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Chapter 8

The Strength and Power of the Woman

The Demiurge attacks – JY: Why will you corrupt the whole of man? – Sex: a vile and loathsome necessity – Why elevate the woman? – Passions make men weak and docile – Keys of death and shame – AZ: The peculiar power of the woman – Salvation found in the equality of women – The voice of The One – Azrael waits for the next indictment


1  These then are the words which I would give unto the children of men whereby you might take joy in such sexual expressions as do most likely arise between the man and the woman together;

2  That you might find joy and purpose in the midst of such meanings as I would give into your keeping; that you might no longer suffer in despair because of such guilt and shame as the teachers and preachers of religion might foist upon you in the midst of their many fears.

3  Yet the Demiurge, when he heard for himself the fullness of my intent regarding the children of men, he grew hot with anger and in an instant he did rush upon me to destroy.

4  And with great fury he did seize upon the sphere of light wherein I stood, and he did beat and rage against it; seeking by some furious means to tear away the light that he might lay hold of me.

5  Yet for all his efforts, he could not take captive; for this cause did he seize hold of great boulders of stone and iron and, with all his might, he did fling them against the light; yet for all of this the light did hold most firmly and yielded not unto the Demiurge the likeness of The One.

6  And there flew out from the soul of the Demiurge a hot and searing flame, which did breathe hard against the light, and when these things availed to the Demiurge no advantage, he grew most still, and he spoke unto me, saying:

7  “Why will you corrupt the whole of man because of such things as you would teach them regarding the sexual appetites of the flesh? For sex is a vile and loathsome necessity, being in itself nasty and obscene.

8  For you would pervert the minds of both the man and the woman together, teaching through subtle words that sex is the pathway to the soul within, even that stairway which would lead them up to Heaven where the Gods alone may dwell.

9  Yet shall I make known abroad that dreadful truth; for if any man or any woman should seek to follow after the words of your soul, then shall they descend most surely into the depths of hell; being tormented and bound in flames forever and ever.

10  For by your word would you make weak and flaccid the sons of men, being made gentle and tame through the temptations of the flesh, being in themselves of little worth for women’s sake; for you have permitted that silly women, laden with lusts, should take captive the strength of every man.

11  For women are filled with evil continually, being pernicious and disgusting in all their ways, ever seeking through the softness of their flesh to seduce a man into sin and torment; bringing upon those who would succumb a fullness of calamity and woe.

12  Why then would you seek to make the woman equal to the man through such vile passions as the flesh is heir to? Why would you seek to release the woman from all her servitude and constant labor, seeing that in her leisure she would devise some subtle means by which she might seize captive the sons of men?

13  What therefore will you say when the children of men are made ruin because of such abominations as you would cause to come upon the unsuspecting; and all this through the teaching of your word?

14  What defense will you put forth when the whole of all mankind is brought to judgment because of you?

15  Will you beg mercy of me then? Will you seek to make supplication for yourself, or for those which were corrupted because of you? In that dreadful day will you seek for yourself some escape from all those things which you have done unto the children of men?

16  Behold, I tell you truly that for you there shall be no escape; for the thing you love most dearly shall I destroy every whit; consigning to the flames in endless torment, the whole of all mankind; while you I shall cause to watch midst bitter tears and weeping.

17  This and more shall I cause to come upon the whole of man, because you did dare to make men weak and docile through the passions of the flesh, causing that there should be established between the man and the woman together, the sickness of some equality.

18  For it is evident that over you I am given no power to destroy, seeing that you are ever guarded by the light which comes from afar;

19  Yet unto those which would follow after you am I at liberty to destroy midst fire and torment; seeing that they are without the light; being in their minds most fearful of all my might, having their souls made ignorant and filled with dread.

20  Yet am I not without mercy altogether; for if any man should turn away from you, then shall I pardon him in the midst of all his sins; and I shall cause him to serve me forever and ever; establishing for my pleasure that he should be as a servant throughout the halls of endless night. For is not servitude more to be sought than endless torment?

21  Go then and make corrupt the children of men, even as you will; for into my hands have I consigned the keys of death and shame; for this truth I know most surely, that fear is greater than such liberties as you would bring to the children of men.

