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Chapter 4

Sexuality (Part II)

JY: Will you declare good, what I have declared evil? – Jehovah’s view of homosexuality – AZ: Understanding that which you are not – Demiurge possess no likeness unto Man – False prophets and teachers condemn natural passions, and declare celibacy, virginity, and denial as superior – First step to spiritual freedom is sexual liberation – Sexuality and the affirmation of life and joy – God’s view of homosexuality


1  Now when I had spoken these things, the Demiurge grew most restless and filled with agitation because of me; evensomuch that he did seethe and boil with rage, and all his anger and wrath did churn within him, causing that flames of red and orange should flash and move beneath his countenance.

2  Yet did he contain with firmness the fires within, and rising up to a great height there did stir within, a deep rumbling of sound like the breaking of iron and the crushing of stone.

3  And the Darkness spoke, saying: “Will you declare good, what I have declared evil, even sin and fornication? Have you not seen for yourself the sexual depravity of every man and every woman which do now walk upon the earth?

4  Will you wink at man’s fornication and bestiality and say, “There is no sin?” Claiming all the while that I, alone, am made corrupt while yet there lies within the soul of man some hidden goodness which only you can see?

5  Can you not see such perversions as do lurk about in the hearts of men? For a man will steal away the woman’s only virtue, being virgin in herself, that he might spill forth in her even all his lusts; corrupting, through wild abandon, both the man and the woman; being locked and bound together in soft embraces, filled with hungers and cravings of every kind.

6  And not this only: For have you not seen that men will lay with men, and women will lay with women, evensomuch they would drown the senses in perversion, which things would pollute the minds and make havoc the soul within? Come now and answer, what say you of these things?”

7  Thus spoke Jehovah-Yahweh, even that little god of hate and fear. And finding within a great resolve I spoke unto the Darkness, saying:

8  “Are you a man that you should know the ways of man? Have you taken to yourself the likeness of man whereby you might understand such longings as the flesh is heir to; seeking by that inward aching, the power beyond all power and the glory beyond all glory?

9  Can you, Jehovah-Yahweh, touch with the very soul of you the song of all their dreaming, or bring to fulfillment such yearnings and hopes as do move most constantly in the heart of man?

10  Have you such tender breath as would draw from the heart of man, the greatest of their aspirations whereby they might make real the goodness which lies deep within, carrying the soul of all who seek to that God which first sprang from the midst of First Man?

11  No Jehovah-Yahweh, for these things you cannot do, seeing that you are of the Demiurge, possessing unto yourself no likeness unto man; for of all these things are you without understanding, being unable, yourself, to comprehend the nature of life, or of man, or of that God which comes from both; being unlike the whole of us altogether.

12  Come then and I will make known the ways of God regarding such passions as the flesh is heir to; and of that wisdom which even God would give unto all who seek concerning the sexual desires of both the man and the woman.

13  For you know full well how that there have walked among the children of men, a great many false prophets and teachers which did condemn most urgently, the natural passions of the body; declaring all the while that you were filled with judgments against them for the sake of it.

14  For such men as these did wrap the soul of man with all manner of guilt and shame, filling the mind with endless reproach and condemnation; knowing full well that through such shame and guilt as they might inflict, might they themselves have control and dominion in the affairs of men;

15  Using with most cunning guile, the natural passions of the body against the man and the woman continually; for they knew already, that even every man and every woman could not escape the urges within, thereby causing that they should feel continually unworthy, and eager to seek forgiveness and relief from those which would take control over them.

16  And not this only, for such false prophets and teachers did proclaim most fervently, that if a man or a woman should hope to serve God, then must the man choose celibacy and restraint; while the woman should remain a virgin throughout the days of her life;

17  Denying in both the man and the woman, the passions of the body; seeking through religious fervor to draw them away from the affairs of men; causing that they should become of no effect, being in themselves both sterile and empty within; being divorced from within towards the issues of life; becoming as someone dead, while yet they live on.

