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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 6

“I am The One, everlasting of everlasting” – Azrael appointed and foreordained – In likeness of The One: God on earth – The sacred three of Kai – The Azraella reveals his observations of the world of the First Power – The One responds: “I would hide in obscurity the shadow of my likeness” – A synthesis of the beginning and the ending – The three commissions of the Azraella – The fearsome will of Azraella – Shaemdiel’s Law of Immediate Recompense unable to fashion soul – The Darkness to attack with the going forth of Adam and Eve – The daughters of Shaemdiel gather – God and Azraella observe through powers of the Tael – Jehovah-Yahweh surrounds the daughters – Daughters of Shaemdiel rebuke Jehovah – Mahaleenah appears, dressed for battle


1  I am The One, everlasting of everlasting, dwelling beyond the great forever, beyond the sea of time; being in my heart and mind and soul the Father of all Fathers, filled with hope and endless love for all my many children;

2  Striving through most careful plannings to save the world of man, creating from eternal mind the algorithms of endless progression; possessing in myself the dream beyond all dreaming, dressed in light and glory, boundless, infinite, even the great eternal always.

3  For this cause would I lay before your eyes a mystery and wonder, which mystery even I would reveal through the writings of my son, even this Azrael who for a season shall walk before you; being himself appointed to withstand the mighty Demiurge, whereby you might at last be free.

4  Be you therefore wise and prove yourself as worthy, for all which I speak have I foreordained for your good; that you may see with knowing eyes this Azrael who walks before you; to see in him a good and kindly Father who would stand as your protector in the midst of every storm.

5  Being himself as fire and thunder within the dreadful fray, yet within the heart most filled with love graced by true devotion; seeking for himself to be a light in a world made dark and fearful, to hold at bay through fierce resolve such shadows as would seize your mind to fill you up with dread.

6  For this my son was foreordained to be a dreadful Savior, yet in himself is he made the shadow of my likeness, possessing in himself even all my heart and mind and soul; to prove himself before your eyes as God on earth, to be himself a man; having taken upon himself the frailties of mortal life, and this without complaint.

7  Come now and quick attend and I will tell the story, opening up before your eyes the history of secret turnings; for this my son did greatly journey, to see for himself the world of this First Power; bearing witness concerning the doings of the Demiurge and the workings of the Fallen.

8  And so the Azraella returned to God, to stand before The One and Areta together, while the Mahaleenah remained upon the world of the First Power; to witness further the doings of Jehovah-Yahweh and Shaemdiel in their dealings with the tribes of man; to prove herself a witness in the moving of events.

9  Now in the regions of the Koliahmas did there gather within the highest of Heaven’s quorums, the sacred three of Kai, being in their persons The One and Areta bound in love and light forever; and before their brightness stood the Azraella dressed for battles yet to come.

10  Causing that the Mother should speak to her son with great tenderness, saying: “Tell us, son, concerning all those things which you have seen in the world of our beginning. How stands the dread Yaldabaoth in the regions of the Void? How fares the fallen son of light upon the world of man?”

11  Then did the Azraella speak of all which he heard and saw: revealing to his Parents the massing together of great and hateful armies ready for war and eager for battle; possessing in their numbers ten armies with each commanded by a dark and terrible lord who stood in the likeness and power of Jehovah-Yahweh.

12  And to this did the Azraella make known of Shaemdiel’s design for initiating dispensations of his own upon the world so far away; being eager to uplift the house of man whereby he might prove the rightness of the Law of Immediate Recompense.

13  Which intent, when put in practice, did enrage the vile Jehovah, prompting that he should attack the very Fallen; seeking through most violent ravings to subdue the son of light, and of Shaemdiel’s quick response; causing that there should erupt between the army of Jehovah and a host of shining angels a brutal battle which did arouse the fierce Yaldabaoth.

14  Causing that the Chief Demiurgos should enforce a bitter truce between the fierce combatants. And having ensured the ending of hostilities, Yaldabaoth did plot secretly with Shaemdiel regarding the seed of God’s beginning.

15  Permitting that Yaldabaoth might seduce through threat and favor the man called Kronus when he should come forth again to dwell upon the world of First Man; to become himself deceived into believing that Yaldabaoth alone was god and that apart from him there was no other.

16  Causing that the very foundation of God and Heaven should become themselves endangered, to vanish little by little through the turning aside of Kronus; even until the very Heavens should vanish into mists as though they never were; to cast into gray oblivion the light and glory of every God and Goddess.

17  Yet within the heart did Shaemdiel but false agree, causing that Yaldabaoth should be himself convinced that Shaemdiel was an ally; while in the heart Shaemdiel did conceive his own design upon the seed of God, to place in debt to all the Fallen, the man who once was Kronus.

18  Thus reported the Azraella and when he had finished speaking there fell a thoughtful silence, even until there spoke at last the God above all others; for The One answered, saying:

19  “Let us move with thoughtful measure and counter their intent; for behind all designs and every plan there stands another waiting, creating between the Demiurge and ourselves both move and countermove, as in the game of chess.

