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Chapter 20

Breaking Tradition

Kronus’ estate – Orchards and gardens – The First Woman is given a name: Yoshibeth – Teaching the art of love and sex – The House of Kronus – The women’s response towards Yoshibeth – Preparing for guests and a feast – The women’s love and respect for Kronus


1  This then is the estate upon which the House of Kronus held full dominion; having in possession some 800 acres of land being surrounded by a great stone wall some 20 feet high; having on its battlements a great many gun turrets.

2  Yet in the center of the estate was there set aside 100 acres of land, upon which the house and manor of Kronus stood; being encompassed by a small stone wall which stood 10 feet tall.

3  Now Kronus would not permit that anything should cause the women of his house to tremble and weep because of fear; neither would he consent to the awakenings of that inward terror which befell all women within the empire from the days of their birth.

4  For this cause would Kronus not permit on the lands of his estate, any of the dogs of war; being made himself to loathe and despise them with a cold and bitter contempt; for Kronus remembered the screaming of the women in the days of his childhood, when the dogs of war did tear in pieces the women of his mother’s house, to devour them while yet they lived.

5  Neither would Kronus allow that any guard or soldier come near unto his manor; for this cause did he command the captains of his guards to patrol only the lands between the outer walls of his estate to the inner walls which did surround his manor.

6  Which thing would not allow that any guard should so much as see for themselves, the secret gardens of their master; for the gates of the inner walls were built in the fashion of a maze.

7  Now within the boundaries of the smaller wall did Kronus cause to be planted a variety of fruit trees; for upon the lands which surrounded the manor were there found apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees, plum trees, and apricot trees; for unto each type was there set aside a specific portion of land.

8  Yet between the outer wall and the inner wall did Kronus keep a great many beehives, whereby he might gather unto the manor, the honey thereof; for Kronus desired to add to the lives of those which served him, a sweetness and goodness both rich and rare.

9  But still did Kronus add greater things than this unto the grounds of his estate, for there was planted around the manor, flowers of every kind and color; and even these did grow most profusely, to burst forth midst all their glory in the season of their bloom; to greet the eyes of all who saw, with beauty and wonder exceeding.

10  And among the flowers and among the trees and flowering shrubs did Kronus build a pathway of white, burnished brick, and even this did meander throughout the grounds and gardens of his estate;

11  For he desired that the women and servants of his house should stroll about during their moments of rest, when the labors of their days might be set aside for the sake of joy and quiet reflection.

12  Also did Kronus build between the manor and the house of the women’s school a large and spacious arbor where the grapes did grow in abundance, being heavy with fruit; and the floor of the arbor did he fashion of red flagstone.

13  And on the floor of the arbor did Kronus place soft chairs and tables finely made of red cedar; for he desired that women of his house have a place of their own where they might rest from the labors of the day, to enjoy for themselves the shade and bounty of goodly things.

14  Now from the day of her appointment did Kronus love the First Woman of all his house, for she was young and filled with life; being herself but seventeen years of age; being in her person most easily delighted by such things as Kronus would do for the love of her.

15  For Kronus would break in pieces the traditions of ages past, desiring himself to give unto the First Woman, a name of her own, whereby others might know her; for in six hundred years had no woman been given a name within the empire; being first forbidden by the founder of the empire, Maximus Drakonus.

16  Thus on the first night when Kronus decided, himself, to lay with the woman to love her, he spoke to her most softly in the ear, saying: “For you, my love, would I give a name whereby all might know you; for this night shall I call you Yoshibeth.”

17  And the woman answered him upon the bosom, saying: “What, my lord, does such a name mean, for to me it is but a sound only?” Then did Kronus thrust himself most tenderly deep within her, and kissing her upon the lips and upon the nipples of her breasts, he spoke to her, saying:

18  “Well have you spoken, my Beloved; for without meaning are all words made but sounds only, being empty themselves of life or worth.

19  Know then that in the name which I would give you have I placed the greatest meaning of all; for Yoshibeth does but only mean, the house where love is born.

