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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

Jehovah recoils in the presence of Mahaleenah – Mahaleenah subdues the whirlwinds and lightning – Jehovah fumes and seeks to find a weakness – Recalling a past defeat: memories of Sophiel – A woman calm and fearless – Jehovah makes one last attempt at gaining an advantage – Exasperated, Jehovah leaves with a threat – Daughters of Shaemdiel rejoice – Mahaleenah’s silent reverie – A battle soon to come – Daughters reveal the intentions of their father Shaemdiel – The Council of Elohim gathers – Determining those few who will initiate the first dispensation – Only the strongest and most worthy – Adam and Eve to unknowingly trigger the war in Heaven – The Supreme Quorum observes and ponders – Areta: “The stage is set and all the actors ready”


1  And in the seeing of Mahaleenah did Jehovah fierce recoil, glaring through most baleful eyes upon the Daughter of Azraella; perceiving in her countenance an adversary of great resolve standing implacably upon the shore; presenting in her graceful form a warrior of light intent on giving battle.

2  Greatly rose the darkened form, Jehovah rising upward; spilling from his glooming cloud bolts of lightning which crackled and boomed over the waters of the deep; and there danced and coiled and violently twisted a great many whirlwinds which moved against the Daughter.

3  But against these did Mahaleenah simply speak, and in an instant did the whirlwinds turn against each other, to become themselves entangled and quick subsided; and again did the Daughter speak and there leaped forth from out of her form a flash of brilliant light which swallowed up the lightning;

4  Causing that there should fall upon the lands round about a great calm filled with silence, which thing did fill the daughters of Shaemdiel with great hope filled with wonder; and again Mahaleenah spoke to Jehovah but one word only, saying: “Go!”

5  And there erupted out of Jehovah a dreadful hissing sound, being himself reminded of that occasion when he sought to war against a woman of light, even Sophiel; in which confrontation he proved unable to frighten or subdue her, neither could he by any means sweep aside her powers.

6  Thus in the seeing of Mahaleenah dressed for battle, and in witnessing for himself the power of her word, he sought to find in her that one weakness which he might exploit to his advantage whereby he might subdue her before the daughters of Shaemdiel.

7  Prompting that Jehovah should hover above the waters of the sea, pondering to himself midst deep consternations; and at last he spoke, saying: “I am Jehovah, even the god of all creation. Who are you that you should intrude upon me, to insert yourself between the creator and his creation?”

8  Yet in the hearing did the Daughter of the Azraella answer not a word, but stood herself as still as stone; and there gathered close behind her even all the daughters of Shaemdiel, to give to her some good support in facing down the Demiurge which like a dark and threatening cloud did hover above the waters of the sea.

9  And again Jehovah spoke with harshly bitter tones, saying: “Will you think to rebuff me with silence only? What will you say of yourself? Speak, for I command you: What madness compels you to stand alone against me, seeing that I have power enough to crush you?”

10  But still would Mahaleenah not answer him and stepping forth she did strike her sword against her shield, and again she spoke but one word only, saying: “Go!” And there fell upon the land a great hush filled with expectations.

11  Pondered greatly Jehovah-Yahweh,
his rage he fierce restrained,
gazing deep upon the woman,
he wondered what might be gained.


12  Memories flashed within his mind,
of conflict once forgot,
darkly stirring recollections,
when once before he fought.


13  Beside the waters of Oberon
near the sea of Tibereen,
a woman dressed in sparkling light,
her powers unforeseen.


14  Sophiel the beautiful,
Sophiel the wise,
standing quietly calmly musing
beneath the bluing skies.


15  How fiercely burned the memory
when once so long ago,
a woman standing all alone
had proved his greatest foe.


16  Fiercely glared the dark Jehovah
upon the shore ahead,
where stood another woman
which filled his mind with dread.


17  Unlike the daughters
which stood around her,
she filled the air with power,
dressed in light most brightly shining
she seized the very hour.


18  The woman stood with sword and shield,
a woman calm and fearless
standing quietly by the sea,
a warrior brave and peerless.


19  Gazing straight into his eyes,
her posture made him shudder,
hidden powers seemed to glow
and set his soul aflutter.


20  Fierce resolve and grim intent
she stared Jehovah down,
daring the Demiurge to make a move,
her glory was like a crown.


