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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 9

(2nd Indictment begins) JY: All are guilty of sin and death – Man is filled with base passions – Man corrupts and pollutes the earth – Man seeks knowledge, not wisdom – Man should live but one life – AZ: The source of apathy towards the earth: effects of the single life doctrine – Concerning the principle of reincarnation – The school of life – Death is an awakening – Man’s greatest enemy: Inhumanity – The nature of death: evil perishes, goodness lives on – Women: Mothers of Life – Reincarnation bridges the generations of Man


1  And from the darkness came the sound of deep and dreadful rumblings, and there stirred within the depth a great and mighty hiss which filled even all the lands round about with tremors of every kind.

2  And from the blackness of the Deep, from the womb of endless night came the voice of Jehovah-Yahweh, saying: “Come now and let us reason rightly; for why will you defend the whole of man seeing that even all are guilty of sin and death; being in their persons filled with a multitude of perversions and corruptions.

3  For man is filled with base passions which make ruin the whole of all his life, filling the sum of all his days with contentions and strifes of which there are no end.

4  Causing within himself that endless struggle against all things natural, heaping up within his soul a multitude of shocks and traumas which do agitate still further, the evil within.

5  Come then and I will make known to you the true nature of every man; for you know yourself that the evil which befalls all mankind is sprung up from the evil which lies deep within; causing that there should fall upon the whole world that ceaseless sorrow from which there is no relief.

6  For the ways of men are filled with evil, for by their very nature would they corrupt and pollute even the whole world; being in their persons a vile infestation which would bring destruction upon all living things.

7  Wasting away through wanton passions the life of all they touch, causing in the airs they breathe a great contamination; for man is ever spilling out into the airs above all manner of noxious fumes and sickly vapors, which thing does make the whole earth to weep in sorrow;

8  Causing to fall upon the forest and the plains, and the fields an acid rain which would rob the earth of life; bringing upon the birds which fly, and the animals which move about, some broken end filled with death, even until they are no more.

9  And not this only, for man even now will dump into both river and stream a great many corruptions, even until the oceans and the seas of all the earth are made polluted and filled with sickness; causing even the greatest of beasts which swim about, to die in great despair, being in themselves unmourned and quite forgotten.

10  Thus has man raped and plundered even the whole world for the sake of their own pleasure, seeking through unbridled passions the fulfillment of all their greed; striving through the whole of their dominion to make subject unto themselves the life and purpose of all living things.

11  Seeing that in these things I have spoken truly, why then will you defend the whole of man as if he were both noble and worthy? Why will you continue to plead the cause of so wicked a race as man, seeing that of themselves they would make havoc the beauty of all the earth, to leave in ruins the greatest of many treasures?

12  For man is filled with vanity and conceit, deceiving himself constantly through a multitude of follies; contriving in all his science the means to still some further dominion, ever hopeful that in the knowing of hidden things he might lay hold to still some greater power.

13  Thus in man is there no wisdom found, seeing that it is ever beyond his grasp; for man seeks knowledge and knowledge only; for you know yourself how that knowledge, of itself, makes no demand that a man act rightly or from a goodly conscience; while wisdom does most constantly plead that goodness be done always.

14  Thus would wisdom most diligently seek for that which is beyond man’s nature; causing that man should seek for himself the easier path in all things; which path would lead the whole of man to his own destruction.

15  Behold then, the sins of all mankind, who for the sake of knowledge and power would bring death to all living things; chasing down and ever grasping for that which would make them greater still; leaving all that was beautiful and rare to be swallowed up in poverty and want.

16  For this cause did I command the way in which a man should go; binding down in constant fear the whole of all his actions, coercing through most dreadful fears the bending of his will unto my own.

17  For even I have determined that a man should live just one life, whereby I might make smaller still the evil of his ways; and if any man should fail in living by my word alone, then shall I consume him in endless death; to face in the regions far below, the fierceness of my wrath and indignation.

18  Come now and tell me plainly concerning all these things. For surely I have rightly reasoned, to make most evident the evil of all mankind; for even every man is become the scourge which would make most desolate even the whole world beside;

19  Causing that there should be no safe place upon the land, or within the seas, or in the airs above, where all living things might dwell in safety, to move about according to that nature which brought them forth.

