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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 17

Yaldabaoth attacks the Azraella – Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah rushes forth to defend, shattered by Yaldabaoth – Azraella imprisons Yaldabaoth in a cage of dimensions – Yaldabaoth concedes defeat – The Azraella speaks to Yaldabaoth: “You alone are not enough to make the Heavens fade” – Yaldabaoth ponders the thought of a dark army – Yaldabaoth evicted from the realms of Heaven – The Ahmans approach the Azraella and desire to honor him – Mahaleenah is introduced – Six Ahmans bow in sorrow for the casualties of Heaven – The Lords and Gods gather, Shaemdiel not present – Mahaleenah comforts Bithliel, Dahmiel’s Beloved – Azraella places a star in honor of Dahmiel – Heaven honors the enigmatic Ahgendai – Yaldabaoth creates his first offspring – The child attacks his father – Jehovah-Yahweh: Great Pretender and Blasphemer – Yaldabaoth returns to the realms of Heaven, studies worlds and perceives a prototype – Yaldabaoth sits beside the Chasm – Shaemdiel, alone in a garden, hears the booming of Yaldabaoth


1  And being himself filled with rage and hurtful spite, Yaldabaoth struck hard against the Light; causing that the Azraella should stagger beneath so fierce a blow, sending throughout the height and breadth and depth of all the many Heavens a deep and frightful shudder.

2  And the portals of Heaven did quake and tremble before the struggle of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness; and there rushed forth from among the seven Ahmans, Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah, being himself the Ahman of all the realms of El Ramadee.

3  Being himself therefore fearful for the sake of Azraella, he leaped forth boldly most gravely stern, casting himself straightway in a mighty rush into the face of Yaldabaoth; and in an instant did he perish midst flashing flames and bursting shards, which like glass did shatter into splinters of broken light.

4  Then did there erupt from out of all the Heavens a deep and wailing cry, for even all the Gods did shake with a sudden start; for at no time had any of the Archons been made to perish before the throne of God, to become themselves no more forever.

5  And the Azraella, seeing so great a dreadful thing, gathered up the fullness of all his powers, to focus into one the sum of all dimensions, primes and fractals, and as a bolt of mighty lightning he flashed across the troubling tide, to strike against the Lord of Chaos.

6  Staggering beneath the fearsome blow,
Yaldabaoth felt the sting;
awful pains which fiercely stung,
filled his very being.


7  Seized by hurt the Darkness roared,
Yaldabaoth fiercely rearing;
coiling, boiling, seething wrath,
time like fabric tearing.


8  Oceans of time, their fractals bent,
the Heavens blinked and staggered;
bruising deep the Eternal Round,
while on the Darkness swaggered.


9  Charged the dreadful Darkness,
raging, hurtful might;
every ounce of vicious anger
bolting towards the Light.


10  Yet swiftly moved the Azraella
stepping quick aside,
calling forth the great dimensions
blocking every side.


11  Hemmed and pressed the Darkness turned,
he struck the shimmering cage,
which captured whole his mighty powers,
to contain his awful rage.


12  Striking hard his prison walls,
Yaldabaoth roared and fought,
lashing out with fisted blows,
yet all this came to naught.


13  For firm and stout his prison proved,
the dimensions firmly held,
being made most ever strong
with every blow that fell.


14  The Lord of Chaos raged and roared,
his pride most deeply stung,
lashing, crashing, fearsome thrashing,
on and on he swung.


15  Until at last his powers ebbed,
the hurtful tides receded;
Lord of Doom, his anger spent
his defeat he quick conceded.


16  Then came before the Dreadful Lord,
the light of God ascending,
brilliant rays of rainbowed light,
their glory soft descending.


17  Watched in silence the mighty Ahmans,
though one would be no more,
silent tears replaced by awe
to see the light before.


18  Darkly stirred the hurtful foe,
he watched with great suspicions,
turning, burning, inward rage,
held firm by great dimensions.


19  Spoke at last the Azraella,
his voice made soft and kind,
speaking to that Lord of Doom
whose hate had made him blind.


20  “Come my brother and let us reason,
set aside your hate,
for the path you tread is dark and cold,
and has a dreadful fate.


21  For these the Heavens shall I defend,
to guard it well and deep,
to shield it from your dark designs,
and in my hands shall keep;


22  All the glories which here abide,
all that’s good and bright,
all that’s holy and filled with joy,
I guard with fearless might.


23  Look you now and quick perceive,
the vastness of these realms,
which here abide in sweet forever,
too vast to overwhelm.


24  For you alone are not enough
to make the Heavens fade,
to swallow up in bitter darkness
or hold within your shade.


25  So leave off now and quickly go,
for now you must depart,
for you alone are not enough,
to make the Heavens dark.


26  For here beside me beyond the Keep,
do many legions stand,
always eager in faith awaiting
to leap at my command.


27  Dressed for battle and fit for war,
they wait in fierce array,
waiting there beyond your sight
to come and win the day.


