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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 4

Ahgendai secretly observe Shaemdiel’s labors – Shaemdiel takes pity on man: begins teaching Enosh – Shaemdiel gathers his lineage and reveals plans for First Man – The dispensations of Shaemdiel – Making man good through Immediate Recompense – Separating man through knowledge – Shaemdiel forges an oracle from his children’s burdens – The Enoshahim versus the screelings – Shaemdiel teaches Enosh: a tribe is formed – The Demiurge and Shaemdiel – Shaemdiel teaches Enosh about tribal law and custom – The Law of Immediate Recompense – Enosh returns to her clan, gaining honor and respect – Enosh demonstrates the use of the atlatl and reveals the source of her knowledge – The clan marvels at Enosh’s teachings – Enosh is appointed shaman of her clan – The battle of the baboons – Enosh speaks of far horizons – Progressing from clan to tribe


1  To the world of the First Power came the very Ahgendai, both the Father and his Daughter, to see for themselves the labors of Shaemdiel and all those which followed after; to view midst calm reflections the designs of the Fallen upon the world of man, and of their relationship to the very Demiurge.

2  And hiding themselves within the folds of time, the Azraella and Mahaleenah did most quietly observe, and all which they saw did the Father write upon the pages of his mind; to be for him a record which he might always remember; that through his recollections he might establish the paths of some future redemption.

3  Now in the beginning did Jehovah-Yahweh seek to rule, proclaiming himself to be as god before the frightened clans of man; which men did tremble before the dark and billowing presence which boiled and raged before them; demanding of them a quick and servile obedience filled with many burdens.

4  For this Jehovah-Yahweh is a boastful lad, filled with great pretensions, ever grasping and filled with harsh demands; and going throughout the valley and delta of the river Nile, he did cause all men to bow before him lest he should kill them upon a whim.

5  But there followed after Jehovah-Yahweh, Shaemdiel the Fallen, and seeing for himself the plight of man he did take pity, and quietly did he go forth to succor and ennoble; and finding the woman Enosh, he began through most subtle means to uplift the heart of man;

6  Finding in the primitive clans of man the seed from which civilization might begin to grow; being enticed through utmost care to flourish and take hold upon the banks of the river Nile, giving to Shaemdiel an opportunity filled with challenge.

7  Thus did Shaemdiel seize for himself the opportunity found in the woman Enosh, becoming to her and all her clan even as a wise and caring benefactor, proving himself diligent in overseeing the passing of their days; shielding them constantly from such harm as Jehovah-Yahweh would think to heap upon them.

8  Now it came about that Shaemdiel gathered to himself even all those who followed after him, both sons and daughters, and in great earnest he spoke to them, saying: “Rejoice, my children, and despair no longer; for this day shall I place before you a good and noble purpose.

9  For now are we in a world where God is not, being itself uncreated and untouched by those who cast us out; possessing throughout its vast creations no goal or purpose other than what we ourselves should give it.

10  Let us now seize the moment before us, and with most deliberate care place upon the world of man a foundation upon which we might build something greater still; creating from out of the midst of primitive man, a race worthy of God’s attention.

11  For we shall create through slow degrees, a civilization without peer, causing that all who live within should prove themselves most holy and devout; for it is we who shall make all men good, and this through the Law of Immediate Recompense.

12  Be you therefore most fully resolved in the working of my design, for this day shall I begin the dispensations of Shaemdiel, which dispensations shall far exceed the dispensations of ages past; to prove beyond all disputation that I alone was right.

13  In that day shall the Elohim repent the evil done against us, to admit themselves before the Gods of Heaven their haste in passing judgment; causing that we should reclaim our just and former place, while the Elohim will be themselves rebuked by the Supreme and Sovereign God.

14  Why then should you fear the growlings of the Demiurge? Why then should you think yourselves unable; to act no more than passing shadows which peep and hide for fear of being seen or felt upon this world which lies beyond the reach of God?

15  Stand you forth now most bravely proud and in the heart no longer droop because of great despair, for once we stood as Lords and Gods within the realms of light; and if it so be that you should place your hand with mine, then once again the crown you’ll wear and in the Heaven’s reign.

16  Consider then how we shall prove advantaged because of our disaccommodation, for we now are spirit only, having been made separate from all celestial glory; being ourselves cast down upon this world where the Demiurge would seek to force a bitter rule upon the house of man.

