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Chapter 5

Sexuality (Part III)

Sex: the pathway to the spirit – body and spirit bound by passions – Dangers of promiscuity – Introducing the five means of sexual intercourse: Play, Communion, Health and Healing, Procreation, Theugenics – Benefits of sexual play and communion – The hidden powers of the woman – Freedom from false teachings


1  Come now, my children, and I will make known in you the mystery which would bind together both body and spirit; for the sexual passions of the flesh are the door and pathway to the spirit within; revealing always the hidden nature of your own soul unto God, whether it be good or bad;

2  For it was determined from the beginning that the man and the woman should be born into the mortal life, even as sexual beings together; and if it so be that you should make full exercise of the powers therein, then shall your life be made rich in joy and deep perception; revealing through the workings of the flesh, the depth of the spirit within.

3  Yet, notwithstanding these things, still would I exhort most earnestly, that you act wisely and not amiss regarding such joys and freedoms as I would place into your keeping alone; that you might not make low and common such sexual passions as are come from God, being born in you already.

4  But that you should know with certainty that by such wisdom as you might use regarding these things, might you save your soul from hurt and sorrow;

5  For the foolish are afflicted always in both mind and spirit, because they know not that the body and spirit are bound together through such passions as do move most constantly within them.

6  Therefore, my children, take great care that you take not to your bed, the stranger whom you do not know, for the sake of some passion only, for promiscuity does make weary the affections of the heart; causing all that is good and beautiful within to appear as dull and common without.

7  But if you would love the one you know most deeply, to open wide both body and soul together, then shall such passions and joys as would pass between you make rich and filled with wonder the longings and desires within; for in the giving and loving of each the other is there no sin found, but goodness only;

8  Giving equally unto the man and the woman together, a treasury of feelings and understanding which do make joyful the lives of both; securing in each a gentle regard filled with love and wisdom whereby they might guard, most eagerly, such holy affections as do pass between them.

9  Being ever hopeful that by their union might both be blessed and made complete, being to each the other, the truest of friends and lovers whereby they might bear together the burdens of this life; being made most secure in the midst of all their kisses and gentle sighing.

10  For in the use of all your higher passions did the Father and Mother ordain from above, the five means of sexual intercourse between the man and the woman;

11  That both the man and the woman might be equally satisfied and renewed continually in both body and spirit, whereby they might endure with joy and sweetness, the hardships of this world; being made secure in mind and soul by such knowledge as I would give into your keeping, concerning those sexual passions which do always exist between the sons and daughters of God.

12  Come then, that I may instruct you wisely regarding the five means of sexual intercourse, which even God has ordained for your use; which means are: play, communion, health and healing, procreation, and theugenics.

13  Be you therefore ever mindful that in wisdom and understanding would I give these things unto you, whereby you might choose for yourselves the way in which you should go regarding these things; that you may be no more as children regarding those passions which do flow from the midst of you;

14  But rather that you may stand forth boldly, being unafraid, having your minds and souls girded and strengthened round about by a deep and gentle wisdom concerning the sexual nature of all your being.

15  Come then, and I will make known the first means for which the man and the woman might join themselves together in playful devotion; filling the minds of both with a deep knowledge of each the other.

16  Now when a man and a woman are in their youth and filled with vigor, having awakened within themselves the sexual passions of the body, then is it good and needful that they should seek to play with one another sexually;

17  Exploring and seeking out with gentle play, the mysteries of both the body and soul together; disclosing through some tender mirth the things which do compel and motivate the passions of the body deep within.

18  For this I would have you know most surely, that there is a spirit deep in the midst of you; being in every hand and foot and eye; moving and unmoved, pushing here and touching there; seeking by most subtle means to reveal itself without.

19  For you are not the body which is seen, but rather the spirit which is unseen within you; for the flesh of the body is made the veil which covers the spirit of your truer self, which spirit does stir and move most constantly within you;

20  Seeking through the passions of your flesh to reveal itself again and again; being ever hopeful that you might be awakened to that light which burns most brightly within you.

