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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 3

Ahman, Galendriel, Rutheniel and Mahaleenah take counsel – Solobriel and fifty Seraphim stand guard – Mahaleenah reveals three imperatives: redeem and restore the Fallen, establish soul in world of First Man, establish kingdom of the Ahgendai – World of First Man unmade by God: no earth spirit – Four new forces of opposition – Who is worthy of so great a challenge? – Mahaleenah returns to Mahaliel – The army of the Ahgendai greets the Azraella – Azraella addresses the warrior host – Azraella takes Mahaleenah to see Yaldabaoth’s army – Anticipating Yaldabaoth’s attack: timed with the first dispensation – Shaemdiel’s involvement in the attack on Heaven – Azraella’s confidence in Michael and Sher-el – Determining the time and place of battle – The Ahgendai leave to observe Shaemdiel’s efforts among First Man


1  Yet on Jeruel, near the city of Jerrusha by the sea of Jerra-Cotus, Ahman, Galendriel and Rutheniel did assemble to take counsel with Mahaleenah regarding such things as must be done for the sake of Shaemdiel and all the Fallen.

2  For the daughters which chose to fall did report that between Shaemdiel and Jehovah was there seen a great conflict filled with fiery disputations and dreadful wrath; causing that the heavens of the First World should shake and tremble constantly because of it, filling the mind of First Man with evil shadows which did but haunt and darkly whisper.

3  And there stood round about Ahman, Galendriel, Rutheniel and Mahaleenah fifty of the greater Seraphim, which Seraphim did stand as guards; holding in their hands swords of flaming fire; and there stood forth to command the Seraphim even Solobriel the Arch-Angel, being himself Chief Guardian of the city of Jerrusha.

4  For with the falling down of Shaemdiel did the Azraella appoint guardians over each of the cities of God; which cities were found throughout the Seven Councils of Light; causing that each guardian should give fealty to the very Ahgendai forever.

5  And so there met the noble foursome, each seeking to walk the path of wisdom; and there stood to speak for God, even Mahaleenah, standing in her Father’s place while he was far away; and Mahaleenah did address the three, saying:

6  “Consider, my children, these three things which God has found most needful; for it is incumbent that we should redeem the Fallen from dark and dreadful paths, to restore through redemption those we love, to make them one with God.

7  Yet in the doing must we fulfill The One’s desire to bring into the world of First Man the beginning of soul and the hope of immortality and eternal life; that in the doing we might enlarge the borders of all our several glories, causing that the Hodos Alea should evolve again towards some greater purpose filled with dreams yet undreamed.

8  And to these two is there added still a third design, for it is appointed that there should arise a new Heaven and a new Earth, being themselves together found in the kingdom of the Ahgendai, on the world of Mahaliel.

9  These then shall prove for us a great and noble task, being themselves fraught with opportunity and mighty challenge; to test in the opposition of some greater evil, the strength and will of our resolve in the doing of all three together.

10  For in the world of First Man do we find a world unmade by God, being itself subject to the laws of nature and not of God; causing that there should be thrown against the living, the hurt of many natural disasters; being in their advent blind and filled with great destruction; casting into the midst of mortal life the feeling of great and dreadful evil.

11  For in yonder world is there found no presence of earthly spirit, neither can we at this time call one to indwell the earth; for there rules over the world of the First Power, the Demiurge Jehovah-Yahweh; and even he would seek with dread resolve to kill such earthly spirit as we would seek to give.

12  Consider then such opposing forces as would stand arrayed against us in the working of our intent; for these four things will seek to frustrate the working of our will:

a)  The natural world of First Man being itself not bound to the laws of God, for it is blind and has no spirit.

b)  Jehovah-Yahweh who seeks to subject all mankind to the rule of fear; pretending himself to stand as god, filled with wrath and indignation.

c)  Shaemdiel, who would seek to frustrate the dispensations of God whereby he might prove the rightness of his own design.

d)  Yaldabaoth, who seeks to find the seed of our beginning and bend it to his will; and thereby erase forever the whole of Heaven.

