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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 8

Zion dwells in peace for forty years – Enoch is called in a dream to journey three days to the mount – Bashia appointed over the people of Zion – Enoch and patriarchs travel to mount and see God – Yasher-Baal prepares to war against Zion – Azotus is sent from Sumer to spy out the land of Zion – Azotus meets Marisa, the daughter of Bashia and Adami – Azotus falls in love with Marisa and warns her of the coming attack – Marisa takes Azotus to Zion to meet with Bashia


1  Now Zion dwelt in peace for forty years upon the land, and on a certain day as Enoch went walking by the borders of Lake Ishan, the voice of the Lord came unto him, saying:

2  “Gather unto me the patriarchs of Zion and with them Amram, the son of Tobid and Ramoth, the son of Zetrah, and bring them unto a mount three days journey from you, for I desire that they should see the God of Zion, that their faith might increase unto holiness.”

3  So Enoch went and gathered unto himself the patriarchs of Zion and with them also did he bring Amram and Ramoth. And Enoch anointed them and consecrated them unto the Lord who called them.

4  And he appointed over the people of Zion, Bashia, even she who held the fullness of the Matriarchal Order. For Enoch had set her before the people of Zion and anointed her that she should be as a mother unto the children of promise.

5  And Enoch journeyed towards the mount which God had shown unto him in a dream; both he and the patriarchs of Zion, and they did travel for the space of three days. And on the third day, in the evening tide, they beheld the mount unto which God had called them.

6  Therefore, Enoch ascended the mount and with him went Amram, the son of Tobid, and Ramoth, the son of Zetrah, and all the patriarchs also.

7  And they saw the God of glory standing above them in the air, and there was under his feet a pavement of blue. And he did beckon unto them that they might come closer, for he desired to speak unto them.

8  And God did reveal unto them the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven and of godliness, for he desired that Zion should continue among the children of men, that all who should have desires might be edified and purified by the Great Mother Spirit;

9  That all who should receive unto themselves the election of his grace might be justified before the word of God, that all who should prove diligent might receive the adoption wherein they should be sanctified unto holiness and life eternal.

10  Now in the days that Enoch tarried upon the mount, behold, Yasher-Baal did gather unto himself all the young men of Sumer, and from the regions round about did he add to these. And he set over them his mighty men of valor.

11  And the judges of the law did bind them with a mighty oath, that each should serve the king even unto death.

12  And Yasher-Baal required that each man should swear unto him by the blood of their life insomuch that he took by the sword a portion of the small finger from the left hand of all the men of Sumer.

13  Now unto each man was given the weapons of war, and Yasher-Baal set them forth in companies of one hundred, and he set captains over them, and over ten companies he set captains of thousands. And there was numbered of the army of Yasher-Baal fifty thousand men.

14  Now Yasher-Baal took all the hosts of Sumer and divided them into three armies: and over one he set Penuel, the son of Jabesh; and over another he set Dagos the Timmerite. But unto himself did Yasher-Baal take all the sons of Cain, for there were many and they stood head and shoulders above all the sons of men.

15  And Yasher-Baal gathered unto himself all his captains of hundreds and all his captains of thousands, and he spoke unto them, saying:

16  “You mighty men of war hear and consider, for this day shall you take unto yourselves great glory, for this day shall you march up unto the land of Zion to restore unto Sumer the borders thereof.

17  Therefore by your faithfulness unto me shall I give you all the herds and flocks of Zion, even the city of God shall I give to you and your children after you to be an inheritance.

18  For who shall there be to withstand the might of Sumer? To whom shall Zion flee to escape the wrath of Yasher-Baal?

19  For the men of Zion shall I slay with great vengeance, insomuch that I shall cause that the bodies of many valiant and noble shall be hung from the walls of the city. And I shall take their daughters and shall do unto them according to my pleasure.

20  Therefore, you mighty men of valor, gird up your loins for war and be strong in the day of battle, for this day shall I deliver into your hand the city of Zion, and all who call upon the God of Heaven, shall be made to tremble before you, and to you shall the righteous be made to bow their heads like bulrushes.”

21  Thus spoke Yasher-Baal to his captains of hundreds and to his captains of thousands. And with great haste did the armies of Sumer march up to Zion, that they might fall upon them unawares.

22  Now Yasher-Baal called forth Azotus the son of Paran, for he was swift and fleet of foot. And he did send him forth before the armies of Sumer that he might spy out the land of Zion.

23  And, behold, as Azotus came nigh unto the walls of Zion, he sat himself down by a well, and behold, there came from the city unto the well a woman most beautiful and fair.

24  And she, seeing him sitting there, spoke unto him saying: “Good master, I perceive that you are tired as if from some great journey. Therefore, I pray you, drink of this water which I shall give you, for you are come unto Zion. Let your soul be at peace, that you might rest awhile from your journey.”

25  And she drew water from the well and poured it into a cup and gave it to the servant of Yasher-Baal, and as he drank, she did kneel before him and removed the shoes from off his feet that she might wash and refresh him from all his labors. And Azotus, beholding her, loved her greatly.

26  Now he spoke to her, saying: “Tell me, fair daughter, for I am a stranger in the land round about, where unto have the men of Zion gone, for I beheld in the fields and among the flocks no man tending.”

27  And she answered and said to him: “It is not good to labor on the Lord’s Sabbath. For this cause have all the children of Zion been made to rest, that they might rejoice before the God of Heaven.”

28  And Azotus, the son of Paran, spoke to her again, saying: “Tell me of your father’s house, whose daughter are you? Why has your father left you unattended, that you should come forth alone to draw water without a man to watch over you? Has he no fear for you?”

29  And she spoke to him, saying: “My lord, think not ill of my father, for you are a stranger in the land. Behold, I am Marisa, the daughter of Adami and Bashia, the high priestess of God. Here in all the lands round about there is no cause to fear, for the God of Enoch does watch over us as a Father.

30  Therefore, fear not for my sake, for unto Zion are you come, for in the bosom of the Lord does Zion abide, that all who should come unto us might dwell safely and unafraid.”

31  And when Azotus heard these words he spoke lightly unto her, saying: “The God that watches over you is asleep; for behold, there shall come upon Zion the armies of Yasher-Baal. Go quickly into the city and give warning, that the men of Zion might prepare themselves for battle.

32  For I speak unto you truly, before the sun shall set tomorrow, terror shall be at your gates and desolation shall press hard against you. Your ears shall be filled with weeping and the glory of Zion shall perish, and ashes shall be unto you as a covering.”

33  And Marisa spoke unto the servant of Yasher-Baal, saying: “Behold, the fathers of Zion are gone unto the mount of the Lord and there are in the city of God none to wield the sword against Sumer.

34  Yet fear not for my sake, for the Lord our God neither slumbers nor sleeps. Surely he shall deliver us from distress.”

35  Now when Azotus heard these words, he grew heavy of heart and would not be comforted, for he loved the daughter of Adami and Bashia greatly.

36  Therefore, by reason of her great beauty and graciousness unto him, did he feel to mourn, for he feared that unto Sumer would she go captive.

37  And he swore a mighty oath unto himself to defend Marisa by the strength of his arm. For the love of a woman did the servant of Yasher-Baal take thought to lift the sword against the son of Cain.

38  Now in the eventide Marisa took Azotus by the hand, and did lead him unto the house of her father and mother. And she did speak all the words of Azotus unto Bashia, the high priestess of God.

39  And Bashia spoke unto the son of Paran, saying: “Fear not for our sakes; neither take thought to lift the sword against the hosts of Sumer, for our God shall deliver us from trouble.”