21  Pondered, pondered dread Jehovah,
within – the memories seared,
when once before he fought and lost,
and this he greatly feared.


22  Too much to lose at last he thought,
too little to be gained,
he would not risk another loss,
yet advantage could be feigned.


23  And so Jehovah-Yahweh did gather the sum of all his might, which like a dark and billowing cloud did swallow up the airs above the sea; and in a deep and rumbling voice he spoke at last to Mahaleenah, saying:

24  “Woman of light, most pale and thin,
how weak you seem to me,
standing there upon the shore,
before the troubled sea;


25  What silly pride would have you make
so dread a foolish stance,
when I alone with fearsome might
could crush you with a glance?


26  So stand you down and fast repent,
and I will quick forgive,
speak to me a humble word
and I will let you live.


27  Lay aside your shield and sword,
and let us find agreement,
for hurt and death in war are found,
while safety is in appeasement.


28  Behold again my fearsome might
consider the daughters round you:
why endanger the ones you love
and have them suffer too?”


29  Thus spoke the Demiurge and in the hearing did Mahaleenah continue as before, to stand in silence upon the shore, causing that Jehovah should grow weary and filled with exasperation; and slowly did the darkness begin to fade itself away, permitting again the sun to shine, to cast its light as diamonds upon the sea.

30  But in the leaving did Jehovah rumble forth a great forewarning, speaking into the airs, saying: “Prepare well yourself, O silent woman, for we again shall surely meet; and in the meeting bring forth war.

31  In that day shall you quickly speak, to plead mercy from my hand; and in that day will I not hear you, but shall instead consume you in the midst of all my indignation; for there shall be for you no place of safety or of refuge, but despair and death only. Prepare. Prepare. For we again shall meet and in the fray reveal at last, which of us is greater.”

32  And when he was gone away, the daughters of Shaemdiel did quick rejoice, to sing and dance beside the waters of the sea, and Mahaleenah to herself did smile, for she had faced alone the dread Jehovah, causing that he should retreat until some other day.

33  But in the quietness of her mind did Mahaleenah speak against Jehovah, saying:

“In God alone I fully trust,
in God my soul doth rest
so strike most hard with all your might,
and do your fearsome best.

34  Let Heaven judge between the two,
let light or darkness prove,
which is stronger and made most worthy,
and round the Heavens move.


35  For here upon the world of man,
beyond the darkest night,
I stood alone against your wrath,
against your fearsome might.


36  So do your worst and hold not back,
and of my strength take measure,
for I would prove my great resolve,
and this shall be my treasure.


37  To reveal in me my Father’s strength,
that I can conquer all,
for in my soul I am determined,
that I shall never fall.


38  So strike most hard, let fly your rage,
for I shall never yield,
but shall instead hold on to God,
and he shall be my shield.


39  For here upon the golden shore,
beside the sparkling water,
I proved at last for all to see:
I am my Father’s Daughter.


40  So come again most feared Jehovah,
quick – come without delay,
and I will prove the strength of God
when meeting in the fray.


41  War and battle within me stir
like fire within the blood,
the realms of Heaven I will defend
against the darkest flood.


42  Do not delay O darksome prince,
but come and face this Daughter,
and I shall prove that right is might
and work a fearsome slaughter.”


43  Such were the words which Mahaleenah spoke within the quietness of her mind while gazing deep into the great eternal, to see revealed before her eyes a war that was soon to come; which war would shake the whole of Heaven.

44  Now when the daughters of Shaemdiel had finished singing and dancing, they gathered quick around Mahaleenah to wake her from her reverie; giving to her even all their gratitude in being delivered from the dreadful presence of Jehovah-Yahweh.

45  And by and by they did speak to her of all those things which they had observed in the world of the First Power; revealing to Mahaleenah the designs and intentions of Shaemdiel their Father, and how he was determined to work dispensations of his own devising whereby he might prove the rightness of the Law of Immediate Recompense.

46  But in the regions of the Koliahmas, in the Heavens far beyond did Areta cause that The One and the Azraella should observe even all these things; and again did Areta speak, saying: “Behold.” And with the wave of her hand did they see the coming together of the Council of Elohim within the city of Salem of Merigoth.