28  So go my brother and don’t delay,
consider well your part,
for here alone you’re not enough
to make the Heavens dark.”


29  Thus spoke the shining brightness,
while Yaldabaoth deeply thought,
pondering each and every word,
his mind most deeply wrought.


30  What might be done with a mighty host,
with those made just like him;
what victories might be quickly gained,
what lights made dark and dim?


31  What might befall the Gods Beyond
if he could just create,
some fierce and darksome army
which could the Heavens shake?


32  How might he hurt that shining light
which stood before his presence;
how kill this God which held him bound,
how kill his every essence?


33  This he thought within his mind
while Azraella spoke,
pondering, scheming, dreadful dreaming,
dark plans he did evoke.


34  Thus did the Azraella hold in check the fury of Yaldabaoth, and in a sudden instant did the dimensions which held him bound brightly flash; and Yaldabaoth was evicted far from the kingdoms of Heaven, to find himself alone in the starry deep.

35  Then came the several Ahmans to see for themselves more closely still this Savior which withstood so well the machinations of Yaldabaoth, to cast him far beyond the very Heavens which he strived so hard to darken.

36  And there flowed from out of the Ahmans a kind and warm regard, to lay before the Azraella an invitation that he might return with them to the Council of the Seven Lights whereby the Azraella might be honored midst deep and solemn thanksgiving.

37  And in the hearing did the Azraella prove most humble, and calling forth to Mahaleenah, there came to stand before the Ahmans, the very Daughter of the Ahgendai, being herself dressed for war; and in the seeing did every Ahman prove most gracious, to kiss her soft upon the cheek.

38  But behind the gracious greetings, behind the kindest heart, six Ahmans bowed in sorrow; being themselves most deep within touched by heartache at the loss of Dahmiel and all those terrestrial worlds which the Darkness so quick destroyed.

39  Thus did there gather as one, all the Ahmans together with the Ahgendai, both the Father and the Daughter; and leaping forth across the Chasm they came into the realms of the Celestial Kingdom of God.

40  And there was gathered in solemn array even all the Lords and Gods of Heaven save one, for Shaemdiel would not go; being himself most deep disturbed by the loss of Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah, the Ahman of El Ramadee.

41  And so there gathered all the varied hosts of the Celestial Kingdom to stand before the Azraella and his Daughter; being themselves filled with gratitude that the Heavens were most timely saved; but in their heart was there found the shock of deepest sorrow.

42  For the Heavens had suffered greatly at the loss of one most dear, to harbor in their private hearts the tears of godly grief; extending through the Tael a holy consolation unto Bithliel who stood herself most well composed, being herself most gracious and filled with humble dignity.

43  But in the seeing of Bithliel did Mahaleenah step forth, and approaching close to her, Bithliel did most gently yield, to place before the noble Daughter the grief of all her heart; and before the gathered assembly did Mahaleenah softly comfort, to lift the heavy burden.

44  Placing in the wounded heart the seed of godly hope, causing that Bithliel should see once more, in a future yet to come, a Beloved of her own again who would most sweetly love, to stand beside her always, forever and anon.

45  And before the gathered hosts of Heaven did the Azraella give command, and behold there appeared within the Chasm a single brilliant star, to shine in grave remembrance of the God who gave his life for the sake of Azraella.

46  Seeing then so bright a star within the void beyond, even all the Gods did gaze in wonder at the shimmering, shining brightness; hearing deep throughout the Tael the voice of Azraella, saying: “Behold now the star of Dahmiel, who gave his life for me.”

47  How deeply moved those noble hearts to see so bright a star shining there within the void, to stand forever as testimony of one who sacrificed even his own life for the sake of many others, to give to Azraella his chance against the Dark.

48  Thus were the Lords and Gods most grateful gathered, to see for themselves the Ahgendai who did defend the great Eternal Round, to capture whole Yaldabaoth to cast him far away, scattering across the starry deep his dark and fearsome powers.

49  And throughout the Seven Councils did the Ahgendai move with ease, being accepted by all the Lords and Gods of Heaven as those most closely bound to The One and Areta together; being seen by the Gods and Goddesses of celestial glory as beings of some bright and glorious nature far different from their own.

50  And so the Heavens proved most grateful in honoring the Ahgendai together, both the Father and the Daughter, to see in them a kindred spirit; which kindred spirits were filled with a deeper mystery than they themselves possessed; which thing did fill the Gods with wonder.

51  But in the starry deep, while the Gods of Heaven gathered in honoring the Ahgendai, even in that moment did the Darkness stir and gather; to make as one again the powers of Yaldabaoth; winnowing from out of deepest space the elements of all his dreadful essence.