17  Let us therefore counter such measures as Jehovah would seek to use, taking away from his dominion as many of the clans of man as would heed our voice instead, finding in all our doings a good and hopeful care; causing that they should reject Jehovah while yet they favor us.

18  And if it so be that the Demiurge would seek to rage against us, then shall I alone go forth to battle while yet you continue on; teaching by careful measure, such things as will benefit those who would follow after us.

19  For already have I instructed Enosh in the use and mastery of fire causing that she should be held in high regard by the people of her clan; making for us an ally in affecting the ways of man, to direct towards some greater purpose the evolution of her kind.

20  Thus by slow and sure degrees shall we create a newer house of man, placing into their hands such knowledge as will separate them from all other men; causing that there should develop between those who follow us and those who follow Jehovah a great schism, which schism we shall work to our advantage.

21  In this manner will we begin the dispensations of our own creating, being ourselves most ever wise and deeply subtle; teaching by sure degrees the things we find most helpful in lifting high the people of Enosh, causing that we should direct them to still some brighter future.

22  Let us therefore set aside our anger against God, and with eager heart pursue the course before us; to prove ourselves as most committed in the doing of some good; for hate is but a dark distraction, and bitterness a dreadful burden which would but break the mind to make the heart seem empty and filled with utter loss.

23  Come now children and place your hand in mine, for together shall we let go the burden which would but now distract; for once we were as Lords and Gods which dwelled within the light, and if we shall set our heart to doing good, then shall we some brighter purpose make.

24  Release to me your anger and give to me your hate, for of these dark and vile emotions would I an oracle fashion, to be for me a shield and weapon when fighting dread Jehovah; causing that I should prove for you a great defender against the Demiurgos.”

25  So spoke Shaemdiel, and there gathered round about him even all his sons and daughters, and upon Shaemdiel the Father did they release the burden of all their hate and anger and bitterness; causing that of these things should Shaemdiel forge an oracle which would prove for him a shield and weapon in withstanding the dreadful ragings of Jehovah-Yahweh.

26  And when all was concluded, Shaemdiel sent away even all his following to search throughout the lands of the earth; each looking for the clans of man, to find, each to themselves, that one person who would take counsel, whether man or woman.

27  And finding those who would desire to be an ally unto Shaemdiel, even unto that one would they give the name ‘Enosh’, regardless of their gender; causing that they should be set apart and made distinct above all others within their clan.

28  Thus did there begin to evolve a great division among the primitive clans of early man, causing that those who gave heed to the teachings of the spirits should be called Enoshahim, while all those who would not give heed for fear of Jehovah-Yahweh, even these became known as the ‘screelings’, being themselves wild and ignorant and filled with brutish thoughts.

29  For Shaemdiel commanded that the Enoshahim should be advanced above the other clans of man, commanding to each his sons and daughters that they teach unto the Enoshahim the mastery of fire; and to this was given the use of the atlatl, sling, boomerang and the arts of catching fish.

30  Yet even above all these things, Shaemdiel commanded that the Enoshahim be clothed in the skins of animals, that they might no longer walk naked upon the earth; causing that they should be protected from the wind and rain and bitter cold.

31  Now along the banks of the river Nile did Shaemdiel go seeking, and finding the woman Enosh, he called for her to come and follow; and together did they walk along the river’s edge; and to her did Shaemdiel teach the gathering of several clans together to bind them into one, to fashion from many a tribe which would prove more efficient in protecting and providing for all its several members.

32  For the screelings which dwelt in the lands round about did often attack the clan of Enosh, for the screelings were made bitter and filled with envy and fear against the Enoshahim; seeing in them a threat which would one day prove greater than themselves.

33  But behind the depredations of the screelings moved the shadow of Jehovah, being himself aware of the intentions of Shaemdiel and all those which followed after him; causing that the Demiurge should likewise seek to frustrate Shaemdiel in the working of his design.

34  Yet of all these things was Shaemdiel made quick aware, for often did Yaldabaoth betray the musings of his son; to use the Fallen through subtle maneuvers in keeping check the great ambitions of Jehovah-Yahweh, to retard his steps midst great aggravations.

35  Thus did Shaemdiel seek again the woman Enosh, to give to her a wise and cunning plan whereby she might be greatly honored; placing into her hand the knowledge of tribal law and custom; which very law and custom would bind the several clans, to make them one instead.