21  For the spirit which breathes most subtly within has had elsewhere its beginning; having come from above, it does seek to touch again the light that comes from afar.

22  And unto every man and every woman wherein the spirit is made to abide, even it does seek some fair embrace through the passions of your flesh; hoping that in the joining together of the man and the woman, might the spirit within find some commingling of the light which comes from God.

23  Causing that there should cleave through the flesh the spirits of both the man and the woman; being entwined through gentle words and tender kisses the only true self within; fusing in most fiery passions the spirits of both the man and the woman.

24  For it is the spirit within that would dress the passions of the body with such gifts of wisdom as would add meaning and purpose to the whole of all your life;

25  Edifying through the rhythms of the flesh the spirit and body combined; aligning both the man and the woman in the folds of harmony and love; filling the whole of all your being with indescribable joy and light.

26  Take care therefore, that you think not to satisfy the passions of the body only, to make as nothing the spirit within; neither look with disregard upon the needs and feelings of that one with whom you would have intercourse.

27  For if you should do these things, then shall the passions of the body find just little release; being devoid of that spirit which would make rich the union of both man and woman; causing that you should become no better than the beasts of the field.

28  Hear then and be wise, for if the woman shall give consent, then let the man and the woman play most fully and joyfully together; knowing full well that only therein might both learn for themselves the joys and pleasures of all their sex, building in each the other a kind regard and deep affection;

29  Learning through most joyful frolic the hidden mysteries of both the man and the woman; being in their bodies joined and commingled midst all manner of soft embraces and gentle laughter.

30  For even God did ordain that both the man and the woman should come forth into life as sexual beings, having in themselves both powers and passions by which they would make each other to come alive.

31  Beware therefore those who would preach that celibacy is of God; for such as these would make weary and filled with bondage the whole of all your life; filling you once again with all manner of guilt and shame; causing that there should be a separation and distress between the man and the woman altogether.

32  Let this therefore, be the means by which the man and the woman should play together most deeply and joyfully; having removed from their minds the darkness of the Demiurge, even that Jehovah-Yahweh which is made to fear most violently, the coming together of the man and the woman.

33  Thus by sexual play do the man and the woman declare most lovingly, their freedom from the Demiurge; proclaiming all the while their rightful heritage; being the children of God and not fearful any longer; finding in both body and spirit that full expression which would make complete the whole of all your life.

34  Therefore, as oft as you have desires, let the man and the woman play most joyfully in the fields of their passion; giving and receiving from one another a bounty of harvest which would enrich the soul, making all complete both body and spirit.

35  Thus would I have you believe most surely, nothing doubting, that by means of sexual play has God ordained that certain pathway, whereby the man and the woman might learn for themselves, the joys and passions of each the other.

36  Therefore, be wise and withhold such judgments as others would seek to place upon you; seeking thereby to retard and restrict with envious zeal the sexual expressions of both the man and the woman.

37  For they themselves are not free of that Demiurge which haunts them still, neither would they that you should be free either; but be like unto themselves, filled with dread and deep foreboding.

38  But guard with wisdom such liberties as I would place into your keeping, lest you be wearied through endless debates and constant rebuking from those who know not God; having substituted within themselves a religious fervor filled with emptiness only.

39  Guard you therefore the things of God with all diligence and care; that you may prove yourself worthy to receive still the greater portion;

40  And give not that which is holy unto dogs which would turn again to their own vomit; neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they turn hard upon you and tear you to pieces.

41  Come now, my children, and I shall make known to you that second means of sexual intercourse which God has ordained for your use; even the means of sexual communion wherein the spirits of both the man and the woman are made to commune through the passions of their flesh;

42  Lifting upward unto God the souls of both, causing to flow into each the other a knowledge of heavenly things regarding the eternal nature of both male and female;

43  Causing to rest within themselves that hidden power which would shape and mold together the passions of both body and spirit, whereby they might become as one before God.

44  For the sexual communion of both body and spirit are become that gentle persuasion from deep within, which would blend together the opposites of our nature; to make as one the mortal and immortal, the common and divine, the male and female together; being dressed round about in harmony and equality forever.