20  Attend now, my son, and hear with eager heart; for even I would hide in obscurity the shadow of my likeness, concealing before the eyes of all the man who once was Kronus; causing that in every earthly similitude he might appear as other men, presenting in both form and manner an image both plain and common.

21  Yet even in this mystery would I hide still another far more subtle, for even though the second image of Kronus prove perfect in its reflection of the first, still within the likeness will I place a power far greater than that of the Demiurge and the Fallen together.

22  This then shall I conceal within the shadow of my likeness, even till I shall call it forth to battle; causing that in the moment of its full maturity the very Heavens shall quick descend to awaken the power beyond all power, whereby the designs of the Demiurge and the Fallen shall prove of no effect.

23  Know then, my Azraella, that in the shadow of my likeness shall I cause you to dwell, to send into the world of my beginning the height and depth and breadth of all your spirit and soul together; to hide in common sight that Dread Savior which would set aside the hurt of ages past, to become yourself a brightly shining light.

24  Possessing within such mortal frame even all the knowledge, memory and training of that Kronus which first strode upon the world of First Man; containing within your likeness a synthesis of the beginning and the ending; holding deep within your mystery the birth and fullness of all things eternal, divine and glorious, even worlds without end.

25  This then prove the first commission which I would place before you, being hopeful that you might undo such harm as the Demiurge would seek to do against this Kronus which must walk again through the affairs of mortal men; causing that you should cast aside the traditions of ages past; and this for the sake of such dispensations as the Elohim would even now establish upon the world of the First Power.

26  And yet to this commission would I add a second, for it is expedient that you should defend the children of God against the very Demiurge which seek to harshly rule over the house of all mankind; for in you shall I place the light of liberty and joy whereby you might set free even all those who would believe in you; to cast away with firm resolve such hurtful fears as this Jehovah would place upon them.

27  For faith and reason shall prove to you as a shield and sword, to set at naught such arguments as the servants of the Demiurge should bring against you; causing that even they shall come to fear the light in which you glow, lest they become exposed for all to see; being themselves pretentious and filled with superstitions, as though they were but children.

28  And if it so be that the children of darkness should curse and gnash their teeth against you, even this shall prove of no avail; for their protestations shall I turn for your good; causing that the very words they speak should become as a greatly sounding alarm which would awaken the children of God; to revive in them the seed of curiosity whereby they might more easily find you.

29  Let then the Demiurge plot and scheme midst boastful prattlings, for even we shall match them move for move, to see in all their subtle maneuverings an advantage for ourselves, whereby we might fulfill the depths of our designs; being ourselves most ever confident that love and goodness shall always triumph.

30  In this, my son, let us be most resolved to prove ourselves tenacious; never letting go the goodness of our intent: to set at liberty even all the children of God who would covenant to dwell upon that world so far away where the Demiurge seek to rule; making room within their heart a place where God might dwell.

31  For in such liberty as you would proffer is the spirit set free of such bondage as others would seek to foist upon the children of God; opening up before their eyes the far horizons of countless dreams filled with great reward; being themselves boundless and without limitations; to become themselves citizens of a far more newer glory filled with exaltation.

32  This then are you appointed to do, to defend before Jehovah even all the house of man, whereby they might be free at last to find the God within them; and in the finding become themselves renewed; opening up before their eyes the true reality of all things spiritual and divine.

33  But not this only, for even now would I place before you still another grand commission; for in truth are you made the Dread Savior before whom all darkness must yield and vanish itself away, revealing in its place the light which shines from afar, being itself in the light, the love and grace of God and Heaven forever.

34  Let us therefore frustrate further the dread Yaldabaoth, to take from his grasp the very Fallen which once did dwell in Heaven, for even Shaemdiel would I set free of all his sin, to release him from the darkness which he himself created through an overzealous pride filled with a hurtful ego.

35  Thus shall you place before him the path which leads to repentance and sure redemption; which path even you must devise through deep and subtle movings, weaving through the events of ages yet to come that path which would bring him quick before you, whereby you might heal him of all his hurt and anger.

36  These then be the three commissions which I would place before you, knowing already that in your accepting even then shall each be accomplished; for in the cosmos of the First Creation is there no power which can turn aside the great resolve of Azraella;

37  Being in your nature as one made relentless, indomitable and overwhelming in your pursuit of such goals as I have placed before you; becoming yourself even as a flood of many waters which would sweep away such barriers as would hinder others.

38  For in you is opposition made a passing thing, which opposition though it should rise up fierce against you, even these do wilt and falter when brought before the fearsome will of Azraella; seeing in you a power which would change the course of chaos, to bring it into order; removing from the minds of men the darkness of confusion.

39  For in the grip of deep confusion is darkness made to prosper, placing within the heart of those who fear a great many apprehensions; permitting that many should submit before the very Demiurge, to see in him a god which must be feared and quick obeyed lest they perish midst endless torment.

