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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 23

Noah gathers the seed of Adam and journies to Mount Ararat – The companies of Shem, Japheth, Ham and Cimbri – Noah sends his sons throughout the earth – God speaks to Noah on Mount Ararat – The spirit children of God descend to the earth – Lucifer comes to Noah on Mount Ararat – A promise to frustrate the plans of God – Lucifer shows his power – Noah shows the power of God – The words of Noah to Lucifer – Promise of the Mighty One: redeeming Lucifer – Noah gives a sign: rainbow – Lucifer weeps – The death of Suzanne – The ascension of Noah


1  Noah, being the high priest according to the word of God, assembled to himself a great host of the seed of Adam, even as many as desired to serve the Lord their God.

2  And he caused that they should gather together all their households and he led them northward into a land unto which God had commanded aforetime that they should go.

3  Now they journeyed many days and when they came nigh unto Mount Ararat, Noah caused that they should settle upon the high plains round about, and he taught them concerning all the words of God, even the mysteries of Heaven did he make known unto them.

4  Thus taught Noah to the children of Adam, even all them who had desires to understand great wisdom. And after seven years he divided them into four companies, and over each he set one of his sons, and their names were Shem the elder, Japheth, Ham and Cimbri.

5  And he commanded them straightly to travel forth unto every distant land, that wherever they should find the Enoshahim they might teach unto them the words of God, that they might not be made to fear concerning the coming forth of the spirits of God unto them.

6  Therefore, to all who should receive to themselves the breath of God, even unto them would God establish the way whereby the children of men should be made one with the house of Adam.

7  That whosoever should walk in the ways of godliness, to them would the promise be given whereby they should receive unto their souls the adoption wherewith they should become the children of God.

8  Now Noah desired that every kindred, tongue, and people upon the earth should be made as one people by the coming forth of the spirit children of God.

9  For God, even the Ancient of Days, desired that there should be but one Lord and one shepherd over all the earth.

10  So Noah sent forth his sons throughout all the lands of the earth, and with them also went the sons and daughters of Adam who desired to do the works of God among the children of men.

11  Now Shem journeyed with many of the sons of Adam toward the land between the two great rivers, even the lands of Sumer and Shinar did the seed of Adam return.

12  And Japheth with his company journeyed northward and after many days he turned his face towards the sun and journeyed forth, and unto whatever place they journeyed, the sons and daughters of Adam were made to dwell among the children of Enosh.

13  And they taught them concerning the coming forth of the spirits of God which would come to dwell within them.

14  Now Ham went forth to the lands of Egypt, and they tarried there among a people which he had never seen before, for they were dark of skin and gentle in their ways.

15  And Ham, the son of Noah, inquired of the Lord concerning them, for they were not like the other sons of men because of the blackness of their skin.

16  And the Lord spoke unto Ham, saying: “Why have you thought to judge by the seeing of the eyes alone? Behold, I the Lord, look upon the heart to see if there be any good thing therein.

17  Therefore have I judged the worthiness of all men, that even all should be made of one house before the Lord God, that there should not be even one to escape the mercies of the Holy One.

18  So Ham dwelt in the land of Egypt, and he and all the sons and daughters of Adam taught the children of men concerning the God of Heaven, that they might possess unto themselves a knowledge of his mercy and grace towards them.

19  But Cimbri looked westward toward the setting of the sun, and he journeyed into the ancient lands thereof. And he became the father of many people, even of those who are made to dwell in the lands of Europe.

20  Thus were the children of Adam made to dwell among all the people of the earth, and the promise whereby all would be made the seed of Adam was established in the hearing of all men.

21  Now when Noah was 600 years old, the Lord commanded him to go up into an exceeding high mountain. So Noah went forth and stood atop Mount Ararat and the Lord spoke to him, saying:

22  “Consider, my son, how that the day promised has come upon the earth; a day when all the children of men shall be made as one house before the Lord of Hosts.

23  A day when there shall be given unto all people the breath of God whereby all shall become as the seed of Adam.

24  Now look and behold the mercies of God which I shall cause to come upon the land, for this day shall I fulfill all the words which I have spoken unto you.”

25  And the Lord spoke unto the Heavens and behold, there came forth a gentle wind, and upon the wind descended the spirits of God, even as the rain which falls from above, and they moved upon all the face of the earth. Thus did God breathe into the house of Enosh the breath of life.

26  Thus did all the children of men become as living souls before the God of Heaven, to know good from evil, and they were joined unto the house of Adam by reason of those spirits which descended from above.

27  Now Noah rejoiced before the Lord and his soul was greatly magnified, for he had accomplished all that the Father had commanded that he should do.

28  So the Lord blessed Noah, and when all these things were accomplished according to the will of God, the Lord ascended again into Heaven.

29  Now after some little while, Lucifer came to Noah upon the mount, and he contended against him, saying:

30 “Have you considered, O son of man, how futile shall be your joy concerning the adoption of the house of Enosh unto the house of Adam?

31  For by the hand of God shall many be afflicted unto sorrow and not just a few. And I shall cause a multitude to perish in their sins, that I might possess their souls forever.

