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Chapter 8

Adam and Eve begin the first dispensation – Shaemdiel angry, meets with Adam face to face – Enoshahim grow to prefer Adam and Eve over Shaemdiel – Jehovah-Yahweh also confronts Adam and Eve – Yaldabaoth counsels Shaemdiel and Jehovah – Yaldabaoth solidifies the plans behind his assault – Arming and training the armies of Darkness – The eldest son of Shaemdiel – Cain, through violence, starts the war in Heaven – Mahaleenah informs the Elohim of Abel’s murder – Mahaleenah encourages Ahman and Galendriel to seek her Father’s help – Ahman and Galendriel resolve to seek the Azraella’s support – Elohim petitions The One to release Azraella Ahgendai – Mahaleenah leads the way to the gates of the Keep –Elohim petitions the Azraella for a portion of his strength – The Ahgendai agree: Elohim adopts the Father and his Daughter – Adam and Eve discuss the coming war in Heaven – The Darkness gathers to press against the realms of God – The Azraella stands calm and ready


1  And so my child, Adam and Eve did go forth unto the world of the First Power to begin the dispensations of God and Hodos Alea; being themselves most hopeful eager in bringing about the full designs of Elohim;

2  Knowing themselves that in the doing would they likewise be made partakers with The One and Areta, though they themselves as Adam and Eve knew not the fullness of God’s intent concerning this world whereon you stand; yet being themselves, in the doing of godly things, filled with hope and joyful expectations.

3  But in going forth unto the earth did there rise against them the workings of Shaemdiel and Jehovah-Yahweh; for although the very Enoshahim did with gladness receive them, to see in them Gods filled with goodness, still did Shaemdiel become himself full of loathing and dark contention.

4  To meet with Adam face to face and there most hotly argue, claiming for himself the world of man whereby he might work dispensations of his own despite the Gods of Heaven; being himself most constant bitter and filled with deep resentments while Adam did most calmly reason perchance to redeem a fallen brother.

5  Yet day by day, through the passing of the seasons did the Enoshahim grow more and more to prefer the teachings of Adam and Eve, to leave behind the dictates and rulings of Shaemdiel; preferring for themselves the grace and beauty of enlightenment, finding therein a future bright and wondrous.

6  For Adam and Eve proved gentle and filled with goodness, possessing in their likeness bodies of flesh and bone, being themselves content to live among the Enoshahim whereby they might reveal to the Enoshahim the goodness of the Enoshahim; adding to their customs a new and higher knowledge filled with subtle wisdom.

7  While yet in Shaemdiel was there felt the spirit of condescension and subtle arrogance, being himself but disembodied spirit filled with great demands, reproaching always the Enoshahim for all their many failings; yet in Adam and Eve was there felt a kind acceptance filled with warmth and kind regard.

8  Thus did Shaemdiel withdraw from the affairs of men whereby he might plot against Adam and Eve, to make their life a drudgery filled with hurt and constant disappointment; being himself intent in frustrating the designs of God causing that Heaven itself should call surcease and return themselves from whence they came;

9  Leaving to Shaemdiel this world of the First Power, to make him lord and master in directing and guiding the very Enoshahim whereby he might continue in working dispensations of his own design; having himself, through cunning contraventions, expelled the very Adaam.

10  And not with this alone did Adam and Eve have to deal, for Jehovah-Yahweh did often confront Adam, being himself outraged that there should come to earth a new and higher form of man; being himself unfearful and unimpressed by the powers of the Demiurge.

11  For this cause did Yaldabaoth seek to give forth counsel, first to Shaemdiel regarding the dispensations of God, and then again to fierce Jehovah; giving to him a deep and secret counsel concerning such confrontations as would arise between the Fallen and the Adaam.

12  For Yaldabaoth did begin at last to move, to march against the Heavens, seeing in Shaemdiel an opportunity to hold at bay the very Adaam, perchance to distract them from knowing his designs; causing that Adam and Eve should prove unable to warn the Heavens of his approach, or go themselves to give assistance.

13  Thus did Yaldabaoth think it prudent that Shaemdiel should exhaust himself in contending with the dispensations of God, to weary his soul in matching move for move and countermove with countermove, even till he should prove himself frustrated and eager for deliverance.

14  And in the moment of his despair, even then would Yaldabaoth assault the very Heavens, to draw away from the earth this Adam and Eve and all their kind, perhaps to go themselves and stand beside the celestial hosts and there engage in struggle; when Darkness and Light should fierce collide upon the fields of battle.

15  And seeing at last that the Adaam had been drawn away from the world of man, to go themselves to defend the very Heavens, then would Shaemdiel prove relieved, becoming himself indebted to Yaldabaoth in the working of his will.

16  Now in the regions of the Void did Yaldabaoth create weapons of war for all his mighty hosts, each army being armed and fiercely trained; for each Doud did Yaldabaoth arm with spear and sword, made of darkest matter, which weapons could pierce at once the twelve dimensions of Heaven, to cast into oblivion the one who should be pierced.