40  Receive therefore such commissions as I would place before you, for through all your many efforts would I bring to pass the fullness of my intent upon the world of my beginning, and in the doing preserve even all the children of God who would seek to labor in the fields of promise; being hopeful themselves in achieving a far more greater glory.

41  Yet upon all these things must I forewarn you, for you know already that Shaemdiel seeks to work dispensations of his own devising upon the world of my beginning, perchance to prove the rightness of his claims against the very Elohim, which thing I cannot permit.

42  For in Shaemdiel’s Law of Immediate Recompense would First Man prove unable to fashion the essence of immortal soul; for in the absence of free agency are hate and ignorance made to rule in the hearts of men; forcing upon the mind the illusion of goodness born of fear.

43  Thus in the going forth of the Adaam shall Shaemdiel prove ill displeased and frustrated, causing that he should seek revenge whereby he might force away the very Elohim; causing that they should abandon the world of the First Power, to give it to the Fallen.

44  Know then my son that in the going forth of Adam and Eve shall the very Demiurge seek a great advantage, causing that they should attack in force the many realms of Heaven; believing as they might that in their numbers is there power enough to breach the realms of glory, to cast us into ruin.

45  Yet for all the forces arrayed against us, despite the vastness of their numbers and the fierce resolve of all the Demiurge, still shall we endure and in our glory continue on; reaching out and ever seeking to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”

46  Such were the words which The One spoke to Azraella, and in their counsel did all agree to prove united in bringing to pass such commissions as God had placed on Azraella; whereby all who conspired against the great eternal might find themselves unable to achieve.

47  Now in the world of the First Power did the daughters of Shaemdiel gather quietly by the sea, which sea the rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates did flow into; for the daughters of Shaemdiel sought to find some means by which they might aid in the redemption of their Father.

48  But in the regions of the Koliahmas did Areta perceive the gathering of a darkly fearsome storm; for as the daughters of Shaemdiel began to counsel, there gathered up around them the dark billowing presence of Jehovah-Yahweh; yet within the veil of deep dimensions watched the Daughter, Mahaleenah.

49  And Areta, turning to her Beloved and the son Azraella, did speak but one word only, saying: “Behold.” And with the wave of her hand did events most far away reveal themselves before the eyes; and in the seeing were The One and Azraella made to stand themselves as witnesses to the moving of events.

50  For it was through the mystery of the Tael that they beheld the daughters of Shaemdiel conversing deeply among themselves concerning the doings of their Father, while rising up around them there billowed forth the dreadful presence of Jehovah-Yahweh which like a cloud did boil up from out of the very sea; to swallow up in darkness the sun which brightly shined.

51  And so there fell upon the daughters of Shaemdiel the shadow of the Demiurge, and there swept across the land the breath of vile Jehovah, filling up the lands round about with a foul and odious stench; and out from the cloud of darkness blew a cold and chilling wind.

52  And the daughters did turn themselves to see the irksome presence of the Demiurge, proving in their silence a great disdain which matched with Jehovah coldness for coldness; to brace themselves with a calmness which hid the greatness of their fear; for in the presence of Jehovah did they appear alone and vulnerable.

53  For in being numbered among the Fallen could they not call upon the powers of the Tael, lest they reveal to Shaemdiel their alliance with the Elohim; causing that the daughters should refrain, in the face of evil, from exercising such powers as they did conceal among themselves.

54  Now there spoke out from the seething cloud of fire and darkness the rumbling voice of chaos, saying: “Kneel and worship me, for I alone am god and beside me there is no other. Kneel and give me reverence lest I consume you in my wrath.”

55  But there stepped out from among the daughters gathered, one who spoke for all, saying: “We will not kneel, for you are not God but a Demiurge instead. Go now and leave us, for between light and darkness there is no communion.”

56  This did Mahaleenah watch, being hidden by deep dimensions; and Jehovah in hearing the woman’s reply did speak with great contempt, saying: “Will you speak thus to me? Know you not that I can destroy you? Who will then prevent me, for you are women only and your Father is far away.”

57  And the Demiurge roared with laughter, causing that there should flash within his darkness, bolts of dreadful flame which caused the waters of the sea to boil and foam; killing within the sea a great many fishes which floated upon the waters.

58  And in the seeing of death did Jehovah roar and thunder midst dark and wicked glee, causing that the very earth should shake and tremble midst fearful quaking; and again the rumbling voice of chaos spoke, saying:

59  “Behold, a portion of my power; for I am death and fearful judgment, holding in my power the keys of hell and endless torment. Kneel therefore and give obeisance unto me; for there is no power which can by any means save you from my fury.”

60  But as he spoke, there appeared between Jehovah and the daughters of Shaemdiel a brightly piercing light; which light did cause the Demiurge to recoil as if in pain; and there stepped out from the light, the woman Mahaleenah, dressed for war and gird for battle.

61  Holding upon her left arm a shield of curious workmanship, and in her right hand did she firmly grasp a sword of dreadful power; presenting in her godly form a woman of beauty and fierce resolve; and the woman spoke unto the Demiurge but one word only, saying: “Go!”