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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 2

Shaemdiel absent in greeting the Ahgendai – Sons follow Shaemdiel, no daughters fall – Conflict on the plains of Kuristan (review) – Shaemdiel attacks Michael – The Son of Man and thirty thousand Seraphim – The mystery of the Son of Man – Shaemdiel’s self-created pride – Mahaleenah speaks to Rutheniel: Making right what now stands wrong – Godly actions uncloud the mind – Rutheniel speaks to her daughters: Who will follow Shaemdiel, to appear as fallen also? – Every daughter stands as one to bring about redemption – The Fallen are ushered from Heaven to the First Cosmos – The Azraella bids farewell to Shaemdiel – The Fallen leap into the vastness of the First Cosmos


1  Open now the inward heart that your mind be filled with light, causing that such shadows as would afflict through doubt might fly themselves away; being replaced by that deeper knowledge which I would place within you.

2  For you know already how that Shaemdiel went forth to see for himself the Chief Demiurgos which boomed across the Chasm, even while the Elohim did gather to greet both the Azraella and his Daughter; to make with him a covenant whereby they might go themselves to the world of the First Power, to work the dispensations of God.

3  Being eager to prove through some great and dreadful test, which among the Lords and Gods of Elohim would be most able in striving to become the progeny of the Ahgendai; desiring among themselves already, through deep and subtle foreknowing, to stand themselves as worthy citizens of a far more greater Heaven.

4  Yet Shaemdiel proved absent in the greeting of the Ahgendai, being deceived by a hurtful pride which caused that he should war against the very Gods, to stand himself alone in the midst of all his arrogance upon the world of Paradise.

5  Now in the falling down of Shaemdiel did many sons follow, being themselves devoted to the Father they loved, believing in their heart that in Shaemdiel was there found the surest way whereby the glories of Heaven might be increased beyond measure.

6  Yet of his daughters did none fall down, having been constrained by their Mother from the follies of an overzealous pride filled with vain imaginations; finding in their Mother’s counsel the assurance that even the Fallen might be redeemed; and this through subtlety, guided by the light of love.

7  Hear then this mystery which I would reveal to the Keeper of Covenants whereby you might prove most deeply knowing; for on the plains of Kuristan, by the city of Mitanni did Shaemdiel gather to steal away his lineage from out of the very Keep.

8  And there arrived upon the fields of battle the House of Shevas and the House of Valhaladea, the House of Sabaoth and the House of Mithron being themselves, all in all, led by Michael the Arch-Angel.

9  Which Houses, in all their several powers and glories became as a wall which would shield Galendriel from the wrath of a prideful son; becoming to Shaemdiel and his legions even as a barrier which would prevent Shaemdiel from wounding deep his own soul in the doing of evil.

10  And in a moment of great frustration Shaemdiel flew straight into the face of Michael, and immediately there was heard the sounding blast of a great and dreadful trumpet which shook the world of Paradise, down to the deepest core; and with a sudden breath of deep surprise, the world grew still and silent, filled with expectation.

11  And the heavens rolled up as a scroll revealing the stars of all creation, even Olaha Shinehah sparkling in the Deep; and there descended one which was like unto the Son of Man, and with him thirty thousand of the greater Seraphim.

12  And added to these were gathered the House of the Archons and the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah, and there stood at the head of the Houses even Ahman the Father of All; even he who presided over all the Elohim together; standing himself beside the one who was like unto the Son of Man.

13  Consider now and quietly ponder this mystery which I would open before your eyes; that you might grow in understanding regarding the workings of my mind; that you may be emboldened as in ancient days of yore, to stand beside my Azraella fit for war and holy battle as warriors of light and goodness.

14  For it is my Azraella who is like unto the Son of Man, being himself my one and truest son; ever eager to prove through diligence his love for God and Heaven, having himself proved the faith which in him dwells, to stand himself beside the Ahman as the insurer of victory and peace within the blessed realms.

15  For this Azrael which goes before you is the advocate of my will, to stand himself within the breach upon the trysting day; firm resolved with deep foreknowing in all he says and does.

16  Know then that if this Azraella be the likeness of the Son of Man, possessing in his heart and mind a fullness of my intent; thought for thought, heartbeat placed on heartbeat, then is it certain that I alone am the Son of Man Eternal.

17  For the meaning of the Son of Man have I derived from former times, having myself in my beginning sprung forth from the seed of First Man; even such men as once did dwell upon the world of the First Power, when I as Kronus strode upon the earth filled with dreams and hopeful yearnings.

18  Thus in this meaning am I the Son of Man, but not this only; for in the creating of God and Heaven was there fashioned still more subtle meaning; evolving throughout the eternities to be myself the Sun of Man also, even the light which would chase away the darkness, to give both shape and vision to all who would believe.

19  Know then that in the Son of Man and the Sun of Man is there a deeper meaning found, which meaning is perceived most subtly in the working of Azrael; who through many labors did most nobly strive to strengthen and enlighten every man and every women who would seek for things eternal; being ever hopeful that they might sure obtain.

