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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 20

The genealogy of Methuselah and Japhia – Maciah, the High Priestess of God – Genealogy continued – Noah, the son of Lamech – Methuselah sends Noah to find a wife – Noah enters the house of Phiniah – Suzanne singing among the flocks – Noah steals away Suzanne – Lamech is upset, Methuselah rejoices – Noah and Suzanne wed


1  Now Methuselah dwelt in the lands of Shittim beside his wife, Japhia, and he wept sorely for the passing away of Zion, for when it was told him how God had taken Zion unto his bosom, he cried aloud in the anguish of his soul.

2  But the voice of God came to him, saying: “Weep no more, my son, because of Zion, for I shall never leave you, nor forsake you.

3  Only learn of me and give ear to all the words which I shall speak unto you through the power of my Spirit; walk uprightly before me in all your ways, and you shall find peace in me.”

4  So Methuselah lived beside his wife, and all his days were peace and blessing: for in the one hundred and eighty-seventh year of his life he became the father of Mahlon.

5  And after he begat Mahlon, Methuselah lived 782 years and he had many sons and daughters. And when Methuselah was great with age he died, being 969 years old.

6  Mahlon lived 124 years and he became the father of Hezron, and Mahlon lived 423 years and he died.

7  Now when Hezron was 240 years old, he became the father of Ramoth, who became a mighty man. And Hezron died, being 820 years of age.

8  And Ramoth begat Bozdra, being 165 years of age, and after Bozdra, Ramoth lived 345 years and he begat many sons and daughters.

9  And Bozdra attained unto 140 years of age, and he became the father of Ishmael, and after Ishmael was born, Bozdra lived two score years and ten, for he did war against the sons of Enosh, and he was struck down by the sword.

10  Therefore, Ishmael came to dwell in the borders of Jordan, and when he was 235 years of age, he became the father of Jotham, and after he begat Jotham, Ishmael lived in peace by the banks of the Jordan 175 years.

11  Now Jotham lived 260 years and he became the father of Azor; and after he begat Azor, Jotham lived 280 years. And all the inhabitants round about wept at his passing, for he was exceedingly wise in the ways of God.

12  But Azor was filled with mischief continually, and when he was 110 years of age he became the father of Eleazar, and after he begat Eleazar, Azor lived 340 years and he died.

13  But Eleazar walked uprightly before God always, and when he was 180 years of age he became the father of Zanosh, and again when Eleazar was 210 years of age, his wife gave birth to the daughter whom they called Maciah, even she who became the most high priestess of God. And when he was old, Eleazar died, having lived 640 years.

14  Now Zanosh was 310 years old when he begat Eliakim, and after Eliakim, Zanosh lived but 70 years and he died.

15  And Eliakim was 225 years old when he begat Pelag, and after Pelag, Eliakim lived 365 years and he died.

16  Now Pelag was fourscore and ten years when the earth was rent apart by great convulsions. And when he was 147 years old, he begat Melkiah, and all the days of his life were 410 years.

17  And when Melkiah was 210 years old, he became the father of Resha, and after he begat Resha, Melkiah lived 350 years.

18  But Resha was a wanderer and he journeyed throughout many lands. And when he was 180 years old, he returned unto the land of his birth and took Sheba to wife and she gave him a son whom he called Peku-Hamaliel. And all the days of Resha were 720 years and he died.

19  Now Peku-Hamaliel lived 160 years and he begat Hoda, and after the birth of Hoda, Peku-Hamaliel lived 312 years and he died; wherefore, all the sons of his loins did gather, and they carried the body of Peku-Hamaliel to his father, even Resha; and Resha took the body of his son and buried him upon Mount Hazim, for he loved his son greatly.

20  Now Hoda lived 145 years and he begat Eber, and after he begat Eber, Hoda lived 433 years and he died, being weary of his many years.

21  And unto Eber was born Ramsha, when he was but 110 years of age. And all the days of Eber were but 175 years, for by the hand of Ramsha was he made to perish.