52  And remembering well his great intent, Yaldabaoth took deep thought, forcing and shaping with inward hate; designing and drawing from all his knowing; and in one flashing, sudden moment there leaped from out of the midst of Yaldabaoth, the shadow of himself, being the first of his kind.

53  But in the very moment, at the instant of his birth, the seedling child did behold his very father; and with a dreadful hiss, he did leap at him with violent fury, lunging straight into the face of Yaldabaoth, reaching out with puny might to subdue the thing before him.

54  How greatly roared Yaldabaoth at the insolence and effrontery of the child; and like a flash of dreadful lightning he struck against the seedling child, to slap him hard across the face; to bind him down in fear and pain.

55  Thus did the dreadful father subdue the dreadful son, to force upon him a grudging obedience to the Chief Demiurgos; and Yaldabaoth named the seedling child: Jehovah-Yahweh, which in the language of the Demiurge means: Great Pretender and Blasphemer.

56  And the dreadful father spoke to the dreadful son, saying: “I am your Father, Yaldabaoth is my name. Father of Chaos, Lord of Darkness am I, even the Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed. For I alone am the Self-Created One, for by my own power did I draw myself out from the Abyss.

57  Behold, I am he whose name is unspeakable, whose countenance unknowable, possessing unto myself the only true power which is greater than any other; for Darkness and Depth have I created, whereby I might rule supreme throughout the halls of endless night.

58  For I am Dominion, dark and dreadful to behold; making subject to my greater will the strongest of the mighty; for I alone am made father unto you. Serve me well therefore and live or else I shall destroy you altogether.

59  For behold, even I am made your Lord and Master, being myself endless and forever; most dreadful evil have I become, even he who challenged alone the might of Heaven, to cast them into tears.

60  For I alone have killed a God, being myself the slayer of Dahmiel, the Ahman of El Ramadee; fear me therefore, let now your heart feel dread, for from my own soul have I drawn you forth that you might give service unto me.

61  Such then as I would teach you, even this most quickly learn, for from my depths shall I nurture you, to feed you well on hate and bitter wrath; causing that my enemies shall be your enemies, and my designs your designs.

62  Give therefore a quick obedience, and of my powers take care; for you have I brought forth to command some future legion, to do as I shall bid; becoming yourself through quick compliance a power all your own, to stand as second unto me.

63  Take care therefore the things you do, or in your mind conceive; for if you should think to stand against me, to wrest from me my power and dominion, even in that very moment shall I rise most fierce against you; to crush you with most dreadful pains; causing that you, yourself, should plead for dark oblivion.

64  Serve me therefore, and as you shall mature, even I shall add to you even greater and greater power, till you should stand supreme above all your future siblings; to stand yourself before many legions as second in command, becoming through quick obedience my first and favorite son.

65  What say you then? Be quick and give me answer. Will you serve me blindly, to do as I command?” And quickly did Jehovah-Yahweh answer, saying: “Father, I serve.”

66  Now when Yaldabaoth heard this, he roared a mighty roar, causing that the very stars which stood nearby should tremble and greatly shake; and in the hearing did Jehovah-Yahweh deeply fear, to become himself as weak and pale before his fearsome father.

67  And Yaldabaoth, being satisfied that his son would quick obey him, he commanded that the son should wait for his return; and quickly did Yaldabaoth fly himself away, to return most secretly unto the realms of Heaven, being himself well hidden in such dimensions as he commanded.

68  And gazing upon Olaha Shinehah, the Darkness spoke saying: “I will destroy what I have not created; I will make as darkness the light which comes from another; to fill it full of ruin and broken rubble, a place of woe and bitter tears.”

69  And Yaldabaoth did move round about Olaha Shinehah, to gaze intently upon the worlds thereof, studying each with grave intent, perceiving in their likeness and design, the very prototype from which all worlds were surely fashioned.

70  Having conceived in his mind some deep and hidden gnosis, Yaldabaoth turned his gaze away from Olaha Shinehah; and espying across the Chasm the stars of the Celestial Kingdom, Yaldabaoth spoke to himself, saying:

71  “I shall find a way across the Chasm and I shall cause the kingdom of God to grow weak and feeble that I might take the glory of Heaven unto myself, to be both Lord and Master.”

72  And so it came about that there sat beside the Chasm which divided the lesser light from the greater, a darkly brooding presence, even Yaldabaoth, Father of Chaos, Lord of Doom.

73  Now in the Celestial Kingdom, in the city of Salem of Merigoth did Shaemdiel quietly sit; having himself refused to greet the Ahgendai, being himself most deeply troubled by the death of Dahmiel; sitting alone within a garden, in a city filled with silence.

74  For even all the Lords and Gods had gone away to sit among the Seven Councils of Light; to see for themselves the Azraella and his Daughter; and in his great aloneness did Shaemdiel begin to hear the booming of something dark and dreadful beside the great Chasm.