18  Thus did the false prophets and teachers of religion declare both celibacy and virginity superior above every other estate; making even the marriage of men and women suspect; making both the husband and wife continually dissatisfied and filled with remorse;

19  Having their passions seared with a hot iron, being devoured from within and consumed from without, by all manner of doubt and guilt; causing that both husband and wife should be filled with shame while yet they are married.

20  Yet in such a doctrine as celibacy is there found the nonexistence of all mankind; for you hope most earnestly that all men should fear you, and thereby seek to please you through such celibacy as they would impose upon themselves; knowing full well that if every man and every woman should so believe, then would you bring to pass the eventual extinction of man.

21  And not this only: For even in the children of men who should find themselves in the season of their puberty have you declared most hotly, that masturbation is a vile and loathsome sin; making unworthy and filled with dread, the sweetest of children.

22  Such are the hidden designs of that doctrine wherein you would take captive even the whole of man, even the doctrine of fornication; for in this doctrine are all men bound most strongly by the passions within; being unable to escape the natural yearnings of the flesh.

23  Yet will I now make an end to all these things, for I shall set man free of you forever; for you know yourself already, that the first step in man’s spiritual freedom is to proclaim aloud the sexual liberation of both the man and the woman.

24  For I shall make an end of this doctrine of fornication and sin in the minds of all who desire; revealing in them the mind of God concerning the natural passions of both the spirit and the body together.

25  For this cause would I make known unto the children of men, that in the coming together of both the man and the woman is there no sin, if it so be that they should give consent, each unto the other. For it is not good that the man or the woman should stand alone regarding the passions of the flesh.

26  For the passions which do move and stir within are blessed by the Father and the Mother which dwell forever in the light which comes from above, becoming by their union even as one God unto the children of men.

27  And if it so be that a man and a woman should lie down with each the other, to be joined together in the passions of the flesh, then are their souls commingled together; that by such a union there might spring forth together, both communion and joy.

28  For in the sexual union of both men and women would they make known unto each, their need for one another; finding in each the other the completion of all their hopes and dreams; moving with all tender affection, one upon the other; seeking through that gentle touch or softest kiss, the fulfillment of all their parts and passions.

29  Thus would I have you know that in such sexuality as might exist between the man and the woman is there found the affirmation of life and joy; becoming in each the greatest of wonders.

30  Take care therefore, my children, that you deny not the passions which move and stir about within the very soul of you, lest by your own zeal in conforming to the teachings and preachings of foolish men, you deny yourself all life and joy;

31  Becoming in your soul most empty and alone; being chased and driven about by all manner of frightful shadows; being weighed down continually by guilt and shame, of which there is no end; being caught within some endless struggle, being unable to let go, lest you be consumed in hell fire forever.

32  Therefore, if you would be wise in the days of your mortal probation upon the earth, then let each man and each woman seek to join themselves together, whereby they might find joy in the midst of harshness; giving unto each the other a place of refuge; being filled with all manner of tender affection and sweet communion.

33  For man is by nature a sexual being, and in this there can be no sin found, if it so be that a man will refrain from rape, and violence, and disease; for in the midst of these things are there found a multitude of sorrows which do afflict both the man and the woman together.

34  Therefore, let every man put away their anger against the woman; and let all women put aside such resentments as might spring up within them against the man; that each might come unto the other in joy and love exceeding, being bound together by tender words of soft affection.

35  By such means do the man and the woman, though being in themselves opposite, yet do they express in sweetest passions their need of each the other; mingling together in their flesh both heart and soul, joining and commingling, thrusting and receiving, even until they should find fulfillment; being swept together into the heart of God by all manner of tender wooing.

36  Thus in the loving of both the man and the woman is there found neither fornication nor sin; for such sexual union as might exist between them, if it be founded in love, and respect and equality, then are they become together both pure and innocent before God; being redeemed by love and joy together.

