
so let us dare and hold not back,
and we shall win the day.


33  Press on, press on, do not relent,
for we shall never yield,
against the foe we must strike hard,
and sweep them from the field.


34  Come my darlings and prove your strength,
let swift your arrows fly,
let fall the rain upon the foe,
as lightning from the sky.


35  Behold my Father bravely stands
with Seraphim by his side,
fighting, struggling with firm resolve,
he stems the fearsome tide.


36  So fight my darling beauties,
let strength your heart take wing;
keep high your spirit and hold not back,
and make the Heavens ring.


37  Sound the trump and sally forth
and hope your shield shall be,
hold your ground and press the fight,
turn back this darksome sea.


38  Press on, press on, press nobly on,
for we shall never yield,
against the foe we must strike hard
and sweep them off the field.”


39  In this manner did Mahaleenah sing throughout the Tael, causing that the Cherubim should fight with cold efficiency, unleashing down upon the foe a deluge of stinging arrows; yet for all their noble valor, many of the Cherubim did fall from the airs above, becoming themselves most sorely wounded by the weapons of the Demiurge.

40  Yet did the Cherubim fight to retrieve the wounded, to carry them back to safety, to return again themselves to the foremost place of battle, and there continue on in fighting beside their Mahaleenah, for the Daughter did fight with sword and shield; cutting, slashing, fiercely striving to sweep the enemy from before her.

41  Never yielding or relenting, but striving on and on, pushing, holding, standing firm, then pushing hard again; fighting on with great resolve though she herself was wounded; yet on and on she fiercely fought never giving ground, facing down the enemy which sought her quick destruction.

42  But in the center of the greatest conflict, where good and evil clashed, Yaldabaoth pressed his armies against the legions of Azraella, threatening here, charging there, seeking to overwhelm; probing, maneuvering, always seeking to outflank the Light of God.

43  Yet move for move the Azraella matched, though he himself was sore outnumbered, leading against the Demiurge one charge upon another; turning, clashing, brightly flashing, deftly spinning midst the fray, causing that the very Demiurge should prove themselves confused and uncertain when facing Azraella.

44  Thus in the center of the battle, a maelstrom of rage and hurt and fierce resolve did boil and seethe within the dread engagement; for eight days the battle raged with many sorely wounded, and there came through the Tael the voice of Azraella, speaking to the Daughter, saying:

45  “Now my Daughter, as we rehearsed, you must now depart. Gather unto yourself therefore even all the Cherubim, and to these shall I assign a legion of the Seraphim, and with these must you quick away.

46  For the armies of Yaldabaoth are far too great in number and their strength must we divide. Retreat therefore with all your forces to the regions of Gilliahmas, which region lies across the mighty Chasm near the world of Jeruel.

47  Only in your passing flash brightly forth and draw attention to your leaving, causing that the Demiurge should believe that you retreat in fear and chaos; and there shall leap forth to follow after you even one third of all Yaldabaoth’s forces, being eager to give you chase and seize a victory of their own.

48  So fly my child as we rehearsed and let us divide the armies of Yaldabaoth, for even I shall soon retreat; causing that Yaldabaoth should quick give chase, to follow me with dread intent wherever I should lead him.

49  For cunning plans have I set forth, deep and made unseen, causing that the very Demiurge should find themselves in desperate places, unable to use the vastness of their numbers; becoming themselves hemmed in on every side by dimensions ill perceived by all the lords of doom.”

50  And hearing the words of her Father, Mahaleenah commanded quick the trumpet blast, peeling out above the roar of battle, the anthem of retreat; which anthem did alert even all the Cherubim and immediately did they all leap after the Daughter, to follow wherever she might lead; and with them flew a legion of the Seraphim, being themselves 7,000 strong.

51  Like a bolt of fiery lightning, they flashed across the Deep, causing that Jehovah himself should look to see; and espying in the vanguard of those which seemed to flee a woman dressed for war, bearing upon her arm and in her hand both sword and shield, he did most dark remember.

52  And with a roar and a hiss he called unto his brethren closest to him, and there leaped at once to follow: Jehovah-Yahweh, Emanu-Elish and Dagon-Erat, and with them leaped the armies at their command; racing quickly after the Daughter which seemed to flee in fear.

53  And Jehovah commanded fiercely against his brothers, saying: “The woman you see alone is mine, therefore leave her unto me; for I would finish what once she started and bring her down in ruin, for I would avenge myself against her.”

54  Thus did Emanu-Elish and Dagon-Erat yield the prize to Jehovah, being themselves in fear of him; and with fierce intent they followed after the Cherubim, perchance to overtake, hoping each within themselves to win a victory all their own against the very Gods.

55  Seeing therefore all these things, the Azraella did smile in the midst of terrible battle, to see for himself the armies of the Demiurge divide and quick give chase; and to his Father and Mother he spoke through the Tael, saying:

56  “It has begun, this dance of mine: step and counterstep, move and countermove. One small move to another added. And behind the whole of my design turns still another turning; to reveal to me even all those who would become to me as offspring, to create forever the generations of the Ahgendai.”

57  Now when the forces of Mahaleenah were drawn back to the regions of Gilliahmas, even then did Yaldabaoth press all the harder against the Azraella, sending against the Seraphim and the Oggaliaphim one division after another; battalion following battalion, brigade after brigade, charging into the ranks of Azraella like the waves of an endless sea, lashing out against the Light which stood against the Darkness.

58  And many of the Seraphim became themselves most sorely wounded in the midst of fearsome battle, yet even though they themselves were sore beset, still would the wounded not cease to fight or give to Darkness a single inch of ground, but continued on beside their comrades filled with good resolve.

59  Swords and shields like thunder clashing,
darkness raged against the light,
Azraella brightly flashing,
holding firm with all his might.


60  And when there came that certain moment which he had foreordained, Azraella gave command and loudly blew the trumpet blast which shook the Heavens round; and in an instant did the army of Light flee itself away; rushing in a great retreat to a place called the Rift of Korisedrah.

61  For there would Azraella seek advantage against the massive forces of the Demiurge, to press them hard within the Rift; causing that Yaldabaoth should be unable to mass the sum of all his might against the Light of God.

62  Seeing therefore the sudden retreat of Azraella, Yaldabaoth roared in great delight, believing himself the victor and filled with boastful pride, even though in the battle of Xanjipoorah the Demiurge did lose among themselves some one million of the Doud which were cast into the great Abyss.

63  And in a mighty leap did Yaldabaoth pursue with haste, even he with all his armies; flashing fiercely in the Deep to press his dark advantage; pursuing with most eager heart, following after the Azraella where ever he should lead him.

64  But there watched throughout the Tael, even Michael the Chief Archon of all the Elohim; and seeing first the retreat of Mahaleenah and then the withdrawal of Azraella, even he proved most dismayed; and reaching throughout the Tael he sent an urgent summons.

65  And in Olaha Shinehah the Father heard, even Ahman the Father of All, and through the Tael did he reach forth to touch the heart of Michael; and quickly did they confer among themselves concerning the things which they should do.