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Chapter 22

The Game of Sweet Seduction

A new song is sung – Kronus and Yoshibeth dance – Kronus speaks to the forty men regarding the women of his house – Kronus and Yoshibeth demonstrate the power of the kiss – Hidden gifts and pleasures – Playing the game of sweet seduction – “Come then, and I will show you the playing of this game”


1  And in the stillness of the room did the woman sing, and all was quiet and strangely hushed, for every man did sit in silence, being in their persons as calm as stones, while yet the music and melody did move upon every man; touching here, softening there the hearts of those which heard.

2  For the song which the woman sang did carry away upon its words, the hardness of ages past; to wear away through subtle means the harshness of all men; giving birth within the heart of each, a gentle ache filled with hunger and softest yearnings.

3  And when the woman had completed the singing of the song, the lights of the room did brighten, and Kronus rose from his place and did applaud, and every man seeing him did likewise, crying out with lustful zeal words of strong approval.

4  Then did the woman bow and curtsey before the whole room, and every man did but applaud more loudly still, evensomuch that many of the men did seize up the cups of gold to bang them loudly against the tables.

5  Then did Kronus raise his hands to quiet those assembled; and when all was quiet, Kronus signaled unto the women which played, and again the room was filled with music, soft and sweet.

6  And taking Yoshibeth by the hand, Kronus led her to the center of the room, and to the music did they softly sway. And holding each other closely, together did they dance, tracing unseen patterns upon the floor; gliding with graceful ease to the rhythms of the sound; gazing with joyful eyes into the heart of each the other.

7  And there followed after them the woman which sang, and she sang a song of sweet embrace, of men and women together blended in harmony and kind regard; singing for all to hear, a song of love and passion mingled, of soft seduction and deep fulfillment.

8  And all which saw, whether man or woman, even they were most deeply moved in the seeing of the dance; and when the song was completed, Kronus took Yoshibeth and sat her again at the head table and turning to his guests, he spoke, saying:

9  “My good and brave companions, the evening is far spent, and the night has come upon us when by custom you must retire, to sleep and refresh yourselves according to your pleasure; for as your host would I give to please you the women of my house, that they might satisfy such passions as do stir within you.

10  For you are the men of war, filled with strength and violent passions, while yet the women which sit bedside you are the treasures of my house; for in all the world shall you not see their likeness, being in their form and manner greater than such poor and paltry riches as other men might value.

11  For such costly things as you have gathered cannot give to you what these, my treasures, can; for I tell you truly that these women which sit beside you are greater than all other women which you have known.

12  Being in their grace and manner far greater than the luster of gold or the sparkle and fiery brilliance of rubies and emeralds or diamonds altogether; possessing in their lovely forms the greatest of mysteries, filled with wonder and rich reward.

13  Know therefore, that these women have I schooled and greatly trained in the pleasing of a man, whereby they might draw through some tender touch or soft embrace, the seed of all your longing; to move with gentle grace upon the bed beside you, whereby they might give most joyfully unto you, that which you have never known before.

14  Know then, my brave and fiery fellows, that in such grace and beauty as these women shall give you upon the bed, is the strength of your body made to rest, being preserved most strongly through the softness of the woman; while yet the beauty and grace of the woman shall you also preserve through such manly strength as you possess.

15  Thus in your coming together with the women of my house is there found a fair exchange; for these women which sit beside you shall give freely of their grace and beauty, while you shall spill in them the seeds of strength and power.

16  How then shall I guard the treasures of my house, seeing that I have set my heart upon them? For it is customary that a man protect and safely guard the things of greatest value, to secure them against both loss and injury.

17  For this cause shall I command you that in the House of Kronus shall you refrain your hands from all abuse; for I will not permit that these, my darlings, should be struck or beaten in any fashion.

18  For if any of these women should suffer because of you, how then shall you compensate for so great a loss, to replace with equal value, a woman of her likeness; seeing that within the whole of all our empire, there are none which can prove her equal?”

19  Thus did Kronus speak, and a certain man stood forth to speak, saying: “My Lord Kronus, this thing you ask is far beyond us; for without some violent passion, how shall we arouse ourselves to intercourse? For it is harshness which draws forth the fire in the blood, causing that we should spill forth our seed into the woman.”