22  And all those who would seek to follow you now, even they shall rise up and curse you when there shall steal upon them the shadow of some great fear.”

23  Such were the words which the Demiurge spoke, and when he had finished speaking, he did roar with laughter, causing that the ground upon which I stood should tremble and shake all about.

24  But I answered the Demiurge, saying: “Have you not perceived, Jehovah-Yahweh, that in the soul of the woman there might be given that peculiar power sufficient to make new again the heart of every man, if it so be that they should love her; even that power which would prove greater than all your fear and guilt?

25  For I tell you truly that in the woman is there surely found the most beautiful expression of God’s love for all mankind; being in her soul gracious and most tender; revealing through soft touches and delicate kisses the very heart of that God which loved even all men from the very beginning.

26  Consider then the strength wherein the woman is fashioned; for she, being frail and comely, yet by her beauty and grace does she humble the mighty, or exalt on high the lowest of men if it so be that they should love her.

27  For women are as the wind which comes from above, causing all things to move before them; and men, though stout in themselves like mighty oaks, yet are they most surely moved when there should breathe upon them some small wind.

28  Know therefore, that in the loving of a woman is no man made weak or frail, but rather there is made to rise within him that very grace and beauty which comes from afar, which thing will make the man complete and whole every whit.

29  For men, left unto themselves, are destructive and filled with hurt, being in their baser passions brutish and unyielding; being moved by lustful appetites to seek dominion and control over those weaker than themselves.

30  Yet, if it so be that there should come forth unto them a woman of grace and beauty, then are the baser appetites of the man made of no effect; causing that the man of strength should seek relief from the fury within for the sake of the woman he loves.

31  For even now does the whole of man stand upon the edge of some great precipice, and if there should come forth none to save, then shall the whole of man be swallowed up in oblivion and death.

32  Consider therefore, the manner by which God would make safe and secure the life of every man; for you know yourself that if a man be made to stand near a precipice filled with death, then is he made most anxious and filled with fear, causing that he should act unwisely to his own destruction.

33  And if there should come unto him some other who would think to save, then might he, rushing forth to rescue, cause the imperiled man to step swiftly back from the very one who would save him.

34  And stepping back, then is he made to fall to his own doom, having been overwhelmed by fear and dread from the very start.

35  For they which are strong, if it so be that they are imperiled by certain doom, and there should come unto them some other which is strong also, then shall they which are imperiled see in the one who would save them, the coming forth of some great threat; for it is not strength alone which would rescue the strong.

36  But if there should come forth to save, that which is soft and comely, then are the strong entreated through tender words and gentle movements to draw themselves away from death; being drawn from the darkness and into the light.

37  Thus did God consider wisely the means by which he might rescue; for women by their gentle nature do woo most tenderly, and the man, seeing in them no danger, is drawn little by little away from death altogether; even until he should embrace the woman and therein find life and joy together.

38  Thus, in the equality of the woman is the salvation of all mankind made most certain; for in her beauty and grace is there come forth unto all men the seeds of life and joy; healing and mending through gentle passions, the wounds which hurt and make afraid;

39  For in the womb of the woman are all men most strongly fashioned; making way in the midst of all their strength, that softer place where love might grow and flourish within them, giving birth in them of some far more greater vision than they have ever before known.

40  Let therefore, the man reverence the woman with all his might, accepting with all tender regard the equality of all her house; for in the coming together of the man and the woman is there brought forth unto each a great many benefits and joys.”

41  Thus did I speak unto Jehovah-Yahweh, and when I was completed he grew most still and thoughtful, and in the bosom of the light did I await the coming forth of still some further accusation against the children of men.

42  But in the bosom of my soul did God gently smile, and there came into my mind the voice of The One, saying: “You have well said, my son. Continue therefore in such grace as I shall grant unto you; for still further would I have you speak for the sake of every man and every woman upon the earth.”

43  And so I did most patiently await the rebuke of that Demiurge who would put forth a most hurtful indictment, being confident within the very soul of me that I would answer rightly and not amiss.