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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 21

Contention between the Adaam and Enoshahim – Michael and Lucifer meet – Lucifer takes credit for contention – Michael responds: “Is there glory in weakness?” – Lucifer invited to return to God – What evil is greater than the mercy of God? – Lucifer is filled with loathing and contempt and walks away from the hope of reconciliation


1  In the days of Noah did the sons of Enosh dwell among the sons of Adam, and there was contention between the house of Enosh and the house of Adam, which thing caused great sorrow unto the high priest of the land, even Methuselah the son of Ramsha.

2  For he was anxious towards God on behalf of the children of men, for he cared for them and he desired that there should be peace among all the inhabitants of the land.

3  Now on a certain day the Ancient of Days walked upon the earth and there came nigh unto him the Fallen One. And Lucifer spoke unto Michael, saying:

4  “Consider, O Michael, the world unto which the spirit children of God are sent, that perchance they might attain unto the greatest glory of all.

5  Consider also how that I have sown enmity between the sons of your loins and the sons of Enosh, that they should war one against the other continually.

6  For how many of the sons of Adam have I caused to perish by the sword? How many have I caused to fall by the way because of much evil?

7  Consider how that by such great evil I shall compel you to put forth your hand unto the children of men, to take away from before them your agency, lest the hope of your glory be made to perish before the throne of God.

8  For, behold, by your agency, which you would grant unto the children of men, shall you receive but little reward.

9  Therefore, consider how few shall attain unto great glory, even worlds without end, for by great evil are many made to fall and stumble as if in darkness.

10  How then shall your agency save so many, seeing that they have grown weary of you by reason of many sorrows?

11  Whereunto shall you save the fallen through your agency now, seeing that I have frustrated the designs of God?

12  Wherewith shall such as these receive unto their souls the promised assurance of exaltation, seeing that this life have I made most burdensome?

13  Where is your wisdom now, O Michael? How shall your agency, which you would give unto all who seek holiness, how shall such exalt the children of men, seeing that so many despair because of the evil which I have caused to come upon so many?

14  Would it not have been better for the children of men that you should keep for yourself alone the knowledge of good and evil, that even all the spirits which you would send unto the earth might obtain unto the glory of Heaven by your hand alone?

15  Was there not wisdom in my counsel, whereby I would exalt even all, that not even the least among them should be lost? Would not the glory of Heaven be multiplied and added upon exceedingly?

16  Why, therefore, did you oppose the Son of the Morning, seeing that by my word alone would all things be glorified, both in Heaven and on earth?”

17  But Michael answered, saying: “How is it that for all your knowing, you should lack understanding? Truly I say unto you, your lack of understanding has robbed you of great wisdom.

18  Is there glory in weakness? Consider, Lucifer, that if I should withhold from the children of men the knowledge of good and evil, they would remain innocent forever.

19  Is not holiness better than innocence, seeing that by innocence can no righteousness be brought to pass?

20  For this cause did the Father establish that there should be opposition in all things. For how shall the weak and the innocent maintain the glory of Heaven, seeing that they have not the knowledge of good and evil?

21 Thus, in the wisdom of God was it expedient that good and evil be made known unto all the children of men, and he that knows not good from evil is blameless and innocent before God, but unto such as these is there no glory given.

22  Therefore has God declared wisdom, that in the knowledge of good and evil might the children of men choose for themselves the good. Yet unto all who are made weak because of great evil will I give of my strength.

23  And if they will come unto me, I shall make them strong in the ways of holiness, and by their righteousness before me shall many be clothed with glory, and into their keeping will be given exaltation, even worlds without end.

24  And whosoever knows not good from evil, even they shall be granted the mercies of God, for I shall cause that they shall come again into mortality, that they might come to a knowledge of what is good and what is evil.

25  Wherefore is opposition needful to make them strong in the glory of God, if they will but remember to choose good always and to walk in holiness before me.

26  Have you not considered, O Lucifer, how that the Gods and Lords of Elohim are edified, each unto the other, by the light everlasting? Are they not single in purpose, having been made joint heirs in both glory and dominion?

27  Yet, if you alone should take to yourself the knowledge of good and evil, how then would the spirit children of Emmanuel be made partakers of such godliness, seeing that they are denied the knowledge of good and evil?