17  And Yaldabaoth fiercely ordered the training of the hosts, each army compelled to practice in tactics and maneuvers, even till the hosts of Darkness did move as one together; each moving in support to form some great design which would sweep away into oblivion the forces of Light arrayed against them.

18  To prove at last, through darkest strategies, the victors over God; having cast into most glooming shadows the light and joy of Heaven, to crush at last the very One from whom the Heavens sprang, enthroning within the realms of God this Yaldabaoth who darkly rules.

19  So began the path to war where Light and Darkness meet, for on the world of man did Shaemdiel set forth his hand to trouble Adam and Eve, to weigh them down in sorrow; having called out from among his own, another of the Fallen who would foreshadow his dark design.

20  For there was numbered among the Fallen the eldest son of Shaemdiel who in former days of light and glory did hold the keys of mystery; and even this one did Shaemdiel call forth to be the son of Adam and Eve, even Cain who through an act of dreadful violence would start the war in Heaven.

21  Knowing himself that in the doing might distress and grief press hard against the very Adaam, to spring up within their midst; for Cain did afflict the heart of Adam and Eve, perceiving their instructions through a wounded, hurtful pride.

22  For Cain did bear in his soul the resentments of his father Shaemdiel against Michael his brother; though Cain of himself knew not from whence his anger came; neither could he justify the thought behind his actions, becoming to Adam and Eve a dark and brooding son filled with constant mischief.

23  Thus when Cain killed his brother Abel, to murder the light of God because of bitter envy, even then did Shaemdiel rejoice to see so great a hurt; believing himself that before so great a sorrow would Adam and Even relent and return beyond the stars.

24  For even in the Heavens did the Elohim cry with great dismay, for there came before the Elohim even Mahaleenah, bearing in herself the dark and hurtful news; and seeing for herself the Heavens weeping, she went privately unto Ahman and Galendriel, saying:

25  “Come dear friends and do not fear, for even though that yonder world should prove hard and filled with evil, still are the dispensations of God able to achieve a fullness of your desire, to achieve in completeness the sum of God’s intent.

26  For there is one who will not break or yield to dark despair, having himself endured the endless depths of the dark and great Abyss, proving himself in every trial as one unconquerable, relentless and true before the Lord of Chaos and the Eidos which did afflict; possessing in himself a faith far beyond the touch of evil.

27  Why then should you weep and feel yourselves perplexed by so dark a hurtful thing? For if you should appeal to Azraella, even he would come and give support, whereby you might prove empowered against the darkest of designs; securing for yourselves the great assurance that you will never fail, but rise instead upon the wings of victory and success.

28  For even as my Father did defend the Heavens against the ragings of Yaldabaoth, which defense you yourselves bore witness, even in like manner would Azraella Ahgendai defend the dispensations of your realm, to go himself to yonder world to counsel and to guide.

29  So prove resolved and go you forth to seek my Father’s counsel, for as your ally he will prove a good and noble friend, to give you aid in all you do upon that yonder world; to go before you in the dark and turn the course of chaos.”

30  And hearing the words of Mahaleenah both Ahman and Galendriel did see a way which they might go, knowing themselves that in Azraella the dispensations would prove secure; to work upon the world of man the will of all the Gods; to prove themselves most firmly fixed in facing every evil.

31  Being resolved therefore and filled with great assurance, Ahman did go forth to speak unto the council, even all the Elohim together, to speak into their hearts words of confidence and hope; revealing to them the words of The One which came through Mahaleenah.

32  Thus before the hosts of Heaven did Ahman put forth the petition of the Elohim, beseeching that The One should give as reinforcement even this Azraella Ahgendai, which by himself withstood the darkness of the great Abyss, to shine most brightly forth.

33  Which petition The One did quickly grant, causing that the whole of Jeruel should go forth unto the very gates of the Keep, having themselves been led by Mahaleenah to the regions of Endahu Segoiya, beyond the Mullakai.

34  And there stood before the gates thereof two full companies of the greater Seraphim dressed for war and fiercely eager, holding each in their right hand a sword of flaming fire, and on their left arm did they bear a shield of curious design.

35  And Ahman drawing near to the very threshold of the Keep, did speak out in a loud and piercing voice, saying: “Azraella Ahgendai, come you forth unto us; for all the Heavens have need of you. Come forth great Ahgendai and help us.”

36  And from out of the depths of the Keep was there heard a great and mighty stirring, like the rumbling sound of distant thunder piercing deeply through the Tael, and there did move unto the very gates a greatly shining light which made the Heavens still and filled with expectation.

37  Then did the mighty Seraphim slightly tremble and before the light give way, for around the light was there assembled a phalanx of the Oggaliaphim, which creatures the Elohim had never seen before, neither could they imagine so strange a dreadful power.