20  Be you therefore my Yoshibeth, and in your house shall I dwell in love and constant devotion; for in you would I find both joy and fulfillment throughout the days of all my life, to bring as gifts of love, the sum of all my hopes and dreams together.”

21  And Yoshibeth, hearing the words of Kronus, did yield herself unto him, being consumed by soft yearnings and fiery passions; and Kronus loved Yoshibeth with all his heart and mind and body, to spill into her womb the fullness of his seed.

22  Thus did Kronus keep Yoshibeth beside him most constantly, that in the day and in the night he might cast upon her the fullness of all his love through such affections as were born of all his many passions.

23  And Yoshibeth walked beside Kronus, to manage with him the affairs of all his house; and in the knowing of him did she love him even all the more.

24  Yet notwithstanding so great a love as they did bear for each the other, still did Kronus gather the women before the evening meal of every day, and did himself teach unto them the art of sexual communion whereby the women might learn for themselves the pleasures of the flesh.

25  For in the days of Kronus was no woman ever loved but were themselves both raped and plundered only; being forced and compelled by brutal men of hate and fury; being violated day and night by lustful men who knew not the arts of love and tenderness.

26  Thus in the uppermost room of the manor did Kronus teach unto the women the goodness of love and sex through gentle words and tender touches; being forged in himself together through such wisdom as his mother did give him in the days of his youth.

27  And the women did yearn most anxiously for the touch and kiss of Kronus; for they saw for themselves, the love which he gave unto Yoshibeth; and even they did desire the shadows of such love for themselves.

28  So Kronus and Yoshibeth together did teach unto every woman the arts of sexual pleasuring, whereby they might tame the beast in every man, to subdue him every whit through gentle words and gentle touches.

29  To receive in their flesh the fiery passions of the man, while yet he, himself, was most deeply anointed and consumed through the graces of the woman; to lay together upon the bed, being most strongly bound in the giving and receiving of each the other through tender and thoughtful affections.

30  By such means did the women flourish and grow through the kindness of Kronus; and day by day did the pains and terrors of ages past slip most quietly away, to leave revealed to all which saw, women of grace and stately beauty.

31  And the House of Kronus grew rich in joy, for there was upon the faces of all who lived within the manor, the most pleasing of smiles and gentle humor; for fear had fled itself away, to leave behind a house filled with laughter and kind regard.

32  For even the seeds of envy and jealousy did Kronus cast far away; for each woman thought herself esteemed and highly favored of their master; being each themselves, well fed and cared for; being given as gifts an abundance of beautiful gowns, finely made and richly adorned with pearls and other costly treasures.

33  For such gowns as the clothiers made did the women, themselves, improve; to wear at the evening meal, gowns of softest silk made sheer and transparent, whereby they might clothe in a variety of styles and colors and erotic fashions, the beauty of the flesh.

34  And there was given unto each woman throughout the year, gifts and adornments of every kind; for Kronus did award each woman in the achievement of excellence throughout the sum of all their studies;

35  To place in the heart and mind of each, the gift of accomplishment and worth; filling the heart of each woman with an eager desire to strive towards such mastery as Kronus would hope for each.

36  For in the pleasing of Kronus did the women strive daily, while he in like fashion did coax and woo the women of his house to some gentle and gracious perfection; to crown the women of his house with some inward value greater than all their dreaming.

37  Thus, to achieve the fullness of his designs, Kronus commanded that on six days of each week, the women of his house should go to school and there prepare themselves for that greater life which he dared for all.

38  And there in the classrooms of the house did he teach to them the use and proper speech of the imperial court, as well as the skills of reading and writing; and to these did Kronus add the arts of war and military history, mathematics and science, as well as the psychology of men and all their ways.

39  And at the noon hour of each day, after the eating of their meal, Kronus would teach unto the women the grace and art of music, filled with singing and dancing.

40  Thus in the days of their schooling did Kronus teach the women no less than twelve hours a day; instructing them and testing them all the while in such manners and courtesies as he, himself, did construct and design for their benefit.