20  And every man gave assent; but Kronus answered them, saying: “Are you not the men of war, filled with might and hidden cunning? Are you not the men of fire and blood which would leave in ruin the enemies of the state?

21  Why then will you think yourselves disadvantaged because I would protect and honor the treasures of my house? Come then and answer rightly: Who is strongest, the man who is pushed and goaded by the passions of his flesh; or he who controls with firm resolve the powers which move within him?

22  For you know already that there is a strength greater than strength, and a power greater than power; for in the firm control of all your strength is there found the greatest strength of all; and in the holding back of all your power is there revealed the paths to still some greater power.

23  Thus in the stillness of self-control do we but gather up into the hand, the strength and fire of all our heart; being cast together in mighty heaps even until we shall call them forth upon the day of battle.

24  For in the controlling of our violent passions are we made most quiet and still, even as the calm before the storm; that in the moment of greatest need we might burst forth in sudden and unexpected fury; becoming in the heat of battle even as the thunder and the lightning; causing to shake and tremble before our might the enemies of the state.

25  For the man who controls best the violent passions of his flesh, even he is the strongest man of all; for weaker men yield to lesser passions, while the strongest man controls and guides his passions to some greater end.

26  If then we should call it good to hold in abeyance the violent passions of our flesh, whereby we might prove the powers of our self-control: Why then will you think it needful to lose control before the house of women, causing that you should beat and strike against them? Is it good that women should see your weakness?

27  Hear then the words which I would speak, and I will show you that subtle power which would enflame your hearts to intercourse; having in itself a great many hidden gifts and treasures.

28  For I would set before you that certain power which, if you should master, would draw from the woman the sum of all her many desires; causing that she should open forth and fully blossom even as the rose; to fill her with an aching hunger to receive in her the sum of all your fiery seed.

29  Know then that in the power which I would show you is there found both gain and hidden pleasure, and if you be willing, even I shall show this power unto you. How then will you answer me? For whatsoever you shall ask, even that will I grant unto you.”

30  Such were the words of Kronus, and there stood up to answer him a young man of some renown, saying: “Lord Kronus, in all that you say have we been well advantaged. Show us then this power which would arouse us to some greater pleasure, and even this shall we do.”

31  Then did Kronus speak again, saying: “You men of war, do you likewise agree? Or, shall this man but speak for himself alone?” And every man began to speak, saying: “We are in agreement. Show us this power.”

32  Now when Kronus heard the shouting of the men, he raised his hand to quiet them, and every man ceased his speaking. And Kronus answered them, saying: “This then is the power which is greater than all your violence; for in it is there found the truest path to joy and pleasure.”

33  And reaching beside him, Kronus took Yoshibeth into his arms and did most gently kiss her, touching softly upon her breasts with hands made warm and tender;

34  Drawing out from the lips of her, the song of all her dreams; while breathing into her likewise, through the kissing of the lips, the hope of love and sweet communion.

35  For Kronus kissed Yoshibeth upon the lips with tender passion, while she did likewise kiss him deeply; stroking with her gentle hands, the hardness of his flesh whereby she might arouse him to intercourse.

36  Now the men which saw were greatly startled, for they had never before seen the kissing of another; and Kronus, turning to them so they might see, removed his tunic and every man and every woman saw for themselves the arousing of his flesh.

37  Then did Kronus speak unto every man, saying: “You men of war, look well and see; for by the kissing of the lips am I well aroused and fully gorged; not by violence as lesser men do, but by the power of the kiss only.

38  For lesser men, having no control within themselves, will but cast away their many powers upon the woman, lashing out to strike, midst heated breath, against their soft and comely forms.

39  Yet through the powers of the kiss can you arouse yourself to intercourse, and thereby preserve the warrior’s strength against the day of battle; for I tell you truly that such women as sit beside you are trained and fully able to give you what you have never before seen, or felt, or ever known.

40  For the greatest pleasures are you without, having no care or knowledge of such women as you do rape and plunder; but in the women which sit beside you shall you find the greatest delight of all.