28  How then should such as these be made equal in power and in glory, seeing that the knowledge of godliness is denied them?

29  Wherewith shall they be made joint heirs of his dominion and majesty, seeing that you have taken from them the means whereby they might attain unto a fullness?

30  Therefore, if by your agency alone all the spirit children of God should be exalted, then wherein shall good be made to overcome evil, seeing that by your word alone would even all receive the glory? Wherewith would the mercies of God claim victory over wickedness?

31  For through the mercies of God is evil made of no effect, being swallowed continually in the holiness of the Father.

32  Wherefore, in the knowledge of godliness is the glory of Heaven established forever, and the mercies of the Father made manifest unto the children of men.

33  Yet by your word alone would there be neither exaltation nor increase in the kingdom of God, seeing that the children are without a knowledge of good and evil.

34  Unto what glory, therefore, would the spirit children of God go, seeing that the fullness of the Father is denied them for the sake of your word alone?

35  With what great evil shall you be able to frustrate the designs and purposes of Elohim? Did you not know that there is no evil from which the Father is not able to deliver?

36  Seeing that I have spoken truly, why have you continued to withstand the wisdom of Elohim?

37  Have you forgotten the love of your Father? Behold how he desires to receive you again, if you will but turn again unto him and be healed.

38  Do you care no longer for the Beloved unto whom you are sealed forever? Have you forgotten that into her keeping is the power of Oneness wherein she makes intercession for you before all the great and mighty?”

39  Thus spoke the Ancient of Days unto the Fallen One, even Lucifer. And Michael drew nigh unto him and putting forth his hand, he spoke again, saying:

40  “Come, my brother, and return again unto God, for why should you perish seeing it is the Father’s will to restore you again?

41  Come and let us return, for by your side shall I stand before all the mighty and plead your defense.

42  For behold, the Father of All delights in mercy, and for the sake of your Beloved shall he receive you again unto his bosom, that he might place you beside the wife that loves you.

43  For what evil is greater than the mercy of God, and wherein shall the designs of the Father be made of no effect, if it so be that you are willing to turn again unto him?

44  Truly I say unto you before all the congregations of the mighty and the noble, that upon the way of exaltation is the glory of Heaven established forever.”

45  Now when Michael had finished speaking, Lucifer was filled with loathing, and he spoke hotly to the Ancient of Days, saying:

46  “Did you think to convert me with soft words of reason? Did you think to draw me nigh again unto God by words of remembrance?

47  This I speak unto you, for I shall surely ascend again before the heavenly hosts, and with much violence take from the Father of All the kingdom of his glory.

48  In that day shall we see how soft words will restore again the glory of God; for it matters not your reasoning, for I know that it is better that all should receive the glory and not just a few.

49  Now give ear to the words which I shall speak unto you and understand, for I shall increase the sorrow which comes upon all the children of men, and all your glory shall they ridicule with scorn.

50  And many shall perish by the way, for there shall be none to redeem the fallen, and the downtrodden shall weep with many tears, for there shall be no one to comfort.

51  And there shall be war between the house of Enosh and the house of Adam, and all the wicked shall I cause to die in their sins, that I might exercise power and authority over them.

52  And the sons of men shall scorn the daughters of men, and there shall be no peace between them. Thus shall the spirit children of God find but few tabernacles through the seed and lineage of Adam, and these shall I press hard with many troubles.

53  How then shall the mercies of the Father have claim upon the children of God, seeing that there be so few to dwell in tabernacles of flesh upon the earth?

54  How shall so few come to a knowledge of the good, seeing that I shall multiply evil upon them continually? For surely they shall grow weary of Heaven’s promise by reason of a multitude of sorrow.

55  Thus shall all who put their trust in God grow weary, for I shall afflict them with much doubt and fear continually, and there shall be but few who will come to a knowledge of God.”

56  Thus spoke the Fallen One to the Ancient of Days. And there was sorrow in the heart of Michael, for he cared for Lucifer, and desired that some way might be found wherein he might be made to come again unto the Father of All.

57  But Lucifer walked away from the hope of restoration and the promise of reconciliation with the Father, for he still breathed out many threats against the sons and daughters of Adam, desiring only to destroy them in the midst of their sins, that he might possess their souls forever.