20  For in every dispensation upon every mortal world, did those which were appointed make mention the Son of Man; hiding deep within the speaking a far more deeper meaning, being diligent to cast within the darkness the light which shines beyond.

21  Revealing to those who seek, perchance that they might find, that brightly shining star which does forever glow; causing that there should rise up within the mind, the sum of all my dreams and glory; for this alone is my only will, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of every man and every woman till they should stand as one within the heart of God.

22  Yet against this did Shaemdiel set his hand, being led astray by an overzealous pride, which he alone created; causing that all the Elohim should rise against him, to cast him out of Heaven till he should choose aright, to be himself redeemed through some quiet and subtle means.

23  For on the day when Ahman withstood the son he loved, when there stood beside him the Azraella, even in the self-same moment did Mahaleenah give counsel to Rutheniel and all her many daughters to decide the means of great redemption.

24  In this manner then did Mahaleenah speak concerning those which were fallen, saying: “Come Rutheniel and do not weep, for now is the day for action and not tears; for it is for us to decide the means by which the Eloheim might redeem your own Beloved and all the sons which followed.

25  Let us through subtle boldness seize the dreadful moment which stands before us, to meet with courage the hurt that rages, causing that we should see in trial and hardship a moment of great importance, causing that we should quick reveal the strength of all our love.

26  Stand therefore as unafraid and filled with firm resolve in making right what now stands wrong, turning to our advantage such events as swirl most fierce about; to clothe our hearts with deeper purpose, to restore what now is fallen.

27  Now must we begin the shaping of great redemption, and if we prove wise and well determined, then shall we exchange tears of hurt for tears of joy; having turned to our advantage this great and dreadful trial which presses now around us.

28  Consider then that among the Fallen are there no women to be counted, for the daughters of Rutheniel have chosen well to cleave to God, even against their Father’s wishes; that in the doing of what is right they might prove a benefit in reaching forth to rescue.

29  What then shall you do Rutheniel? What plans would you devise? For many of your daughters stand now alone, even as you; for their own Beloveds have strayed from God to wander alone in dreadful places; being themselves cut off and disconnected from the Tael and have no communion with us.

30  For it is in your power to act, even though your heart and mind prove wounded; creating through most subtle means the way of great redemption, to reclaim through loving sacrifice the ones you love, and prove yourselves their Savior.

31  Be you strong and bravely stand for now your daughters watch, being themselves most deeply eager to find in you their hope whereby they might feel the strength of confidence and great resolve; for godly actions uncloud the mind, making bright what now seems dark; chasing away that dark despair which seeks to overwhelm you.

32  Look you now and choose with care, be quick to seize the moment; for this is your battlefield and it is you who will decide what powers will claim the victory: hope or despair, strength or weakness, confidence or uncertainty, courage or trembling fear.”

33  These are the words which Mahaleenah spoke, and Rutheniel took great heart in the hearing; and turning to her many daughters she spoke with great resolve, saying: “Daughters of Light, good and wise, be strong and do not fear; for on this day when Heaven droops and tears like rivers flow, we will ourselves establish those means by which we would reclaim our own Beloveds.

34  For if our Beloveds be cast out, to dwell in darkness far away, then must we find some subtle means whereby we might link them still to us; perchance to woo them through grace and beauty, and bring them to repentance; and in the doing restore what now seems lost.

35  Let us then choose among ourselves, those who would go forth with Shaemdiel, to appear themselves as also fallen; that such daughters who would choose to go, being in their secret heart unfallen and connected to the Tael, might pass between us and our Beloveds, a path of sweet communion.

36  Passing through so great a distance the power of love and yearning; to keep informed the Gods of Heaven regarding such things as Shaemdiel would strive to do in a world made far away; revealing through most hidden means the workings and designs of Yaldabaoth who would endeavor yet again to shake the very Heavens.

37  Know then, my good and gentle daughters, that if there should stand before us those who choose to go, to appear to Shaemdiel as also fallen, then shall I, in the day appointed, go forth myself to rescue, to restore the Fallen back to us; and this according to the workings of the Azraella.

38  For here I must remain to establish well our deep designs, laboring with most patient love the workings of redemption; yet shall I prove faithful to those who choose to fall, to send through the Tael words of comfort and of counsel, that you might not despair; to place within the mind the nearness of Heaven’s glory.

39  Yet in the choosing be firm resolved, for what we do to save the Fallen, even this shall we bear in secret, to guard the sacred purpose of our intent within the deepest silence; that by such silence we might not frustrate the hidden designs of God whereby Yaldabaoth should prove forewarned.

40  Who then will choose so bold and dread a thing, to become yourselves as someone fallen; that in your sacrifice we might redeem our own Beloveds, bearing in your soul the knowledge of our intent; which knowledge you will guard with thoughtful silence filled with stillness and placid quiet.

41  To stand together within the darkness, being yourselves confident that in your sacrifice even all the Gods will stand beside you; speaking to you from afar, words of hope and courage filled with deepest love; taking from your offerings such knowledge as would aid in bringing about the redemption of our Beloveds.

