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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 6

Sons of Adam mingle with the daughters of men – Enoch is called to teach and gather the lovers of God – Establishing Zion and the Tabernacle of Peace – Enoch travels to Sumer, converses with Cain – Enoch asks for water during drought – Rain is promised in return for water and safe passage – Cain is gracious towards Enoch – Enoch and the righteous settle near Lake Ishan


1  Now Adam and Eve sojourned upon the earth 930 years and they had many sons and daughters.

2  And it came to pass that the sons of Adam multiplied and they were as giants upon the face of the land, and many sons and daughters were born to them and they did move upon the face of the earth, to mingle with the children of men and women.

3  And the sons of Adam saw that the daughters of men were fair and comely, and they took unto themselves, each man, many wives, which thing proved grievous unto Adam and Eve.

4  And Adam spoke unto the righteous, saying: “My spirit shall not always walk with men, for they are but flesh and quick to do evil; therefore, I shall raise up prophets from among them, to turn them from their evil ways, that they might have joy before the Lord and live.”

5  Now in the beginning, the Ancient of Days came forth unto the land of Ur in a mighty vision, and he spoke unto a certain man named Enoch, saying: “Come, O son of man, and attend your ear unto the words which I shall speak unto you. For I shall send you forth among the sons and daughters of men.

6  Behold, you are appointed to go forth and speak unto all who will, the words of the great Father, to reprove many because of unrighteousness, that evil might not have power over the children of promise.

7  For unto you shall be given the spirit of the Lord, whereby you might bring forth much good to the children of men. Therefore, fear not the evil which men shall do, for the Lord shall walk beside you continually, in the hollow of his hand shall he cause you to stand, and the spirit of his joy shall surely guide you, even unto life eternal.

8  Therefore in the holiness of God shall you find the covenant of his majesty. But as he that has called you is holy, you be holy also, and the covenant of God shall cover you even as a mantle.

9  For this day shall I give into your keeping the Law of Zion, which law shall be for the uplifting of the righteous, that they might be strengthened in the day of affliction, that they might go forth from Zion to bless the children of men in the name of God, the Eternal Father and Mother.

10  Wherefore shall all who are called out from among the children of men covenant with God to walk beside him daily, that he might stretch forth the hand of blessing, that he might lift up the soul of the righteous unto joy and peace.

11  So shall you go forth among the children of men to establish Zion, even the tabernacle of peace shall you cause to dwell upon the earth, that all who grow weary by way of evil, even they might come up to Zion. And if they will but covenant to obey, they shall receive unto their soul great wisdom and blessing.

12  For you shall surely teach them the ways of peace and holiness, that the children of promise might dwell safely in the bosom of both their Heavenly Father and Mother who are made to dwell in Heaven, that the children of men might take to their soul the promise of life eternal.”

13  Thus spoke the Ancient of Days unto Enoch, even he who walked unbidden among the children of men. And Enoch did wrap his soul in the instructions of the Lord; in knowledge and understanding did Enoch go before the children of men.

14  Now Enoch went throughout the land of Ur calling unto himself all who desired to know the Lord God, and as many as heard the words of Enoch, even they did follow after him.

15  And Enoch journeyed forth from the land of Ur and went southward towards the land of Nod, and there went with him a great multitude of people. And they came nigh unto the walls of Sumer, the mother of nations and of war.

16  Now when Cain, the son of Adam, heard that a great prophet approached nigh unto the walls of Sumer, and that there was with him a multitude of people, he called forth his mighty men dressed for battle, and he set some to guard the city and the others did he lead forth to meet Enoch.

17  Thus came forth unto the prophet, Cain the son of First Man, even he who slew his brother to get gain. And Cain spoke unto Enoch, saying:

18  “Who are you that you should come forth with these many people? Are you come to war against Cain and his mighty men of valor? Have you come forth to take with violence the glory of Sumer, the mother of nations, which I did build among the children of men?”

19  But Enoch spoke graciously unto Cain, saying: “Greetings unto you Cain, son of Adam, greetings and peace be upon your mighty men of valor. May the peace of God rest upon the house of Cain.

20  Consider now my lord, how you are become the father of nations and of war. How then shall these many withstand you in the day of battle, seeing that we are with women and children?