36  Building through careful measures the beginning of a complex social structure, being itself the first of many steps on the arduous road in creating civilization; promoting through the rule of law and custom the good of the tribe above the individual.

37  For in the Law of Immediate Recompense was there no room for individuality, for in the law was even all the tribe made to suffer because of the sins of one; causing that every man and every woman should think and act for the good of all, and not for themselves alone.

38  Know then that in this aspect is there a benefit found which would prove to the good of all; to create a sense of oneness in the minds of all those who would live within the larger group, to make of many, one mind, one heart, one soul; creating within the tribe a sense of harmony bound by a single purpose.

39  Yet in the darker aspect of the law is neither benefit nor reward, for in the law of Shaemdiel did he alone decide what was good and what was evil; taking away from the group and the individual the right to know these things for themselves; being themselves made subject to the rule of moral tyranny.

40  Which moral tyranny is an offense to God, being itself rooted in unrighteous dominion, suppressing through the fear of punishment, the moral conscience of every person within the larger group; to make of every man and every woman a silent partaker in the doing of dark and hurtful things.

41  Now Shaemdiel taught Enosh for thirty days, teaching to her the making and using of the atlatl and the arts of catching fish in the waters of the Nile; for the atlatl would she give as a gift of knowledge to the men of her clan, and the art of catching fish would she give to all the women.

42  And when Shaemdiel was concluded, Enosh returned again to her place, and in her returning did all the members of her clan most greatly marvel; for all had thought her dead, having herself fallen victim to the mighty beasts of prey, to become herself as food for the belly.

43  And gathering to herself the hunters of the clan, she revealed the atlatl which Shaemdiel himself had fashioned, and those which saw did wonder concerning the mystery of its use; and taking up a spear she did work the base of it, to fit it to the atlatl.

44  And seeing a tree nearby, she did cast forth the spear with great sureness; and with speed and power the spear did pierce deeply into the tree; and there was no man within her clan who could by any means remove the spear from the tree.

45  Then did the whole clan together marvel, and there erupted a great excitement filled with fear and awe together; and the chief hunter did ask of her, saying: “Tell us Enosh: From whence came to you the working of this mystery? By what power did you conceive it?”

46  Thus spoke the chief hunter, and in the hearing did all the clan grow quiet and still, being most anxious to hear the words of Enosh; for towards her did all the clan show reverence, to treat her with respect, finding in her doings the mystery of hidden knowledge.

47  And Enosh spoke, saying: “There is a spirit who gently guides, who finds in us some value. He it is who comes to me, who calls my name to draw me near; desiring himself that he might guide us if we would just permit.

48  For the gift of fire did he give to us, that we might no longer fear the darkness. Who then would here object that we should prove most grateful? For in the mastery of the fire are we all made to benefit; seeing that by its heat we are protected and kept warm, and our food do now we cook, to become itself purged of all impurities.

49  Look you now upon my raiment and behold the necklace which I do wear, causing that I should be set apart above all others. In like manner would this wise and noble spirit set you far above the ways of beasts, to become yourselves empowered and filled with hidden knowledge.

50  For it was this good and kindly spirit which gave to me a name, which name even you yourselves do also call me. If then you would permit that the spirit should likewise guide you, even then shall you also have a name whereby you might be known and always remembered.”

51  Thus did Enosh answer, and the whole clan did wonder and speak among themselves; for many remembered how that in the years not long ago, the mate of Enosh did not return from wandering down the Nile; and Enosh did herself go forth to find him.

52  And on that day when she went seeking was she no different than themselves, being herself naked and filled with dread; but on the day when she returned was she made to stand apart, being herself clothed and filled with calm assurance, bearing in her hand the mystery of the fire.

53  Such did the people speak among themselves concerning all the things which they remembered, and there turned to Enosh the chief hunter of the clan, and he spoke to her, saying: “Who is this spirit that we might know him? How came you to meet him?”

54  Enosh answered him saying: “In seeking for my mate did I hear a voice most sweetly singing by the waters of the Nile; and going forth myself to see, I saw a man of most delightful beauty sitting by a fire, and above the flames did he have cooking a rich and savory meat which I myself did eat.

55  This then is the means by which I met the wise and kindly spirit. But of his name you know already, having been darkly warned by fierce Jehovah to keep ourselves away, lest we ourselves be tempted and incur his fearsome wrath…”

56  And so Enosh did speak to all her clan concerning the dark intent of cruel Jehovah and of the goodness found in knowing the spirit which gave to her the gift of hidden knowledge; and as Enosh spoke, the fear of Jehovah did ebb itself away to be replaced by the seeds of hope and promise.

