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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 32

Kronus and Areta reunite – Kronus mourns the world of man – Kronus grieves the loss of his Beloved – Areta explains her presence as Yoshibeth – Kronus observes Yoshibeth’s body of spirit – A vow to one day save Yonder World – Kronus and Yoshibeth enter the streams of intelligence – Areta and God – “We shall call it Heaven”


1  And the light did brightly gather and from the softness of its glow did Kronus feel that familiar touch from long ago, when his mother would hold him to her breasts to comfort.

2  And to the light did Kronus speak, saying: “O, my Mother; long have I yearned for thee, believing always that you would not forsake.

3  For in the passing of the years did I keep firm the faith in all your love; believing with most fervent hope that in a moment of your choosing you would come to claim the son, to remember well that tender love which we bore for each the other.”

4  And hearing these words the light did pulse and glow brighter still; and Areta spoke from out of the light, saying: “Shall a mother forget the suckling child, or fail to remember her only begotten?

5  Why therefore will you weep, seeing that I am faithful and filled with love for your sake? For what cause is the heart made broken and filled with sorrow, seeing that I am made eternal Mother to all which lives and moves and breathes the breath of all my soul together?”

6  Now when Kronus heard these things, his heart did break with sorrow, and he spoke, saying: “I weep not for the loss of thee, great Mother, but for the loss of all our dreams for yonder world; for the world of man was made mad through beastly lusts, for they had no life beyond the life which they made miserable and corrupt.

7  For the men of yonder world have perished to be no more, for they had nothing greater than themselves to guide them; for they were without such hopes and dreams as would carry them beyond the smallness of ceaseless want, having in themselves no means by which to see, or hear, or touch what was greater than all else;

8  Ever grasping for such things as had no life, till death itself consumed them, being without such hopes and dreams as would carry them beyond the realm of their own folly;

9  Being themselves consumed by hate, for they knew no love or soft affection; seeing in themselves no beauty, being made blind through the lustings of the flesh; being themselves unmoved by gentler graces, being pushed and goaded by brutal passions.

10  For the world of man was without such faith as would lift them above the vain imaginings of beastly men, which did themselves strut and prowl about midst heaps of ruin and rubble;

11  Seeking here and there some constant mischief whereby they might take captive the unsuspecting, to cast them down into death and torment; to find in the agony of others, some perverse and wicked amusement.

12  Yet beyond all these things do I grieve more greatly still, for fairest Yoshibeth is all consumed, being bound in death forever; and I am left alone to mourn the passing of my dearest love.

13  For in Yoshibeth did I find that dear and sweet companion who would love me always, to soothe away through gentle touches, the hardness of the age; being in her loving form a refuge from the storm.

14  Having in her flesh the seed from which all good things are made to flow in constant abundance; possessing in herself that certain source from which all love and life, all grace and beauty, all hope and joy are made as one; causing that I should hold and touch and gently kiss a goodness most like your own.

15  By such means did fairest Yoshibeth capture the soul of all my being, causing that in the moment of her death I should be most miserable.

16  What then, is this forever worth without my sweet Beloved? For by her absence are eternal things made dull and heavy pressing; causing that I should yearn for death, perchance that in the grave I might cease this constant ache.

17  Yet, my Mother, when I behold the brightness of your glory, I do wonder still; for in your passing from mortal life was I made to dwell alone, causing that in Yoshibeth I should find my only joy; and with her death is joy gone forever.”

18  These then are the words which Kronus spoke; and in the hearing did the light move closer still, and from the midst of the glory did Areta speak most gently, saying:

19  “Weep not my son, neither let sorrow make heavy the heart within; for in my passing from mortal life did I keep a constant watch over all your doings; and in the day of your greatest need did I come again unto you in living form, to be to you some constant comfort.”

20  Now when Kronus heard these things, he spoke, again, saying: “When, my Mother, did you come unto me? In what form or manner did you make yourself known?”

21  And hearing the words of Kronus, the light grew brighter still, and from the light did there come forth most fair and lovely Yoshibeth; being herself alive and filled with tender glory.

22  And seeing again his only Love, Kronus did rush upon her to seize her in his arms, even as she did yield before his kisses with tender sighs, and Yoshibeth spoke to her Beloved, saying:

23  “Come my Love, and let us rejoice in the joining of each the other, for together shall we forever be, to mingle midst our gentle passions the sum of our affections, to yield to each such devotions as we would give for love’s sake.