38  For the Oggaliaphim were like pillars of living fire, emitting from their very presence tongues of colored flame, like ribbons of red and green and sparkling blue fiercely flashing, quick entwining in a wildly fevered dance;

39  Being themselves most deeply loyal to the God which brought them forth; conveying to all a dreadful might far beyond the darkest power, being themselves most strangely rare and clothed in fiery beauty.

40  And from out of the light did there step forth the very Azraella, and with a slight command did the Oggaliaphim retire and quietly yield the field; and there went out from among the Elohim even Mahaleenah to stand beside her Father, to greet him with a kiss.

41  Then did the Azraella speak saying:
“What need, fair Ahman, have you of me?
For even now the Darkness gathers
in a place made far away,
to shake with fierceness
the realms of Heaven
and cast us in dismay.”

42  Then did Ahman relate to Azraella the murder of Abel in the world of the First Power, which thing had caused in Heaven a deeply hurtful sorrow; for throughout the eternities had no member of the Adaam thought to do evil against their brethren in working the dispensations of Hodos Alea.

43  And when he was concluded, the Elohim did petition that the Azraella lend to them a portion of his strength and wisdom in the working of dispensations upon this world so far away; lest the dispensations fail beneath the weight of many evils which altogether did press hard against the dreams of God.

44  Thus did the Azraella feel in his heart a tenderness for even all the Elohim, feeling in his soul the depths of all their sorrow; and together did he and Mahaleenah consent to go unto Jeruel, and there between the great temples of Salem construct a covenant of adoption whereby both Azraella and his daughter should be made partakers in all their many doings.

45  Agreeing midst great solemnity to take upon himself the dispensations of Elohim, stating before their most holy assemblies that even he would set forth his hand to steady that which seemed uncertain; to lift from shadow and obscurity the designs of Hodos Alea, holding up for all to see the light of God brightly shining.

46  Now in the world of First Man did Adam and Eve continue daily in working among the Enoshahim; being intent on teaching unto them every good and needful thing whereby they might fill their minds with a desire for God and sacred things, being most intent on setting before them an example worthy of emulation.

47  And on a certain day did Adam and Eve converse among themselves beside the waters of Shem Torath regarding the coming still of another war in Heaven; for it was revealed to them through the Tael concerning the adoption of the Azraella and his Daughter into the Councils of the Elohim, and of Yaldabaoth’s design to march against the realms of Light.

48  Which thing caused that Adam and Eve should decide themselves what course to take regarding the war to come. And Adam spoke to Eve, saying: “Consider my Love, how the Darkness gathers to march against the Heavens, and all the realms of Light together assemble to meet the Lord of Chaos.

49  Being themselves counseled by the Azraella concerning now what they should do in preserving well the celestial glory, while even now the Ahgendai do assemble the sum of all their powers to meet the fearsome hosts of doom, advancing beyond Olaha Shinehah to await the coming storm which soon will break upon us.

50  Tearing fierce with violent hands
to corrupt what now is holy,
seeking with most hurtful glee,
to find some dread advantage
whereby Yaldabaoth might prove the victor,
and all the Gods in shadows cast,
to rise again no more;
to become themselves a fading echo
of things once good and pure.


51  Yet against the dark and dread intent
stands the Father and his Daughter,
marshalling before the realms of Heaven
the weight of all their power;
to stand most boldly before the flood,
to turn aside Lord Doom
through fierce and cunning battle.


52  That by so good a noble effort,
the Heavens prove reborn,
to stand as new and brightly shining,
filled with new creation,
to sing hosanna through the realms
and filled with Maranatha,
sparkling glowing celestial light
to be forever holy.


53  But first the war filled with strife,
filled with desperation,
light and darkness fierce entwine
within the frightful fray,
each determined, each intent,
to snatch away the other’s hope
and win the dreadful day,
to see which crown in Heaven rules
and change the sweet forever.


54  So let us here prove always constant
and hold this world for God,
and keep in place the very Fallen
lest they themselves should rush,
and in the Heavens far away
side with utter darkness,
to cast themselves in deeper shadows,
beyond the reach of God.”


55  These are the words which Adam spoke
to his one and only Love,
and with consent they both resolved
to stay a steady course,
to work and strive with noble zeal,
to lay the dispensation
upon the world of man.


56  But in the Heavens far away
stood the Father and his Daughter,
and in the realms of purest light
there came a sudden hush,
for in the distance far away
trickling through the Tael,
came the sound of evil pressing,
quietly shifting through dimensions
to find the realms of God.


57  Like shadows swiftly rushing,
they quickly overwhelmed,
each dimension sighing, shuddering
beneath the weight of doom;
yielding, falling, quiet collapsing
before the Lord of Doom.


58  Quietly stood the Azraella,
calmly cool and fair;
mighty legions stood behind him
their banners in the air,
while all the Heavens held their breath
to see the trysting day,
when Light and Darkness had to meet
within the deadly fray.