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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

The drought ends, Cain gives gifts and land to Enoch – Zion is built, the city of peace established – Bashia, the High Priestess and Matriarch, teaches daughters of Zion – Contentions and disputations in the House of Cain – Yasher-Baal contends against his father for the throne – Yasher-Baal kills Cain and assumes power – The yoke of the law and state religion established – Yasher-Baal desires the death of Enoch


1  And the rains descended upon the land in the days when Enoch came nigh unto the walls of Sumer. And the earth was quenched of its great thirst, for the rivers received again their strength and the land became green and fruitful.

2  For in the days of Enoch did God stretch forth his hand to heal the land, and there was much singing and rejoicing among the children of men.

3  Now Cain gathered unto himself again his mighty men of valor. And he brought forth unto Enoch gifts of fruit and grain, cattle and sheep in abundance. And he brought with him also builders and cutters of stone, and makers of brick.

4  And Cain spoke unto Enoch saying: “Peace unto you, O prophet of God. Consider now these gifts of fruit and grain which I have caused to be taken from my own house, and behold these many cattle and sheep which I have taken from the best of my herds and flocks. All this I give unto you, for by your word did the God of my father send forth the rain; that the glory of Sumer should be restored unto me.

5  Therefore, shall I give unto you also all the land that should border the Lake Ishan. For I have brought forth to you my builders, that they might build unto you and your people a city.

6  So shall they build unto you, according to my word, a city wherein you might dwell safely by the borders of Sumer. For I desire that you and your people should here abide, that the kingdom of my glory might not wither away from before the children of men.”

7  Now when Enoch heard these words, he looked upward into heaven, and spoke with himself, saying: Surely, O Lord, Cain is cunning above all the children of men.

8  And Enoch spoke unto Cain, saying: “May the Lord bless you for your much giving. Now if I have found welcome in the heart of Cain, grant unto me also that I might gather from the land all who seek privately the Lord of Hosts, that I might bring them forth unto God.

9  For by your word shall I build a city by the waters of Ishan; in the borders of the land of Sumer shall I cause to be established the city of God.

10  And I shall call the city, Zion, for here shall the righteous gather. Even the pure in heart shall go forth from the city of peace to establish among the children of men the tabernacle of the great God.”

11  Now Enoch built a city, even the city of peace. And he went forth throughout the land, teaching unto as many as would the righteousness of God. And there came out from the land of Sumer a multitude of people, seeking and praising God.

12  And they did dwell, every man with his wife and children, in the city of Zion, for behold, it was beautiful above all the cities of the earth. And all who dwelt therein lived peaceably beside his neighbor, even as in the beginning when Adam first walked among the children of men.

13  Therefore, unto every man did Enoch establish an inheritance according to the whisperings of the Spirit of God unto him. And unto as many as were called of God did Enoch confirm the priesthood before many witnesses.

14  Teaching unto them the mysteries of godliness whereby Zion should become lifted up unto God, that all who should be faithful to labor in holiness before the Lord might receive the election of grace unto life eternal and exaltation in the kingdom of God.

15  Now there dwelt in Zion, Bashia, High Priestess of the great God. And she did cause to be gathered unto her all the mothers and daughters of Zion, that she might teach them concerning the Matriarchal Order.

16  And Bashia taught unto the daughters of Zion the law of marriage and family, and unto the very elect did she teach the covenant of fullness, and as many as were righteous before the Lord did she ordain unto the priesthood of the great Mother, even Eve, the mother of all men.

17  Now Cain had taken unto himself many wives, and they took seed of him and bore him a multitude of sons and daughters. And there came to be great contentions and disputations among the sons of Cain concerning the right of inheritance.

18  For each desired for himself the glory of his father, lest the power of Cain be divided and diminished among all the sons of his loins.

19  Wherefore, in the house of the father of nations was there great striving and envying, for the wives of Cain plotted continually, that they might deliver into the hands of their sons the rule of empire.

20  But above all the sons of Cain walked Yasher-Baal the twin brother of Adami, the Artificer, and he was fierce and terrible in his might. For when he was but a youth he slew a lion by the strength of his arm, for he stood head and shoulders above the sons of Cain, and his strength was greater than the strength of ten strong men.