37  Yet, my children, would I reveal still further the hidden things of God regarding the sexual passions of the body; that you may be free of such false doctrines as the teachers and preachers of religion would cause to dwell most fearfully upon you.

38  For you know yourselves how that some men will lay with men; and again, that some women will lay with women; seeking thereby to find fulfillment in the passions of their own kind.

39  Yet are they not of their own kind altogether; for this mystery would I make known, that you may be filled with compassion and mercy regarding those who would be homosexual among you; that you, by such wisdom as I would give regarding these matters, might lift from the oppressed the doctrine of fornication and sin.

40  Come then and I will teach you; for you know full well already that the spirit children of God are born in the beginning male or female; and that entering into the mortal life, there is placed in the man a male spirit, and into the woman is placed a female spirit;

41  Knowing full well that in the days of their mortal probation upon the earth, in the season of their sexual awakening, that the man will seek out the woman, and that the woman will seek out the man whereby they might give love to one another.

42  Such are the designs of God regarding the man and the woman; for even God is most delighted when the man should love the woman, whereby he might tender unto her all manner of sweet affection; to wrap her round about in gentleness, and respect, and honor.

43  And likewise the woman, if she pursue a man whereby she might love him and honor him; to receive from him even all his devotion; tending by such soft and gentle longing the heart of the man, then is God most pleased. For in Heaven do the Gods and Goddesses give to each the other all manner of loving kindness and tender regard.

44  But if it so be that in the mortal life, a man should see with contempt the ways of the woman, and thereby seek to abuse her constantly; to ridicule and jest most cruelly against her; or perchance to strike and lash out against her; then is God not pleased, being made most discontent and ill of ease for the sake of his daughter.

45  And if in that life or in the next, the spirit of the man should not repent, to turn aside from the hurting of women, then shall the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother take strong measures against him; hoping that by so doing the man might learn for himself concerning the wonders and mysteries which God has placed in the heart and soul of the woman.

46  And for the sake of the man will God take the spirit which is male, and in some mortal life cause that he should dwell in the body of the woman whereby he might be corrected of all his folly; and though you should see for yourself the body of the woman, yet is there made to dwell within the spirit of the man;

47  Which, being still a man within, yet does he seek the flesh of some other woman without; ever hopeful that by his joining he might satisfy the longings of his own soul; thus it is seen that some women will seek to lay with other women, being most desirous in themselves to fulfill the passions of the male spirit within.

48  Thus shall the spirit of the man be made to dwell in the flesh of the woman; that living as a woman in the midst of women, he might be corrected of all his harshness against her.

49  And when that mortal life be done, and the flesh of the woman be made to fall away, then is the spirit of the man released again unto God; and entering into the mortal life again, then is the spirit of the man returned to the body of the man whereby the Gods might see for themselves if the son be redeemed from all his anger against women.

50  Likewise is it with the woman also; for if a woman should view with contempt the ways of men, then are the Father and the Mother beyond made most concerned because of her; and if the woman should not repent, to turn aside from all her harshness and ridicule, then do the very Gods of Heaven cause that she should come forth in her next mortality even as a man.

51  That living as a man in the midst of men, she might be corrected of all her folly against the sons of God; to be turned aside from wrathful thinking, to walk most joyfully in wisdom and understanding.

52  For this cause alone is it seen that some men will seek to lay with men, whereby they might satisfy the passions of the female spirit within.

53  Restrain therefore, my children, such judgments as others would lay against the homosexual; for they judge most harshly the things they know not of; being in themselves empty of God; possessing neither understanding nor wisdom, being in themselves without mercy or consideration for the ways of others.

54  But be you constantly renewed by that light which comes from above; being made free of such doctrines and creeds as the religious would place upon you in the name of that little god which is filled with hate and loathing against the whole of man, even Jehovah-Yahweh.

55  For the ways of both the spirit and the body has God ordained for your good; seek therefore to rejoice in such knowledge as even I would give unto you, and be not weighed down any longer because of fornication and sin; for even so heavy a burden as this would I lift from the soul forever.”