21  For I came forth unto you not to war, but to call unto the righteous who dwell in the land, that they might gather themselves before God to bring forth the glory of Zion, that they might establish in the land the tabernacle of peace.”

22  Now when Cain heard these words, he laughed aloud, and in the strength of his arm did he taunt the prophet Enoch, saying: “You are truly a visionary man. Did you not know that all who dwell in the land of Nod abide by my word alone and not another?

23  Tell me, prophet, before these many and my mighty ones also: Who has commanded you to establish Zion? Who has anointed you with power that you should come here to call forth the lovers of God?

24  Behold, all that dwell here about are but the lovers of Cain. Who has told you to do this foolish thing, seeing that there is none in the land of Sumer to answer?”

25  And Cain laughed greatly, but Enoch answered him, saying: “Behold, my lord, the Ancient of Days has commanded me; even he who was your father, Adam, has anointed me from above saying:

26  ‘Gather out the righteous that I might bring forth Zion upon the land, that you might establish the tabernacle of peace among the children of men.’

27  Now I beseech you, for your father’s sake, that if there be no lovers of God among you, then grant us passage through the lands round about. Only let us have water that we perish not on our journey, and whatever you shall ask in payment, even that shall we give unto you.”

28  Now when Cain heard these words, he desired to give unto Enoch according to his request, yet there was a drought upon the land. For it had not rained in four years and water had become most precious.

29  And Cain spoke unto Enoch, saying: “For the sake of my father would I give unto you and your people water to drink, that perhaps I might restore unto my soul the love of God. Yet behold how the land is dry and barren.

30  Therefore if I should give unto you such as I have, then perhaps there should not be enough for my people also. For, behold, water is become more precious than gold.”

31  But Enoch besought him, saying: “If you will be gracious unto me and give unto the multitude water to drink, both them and their herds, then shall God open unto you the fountains of Heaven that it should rain again upon the earth.”

32  And Cain spoke again, saying: “Shall God be gracious unto me? Am I not Cain the son of Adam? Am I not he who first slew his brother to get gain, to take unto my soul the glory and praise of men?

33  How then say you that God shall open the fountains of Heaven, that it should rain again upon the earth? For I have determined aforetime, that except it should rain, my people must surely wither as the grass and the glory of Sumer shall be no more. Shall God then send the rain and restore unto Cain the kingdom of his glory?”

34  And Cain stretched forth his hand, saying: “Consider, O prophet of God, how the earth is cracked and broken asunder for want of water. Behold, how the land does thirst and perish, and there is none to satisfy. For the great rivers have grown weak and feeble, and there is a stink upon the land.

35  Yet for my father’s sake shall I give unto you a portion of that which I have; perchance I shall find favor with God and he shall grant unto me according to your words.”

36  So Cain commanded his mighty men that they should take the people of Enoch and give unto them water to drink, both for themselves and their flocks and herds.

37  And when they were filled, Enoch spoke unto Cain, saying: “Because you have given unto these many, water, that they perish not, God shall show unto you his great mercy. For surely he makes his sun to shine upon the just and the unjust.

38  For the Lord our God esteems all flesh as one people, and unto all the children of men has he stretched out his hand all the day long, that he might strengthen them and bless them above all the works of his hands.

39  Therefore, know this, O father of nations, that three days shall not pass away from before you, except God shall send unto you the rain, that it might heal the land and refresh again the hearts of the children of men.

40  Now if I have found favor in your sight, let me take this people unto a land near unto you, that we might rest from our journey, that we might worship the Lord our God against the day when we are called forth to labor.

41  Therefore, give unto us your blessings that we might rest for a little while, that we might await the blessings of God when he shall send forth the rain, that we might also be refreshed.”

42  When Cain heard these words, his heart was softened towards Enoch and his multitude, for he found therewith the mercy of that God who in the beginning did set upon him the mark, that all who should see Cain might not kill him.

43  Therefore Cain commanded his mighty ones that they should take Enoch and his people beside the borders of Lake Ishan, that they might rest awhile from their journey, that they might await the refreshing of the Lord when he should send forth his rain unto the earth.

44  Now Enoch encamped his people in the land by the borders of Sumer. And on the third day there gathered many great clouds in the heavens, and they were heavy with rain.