22  Now Ramsha was most wicked, and he feared neither God nor man, and when he was 320 years old, he begat Methuselah, and all the days of his life were 615 years, and Ramsha died, and there was none found to weep over him.

23  But Methuselah went forth and dwelt nigh unto Mount Moriah, and when he was 185 years of age, he begat Lamech. And after he begat Lamech, Methuselah lived 640 years and he died. So Lamech buried his father in a cave beside the holy mount.

24  When Lamech was 182 years old, he had a son and he called his name Noah. And Lamech spoke unto his wife, saying: “This little one will surely comfort us in the days of our great age, for, behold, the light of God has fallen upon him, and he shall contend with the Fallen One whereby he might bring unto the earth the children of God.”

25  Now Lamech spoke these words according to the revelations of God which were given him in the dreams and visions of the night. Thus after the birth of Noah, Lamech lived 595 years, and he had many sons and daughters.

26  Therefore, when Noah was two score years of age, Methuselah came to the tent of Lamech, saying: “How long shall the son of your loins withhold his hand from taking to his bed a wife whereunto he might give seed?

27  Now, my son, command Noah to take my trusted servant, and travel to the ancient lands of Shinar, for you have a brother there, and he has many comely daughters. Perhaps among them he shall find one to take to wife.”

28  So Lamech sent forth his son, Noah, eastward towards the land of Shinar. And after many days journey, he came to the house of Phiniah the brother of Lamech. And all the house of Phiniah rejoiced to see the son of Lamech, and they took him unto their bosom.

29  However, on a certain day, Noah was walking among the flocks and he beheld a young maiden, and she was singing to her father’s sheep.

30  Now when Noah heard her, he wondered at the beauty of her song, for she did sing the psalms of Maciah, the high priestess of God.

31  Wherefore, Noah loved the daughter of Phiniah, and her name was Suzanne. And she, upon seeing the son of Lamech, took him to her heart.

32  But Phiniah would not consent to give unto Noah his younger daughter, for he had two others who were older and without husbands, and he would not that shame should come upon them.

33  Now Noah would not cease from asking for the promise of Suzanne to be his wife, and seeing that Phiniah desired to give unto him another, he came forth in the night, both he and the servant of Methuselah, and they stole Suzanne from her father’s tent and fled with much haste back to the land of his father.

34  So when Noah came again to his father, he told him all that had happened. And Lamech moaned within himself, and he spoke, saying:

35  “My son, am I not filled with years already? Behold, I did command you to take one of the daughters of Phiniah to wife, but would you put me in the grave for the love of Suzanne?”

36  However, on the morrow came forth Methuselah filled with joy, for he had heard how Noah had stolen the daughter of Phiniah. And he spoke to Lamech, saying:

37  “Why are you sorrowing, seeing that Noah has found the one whom he loves to take to wife? Fret not over your brother’s anger, for if you will give him a few cattle, and some sheep from your flocks, he will forget his youngest daughter.

38  Therefore, let us be quick and build an altar upon Mount Moriah, lest the servants of Phiniah come before we are able.

39  For as the Lord lives, I shall this day seal together both the man and the woman, and what God has sealed together shall there be found no power to break asunder.

40  And if it so be that Phiniah shall not be satisfied with your gift to him, then shall I cause to be taken from both my herds and my flocks many cattle and sheep in abundance, and with these shall I purchase peace between the house of Lamech and Phiniah.”

41  So Methuselah and Lamech took Noah and Suzanne to the holy mount, and there did they build an altar before God. And Ziphia, the wife of Methuselah, ordained that Suzanne should be the Beloved of Noah the son of Lamech.

42  And when this was completed, Ziphia did place the girl beside Noah before the altar of God, and together were they sealed as husband and wife by the words of Methuselah.

43  Now when these things were accomplished, Noah took Suzanne to his father’s tent. And he lived beside her all the days of his life in much joy, for they loved each other greatly.

44  And Methuselah danced before the altar of God, for he did glory in the deeds of Noah, for he possessed much goodness, which goodness the Lord of Heaven had overshadowed with great cunning.