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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

The way of exaltation (Hodos Alea) – Heavenly parents’ love for their children and each other – Harmful religious teachings concerning marriage – The true nature of marriage – Procreation: the fourth means of sexual intercourse – Sanctity of marriage and the family experience – Do not equate sex with marriage – The meaning and purpose of marriage – The greatest of unselfish acts – Be wise in bringing forth children – Becoming partakers with God – Marriage and children provide eternal lessons – Theugenics: the fifth means of sexual intercourse – Establishing the Tabernacle of God’s Peace – Theugenics defined – Heavenly Mother and Father found in every spirit – Finding God within each other


1  Consider therefore, my children, the way of exaltation, even that Hodos Alea which the Lords and Gods of Heaven do walk most joyfully in the midst of great power and holiness; being sanctified and purified by love and wisdom forever and ever.

2  For unto the Lords and Gods of Elohim is it given that they should be the Fathers and Mothers of many children; that being secure in the midst of endless fulfillment, might both the Father and the Mother prepare for the children they love, the pathways of eternal progression.

3  For the Father and Mother which dwell beyond in light and glory are constant and most attentive, ever seeking and reaching out to those children which would imitate the ways of God upon the earth;

4  Watching with most tender care the lives of all who live; seeking through most subtle means the growth of the spirit within; reaching out to touch and nurture the children whom they love.

5  Thus is the love of both the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother drawn most closely together by reason of their care for the children which did spring from the bed of all their loving;

6  For the love which the Father bears most deeply for the Mother is dressed round about by a constant devotion, while yet the Mother does most tenderly woo the Father which gave forth seed.

7  Hear then, my children, and be you wise and filled with stillness; make all hush the soul within; for I would write to you of that fourth means for which the man and the woman might cling themselves together, being most hopeful and desirous to bring forth children in the midst of all their love.

8  For in the marriage of men and women have the teachers and preachers of religion greatly erred, not knowing in themselves the mind of God regarding the coming together of both the man and the woman.

9  For they which sit in the uppermost seats of all the differing churches, do teach the precepts of men and not God; proclaiming with stern admonitions that both the man and the woman should refrain altogether from such sexual communion as would rise and flourish most naturally between them, even till they be married and strongly bound according to the laws of men;

10  Causing in itself that the marriage of men and women should be founded on that which is less and not that which is greater; establishing in the heart of each, the seeds of offense and misunderstanding regarding such passions and desires as might exist between them.

11  And all of this because of such doctrines of sin and guilt as the teachers and preachers of religion would bind most harshly on all who hear; hoping in themselves that by so doing they might be free of those similar passions which do afflict them also; yet are they likewise not free.

12  Thus are there even now many men and many women who enter marriage for the sake of sex only; hoping that in so doing they might free themselves of such guilt and shame as retards the affections of both the husband and the wife together.

13  Yet, for all these things is it rightly spoken: “What marriage have you except that the husband should love his wife tenderly, and likewise the wife should love her husband, and both with all their hearts?

14  For it is love and not the law which binds together the man and the woman whereby they are made to become as one heart, one mind, one soul and one flesh; even forever and ever.”

15  Consider therefore, the true nature of that marriage which even God would ordain for your joy; for no marriage should be lightly entered into, seeing that God would establish in the man and the woman together, the beginning of some great equality wherein both might be mutually benefited by reason of great love and devotion.

16  Let the man and the woman reason rightly in themselves regarding the purpose and nature of marriage; thinking most constantly in themselves concerning such goodly things as they might do for the sake of the one they love;

17  Putting away from the soul the cravings of the self, but to give themselves instead to some faithful devotion unto each the other, whereby they might draw from the soul the heartseed of some greater love;

18  Building in the soul of both the man and the woman the beginnings of some far more noble estate wherein the man and the woman are sealed together even as the Gods whereby they might become as the Fathers and Mothers of great glory and light.

19  Know therefore, that in marriage did God ordain that the man and the woman should bring forth children unto themselves; that through such love as they might bear for their children, might both father and mother find for themselves still some greater love for each the other.

20  Therefore, my children, be wise in the days of your sojourn upon the earth, and entangle not yourselves any longer in such precepts as the teachers and preachers of religion would foist upon you; for even as a loving Father would I counsel you concerning such marriage as you would enter into.

21  For I would not have you ignorant of such conditions and understandings as God would cause me to establish between that man and that woman who would desire to enter the covenants of marriage for the sake of bringing forth children unto themselves.

22  For marriage is holy and filled with promise, giving to both the man and the woman that special estate wherein they might imitate the Father and Mother which dwell above; becoming in themselves both father and mother to the children they love;

23  That such experiences as do most naturally arise in the midst of all your families, being most sacred throughout all acquaintances, familiarities and intimacies of family life; being found most constantly between father and mother, parent and child; cause that there might well up from deep within, that greater love which would seal forever, both the husband and the wife together.

24  Let not your marriage, therefore, be founded upon that lesser portion whereby you should equate sex with marriage only; being ever hopeful that therein you might free yourself from the darkening gloom of guilt and shame; for you are free already, and are at liberty before God to love and cherish whom you will, and this with all your might.

25  Say not, therefore, that you will refrain from such sexual desires and expressions as do arise most naturally within you till you are married; but say you rather among yourselves that you will refrain from bringing forth children until you are altogether entered into that covenant which even God has established for your joy.

