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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
3rd Endowment
4th Endowment
5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment

Chapter 1

“I am The One, First God and Father Creator” – Azrael made strong through faith – The Father and his Daughter: relentless, fearless and indomitable – Becoming the progeny of the Azraella – Who among the Gods would prove themselves worthy? – The fall of Shaemdiel – Ahgendai to defend the glory of Heaven – War to reveal candidates for kingdom of the Ahgendai – Two benefits of the second war in Heaven – Shaemdiel’s pride and fear – Deep and subtle plans of The One – A school of struggle needed to test candidates – Two teachers, opposites in nature – World of the First Power: a school unlike any other – Where armies of Light and Darkness strive for the soul of man – A school to prove those worthy to be Ahgendai – Yaldabaoth and Jehovah-Yahweh – Jehovah-Yahweh sought to increase influence over man through preachers – Demons watch over the servants of Jehovah-Yahweh – Yaldabaoth creates nine other sons – The legions of the Demiurge, armies of chaos – Heaven in need of warrior Gods – Followers of Azrael, members of the Elohim – Jehovah reflected by dark teachings and traditions – Azrael to establish a far more noble way


1  I am The One, First God and Father Creator, Supreme and Holy Sovereign above all the Gods of Heaven; being myself timeless and immutable, eternal mind most ever constant, holding in my hand the streams of endless time, containing within my mystery the seeds of glory and exaltation forever, worlds without end.

2  For I am the Mystery deeply hidden, revealing always the songs of the ineffable; proving myself through kind devotion a good and holy consort; embracing to my soul the hopes and dreams of my Beloved, to be for her the fulfillment and the joy; for the Areta have I set as a crown upon my head, and a light within my heart.

3  For together have we drawn from out of our depths both the Father and his Daughter, causing that they should create from out of their mystery even a new Heaven and earth; being in themselves the very Ahgendai which would hold at bay the Darkness and the Terror, to make forever the Heavens new and filled with eager purpose.

4  Consider then what manner of man the Father has become, being in himself resolute and fierce determined; containing within his heart and mind an unbreakable will and a firm resolve; showing through his many works the sum of all his faith, which faith is made the source of all his strength and vigor.

5  Having drawn to his soul this Daughter which he loves, to stand forever before God and man as one made relentless, fearless and indomitable; possessing in their mind that greater vision which would save the world, to fill it up with joy and hope; casting up from out of their soul the light of mighty visions full of wonder.

6  This then prove the truest course for those who would believe; having taken to themselves the teachings of the Father, to live them day by day; achieving through some noble effort the glory beyond all glory and the power beyond all power.

7  For this Azrael have I called from his youth to stand as one beside me, being to him both the Father and the Mother, even The One and Areta together; having proven through many hardships the truth of who he is; having himself, through toil and suffering, established well his part, having endured all things through love and faith and hopeful courage.

8  How then shall the righteous fail if it so be that they should believe in Azrael? For where you have no knowledge, he shall instruct you to fill you up with wisdom; and where you have no strength, even he shall make you strong to fill you up with courage and faith together.

9  How then shall you prove weak and unable if it so be that Azrael should stand beside you? For he is the light which would cast away the darkness; he is the hope which would cast away despair, to stand himself before your fears to fill you up with great resolve to make you one with God.

10  Look you then upon the Daughter, even Mahaleenah, and see her good devotion; being herself that true disciple who would follow Azrael. And even as she would serve in faith exceeding, even this would the righteous seek to do, to prove themselves of like devotion.

11  Seeing in her Father the sum of all good things, being eager and filled with joy in chasing after God, proving herself a good example and worthy of emulation; proving through devotion and obedience the surest path to exaltation in the kingdom of her Father.

12  Let the reader therefore prove wise and fully resolved in seeking after God; for all those who would take to their soul the teachings of this book, to treasure its words to keep them sacred through the living of their life, even these shall Azrael exalt on high, to stand as one beside the Father and the Daughter.