57  Thus throughout the coming days did Enosh teach the making and using of the atlatl; and to this did she add the art of catching fish, teaching to the women of her clan the weaving of nets and the making of willow baskets.

58  And all the clan did marvel at the knowledge of Enosh, having appointed her to act as shaman for the people of her clan; for the people feared to hear for themselves the speaking of the spirit, but chose instead that Enosh should hear it for them.

59  And the people did greatly flourish, providing to themselves an abundance of meat. For the men of the clan became most fearsome hunters in the using of the spear and the atlatl, while the women did harvest from the river a great many fish which they caught within the net.

60  Thus did the clan prosper through the gifts which Shaemdiel gave through the teachings of Enosh; for even now did the men and women begin to fashion for themselves garments made from the skins of animals, to become themselves clothed and no longer naked, causing that they should separate themselves from the clans of all other people.

61  And the months passed and the clan of Enosh continued to prosper, causing that the lion and the leopard and all the beasts of prey should come to fear them; for the Enoshahim were bold and cunning, having in their hands the spear and the atlatl; and in their minds there began to grow a confidence filled with hope.

62  For Enosh had given as a gift to the women of her clan, and even to the children also, the gift of the sling, causing that they too should prove able in chasing away such predators as would stalk and lay about.

63  Now it came about that on a certain day, as the women were working by the waters of the river Nile, there came upon them a fearsome troop of thirty baboons which sought to war against the clan, being determined to feast upon the flesh of children.

64  But as one did all the women and all the children also pull forth their slings and with angry zeal they rushed forth to battle; and there struck against the baboons the hail of many stones, causing that four baboons should be killed and many others wounded.

65  And the men, returning from the hunt, did hear for themselves about the battle; viewing with wonder the four baboons which had been killed; and on that night did all the clan rejoice and feast beside the fire, permitting that each woman and every child should tell again their story.

66  Now there came into the circle of light the woman Enosh, holding in her hand the stave of power, which stave Shaemdiel himself did fashion, having worked upon its surface a strange and curious design; and at the top of the stave did Shaemdiel place a ruby stone finely cut and polished.

67  Thus in seeing that Enosh had come to stand in their midst, the clan did rejoice to see her, and the chief hunter did stand before all the people, saying: “Speak to us Enosh and we will hear; for by your knowledge are we delivered from that dark and pressing fear which did but haunt us always.

68  Therefore, if you would desire to give us counsel, even we will quick obey, to prove ourselves most benefited by the words which you would speak. What now does the spirit Shaemdiel speak to you for the sake of all our good?”

69  And Enosh stood most strangely calm before the people, and stretching forth her hand she spoke into the darkness round about the people, saying:

70  “Let now the earth be silent,
let the beasts be hushed and stilled,
let shining moon and starry night
stand forth to be a witness.


71  For we the people of the clan
must rise above this moment,
to stand as one upon the summit
and gaze at far horizons.


72  For we are few, our numbers small,
and enemies do surround us,
ever waiting in the dark,
to find in us a weakness.


73  Watching, plotting, careful waiting,
they prowl and crouch and slither,
tightening circles drawing closer
they seek to quick surround us.


74  Let us now escape the trap
which others seek to use,
let us look at far horizons
and see what we can do.


75  For in the shining distance,
beyond the things you see,
there lies that far horizon
where dreams and visions meet.


76  There – beyond the darkness,
there – beyond our fears,
far beyond this land of shadows
a song of dreams I hear.


77  Urgent singing from afar,
beyond the setting sun,
a song of dreams most gently wooing,
and we must give it heed.


78  The morning prince, I hear him singing,
Shaemdiel, prince of light;
giver of gifts, in knowledge fashioned,
he calls for us to come.


79  So let us rise above this moment
let us step beyond ourselves,
letting go the past which binds us,
to become ourselves the dream.


80  For we the people of the clan,
must work and labor hard,
ever climbing towards the summit
to see the far horizon.


81  Not content to quite remain
as nature had intended,
but shall instead go far beyond
to stand ourselves apart.”

82  Thus began the speaking of Enosh, revealing to the clan the building of a tribe, causing that many clans should be bound together to be as one people upon the earth; and all which heard became themselves amazed and filled with mighty wonder.