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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 6

The health and healing benefits of sex – Tending the gardens of your soul – Results of denying passions – Aligning the body and spirit – Seeking out the rhythms of life – Music, dancing, and laughter – The importance of love – Guarding love and tender feelings


1  Thus have I revealed for your learning the first two means of sexual intercourse, wherein both the man and the woman might play and commune most sweetly together.

2  Being made all lost and swallowed up by such desires and yearnings as the body and spirit are heir to; being delivered from the shocks and heartaches of this world through such loving interludes as the man and the woman might seek between themselves.

3  Come then, and I will make known in you that third means wherein the body and spirit of all your being is made to dwell most constantly in health and healing, while yet you dwell in this world beyond all beginnings.

4  For there is made to dwell within you the spirit which comes from God; that you, being both body and spirit together, might stand as one before the mirror of your mind; being made most complete in all things spiritual and physical;

5  Containing in your visible form, the invisible which comes from above; causing to stir and blend within you the mysteries which await the awakening of both body and spirit together.

6  For I would not have you ignorant concerning those things which do prove most needful in the maintenance of health and vigor between body and spirit;

7  For this I would write most plainly unto you; that being made wise regarding such things, you might tend most carefully and with joy, the gardens of your soul;

8  Being ever careful and most watchful to remove such weeds and poisons as would make you sick and weary; causing to make most dull and empty the life which moves and animates the very whole of all your being.

9  For such sicknesses and disorders as would afflict the body are made most alive in you by reason of some disharmony between the spirit within and the body without; causing that there should be discord and conflict between the natural and the spiritual.

10  For you know yourselves how that if a house be divided against itself, it is unable to stand; for such divisions and contentions do fill the whole of you with all manner of uncertainty and confusion regarding the issues of this life;

11  And when the house of your body and spirit is made divided, then shall the enemy rush swiftly upon you; to carry away a multitude of treasure, to leave in ruin the whole of your estate.

12  For you are the house which God has built, both body and spirit; being fashioned most constantly of love and desire, being filled to overflowing with endless dreams and countless yearnings; having for your sky, a wealth of endless possibilities.

13  Make certain therefore, both body and spirit together; that having established the whole of you in peaceful harmony, you might be made as one, being ever attentive and closely watchful of that which brings you joy.

14  For why will you make havoc the life of the body because of such fears as others would impose upon you? Is not your body more than raiment, or the life of your body more to be sought than the opinions of others?

15  Refrain therefore from such bondage as others would seek to impose upon you, for there were many before you, which being unsuspecting, did fall prey to the doctrines of the past; to become as slaves and prisoners to that little god which would judge and damn the whole of man forever and ever.

16  For if you would deny the passions which God has given you, then shall the spirit within become most dry and brittle; and in your outward conscience shall you become, little by little, mean and cruel; becoming in your mind most twisted and perverted against the whole of all mankind.

17  Let these warnings, therefore, guide you most surely in the way you should go; that you might embrace most fully, such liberties as even God would grant unto you; that you may know joy instead of sorrow, and light instead of darkness.

18  Come now and I shall make known this third means of sexual intercourse which would make all healthy the body and spirit together; being bound most securely in that harmony which comes from above.

19  For there is given in sexual intercourse that certain means by which the health and vigor of the body might be attained; for even the Father and the Mother which dwell beyond, do desire most earnestly that you should be made peaceful within and without; being made to walk in harmony and health while in the mortal life.

20  Thus will I reveal in you a mystery most subtle and divine. For there is given to life itself a certain rhythm and harmony throughout; moving in and passing outward, it does bind and penetrate the whole of us; surrounding and sustaining in rhythmic cadence the lives of both men and women.

21  For even you do know that if a man and a woman should give consent unto each the other; whereby they might satisfy the passions of their flesh; then is there established between the two that natural rhythm which would bring for each the release and fulfillment of all their hungers and desires;

22  Aligning with utmost subtlety, the body and the spirit together, causing that there should flow a multitude of benefit, to secure in both the body and the mind a wellspring of health and vigor.

23  Let the man and the woman love together often, moving in their deeper passions one upon the other, seeking and guiding with gentle words the movements of their bodies, thrusting and receiving from each the other, the joys of their commingling.

24  Then shall health, even little by little, well up within both the man and the woman; adding to each a soundness in mind and body, and there shall be known in them but little sickness throughout the days of all their lives.

25  And they shall be made whole, within and without, both body and spirit in unison together; walking in joy through the days of their sojourn upon the earth; being in their countenance peaceful and harmonious.

26  Yet regarding these things would I have you most knowing; that the harmony of body and spirit can no man achieve for himself, being without the woman; neither can the woman likewise achieve without the man.