13  For in the day appointed shall he prove to many a good and holy Father, filled with joy and true affection; having drawn to his bosom all those who should prove themselves worthy of a far more greater glory than they have ever known.

14  And in that day shall he wipe away the tears from your eyes to fill you up with gladness; for behold, old things shall pass away and all things shall be made new and filled with mighty wonders, to give to you a good and happy home.

15  For in the beginning did you appoint yourselves to follow, setting aside your former estate that you might win the greater prize; having proven yourselves most worthy to strive, to be numbered yourselves among the very Ahgendai which would defend the kingdom of God forever.

16  If then your heart should prove steadfast in achieving the prize before you, to become, through godly effort, the progeny of my Azraella, then must you give forth some thoughtful heed; and in the reading and hearing of this book, prove yourself worthy to receive the greater portion.

17  For you know already how Yaldabaoth did strike against the kingdoms of God, to commence the first war among the Heavens; lashing out with bitter glee against Olaha Shinehah; to sit himself beside the Chasm and there most frightful boom, even till Shaemdiel should go forth himself to see.

18  Yet in the beginning before the war, even I did meet with Azraella, both the Father and his Daughter; and there stood beside me my own Beloved, even Areta; being herself attended by the seven Azurgai; for it was our intent to create still some greater Heaven far beyond the dreams of God.

19  Who then among the Gods would prove themselves most worthy, to become themselves far greater and filled with mighty powers? For among the Gods is it rightly known that beyond such powers as the Gods do wield, still is there found some greater power, and beyond the glory which can be seen is still a greater glory.

20  Who then among the Gods would choose to stand apart, to prove themselves through decisions and actions as those who would inherit; taking to themselves, after many tribulations, this far more greater prize which I would deign to offer?

21  For if the Azraella and his Daughter should be the forebears of some greater kingdom, then who among the Gods already could be found those who would prove themselves the children; having proven themselves through some mighty test as those most worthy to strive?

22  Consider then the falling down of Shaemdiel, for he being a mighty prince, being himself Chief Archon did fall from Heaven’s glory; becoming himself cast out, and many children with him.

23  For his offense was born of an overzealous pride; which pride caused that he should act against his quorum as though he alone were wiser; to become himself impatient and filled with deep contempt against the very Gods which loved him.

24  Ponder then and carefully weigh the path on which you tread; for in the beginning when Yaldabaoth sought for some escape from out of the great Abyss, even I did meet with Azraella, to determine well some subtle course which would achieve my deep designs.

25  For it is needful that the Ahgendai should prove themselves as warriors, to defend with eager hearts the glory of the Heavens;

to stand themselves before the Darkness,
and there to clash amidst the fray,
to make the Heavens appear as new,
once the Darkness has fled away.

26  Yet the Gods of Heaven are kind and good,

their love a tender sight,

dwelling in peace among the stars,

their kingdoms shining bright.

27  Thus was it decided in the gathering of my quorum that in such a war as Yaldabaoth would impose upon the Heavens would those who might prove able, should themselves be revealed, stand as candidates for the kingdom of the Ahgendai; having set aside their former estate and take to their souls another.

28  For in the crucible of war did I intend two great and lasting benefits; for in the first benefit would all the Heavens be renewed and invigorated by the struggle of Light and Darkness; and in the second benefit would there arise the kingdom of the Ahgendai, possessing within its realms the greatest Gods of all, to stand beside my Azraella as warriors of light most fully knowing.

29  And so it was decided the path which we would take, permitting that Shaemdiel should follow after the pride of his heart; which pride caused that he should seek to war against the Celestial Kingdom, even as Yaldabaoth did war against Olaha Shinehah;

30  Having himself been seduced by the dark reasonings of the Lord of Chaos to see in the glories of the highest realms something paltry and thinly pale; becoming himself fearful and filled with anger against the workings of Hodos Alea whereby he might supplant it with another, made of his own devising.