41  For Kronus desired to disarm the anger of all men towards women through the exercise of charm and grace; to soothe away through courtly manners, the beastly cravings of lustful and violent men; to set aside forever such contempt and disregard as all men bore through the grace and beauty of women.

42  Such were the designs and intentions of Kronus whereby he might uplift the status of every woman, causing that men should love them and see in them some good companion and faithful consort, and not the whore which he would rape.

43  But on the seventh and eighth day of the week were the women set at liberty to do as they might please, to stroll about the gardens according to their pleasure, and to rest and commune in friendly fashion one with another.

44  For each woman thought herself blest and fortunate to be in the House of Kronus, to see in each woman a friend and an ally; being filled, each themselves, with contentment and hope through the kindness of their master.

45  And of all the women did Yoshibeth reign supreme and unquestioned, being herself the First Woman of the house; being in her person both fair and wise, both gracious and considerate of every woman within the house.

46  For every woman knew that in Yoshibeth had every woman a tender friend; being made aware of the master’s love for her above all others; having seen for themselves the love and devotion which he did give her.

47  Thus did every woman seek to please Kronus through such kind regard as they would give to Yoshibeth; seeing in her joy some advantage for themselves;

48  Being hopeful that by such considerations and obedience as they would place upon the First Woman of the house, they might win for each themselves, the favor of Kronus, whereby he might lay beside them upon the bed.

49  For each woman desired to receive in herself, the passions of Kronus, to receive in their womb a fullness of his seed; for in his loving was fire and tenderness together blended, being ever guided by soft words and gentle touches.

50  Thus did every woman give to Yoshibeth a ready and constant approbation, for in her grace and beauty did they see themselves perfected; and Yoshibeth blossomed as the rose, being in her form and manner the song which all would likewise sing.

51  Yet did Kronus, on the seventh and eighth day of each week, set himself aside in solitude whereby he might plan and contrive such means as he might use in the accomplishment of all his goals and aspirations.

52  And when he was decided, he ordered from the Hall of Records the histories and biographies of the youngest and most powerful of men; and sorting through the whole of them, he chose forty men which he knew most fully himself; and these did he set aside; for these men would he invite to the feasting of his house.

53  And Kronus selected as escorts for all his guests, forty women of his house; and unto each of these did he assign the history and biography of one of his guests; and these did the women study and discuss with one another.

54  For each woman was made most fully aware of the importance of their master’s goals; knowing full well that if they should fail in their designs, then might the whole house be put at risk, to face altogether the wrath of every man’s traditions and beliefs.

55  Thus did the women, in the eighth month of their stay in the House of Kronus, practice and rehearse all those things which they were taught; giving to each other some strong encouragement whereby they might quell into silence the fears which lurked within.

56  And together did Yoshibeth and Kronus work day and night in the preparation of all things; deciding among themselves the best course which they might take; and day by day, and night by night, the women continued faithfully to master such studies and lessons as Kronus did place before them.

57  And in the twelfth month, when there was but two weeks only before the feasting of his house, Kronus sent forth the invitation to sup and dine; and all which received were made anxious to attend; for the young men of power held Kronus in high regard, believing in themselves that he was the greatest of them all.

58  Yet in the House of Kronus were all things made final and held in readiness, for there was gathered for the feast the finest of foods and wines; and there was placed in the dining hall the richest of tapestries and costly tableware.

59  And the women also were held in readiness, having selected for themselves the finest and richest of gowns and velvet slippers, each fashioned in the richest of colors and the brightest of hues; and there was set aside for each woman also, jewels and ornaments of every kind, whereby they might further enhance the beauty of their comely forms.

60  Thus did the whole house stand in readiness, and in the night before the feast did Kronus go unto the uppermost room of the house, and there did he speak tender words of love and encouragement.

61  And seeing for themselves that Kronus was burdened with care for their sakes, Yoshibeth did lead him unto her bed; and in the night did every woman lay most closely beside him where they might see and feel for themselves the love which Yoshibeth might give him for all their sakes.