27  For the man was made for the woman, even as the woman was made for the man; that they, being equally joined together in the midst of all their living, might align the body and spirit of each the other through such tender affections as must surely rise between them.

28  Come now, and I will tell you further of that rhythm which moves upon the whole of nature, being found in wind and rain and passing days; being seen in sun and moon and starry sky, filling the whole of all you see with a wonder which does lay hidden in softest subtlety.

29  For this rhythm which seems most hidden, has had elsewhere its beginning; having existed before the creation of all things natural, having leaped forth from the soul of endless Areta; reaching out and ever seeking, hoping midst all its zeal and passion to touch for itself the beginning of that endless soul which stirs within.

30  For this cause has the rhythm found in man a fullness of expression; being found in the music, the art, the language, the science, and the math of all mankind; moving subtly and discreetly in all which you do.

31  Revealing through the ways of men, that deeper mystery which lays hidden in the whole of all your lives; giving birth in you of that gentle passion which would draw the lives of men and women together in rhythmic harmony.

32  That you, being opposite from each the other by reason of your sex, yet are you made to become as one for love’s sake, fulfilling in your passions the soul of God’s desiring.

33  Consider then and be you wise regarding such things as I would make known in you; for rhythm is the child of harmony; and if it so be that you would seek out the rhythms which move most constantly about, then shall harmony descend upon you most subtly, making all peaceful and serene within, the whole of your estate.

34  Let there be music therefore, in all which you do; that there may well up within you the rhythms which come from afar; that you may be quickened and enlivened through the passions of your soul, to seek most earnestly the joys within.

35  Let the man and the woman commune together often; through the songs of all their days; dancing in the midst of their joy for love’s sake; drawing through such gentle rhythms the soul of each the other with all manner of tender embraces.

36  Seek therefore most earnestly the joys of dancing together; moving through most tender touchings the body and soul together; swaying in most loving rhythms the woman and the man.

37  For dancing is the gift which God would give unto the man and the woman most equally; being ever hopeful that through such rhythms and movements might the passions of both be aroused and strongly enflamed.

38  Causing the man and the woman to seek most thoroughly the release and fulfillment of all their hungers and desires upon the bed of many passions; being exalted in the midst of music and rhythms, the flesh and spirit together, being strongly entwined.

39  By such means shall you make certain the health of both body and spirit together; being firmly rooted in those things which come from God; having secured through the rhythms of your life, the joys and blessings which lay most subtly within and without the whole of you.

40  Let there be therefore, in the midst of that man and woman which would join themselves together, all manner of music, and dancing and laughter, that you may have an abundance of joy and health together.

41  For laughter is the greatest of medicines, making most merry the heart within, shaking with such gentle mirth the body and spirit together; causing through the wealth of all its rhythms, that sickness and despair should flee themselves away.

42  Therefore, be you wise and most attentive to such rhythms as do move within you and without, binding into that single wholeness, both the man and the woman, both the body and the spirit, both joy and health forever;

43  Ever seeking by some means to embrace most deeply the song which comes from God; which song even you yourselves have heard in that distant long ago when first you dwelt in Heaven’s glory.

44  For even such scriptures as I have written already for your benefit have declared aloud, saying: “And there came in Heaven a stillness, for the hosts of Heaven in silence stood, and in the stillness was there heard a song. For, behold, the soul of the great God did sing, that he might woo unto himself even every man and every woman, if it so be that they should hear the song and give heed. For God is not willing that even one should be lost.”

45  Let the man and the woman be filled to overflowing with such laughter, and dancing, and sexual communion as they would seek for themselves for health’s sake. But binding in all these things, being through all and above all, securing the soul in richness always, let there be love.

46  For except you have love between the man and the woman, then shall the whole of you be most uncertain; and you shall become as the chaff which even the wind would carry away; and there shall be found for you no place or rest in the kingdoms of God.

47  For the love which would join together the man and the woman is at the first, like unto a raging fire in which the spirits of each are all consumed by wild and blustery passions; and when it is spent, then is the love made most rich and deeply pleasing to both the body and spirit together.

48  For the love which would bind together the man and the woman is made most considerate and tenderhearted; seeking out with gentle feelings the hopes and desires of each the other; ever searching and reaching out to find such delights as would please and uplift the heart and mind of both the man and the woman.

49  Guard well, therefore, such love and tender feelings as you would seek from each the other; for except there be found between the man and the woman the seed of some great love, then are you made no better than the beasts of the field, being dumb and brutish within and without.

50  Let the days of your life be as pearls in the hand, being precious and most enduring; filling the whole of all your life with joy and goodness forever and ever. Amen.