31  And of the first war you know already, how that Yaldabaoth did leave the Heavens to find the world of my beginnings, perchance to find my likeness in the world of the First Power, perchance to turn me from my course and make the Heavens cease to be, and thereby be the victor.

32  Yet even in this did I foreknow the course which he would take, for the Azraella did plant the seed of my deep and subtle plan; for after Shaemdiel did see for himself the thing which boomed across the Chasm, to converse with Yaldabaoth; even then did my Azraella go forth to speak to the Lord of Doom.

33  Consider then, my Mahaleenah, the depths of my designs; for in the musings of my holy quorum was there seen a need for a school of constant struggle, dark and filled with trouble; whereby I might test such Gods as would seek for themselves the glory of the Ahgendai.

34  Setting before the Lords and Gods of Elohim two teachers which were opposite from each the other; for in the one is there found a teacher of darkness and chaos, even the Lord of Doom who would afflict the righteous with all manner of trials and burdens whereby he might break and shatter the faith and will of those who would prove eager in achieving some greater glory.

35  Thus would Yaldabaoth seek through dark designs to steal away from out of your heart and mind, the lights of wisdom, benevolence, faith, justice, fortitude, beauty and harmony; leaving in their stead a great many burdens filled with dread and deep foreboding.

36  Stealing away the light of God which would make you bold in all your striving, to give instead the darkness of fear and ignorance and deep despair; causing that all who would seek the greater portion should be weighed down by the shadows of their life; to surrender through weariness the vision of greater things, deep and holy.

37  Yet in the other is there found a teacher of light and godly purpose, even a Teacher of Righteousness; being himself dissimilar from Yaldabaoth, being eager to give as gifts from God: courage in place of fear, wisdom in place of ignorance, and joyful visions in place of deep despair; lifting high the weight of many burdens to fill you up with God, chasing away such shadows as do but burden you.

38  Being in himself that noble warrior which would defend both Heaven and earth; bearing upon his shoulders the weight and suffering of all the world to draw it closer unto me whereby I might breathe into First Man the song of all my dreams, whereby as many as will, might create in themselves a living soul filled with life and immortality, being made the adopted sons and daughters of God.

39  And so, my child, in the world of the First Power is there found a school unlike any other; being itself uncreated by God; possessing within itself the fearful evils of man and nature, being themselves unbounded and unconstrained throughout the course of all their doings; inflicting upon all people the whims and dictates of a blind and uncertain circumstance.

40  Here then, most tender Mahaleenah, is a place of testing found; where the armies of Light and Darkness might fiercely strive for the soul of man; to see who among First Man can be found those who might draw close to God, and this through godly love and a holy affection, in a world which at the first knew only hate and anger filled with fear.

41  Yet not this only, for in this school was it permitted to test through fearsome struggles the very Lords and Gods of Elohim, proving through the clash of light and darkness, those who should prove themselves worthy to stand as one with Azrael; to be to him as sons and daughters in a kingdom far beyond the dreams of God.

42  Consider then such forces as do stand arrayed against the Father, for you know already how Yaldabaoth, in seeing the shadow of his own likeness, drew out of so dread a reflection, a son of cruel and fiery disposition, even Jehovah-Yahweh who would serve Yaldabaoth with most bitter zeal.

43  And coming to the world of the First Power the Chief Demiurgos did place to rule over it, this foul and pestilent son; causing that Jehovah-Yahweh should proclaim himself the one and only god, being himself filled with hate, desiring only to seek revenge against all mankind.

44  For in the likeness of man did this Jehovah-Yahweh see the birthseed of a far more nobler race, being in its infancy the source from which would come the first and true God of Heaven; which true God would stand against the darkness.

45  Seeing then the inevitability of so grand a thing, Jehovah-Yahweh sought to increase his influence over the minds of men and women; bringing into his service the preachers of sin and hate and fiery judgment; heaping upon the backs of men and women the burdens of shame and guilt and deep despair.