20  What will you say therefore, in defense of man, seeing that I have brought against the whole of him a just and fair indictment? Come and answer me straightly and I will hear. Speak but a word, and I shall listen.”

21  Thus did the Demiurge speak, even that Dread Lord, Jehovah-Yahweh, and there flashed out from the darkness great bolts of lightning and deep rumblings filled with wrath; and standing before so dread a countenance, I spoke unto the Demiurge, saying:

22  “Well have you spoken, Jehovah-Yahweh, of man and his disregard for that very earth which sustains the whole of his being; becoming in their several habits and customs the very abusers of that natural world upon which all life is made most dependent.

23  Yet would I have you consider the very source from which there has arisen so great an apathy in the heart of man; for you know yourself how that from some hidden seed is there made to spring forth the thoughts and actions of all mankind.

24  For even in the corrupting of the whole world is there first found that very source which most strongly compels that men should act with wanton disregard; seeking for themselves alone some immediate gratification, while yet for the children of future generations there is given no thought; being of themselves most distant and unconnected to those who live today.

25  Consider then, Jehovah-Yahweh, the effects of such doctrines as you would force upon the whole of man; for by your word alone would you have all men to believe that in mortality are they given just one life only; which thing would add to the whole of mankind a burden and a sorrow too grievous to be borne.

26  For all they which believe in you are made to see life as cruel and most unfair; causing in the soul a great fear filled with desperation; for of the children of men are only the few born to wealth and prosperity, while yet the many are born in poverty and want, being in themselves filled with sorrows and bitterness of every kind;

27  Being left to themselves to struggle in endless despair against such forces as would bind most strongly; being in themselves most weak and lowly, having for themselves no hope or joy, being ever moved and pushed by hardship and adversity; causing the whole of all their lives to become the tragedy of all mankind.

28  And men, seeing for themselves all these things, even they are made to see both life and God as hard and bitter; which thing does fill the heart of man with fear, causing that they should become most grasping and filled with all manner of wants while in this life alone;

29  Thinking to themselves all things contrary; seeing for themselves the hardness of this life, while yet they proclaim aloud its fairness to all who live; causing that they should become in their hearts most cold and callous to the sufferings of others less fortunate than themselves.

30  Thus has the doctrine of one life only made man most fearful of that death which comes upon all living things; for fear is the seed from which are sprung all manner of foolish thoughts and actions; causing that even all men should become as someone desperate and filled with folly;

31  Thinking always of some immediate gain, while being thoughtless to the needs of generations still to come; being driven by fear to grasp and clutch at all things material, hoping therein to find such meanings as will give purpose to their lives.

32  Thus have you, Jehovah-Yahweh, planted in the minds of men the seed of all their actions; causing that there should dwell within the soul the painful doings of desperate men filled with anxieties and disquiet.

33  For man, being desperate and filled with fear will judge even every man most harshly; being in themselves without mercy; for such men, believing that there is given unto them just one life only, will strive by every means to compel that others should become even as they are in both thoughts and deeds.

34  Being hopeful that by so doing, they might assuage the disquiet within; trusting fully that in the believing of others like unto themselves they might relieve the fear and emptiness within.

35  Yet are they made all the more restless and filled with fear; and all this because of such doctrines as you would distill within the minds of all those who believe in you.

36  Therefore, seeing that God loves most dearly the children of men, even he did send me forth unto the earth to proclaim aloud that true wisdom which comes from above; for even the Father and Mother of many lights did ordain that I should come forth unto the children of men, to teach and instruct in all things eternal.

37  For even though that yonder world be made to dwell in darkness, yet shall I bring forth the light which never fades or goes dark again; for I shall light in all men the candle of wisdom which even you cannot extinguish or put out.

38  Come then and I will make known to you the means by which God would give hope and joy unto all who seek; to give birth in the heart of First Man the joy of heavenly things; which things shall turn most subtly the bitterness of all their lives into sweetness and delight.