24  For even now shall I become to you even as a mother, a lover, and a daughter; becoming for your sake these things in one; having in my soul a full completeness of affection whereby I might nurture you upon my breasts, to receive in my womb the deepness of your many passions; being ever taught, through gentle rhythms, the goodness of our love.

25  Know then, my dearest Love, that I was always near you; and though in the seeing, you saw me not, still did I closely dwell; being ever present in thought and soul, being in you most constant found; renewing midst the pains of all your anguish the songs of love and sweet devotion.”

26  And hearing all these things, Kronus was filled with joy; yet in the midst of great rejoicing he beheld some difference in appearance between himself and Yoshibeth, and he spoke, saying:

27  “Beloved, what is this difference which I do see? For in you do I see clearly the shape and form of fairest Yoshibeth, while in my soul am I but faint and ill perceived; having to myself neither shape nor comely form, but drifting about as some nimbus cloud which does yet carry the essence of my being.”

28  And Yoshibeth answered him, saying: “Look, my Love, and clearly see: For I am spirit and in the spirit does there dwell the soul of all my being, having within its eternal nature the sum of all my memories and feelings and deepest knowing.

29  For this which you see is the body of my spirit, which spirit is made to possess the very soul of all my life with you together; having within its gentle form a power far greater than any other; holding in sweet abeyance the promise of still some greater glory yet unborn; which promise does yet wait for thee, my Love, when you and I shall join as one forever.

30  Let us therefore, go from here where death and gloom make sad the noble heart; for in streams of light and endless wonder would I fashion from all our love a tabernacle of spirit like unto my own, that in the spirit you might dwell as one beside me.

31  And in an age both far and distant, we shall come again to yonder world, and by such powers as we shall increase between ourselves, we shall find some means to save this cruel but broken world.

32  For in our love for each the other shall time itself yield; causing that in some distant morrow, we might yet reclaim the world of First Man; to create in them such soul as they permit, being fashioned through some gentler yearning which would itself break in pieces the chains of death and darkness.”

33  Such were the words which Yoshibeth spoke unto her Beloved, and Kronus giving consent, they did together most swiftly fly, to cast themselves to that distant place which only the Mother knew.

34  And there in the depths of space and endless time did Kronus see a stream of living light; and in the light did he clearly see the shining particles of intelligence, which like bits of sparkling gold did flow forever.

35  For the light which flowed was made a liquid light, and the intelligences which moved within were fashioned themselves of absolute matter, being bound together through some mathematical construct of the Mother’s making.

36  And Yoshibeth, taking Kronus unto her heart, did enter the streams of endless light; and Yoshibeth spoke, saying: “Come, my Love, and enter now within me; for of our love together shall we fashion for your sake, a tabernacle of spirit like unto my own; that in the tabernacle of your spirit might the soul forever dwell.

37  Being in all and through all, being itself unbounded and without limitations; possessing a power beyond all power, and a glory far greater than any other.”

38  Thus it came about that the soul of Kronus did enter into the spirit of Yoshibeth, and there flowed through both together, the streams of intelligence which moved round about each the other; and there came out of Kronus a tabernacle of spirit which was fully masculine, yet being in like nature to the spirit of his Beloved.

39  And stepping out of the stream, they did gaze upon each other in wondrous delight; being filled to overflowing with passions and sweet endearments; and in the bosom of eternity did they lay themselves together, to mingle in the light of happy lusts and sweet surrender.

40  And when they were completed, to rest in each the other’s arms, Yoshibeth spoke, saying: “From this day, my Love, shall I cease to call you Kronus; for this name did violent men deign to give. Therefore, I shall be to you as Areta only, while you to me shall I call God.

41  For in the days of your childhood did the Mother call you such, finding in you that noble person from which all things good are made to live in the affairs of men; to find in you that full expression of love and life together blended.

42  Come then, my Love, and tell me what we should do. For here in the Deep shall we forever dwell, to be as One together in love and sweet communion. How then shall we proceed in this forever place, where you and I most happily dwell?”

43  And God, rising from his place, did look about; and holding his Beloved most closely to his bosom, he spoke, saying:

44  “I shall make for us some happy kingdom, a place of joy and hope, causing that we shall make from all our affections a far more nobler race.

45  And to this place shall I give a name, to call it Heaven; for from its bosom shall all light and glory, all love and beauty, all life and increase forever flow in constant abundance and rich reward.”

46  And Areta hearing this did smile, being herself content, saying: “We shall call it Heaven.” And being seized again by fiery longings, she fell midst waves of deepest yearnings, deep into the soul of God; to be herself all consumed midst flames of happy passion.