46  But not this only, for Jehovah-Yahweh created from his own likeness a great many demons; placing over them the chief Doud whose name was Anchillicus; these then were made the legions of death and hell, keeping a frightful watch over such men and women as would serve Jehovah-Yahweh in fear and trembling.

47  For over each man and woman who would choose to follow Jehovah-Yahweh, even over these would Anchillicus place a demon to watch over all their doings; whispering into their ears a great many fears filled with shame and guilt; ever constant to bind down the minds of men, to fill them up with loathing.

48  Yet over all these things did Yaldabaoth keep a constant watch, being himself distrustful of the son; causing that Yaldabaoth should create nine others who were made the equal of Jehovah-Yahweh, and to each of these did Yaldabaoth assign a portion within the great cosmos; giving to each most ample room to grow and establish well a dominion of their own.

49  And in like fashion did these likewise call forth legions of their own devising, proving themselves in every particular even as Jehovah-Yahweh, possessing to themselves a vast dominion which they sought to fill with the sum of all their many powers.

50  By such means did Yaldabaoth increase the height and depth and breadth of all his powers, dominions and principalities; adding to himself the many legions of the Demiurge; possessing to himself ten dark and troubling sons which would serve him in fear and trembling; causing that on a day of his choosing, he might strive again to storm the very Heavens, to pull them down in ruin.

51  Calling up in frightful array the armies of chaos, to set them against my Azraella, whereby he might overwhelm the Father and his Daughter, to leave as undefended the very Heavens which I love; and thereby advance unopposed into the realms of light; to dress in havoc and dark destruction the glories of God.

52  For this cause did I foreknow the necessity of a host of warrior Gods, filled with light and goodness yet graced by a firm resolve; even those who would stand beside the Azraella as dreadful saviors who would rejoice in learning the art of war; becoming themselves through emulation like the Father and the Daughter, to stand themselves as sons and daughters of the Ahgendai.

53  Thus is it needful that you understand with perfect knowledge the place whereon you stand; for even all who would take to their souls the teachings of Azrael, to live them with a true devotion, even these are from the Elohim which in the beginning did choose to aid the Azraella in the second war in Heaven.

54  And as it was in the beginning, even so is it now; for there is arrayed against the Azraella in this world of the First Power, the minions of Jehovah; being in their likeness reflected by such traditions as would retard the step in going forth, speaking out through false teachers and false scriptures the doctrine of the Demiurge.

55  Proving themselves an obstacle to all who yearn for God, and in the heart desire the touch of sacred things; snatching away through the teachings of the past, such hope and joy as God would give, to hide in shadow the wisdom of things eternal.

56  Yet against all these things have I placed in opposition this Azrael which you see; causing that he should establish a far more nobler way; casting upon him a duty worthy of his mettle; proving himself through toil and sacrifice as that one true teacher who is come from God; setting before your eyes the only true faith worthy of belief.

57  Let now the heart prove bold, and even as you did in ages past, stand you firmly beside my anointed; that you may prove yourselves worthy of such glory as I would give the faithful; becoming yourselves in every likeness even as the Ahgendai.

58  For you are not weak and unable as you might suppose, neither are you unworthy in reaching forth, but are yourselves of far more noble birth; stand you boldly and with confidence in the midst of such knowledge as Azrael would give you; be you fixed and well determined in the midst of such trials as do come upon you from time to time.

59  How then shall you fail in obtaining the things of God, if it so be that Azrael should stand beside you? Be you therefore eager in the midst of adversity, to endure and overcome, having placed all your faith in God; causing that you should stand victorious and filled with glory.

60  Come then and I will reveal to you such strength and courage as you possess already, which strength and courage lies unseen and unregarded deep within the soul of you; for in ages past did you prove yourselves as those most worthy.

61  Thus would I reveal the mystery of that second war which engulfed the whole of Heaven; and in its telling shall you see the likeness of yourselves, and in the seeing take upon yourselves a new and shining confidence filled with hope.