13  Thus in seeking to achieve the goals of our design, we must face an opposition never before encountered on the worlds which God has made; causing that in the world of First Man, we must circumvent the will and design of such forces as will stand arrayed against us.

14  Let us then proceed in frustrating the designs of those who would oppose us in the working of our will; to prove through godly action the force of our intent in making right what now stands wrong; setting forth our hand through most subtle wisdom in bringing forth the desires of all our heart.

15  Who then would take upon themselves so great a challenge as now would stand before us? Who has proven most worthy in taking hold the hand of God and thereby achieve a far more greater glory than ever dreamed before?

16  Only to the Eloheim would so great a work first be given, for of all the Councils of Light, Eloheim is the oldest and most senior; having proved themselves through countless eternities as always eager in working with The One and Areta in the building of the Heavens.

17  For it is certain that among the Eloheim shall many desire a far more greater glory, to become themselves the very progeny of the Ahgendai; to stand before the celestial realm as warrior Gods who would themselves stand beside the Azraella in holding back the Darkness.

18  Who then among the Eloheim would become so great a seed? For only those who are themselves the strongest and most resolved shall prove themselves most worthy; being empowered from within to endure and overcome such adversities as stand arrayed against us on the world of First Man.

19  If therefore you would agree, let us begin now the first dispensation, to see for ourselves the power of the adversary; that in the seeing we might ourselves prove knowing, revealing before our eyes those among the Eloheim who would choose so great a task.”

20  Such were the words of Mahaleenah, and in the hearing did Ahman and Galendriel and Rutheniel give a solemn assent; causing that they should return to Salem of Merigoth and there convene the Council of Elohim in all its Houses and many quorums.

21  But Mahaleenah did return herself to Mahaliel and there await her Father till he should return from the regions of the First Cosmos; being herself most attentive in fulfilling her Father’s wishes regarding a great many plans and preparations.

22  And in hurried quietness the seasons passed, first the winter and then the spring, and on the day of the summer solstice the Father did return, being himself announced throughout all Mahaliel by the blowing blast of many trumpets.

23  And there stood forth to greet the Azraella his good and loving Daughter, and behind her stood in solemn array even all the congregations of the Cherubim, each according to their house, holding in their hands bows most artfully made, having upon their backs quivers filled with arrows of cunning design and power.

24  Yet behind the Cherubim of Mahaleenah stood also the many legions of the Seraphim, dressed for war and fearsome battle, holding in their right hand a sword of flaming fire, and upon their left arm was there tightly fastened a shield of curious design and function.

25  And to all these mighty forces was there added the Oggaliaphim which stood in silent phalanxes above the Amber Plains; being themselves most deeply devoted to the Azraella, to see in him their only God and true commander; being each themselves made for war, to bind in light the dreadful darkness.

26  Seeing therefore the fulfillment of his will gathered fast before him, the Father did embrace the Mahaleenah, to kiss her on the cheek; and the Daughter spoke, saying: “All which you gave me to do, even this have I brought to pass. Behold, my Father, the army of the Ahgendai which would defend the realms of Heaven.”

27  Then did the Azraella gaze deeply upon the mighty host, to stand as one most pleased, and looking upon so vast a gathering, he embraced them to his heart, and in a great voice he spoke into the hearing of all, saying:

28  “Army of Light, bright and holy,
be strong and of good cheer;
for though the darkness gather
and in the deepness rage,
we who stand within the light
shall never yield to fear.


29  Be brave and strong and most resolved
and wait on my command,
for soon will come the Darkness
which dwells so far beyond,
led by fierce Yaldabaoth
to break us if he can.


30  So stand you down and go your way,
yet come when I should call,
for soon a day of darkness
will strike against the light,
and on that day we’ll fiercely strive
to save the realms of all.


31  And this for you shall be the sign
to come without delay,
the blast of trumpets, the beat of drums,
the flash of flaming skies;
in that moment most quickly come
and we shall win the day.”