47  For there gathered in solemn assembly even all the Elohim at once together, each according to their quorum, each within their House; and between the great temples, upon a sea of blue sapphire did they array themselves for counsel.

48  And there was it appointed by Ahman and Galendriel that Michael and Sher-el should go themselves to the world of the First Power, and there begin the dispensations of God, for they desired to bring about the designs of Areta and The One; being hopeful themselves that in the doing they might reclaim the very Fallen, to bring them home again.

49  Yet in only the beginning of the first dispensation was there appointed those few which would enter into the world of the First Power, for even this world did the Azraella claim for himself and his posterity, forever and anon.

50  Stating before the Elohim that in attaining for themselves some greater glory was there a criteria given, which criteria would reveal itself in a war still yet to come; but which in the present, such criteria would safe reside in the mind of Azraella.

51  For in setting forth that certain standard was it permitted that only the strongest and most worthy of the Elohim should go to the world of the First Power; for in this world so far away was there an evil far greater than any before endured in the living of a mortal life.

52  Thus was it appointed that even those few who would begin the first dispensation, even these must prove themselves as worthy if they would return to the world of the First Power; to be born again and again, whereby they might strive to attain for themselves the greatest glory of all.

53  Now in the first war of Heaven did Michael and Sher-el prove themselves most valiant in withstanding Shaemdiel who would take by force the Hodos Alea and the very Keep besides; causing that Michael and Sher-el should be appointed to initiate the dispensations of God.

54  But if they would continue in the world of the First Power, to move throughout the dispensations, then must they also meet the criteria which the Azraella had established; not knowing beforehand the standard to be met, causing that they should trust in faith and hope together, committing themselves to the will of God till the day of testing come.

55  Now in going to the world of the First Power would Adam and Eve prove the trigger which would set in motion most dire events, though they themselves did not know it, neither did the Elohim possess forewarning; for even all were made most eager and filled with joy in establishing the dispensations of Hodos Alea.

56  So was it appointed by the Elohim that Michael and Sher-el should go to the world so far beyond, which very world was uncreated by God; having likewise appointed six others which would head dispensations of their own, having proven themselves worthy of every honor, even as Michael and Sher-el.

57  And among the Elohim was there great solemnity, each knowing for themselves such rigors and challenges as laid in wait to meet them, for even all the Gods and Goddesses were deep forewarned that on the world of the First Power was there an evil far greater than they had ever known.

58  Thus did The One and his son, the Azraella, behold the great commemorations of the Elohim regarding the beginning of the dispensations of God.

59  For in the regions of the Koliahmas did the Supreme Quorum of Heaven gaze midst thoughtful ponderings, being themselves both anxious and apprehensive regarding such events as soon must come to pass; causing that each and several scene should act and re-act against another, yet all for the good of all, to bring about the designs of God.

60  Yet again did the Supreme Mother wave her hand before the grand etherium of Koliahmas, saying: “Behold.” And immediately did they bear witness of Yaldabaoth and all his mighty hosts filled with armies dressed for war, being themselves most eager to move against the Heavens whereby they might put out forever, the light which shined so brightly from afar.

61  And still in another instant did they behold yet another scene which sparkled like the morning dew, for even Shaemdiel had gathered again even all the Fallen and did reveal to them all his hopes and dreams for creating dispensations of their own; which thing caused a great rejoicing filled with “Hallelujah” and “Maranatha – amen!”

62  For even the Fallen did know that the world whereon they dwelt was unmade by God; having themselves laid claim upon it whereby they might prove the worthiness of Shaemdiel their Father.

63  Believing as they might that in the working of their dispensations might they reclaim the glory which now seemed lost, to reside as victors within the Heavens, having put to shame the very Elohim which once had cast them out.

64  Then did Areta speak at last, saying: “Consider how that even now the stage is set and all the actors ready to perform their several parts; being themselves uncompelled by us to act against their interest, but shall choose themselves the way which they would go.

65  And each, as sovereign, shall write their part while we ourselves observe; being careful ourselves to not intrude, except to set aright the holy; to place within the midst of turmoil that light which in the darkness shines, giving hope to all who choose to follow.

66  Let us now begin and be ourselves committed, directing through those who choose to follow, the way to greater glory.” Thus spoke the Supreme Mother of all the Gods of Heaven; and The One and the Azraella spoke together, saying: “We will begin.”