42  Rise therefore in love and boldness, let go such sorrows as would fill your eyes with weeping; but be you firm and most resolved in acting now some nobler part filled with great design.

43  Who among us gathered here will choose to be as fallen, to go yourselves so far away and in the darkness shine, bringing into remembrance the love of God which never fails, proving yourselves through sacrifice as those indomitable, relentless and true?”

44  So spoke Rutheniel, and immediately there rose up of one accord even all those daughters whose Beloveds had chosen to follow Shaemdiel their Father; and in the seeing did Rutheniel take heart, feeling within a great relief graced by hope and love and faith.

45  And in seeing all these things did Mahaleenah make covenant with all who bravely chose, placing upon her Father’s heart the designs of Rutheniel in seeking the redemption of those which fell from Heaven’s glory; to be himself the mediator in saving all the Fallen, even as Rutheniel and her daughters should stand as intercessors between the darkness and the light.

46  And in that moment when Shaemdiel stood before the Elohim as one cast out, even in that moment did Mahaleenah descend upon the plains of Kuristan, to bring before Ahman and Galendriel the daughters of Rutheniel which chose to act as fallen; pretending in their outward countenance to be themselves estranged and filled with disaffection.

47  How greatly then did Heaven weep, appearing themselves as greatly shaken and in sorrow bow the head; yet in their secret heart were they fully knowing of Rutheniel’s deep design, having been informed through the workings of the Tael regarding the plans of great redemption.

48  But in seeing the falling down of many daughters did Shaemdiel take heart, believing himself advantaged because of it; believing in his pride that the daughters were faithful unto him and not the Elohim which stood arrayed against him.

49  Causing that he should embrace his daughters, each and every one; speaking in their ear his great resolve in proving himself the victor; pledging on a Father’s love to give some greater glory, to compensate for such inward hurt as might within them dwell.

50  Thus did the Heavens wait quietly till Shaemdiel had completed all he wished to say; and when he was concluded, he did mask his outward countenance with calm disdain; regarding the Gods with cool contempt, daring them to act against him, to cast him out of Heaven.

51  And in that sadful moment did Ahman call forth the Mighty One, even he who withstood Yaldabaoth in fierce and dreadful battle; and stepping out before the Elohim, Ahman did request that he should take the Fallen and cast them far away.

52  And immediately there surrounded the Fallen thirty thousand of the greater Seraphim with brightly flaming swords, and at their head stood the Azraella dressed for war and battle; and with a soft command but barely spoken, the dimensions of time and space did shift and bulge to swallow up the Fallen.

53  Then in a softly flowing wink of time did all the Fallen and all the Seraphim and the Azraella disappear from the plains of Kuristan; being swept away and ushered through endless halls of time, passing through the vast creations which God had made for the sake of Heaven’s glory.

54  And when all had come to the borders of the First Cosmos, the Azraella did himself call a sudden halt, and all which were Fallen did tremble deep within their outward calm, seeing before them a cosmos filled with chaos blindly rushing through the darkness.

55  Yet before the gathered host did the Azraella calmly stand, surveying with a knowing mind the cosmos arrayed before him; being in his private heart filled with tears for those which fell; and turning to Shaemdiel and all which gathered round about him, the Azraella spoke, saying:

56  “Behold, Shaemdiel, the First Cosmos; for here you will abide till such time as God shall redeem you from your overzealous pride; take thought therefore and walk with care, for in this place Yaldabaoth rules; seeking through most subtle means to subdue the birthplace of all our glory.

57  For here in this darkened realm there are no Gods to hinder the working of your will; for here alone do shadows reign while chaos stalks and quietly waits to take you by surprise; seizing hold with dreadful force to break your heart and mind.

58  Farewell, once noble Shaemdiel,
farewell, but be you wise;
for here alone the Darkness rules,
and you are now his prize.

59  Remember now what once you were,
hold on to things divine,
seize this moment and prove your worth
and once again you’ll shine.


60  Guard well your heart from deeper gloom,
let go your hurtful wrath,
release the anger which boils within,
take not the darker path.


61  For here Yaldabaoth waits for you,
to steal away your heart,
seeking to force you to his will,
and bind you in the dark.


62  So walk most carefully and tread with care,
keep watch your sons and daughters,
for here do monsters wait to leap
and work some dreadful slaughter.”

63  In this manner did the Azraella speak to warn Shaemdiel concerning the dangers and perils of the First Cosmos; but Shaemdiel proved cold and filled with stern aloofness, seeing in himself a power no longer there.

64  And with preening arrogance he spoke, saying: “Fear not for me or for those which follow after; for it is not I which would stand imperiled but Heaven only; for it is not Yaldabaoth which would seek to find me, but I which would find him, to bend him to my purpose.”

65  And with great abruptness Shaemdiel and all the Fallen did leap boldly into the vastness of the First Cosmos; to follow quickly in a rushing flash the trailing signs of the Demiurge which Yaldabaoth left behind, being himself foreknowing.

66  But to himself did the Azraella smile at the brashness of Shaemdiel, and following quietly after, he slipped unnoticed into the darkness of the Deep, to see for himself the workings of Yaldabaoth.