26  Neither marry you another whereby you might seek to possess in bondage the one you claim to love; for in marriage do both the man and the woman come forth together in covenants of love and joy, being made equal in all and through all.

27  Holding for each the other a tender regard and an open acceptance toward all those things which God would establish for your good; becoming unto each the other the fulfillment of all desires and goodly expectations.

28  Therefore, when you marry, think not to satisfy your own desires and expectations, but rather seek you most faithfully to fulfill the wishes and longings of the one you love; and this with all manner of tender words and loving gestures.

29  For marriage is the greatest of unselfish acts, and if you would enter into it, then must you be free of selfish cravings, but seek instead most earnestly and attentively the happiness of the one you love.

30  For it is they and not some other who will lay upon the bed beside you, being hopeful and desirous of bringing forth children; therefore, give of yourself in constant devotions, and the love you bear for each the other shall daily grow, even until you receive a fullness in the kingdom of God’s glory.

31  Only be you wise and ever watchful in the bringing forth of children, let wisdom guide the passions of the body and spirit together; for if you bring forth more children than you are able to bear, then shall your life be made heavy and filled with labor, causing that there should come a breach between the husband and the wife, the parent and the child.

32  Thus in the coming together of the husband and the wife in the midst of their desiring, let there be love and music commingled together in fiery passions; for children are best fashioned in the midst of love, being shaped and formed in the womb by such emotions as come most readily between the father and mother together.

33  Open therefore the doors of your heart, that there may enter into the very soul of you such wisdom as I would give regarding the coming together of the man and the woman in marriage, wherein you might bring forth children unto yourselves.

34  For even I would have you know that in the covenant of marriage are you become as partakers with God in bringing forth into mortality the spirit children of your Heavenly Father and your Heavenly Mother, whereby they might seek for themselves that greater portion while yet they dwell in tabernacles of flesh and bone.

35  Love therefore with all your might such children as are drawn from the womb and weaned from the breasts, that you may see through the eyes of your little ones, the heartseed of that greater love which would bind forever the man and the woman in the kingdoms of the greater Light.

36  For in the beginning did you dwell in the kingdom of God, being filled with constant yearnings, seeking with earnest desires to become like unto the Father and Mother above; being determined and resolved within yourselves to go again into mortality whereby you might learn for yourselves the ways of fathers and mothers together;

37  That you might establish within the very soul of you a true knowledge regarding such relationships and affections as do exist most readily between parent and child; learning for yourselves that gentle means whereby you might instruct most wisely the children of your loins; causing that there should well up within the children you love, an earnest desire to seek after that Father and Mother which dwell far beyond.

38  For it is given you already the means by which you may fill the souls of your little ones with joy and goodness forever. Therefore, seek most earnestly to instruct such children as you would bring forth upon the bed of all your loving; that even they might desire for themselves the hope of eternal things.

39  Come now and make you ready both heart and mind, for I would, even now, reveal in you that fifth and final means for which a man and a woman might join themselves together in the midst of all their passions; spending with eager breath, the soul of all their desires and longings.

40  For I would establish between the man and the woman the Tabernacle of God’s Peace; being of itself not made with hands or fashioned of brick and stone, but rather that it should be drawn from the heart and fashioned of the soul within;

41  Having for its very foundation the beginnings of some endless love, being dressed and strongly girded through such devotions and tender sighings as even God hath ordained between the man and the woman;

42  Having for its summit an endless sky filled with dreams and visions, being of itself without limitations or boundaries; but having instead that limitless horizon which would move forever outward, even until it should embrace within itself the whole of all creation.

43  For you, my children, are the seed of some eternal dream cast down upon the earth; being filled within yourself by some endless wonder and deeper mystery which even you cannot see; having leaped forth from the soul of God’s desiring in a sea of endless light;

44  Containing deep within the heart and mind of you, still that greater glory which would spring out from the midst of all your longings; embracing through all your loving passions the songs of life and joy forever.

45  Come then and in such words as I would write be you filled with wisdom; for there is a greater means by which the man and the woman might join themselves together in the midst of love and passion; being established and foreordained of God for your benefit.

46  For in theugenics is there given that certain means by which the man and the woman might worship together through the passions of the flesh, finding in each the other, the express image and likeness of their Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

47  Let therefore every man and every woman join themselves together in such devotions and worship, as even I would prepare for your good; for the flesh of the body is the pathway to the soul within.

48  And you, even every one of you, are become the altar at which the man and the woman might find together the cessation of such hostilities and misunderstandings as do arise most constantly between you.

49  For this mystery will I make known in you; that unto every male spirit who is made in the express image of the Heavenly Father, there is given a portion of the Mother also; and unto every female spirit who is fashioned in the image of her Heavenly Mother, is there granted a portion of the Father.

50  Thus in theugenics is the intercourse of the man and the woman made most sacred and filled with wonder; giving unto the man and the woman the means by which they might embrace in tender worship the whole of each the other.

51  For the woman in worshipping the man through all manner of tender passions, discovers within him that certain likeness which comes from the Father above; while yet the man in moving within and about the woman he loves, finds revealed the presence of the Heavenly Mother.

52  Therefore, let that man and woman who would make most holy the passions of the body consider wisely those means by which they might find in each other the divining presence of God in the midst of all their loving.

53  For even I did write for your benefit already the words which govern and make real the Tabernacle of God’s Peace; being most hopeful that if you would faithfully apply, then shall there exist between the man and the woman together, the seeds of harmony and grace forever.