45  For in this life are both the man and the woman made to suffer, for the man is compelled by the hardness of his life to seek dominance and control always, being driven by expectations of every kind; being pushed and prodded by all manner of powers, dominions and principalities which would seek to rule over him most constantly.

46  And though this be true of the man, yet is the woman most equally bound, being often made the servant to the man; being compelled by the hardness of their life to yield most constantly to the whims and dictates of such men as would seek to rule over them.

47  Yet has God placed in the woman a power greater than the man, even a power which would wear away the hardness of the man altogether; to leave him as pliable and susceptible to the gentle influence of that woman who would love him with all manner of goodness and grace;

48  Being made most considerate of the ways of men, knowing most deeply the nature of all his being, whereby she might aid him in achieving that higher vision which would cause the man and the woman to stand together as equals before God and man;

49  Being bound most strongly together by such harmony and passions as do spring most constantly within; being made as one through the sexual expressions of both the body and the spirit;

50  Finding in each the other that joyful release of all their burdens, being made fulfilled and complete through the rhythms and sighings of all their love together;

51  Being edified and lifted up together in the midst of all their ecstasy; being enraptured and transported to that higher plane which would exalt the heart and soul of both the man and the woman in joy forever.

52  For the woman is like the waters which move forever to some greater sea; and though the man in his outward appearance be hard as the stones of the earth; yet are they, little by little, worn away by the constant moving of gentle waters.

53  For consider how the mountains of stone, though they be great and mighty in themselves, yet are even these worn all away by that which is softer still; for if there should fall the gentle rain, or blow the softest of breezes, even then shall the mountain wear itself away with the passing of time, having exhausted even all its resistance and strength.

54  Consider then that hidden power by which the woman is fully fashioned; for even though she prove small and frail in the tabernacle of her form, yet by her beauty and grace does she humble the mighty or exalt on high the lowest of men if it so be that they should love her.

55  For women are as the wind which comes from above, causing all things to move before them, and though men prove stout and mighty as the greatest of trees, yet are they most deeply stirred when there should breathe upon them the softest of winds.

56  Thus in sexual communion would the woman move most subtly upon the soul of the man, changing through her gentle rhythms, the hardness of the man altogether; to make him as still and peaceful within.

57  Therefore, as oft as you have desires, let the man and the woman come together in all manner of gentle embraces; for in such sexual communion do both make benefit the blessings of God; being dressed in joy and love forever and ever.

58  For this I would have you know most surely, that in the constant abundance of sexual intercourse are both the man and the woman made equally benefited; for the man, in communion with that woman whom he loves, is made most gentle and tender because of it.

59  While the woman, having received from the man the fullness of all his passions, even she does find within herself that very strength and power which would prove her the equal to the man; even until both shall receive together the very fullness of God in the kingdom of his glory.

60  Let the man and the woman commingle together as oft as they desire, both in sexual play and communion; building in each the other that inward trust and confidence which would make most complete the whole of their lives.

61  Thus would I give unto you these words of wisdom regarding the sexual passions of both the man and the woman; trusting that by such counsel you might be altogether benefited while in this life, having been set free of such guilt and shame as once bound you most strongly.

62  For you were once made deeply fearful, being constrained and apprehensive because of such commandments as the teachers and preachers of religion would impose upon you regarding such sexual desires and appetites as do move most constantly within;

63  And knowing that you had no means to make quiet the passions of the flesh; then were you made always guilty of some inward sin, thinking yourself perverted and corrupt because of it; being chased to and fro by a constant and unrelenting guilt; being made most shameful because of those passions which even God did cause to stir within you.

64  Thus would I give by counsel and not constraint the words of this book; trusting always that even the very life you live shall teach you the wisdom in which you should go regarding them.

65  For you are not children to be compelled, but rather, you are the sons and daughters of God full grown, in bodies of flesh and bone.

66  Stand you forth therefore, most boldly, in such light as I would give, being made most noble and worthy; being made no longer fearful of such passions as do move within and without the whole of you. For you are the very children of God, being blessed and enriched because of it.