32  Consider how easy it shall be to put forth the hand of mischief, to bring to naught the designs of God. For if I will, I shall put forth my hand to destroy all the children of men in a moment.

33  Speak to me, Noah. When great despair shall fill the hearts of men with anguish, and the souls of men are made to groan within them, who shall come forth to save them?

34  Consider the power of the adversary. For I shall bring the promises of God low in the dust. For who shall there be to escape the cunning of my ways, seeing that I am the god of this world?

35  For surely my power is great and mighty, for by the word of my mouth shall I command the elements and they shall inflict great suffering and great loss. Now behold the power of Lucifer.”

36  And Lucifer spoke loudly unto the earth and, behold, there came from deep within the earth a mighty rumbling sound, and the mountain upon which Noah stood shook with great violence, insomuch that the rocks were broken in pieces.

37  And there came upon the land a mighty whirlwind, and it smote against the mountain. And there was great fire in the heavens which fell as lightning upon the lands round about, which thing caused that the land should be consumed with much fire and smoke.

38  But Noah was filled with the power of God and he feared not the shaking of the earth; neither feared he the whirlwind, or the fire which fell from heaven.

39  So Noah put forth his hand and behold, the earth ceased to tremble, and the wind grew still, and there was great calm in the heavens. And Noah spoke to Lucifer, saying:

40  “Why are you made to rage continually against God, seeing that you have no power whereby you can frustrate the designs of God? Why have you thought to war against the innocent?

41 Did you think that God would forsake the children of promise? Now hear the words that I shall speak unto you, for God shall cause that many prophets and wise men shall walk among all the children of men; and they shall teach unto them the ways of righteousness.

42  And in the time appointed, God shall send forth Emmanuel to teach unto the children of men great wisdom and holiness, that as many as desire to walk uprightly before God might inherit the glory of Heaven; even life everlasting shall be made to spring up within them forever.

43  For it shall be given unto all who seek after righteousness the power to become as Only Begotten of the Father, and they shall be given authority from on high to teach the children of men the wisdom of God.

44  And in the fullness of time God shall send unto the earth one mighty and strong in the knowledge of God, and unto the children of promise shall he speak in parables, that they might learn wisdom.

45  But unto the righteous shall he reveal the mysteries of Heaven; even those things which have been hidden from the beginning of the world to the present age shall he make known unto them.

46  And he shall teach all men to follow in the way of the Emmanuel and his Beloved, Sophiel. By his coming shall God put forth his hand to heal the distress of many nations, for he shall cause to be established the tabernacle of peace.

47  Thus shall God increase wisdom and holiness among the children of men, and on the day appointed shall the power of God be made to withstand the cunning of your ways, and the glory of God shall roll forth unto all the inhabitants of the earth.

48  Then shall the Mighty One come forth unto you, O Lucifer, that he might establish the hope whereby you might turn again unto God and be healed of great affliction.

49  And this sign give I unto you, that you might know with sureness the mercies of that God who, from the beginning, loved you with an everlasting love.”

50  And Noah raised his hands towards the heavens and there appeared a rainbow of many colors, and Noah spoke again to Lucifer, saying:

51  “Behold the rainbow which God this day shall place in the heavens as a sign unto you, that you might always remember his love towards you, and towards the children of men also.

52  For with great cunning you took thought to destroy all the children of men by a flood of many waters.

53  By this sign, therefore, shall you know concerning the children of promise, for God shall never consent to the destruction of all the children of men.

54  Therefore as this rainbow shall be as a sign of God’s love unto you, even so shall it be a sign to the children of men that they might know of God’s care for them, that even all might remember the promises of God unto them.”

55  Now when Noah finished speaking unto Lucifer, the Fallen One wept sorely, for he remembered the former times when his glory was made like unto the Father’s.

56  And turning away, Lucifer went again to the earth, and throughout all the dispensations of time he wandered among the children of men, seeking to find some means whereby he might justify himself.

57  And evil increased among the children of men, and notwithstanding they were made as one house before God, they did war continually one against the other.

58  Thus, many were made subject to the passions of the evil one, for they were made to rebel against God because of a multiplicity of sorrows which Lucifer caused to fall upon the children of men.

59  Now Suzanne grew old, and when she lay dying, she called to Noah and spoke to him, saying: “My husband, the day of parting has come, but the love which I bear for you is not diminished.

60  Yet seeing that I shall go again unto my Father and your Father, remember me, for my love shall never depart from you.

61  Remember me with joy and laughter and not with tears of sorrow; for if you shall remember me with tears only, then shall the remainder of all your days be filled with heaviness, and sorrow shall afflict your soul unto despair.

62  Therefore, my love, farewell. May the Lord watch between you and me in the days of separation, that on the day of completion we might be restored again one unto the other.”

63  Now Suzanne died, being 860 years old. Wherefore, Noah buried her upon a high mountain amidst great weeping, and he caused to be sung unto her the psalms of Maciah, the great high priestess.

64  Now the years passed and Noah, being great with age, gathered unto himself the remnant of his seed, and he journeyed forth unto a mountain and there he anointed them unto God, and he blessed them.

65  And sending them away, Noah ascended unto God, being great with age. And all the days of Noah were 950 years and he was not, for God took him.