21  Now Yasher-Baal walked disdainfully among the house of Cain, for he was a giant among giants, and he was most comely to behold, insomuch that the daughters of Sumer hungered for him. And all the young men of the city worshipped him as though he were a god.

22  On a certain day, therefore, Cain went walking among the great houses of the city and there were with him the elders of the city. And behold, Yasher-Baal came and contended against him angrily, saying:

23  “Behold, is this Cain, the son of Adam? Is this the father of nations and of war? Is not this the man who brought forth from the desert place the glory of empire, even the builder of Sumer?

24  Come now, O Cain, and bind us with your stories of glory long past. Speak to us of empire and rule, that the memory of our glory fade not away from us.

25  Tell these many noble how you have grown wise with these many years, that we might know the wisdom whereby you gave unto Enoch a portion of your kingdom.”

26  Now when Yasher-Baal had said these things, there was heard a great murmuring among the nobles of Sumer, and many hands did cleave to the sword. Yet did Cain stay his hand from Yasher-Baal.

27  And Yasher-Baal spoke again unto his father that he might taunt him to battle, saying: “Behold, you nobles of Sumer, how Cain has divided the kingdom from his sons and given it unto another.

28  And not that only, for behold, he has taken from his herds and flocks the best in cattle and sheep, and these also has he given these many years unto Enoch.

29  Come, father, speak unto these many and tell us what power has Enoch over you, that you should give him whatsoever thing he should ask of you. For, behold, he has gone throughout the lands of Sumer and has taken to Zion a multitude of your people.

30  Where, O Cain, is the strength of your arm and the cunning of your ways? How has this Enoch bewitched you to make you weak? How has he taken from you the will to power?

31  Speak, Cain, and covenant now before your noble ones to take again unto yourself the borders of Sumer. Covenant now, by the strength of your arm, to take again the multitude of your people.

32  Pledge yourself before your mighty men of valor to restore the glory of Sumer and to avenge yourself against this Enoch who has bewitched you by his kindness.

33  For it was he who robbed you of your strength and power, and who caused you to live peaceably among the children of men. For the manliness of Cain has Enoch corrupted by soft and soothing words, to leave you but the shadow of your greatness. Hear, O Sumer, how Cain has been made to become even as a woman!”

34  Now when Cain heard these words spoken of him before the nobles of Sumer, he grew exceedingly angry and as a lion he did roar in great rage. And he, taking up the sword, rushed upon Yasher-Baal to slay him. And the nobles and the mighty men of valor trembled before the fury and the anger of Cain and Yasher-Baal.

35  Thus did Cain fall upon his son to slay him in his anger. But Yasher-Baal was young and fearsome, for he feared neither God nor man, and Cain was great with age.

36  Therefore, Yasher-Baal did slay his father before the men of Sumer. And he took his sword and he cut off the head of Cain, the father of nations and of war. And he held it high that all the people of Sumer might see his terrible fierceness.

37  And he spoke unto them, saying: “Behold, you nobles and mighty men of valor, how that this day Yasher-Baal has taken unto himself the power and the glory of Cain.” And when he had said these things the young men of Sumer did gather round about the son of Cain, and they were dressed for battle.

38  And all the nobles fled, each man to his own house, and the mighty men of valor grew faint in their hearts, for the pride of their strength did perish at the hands of Yasher-Baal.

39  Now Yasher-Baal went forth unto the throne of his father, and with him went all the young men of Sumer and they did lust after the shedding of blood.

40  And he caused that all the sons of Cain should be brought before him, and their mothers also. And he made them swear faithfulness to him only, that he should be their rightful king. And all who would not swear did he cause to be put to death.

41  And Yasher-Baal caused that the body of his father should be cast out of the city; and it lay upon the ground all that day. But in the night Enoch came and with him also came Adami the twin brother of Yasher-Baal, the great Artificer, and together they did carry the body of Cain unto the city of Zion.

42  And Bashia caused that the daughters of promise should honor Cain, the son of Adam and Eve. So they washed his body and anointed him with sweet oil, and they buried Cain in holy ground within the walls of Zion the beautiful.

43  Now when they had done all these things unto the body of Cain, Enoch and all the hosts of Zion prayed and fasted for three days, that the soul of Cain might not be delivered unto the prince of darkness, even Lucifer.