32  And in hearing the words of the Azraella, the host did quiet salute, and then they flew away, each and all to do their duty; to be themselves as those most ready in defending the realms of Heaven against Yaldabaoth and all the Demiurge together.

33  Thus did Mahaliel stand prepared and fit for dreadful war, and the Azraella did rejoice in the faithfulness of the Daughter; and taking her by the hand, he took her far away into the regions of the First Cosmos, that she might see for herself the armies of the Darkness.

34  Through the halls of endless ages
beyond the realms of God,
going further than forever
they rode the sparkling blue.


35  Bending time,
folding space,
piercing deep beyond the quickening,
until at last they came to stand
within the darkest night.


36  And there before their eyes they saw
the mighty hosts of Doom,
hidden deep within the folds,
cloaked and shrouded within the gloom.


37  Ten mighty armies
each commanded by a dreadful lord,
a seething mass of frightful measure
which hissed and crackled within the Deep.


38  How paled the army of the Ahgendai
when compared to so vast a sea;
how paltry few the warriors of Light
against so great a host,
causing that Mahaleenah should gasp
in seeing so dread a frightful thing.

39  But the Father did most sweet allay the apprehensions of the Daughter, speaking into her ear words of courage and hope together; pouring into her heart the strength and fire of all his soul; till at last she stood most bravely calm above the sea of doom.

40  And the Daughter spoke, saying: “Tell me, Father, when shall this dark and mighty host assail the realms of Heaven?” And the Azraella answered, saying: “In the coming of the first dispensation upon the world of the First Power, when Adam and Eve shall dawn upon the world of man, to fill the earth with God, in that moment shall Yaldabaoth go forth to war.

41  Believing in his own mind that by attacking fierce the gates of Heaven, he might force the Gods to withhold their hand; causing through the threat of war that Adam and Eve should quick return to Heaven’s glory to defend their realm instead.

42  For this have I foreseen and in my mind already know, that on that day when Adam and Eve shall walk upon the world of man, even then shall Shaemdiel go forth to trouble; causing that there should rise against them some unexpected evil filled with great perplexities.

43  Believing that in the doing, Shaemdiel might weaken the resolve of Adam and Eve, causing that in the moment when Yaldabaoth should attack the very Heavens, even then might Adam and Eve be filled with great anxiety, causing that they should retreat from the world of man, to go to the aid of God instead.

44  Yet of those who would come as Adam and Eve do I know full well, having myself plumbed their depths, and their resolve have I fully measured; for in Michael and Sher-el have I found no degree of variance regarding the deeper mysteries of God, being themselves relentless in the living of their faith.

45  Thus in the diligence of Adam and Eve shall the Demiurge fail in forcing God from the world of First Man; causing that the dispensations of light should roll forth throughout the darkness, lifting high what now seems common, making noble what now seems naught.

46  Consider now so vast a horde as stands arrayed before us, for even though we should seem ourselves outnumbered, yet in the struggle twixt good and evil shall we prove ourselves the better; for victory is not always given to those with greater force, but rather to those who have determined already the time and place for battle.

47  Know then my brave and noble Daughter, that in the coming of Adam and Eve have I determined the time when war begins, perceiving deeply through subtle knowing the nature of Yaldabaoth; and in his coming against the Heavens have I determined that one place where he shall be defeated.

48  Thus do numbers alone prove not enough to guaranty a win; for he who has taken into his hands both time and place, having determined beforehand both the movement and the structure of all his forces; having already secured the prize which must not fall, he it is – having done all these things – he alone shall seize the victory regardless of his numbers.

49  Come now Daughter and let us go from here, for I would show you that distant world where God at first was born; that you might see the working of Shaemdiel among the various tribes of men; seeking through his many efforts to prove the rightness of his way, to prove superior to Hodos Alea the Law of Immediate Recompense.”

50  So spoke the Azraella to his one and only Daughter, and immediately did they move away from the darkly gathering horde which sought to serve Yaldabaoth; to go themselves beyond the darkness, until at last they came to stand in a world most beautifully rare.