39  For from the very beginning did God give the very means and pathway of reincarnation, wherein every man and every woman, who possess eternal spirit, might be given a great many lives whereby they should come to learn for themselves the way of eternal things, being in themselves delivered from the fear of death.

40  For even the Father and Mother which dwell beyond would have the children of their soul to see in the mortal life some school only; that going through the days of their mortality, they might learn for themselves the way which is greater still.

41  Know therefore, Jehovah-Yahweh, that I shall make known unto all men the very means of exaltation in the kingdom of God; teaching unto them the principle of reincarnation, which very principle shall uplift the hearts and minds of all who believe.

42  And all they which shall embrace the truth which comes from above, even they shall see in life but some school only; and in that moment shall they see no need for desperate acts of judgment and reproach; seeing that into their keeping God shall grant still some other life wherein they might learn for themselves the way of good and evil.

43  For in the knowledge of heavenly things is all fear made of no effect; and in the wisdom of God is life made to become most joyful and filled with promise.

44  Yet in the doctrine of one life only have you, Jehovah-Yahweh, made men fearful and filled with desperation; causing that men should act and love in constant fear, trembling in their souls midst hurtful shadows which you alone created.

45  Thus would I teach unto every man and every woman the knowledge of God; for this would I have even all to know, that in the death of the body is there not some final ending, but only the awakening unto some other life.

46  For death was never the enemy which men should fear, but rather their own inhumanity of the soul instead; this alone is the greatest enemy which would make most bitter the life of all who live, filling the lives of those afflicted with all manner of distress and sorrow.

47  Know then that in the belief of reincarnation would God set forth the first means whereby he might remove man’s fear of you; for when a man is made no longer fearful of the death of the body, then is he free to live most joyfully the life which moves and stirs within him.

48  For in the death of the body has God set forth the means to rescue even all his children from such evils as do most surely afflict from time to time; for in death does only the good which a man does continue onward, to dress the soul in living wisdom and faith exceeding.

49  While in death is there set forth that certain barrier which all evil is powerless to penetrate; for the evil which men shall do is caused to perish in the grave, to lie interred with dead men’s bones; while the good which men shall do, continues onward, even unto God.

50  And if it so be that a man do great good while in the mortal life, then does he return to the Father and Mother of his soul, dressed round about in great goodness, to become even as the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

51  But if a man do little good while in the mortal life, then does he return unto the Father and Mother of his soul, being in himself poor and greatly diminished; for unto his soul has he brought forth little good; to become unlike and quite dissimilar from the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

52  These then shall the Father and Mother send again into life, that they might decide for themselves whether they should follow in the steps of God, to become even as he is; for with the willing spirit will God ever abide and not surcease.

53  Thus by a knowledge of heavenly things would God also rescue men from all their fears; that being in their souls unafraid and quite determined, they might act rightly and with a goodly conscience while in the mortal life.

54  And not this only, for there is given still a further means by which God would set forth the hand to rescue the children of his soul from sorrow and despair.

55  Know therefore, Jehovah-Yahweh, that in the affairs of men has God determined that the woman be made a full partaker in all things; that she, by her grace and beauty, might set forth the hand to rescue even all the children of men from folly and destruction.

56  For women are made the mothers of life; bearing in their wombs that living seed from which all men are made to come forth; having in their hearts a tender regard for all things which live and move about upon the face of the earth.

57  And if it should be that women will partake in the affairs of men most equally, then shall the children of men, little by little, refrain from corrupting every whit the lands, and seas and airs above; causing that the earth should become even as a paradise filled with wonder.

58  For if men believe most firmly that they shall come again into life, then shall they strive most diligently to preserve the beauties and wonders of the natural world; lest by their abuse, they return again into this life to inherit for themselves a dung heap filled with sorrow.

59  Thus has God, through the principles of reincarnation, made for man that certain bridge which would connect future generations to those which live today; causing that men of themselves will seek to heal the earth of great pollutions.

60  This then is the answer which God would give in defense of man; and if there be still some further charge which you would make, then will I stand forth to give in answer a strong defense.”

61  These then are the words which I spoke unto the Demiurge, and when I was completed, there came a stillness and a calm; for Jehovah-Yahweh did think most deeply concerning those things which he would say unto me.