44  Consider now how cunning was Yasher-Baal, for he did gather together all the nobles and mighty men of valor and he spoke to them before the people of Sumer, saying:

45  “You men of Sumer, why have you continued to murmur against the son of Cain, seeing that I am lord and king over you? Did not my father teach unto you to take whatsoever you desire by the strength of your arm?

46  Did he not become the father of nations? Why are you angered, seeing that this day I shall grant unto you greater power and glory? By the hand of Yasher-Baal shall you be made to become as gods.

47  Did not Cain slay his brother? Why then do you seek to contend against me, seeing that I but slew a murderer? Am I not just in doing this thing, seeing that I have avenged the blood of Abel?

48  Therefore, shall I this day promise unto you great power over the souls of the children of men, and this power shall I secure unto you and your seed after you by reason of great cunning.

49  For it was for your sake that I slew my father. Did he not give unto Zion a portion of your greatness and power? Did he not grant that the prophet of God should go throughout the land and gather unto himself all who would follow the God of Adam? Has not your glory diminished, which Cain swore to give unto you in the beginning?

50  Have I not brought justice to the murderer of Abel? Shall I not also avenge myself for your sake, to take again the glory of empire and restore it again unto you? Therefore, be not angry with Yasher-Baal, neither murmur anymore against me.

51  Consider now, you nobles and mighty men of Sumer, for this day shall I add power to power. For this day shall I forge before you the yoke of law, even as my father in the beginning did forge unto your fathers the weapons of war.

52  For this day shall the law go forth, and we shall bend unto our will all the souls of the children of men. For by the letter of the law shall we lay the yoke of bondage upon whomsoever we will.

53  And if there come forth among us a breaker of our laws, even that man shall be put to death. Let us, therefore, set aside the words of God which Enoch has declared unto this people, that we may establish forever the laws of men and of nations.

54  But consider how this law must be administered. Let us, therefore, choose from among our sons, wise men who will defend the laws of Sumer against those who would come forth to proclaim the words of that God whom we know not. And let us place into their hands the power to punish and destroy all who would contend against us.

55  Now, therefore, if you have claim against your neighbor, bring him before those who are appointed to administer, and lay forth your claim against him.

56  For consider how just our laws should be, that in the letter of the law shall there not be considered the right or the wrong, for above all these things shall the law preside.”

57  Now when Yasher-Baal had said these things, all the nobles and mighty men of Sumer ceased to anger against him. And they proclaimed that Yasher-Baal should be king over them. And they brought forth the sons of their loins, even all those who had reached manhood, and they set them before the son of Cain.

58  And Yasher-Baal chose from among the sons of Sumer nine men and appointed them over the law. Wherefore, Yasher-Baal did anoint them to be judges over the people, that the power of nations and of men might be hedged up round about by the law.

59  Therefore, on that day did the laws of men presume the power and the glory. And Yasher-Baal caused that the nine judges should sit beside him and he spoke again unto the nobles and mighty men of Sumer, saying:

60  “Hear O mighty men of Sumer, and consider how that we are diminished by the cunning of this Enoch and his God, for he has gathered from among us a multitude of people. For the sake of Zion did your brethren abandon the inheritance of our fathers.

61  Therefore, let us this day appoint priests over the children of men. And unto the children of men shall they teach the doctrines of that god who has granted us power.

62  For they shall teach men that to love God is to love first the laws of men and the power of nations. By this means shall we secure for ourselves the power of dominion and compulsion over the souls of the children of men, from this day forth and forever.

63  Therefore, let our priests go throughout the land of Sumer, that unto every town and village they might teach the people this religion which shall grant unto us all that we will.

64  For if the people worship the god which we shall teach unto them, what shall it matter. For they can do but what we have taught them by way of those priests which we have appointed over them.”

65  So Yasher-Baal set apart certain men of great cunning and smooth speech, and he did anoint them before the nobles and the mighty men of Sumer. And when they were ordained, they were brought before the judges that they might be bound to the laws of men, by oath and covenant.

66  And when all these things were completed, Yasher-Baal swore before all the hosts of Sumer to take again the lands which Cain had given unto the prophet Enoch.

67  For he determined aforetime that Enoch should die, and that all the hosts of Zion should be brought bound unto the walls of Sumer.