41  For women possess but many gifts of which you have no knowledge; neither know you the means by which to attain them, being in yourselves unlearned in the greatest game of all.

42  Thus would I reveal to you that certain means by which you might draw from the woman, such gifts and pleasures as she has hidden and locked away; compelling her through some gentle kiss or soft touch to surrender herself before you, to yield into your keeping, a great many delights.

43  For women, by their softness are unworthy of war and violence; therefore is it needful that you should find some far more subtle means to conquer, to win for yourselves the greatest prize of all.

44  Thus would you secure for yourselves such pleasing gifts as the woman would yield before you for kindness’ sake; having yourselves seduced her through such kisses and tender touches as you would cast upon her; for softness is mastered through softness, while strength is mastered through strength.

45  For the woman which sits beside you is not a man, and the ways of men must you not waste upon her; for in so doing would you diminish yourselves only, having robbed yourselves of great gain.

46  Thus must you compel through softness the woman which sits beside you, to bend her to your will; taking from her through gentle kisses such gifts and treasures as she would hide within her.

47  For this cause alone would I teach to you the very nature of the greatest game of all, that you might gain for yourselves some greater pleasure than you have ever known before.

48  Which therefore is more pleasing to your manhood: to hear a woman cry in pain beneath you, being in herself both raped and plundered, both struck and beaten midst the violent lunging of your flesh;

49  Or is it better still to hear a woman gasp in pleasure because of you; being in yourselves most skilled in seducing her through the powers of your kiss, which powers even now do but lie dormant within you.

50  Know then that this power is greater than any other, being able of itself to fill the woman with some aching hunger whereby she would seek further still the pleasuring of your flesh within her.

51  Choose then the greater path, for you know yourselves that the greatest power does most yield the greater prize; for in your violent raping are you just ten minutes upon the woman; while in this soft and gentle path you are pleasured through the night.”

52  Such were the words which Kronus spoke, and a man answered him, saying: “Lord Kronus, the power of the kiss do we fully see. Yet we know not the playing of the game which would cause the woman to yield before us her many treasures. How then can we choose which is greater and to our benefit?”

53  Then did Kronus speak again, saying: “Come then and I will tell you of that game which is greater than all others; having as its reward a prize more pleasing to the senses than any you have ever known before.

54  For you know yourselves that in the playing of the Emperor’s Game have I earned in victory these three rings which even now you see; for the Emperor’s Game is a game of war and cunning, filling those which play with a deadly zeal in gaining the victor’s prize.

55  Yet is there another game which sets at rest the warrior’s might, refreshing through its subtle powers the force and vigor of the man of war; renewing through its artful means such manly powers as we do prize the most.

56  Know then that in the intercourse of the man and the woman shall we be advantaged in the playing of the game; for in the pleasing of the woman shall we most please ourselves, causing that she surrender into our keeping such pleasures as she has locked away.

57  Thus in the playing of this greater game must you set aside the ways of war; for in the beating of the woman will she lock most deeply away the treasures that we seek to gain; for men, in anger, do we strike, while yet the woman we must gently stroke midst tender kisses and fiery breath.

58  What then must these treasures be like unto, seeing that you have never before seen their likeness? And yet again: What pleasures has the woman hidden deep away, because such men as come upon them are made as beasts who rape and plunder?

59  Come then and I will show you the game which you must master; for tonight the game we play is but the game of sweet seduction.

60  For the women which sit beside you, know already the nature of the game; for I, myself, did teach them for your sake. Come then and I will show you fully the playing of this game, for I desire that you find pleasures greater than you have ever known.

61  For you are the greatest of the men of war, whose good fellowship I do but treasure most. Watch then and see for yourselves such artful pleasures as I shall steal away from this woman which sits beside me.”

62  Then did Kronus give quick command, and there rushed forth his servants, and they placed upon the center of the floor, so all might see, a pallet of bedding, soft and brightly colored being richly adorned; and Kronus, taking Yoshibeth by the hand most gently, led her unto the bed, saying:

63  “Come, my love, and be my joy; for in this moment would I give into your keeping the fullness of my devotion. That by our loving upon the bed, we might give birth in all which see, the beginnings of that tender dream which you and I most gently share.”