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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 11

Yasher-Baal plots against Zion – Lucifer converses with the son of Cain, revealing many dark and hidden things – Yasher-Baal gathers his men of valor and promises glory for Sumer and retribution against Azotus – Rahob is appointed High Priest of Sumer – Sumer conquers the cities of Kish, Shinar, Uruk, Babel, and Calneh – Sons of Yasher-Baal made kings


1  Yet in the city of Sumer did lord Yasher-Baal plot continually against Zion, for the heart of Yasher-Baal had become evil, for he desired the death of Enoch, and against Bashia, the high priestess of God, did he brood darkly.

2  Now on a certain day, Lucifer entered into the private chambers of the king. And lord Yasher-Baal, upon seeing him, stood forth in mighty anger and drawing forth his sword he contended against him, saying:

3  “Who are you that you should come unbidden to my chamber door? Know you not that I am king in Sumer and that I have the power of life and death over all who dwell herein? Who are you that you should trespass the chambers of the king?”

4  And Lucifer spoke unto Yasher-Baal, saying: “Are you the son of Cain? How is it, therefore, that you know not who it is that stands before you? Behold, I am he who in the beginning granted unto your father great power.

5  For by my word alone did I grant unto Cain the mysteries whereby he might satisfy himself against Abel, his brother, that he might take unto himself power and dominion over the souls of the children of men.

6  Consider, Yasher-Baal, and be wise, for I am that Lucifer who fell from before the throne of God. How is it that you know not of my power to grant unto you the desires of your heart?

7  For I came not unto you of my own accord, but you, O king, called me forth unto you: for by the desires of your heart have you caused that I should come and stand before you this day.

8  Therefore, speak to me. Why has the son of Cain hidden himself from the sons of men? Why is the glory of Sumer made to sit in the dust as though it were left desolate by some great enemy?”

9  And Yasher-Baal spoke not a word, and he took his sword and threw it upon the floor, and he sat himself down. And seeing this, Lucifer drew nigh unto him and spoke unto him many dark and hidden things.

10  Insomuch that the heart of Yasher-Baal rejoiced in the mysteries of power. And he called unto a servant and commanded him to call forth into the court of the king all the mighty men of valor.

11  So there was caused to be gathered in the king’s court five hundred men of valor. And Yasher-Baal came and stood before them, and with him also stood the nine judges of the law, and with them also stood all the priests of Sumer.

12  And he spoke unto them, saying: “You mighty men of war, how long shall you be made to tremble because of Zion? Who shall there be who can withstand you in the moment of battle? Shall you be made to fear because of the winds that fell upon the armies of Sumer in the night?

13  Who has convinced you that God has set his hand against you? Are you made to fear because of the words of a woman who knew not her rightful place?

14  Hear now the words of your lord and king, for God has not set his hand against you; for what man among you was made to perish because of the wind that came against you?

15  Behold, was it not the will of God that you be preserved in the moment of distress, that even he should stretch forth his arm to save the hosts of Sumer from destruction?

16  Did not God preserve you for some greater glory? Has not God brought you safely again unto Sumer, that you might take to yourselves power and dominion over all the face of the earth?

17  What fault shall you lay against your lord and king because of the destruction that came upon you before the walls of Zion? Behold, was it because of Yasher-Baal that you were scattered from before the walls of Zion? Not so, you mighty men of war.

18  For your shame came upon you by betrayal and deceit. For by the hand of one man were we made to stumble upon the field of war. By the hand of one man were you made to lament and flee in the terrors of the night.

19  For it was not a woman who brought this shame upon the mighty and noble of Sumer, but rather Azotus the son of Paran.

20  Therefore, think not ill of Yasher-Baal, neither concern yourself over the words of Bashia, for all these perplexities were made to come upon you by the treachery of Azotus!

21  For like unto you did Azotus swear by the blood of his life to be faithful unto Yasher-Baal, lord and king of Sumer. Yet did he betray the oath and covenant for Zion’s sake; for this cause alone did God put forth his hand to chasten you.

22  Now you men of Sumer take heart, for the god of Sumer shall put forth his hand to restore you unto the praise of men.

23  And you shall walk upon the earth in great power, insomuch that all who shall look upon you shall tremble, for the mighty shall become weak before you, and your ears shall be pierced with the lamentation of their women.

24  Now you mighty men of Sumer, hear the words of Yasher-Baal, for this day shall I take these many only, and I shall prove you before the mighty men of Kish, that you might take to your souls the favor of that god who has established you in greatness, that you may know surely that the god who spared us from the treachery of Azotus has not forsaken you.

25  Therefore, let us go forth to conquer the mighty men of Kish, that we might make them subject unto the laws which we have caused to be given unto the children of men; for unto this law shall we cause all our neighbors to bow the knee.

26  Wherefore, think not less of your lord and king, for I shall deliver into your hands the wealth of many nations, that the bitterness of Zion should not be unto you as a blemish. For I shall send forth certain men of great cunning to bring before the laws of Sumer the traitor Azotus, the son of Paran.

27  Seeing, therefore, that our god shall grant unto us power and dominion over the souls of the children of men, let us build unto him a temple in the midst of Sumer; and let us appoint from among these priests one who shall be as a high priest unto the god of this world.

28  And it shall be given unto this high priest to offer in sacrifice the best of our sons and daughters, that we might secure for our benefit the favors of our god.”

29  Thus spoke Yasher-Baal to his mighty men. And he took Rahob the son of Zereth Shahar and appointed him to be the high priest of Sumer.

30  And he did cause Rahob to bring forth his youngest son, and he did slay him before all the mighty men of the city, and he took the blood of the child and did anoint the head of Rahob.

31  Now when these things were done, Yasher-Baal took but five hundred men of war and with great cunning he went out against the city of Kish and he did slay all the mighty men thereof, and there was great lamentation and weeping.

32  And the men of Sumer marveled greatly at the fury of their lord and king, even Yasher-Baal, for he possessed great strength and his daring was beyond measure, for against whomsoever he set his face, the heart of that man would fail within him.

33  And Yasher-Baal did place upon the throne of Kish the son of his loins, Chemosh; and he was caused to swear a mighty oath unto his father, and to the nobles of Sumer did he also give allegiance. And a fifth part of all the wealth of Kish did Chemosh give to Sumer from that day forth.

34  Now after these things were accomplished, Yasher-Baal set his hand against the great cities between the two rivers. And unto the law of Sumer did he add Shinar, Uruk, Babel, and Calneh.

35  And over each did he place the sons of his loins. Thus Remlah was made king of Shinar, and upon the throne of Uruk sat Marduk, and Melech was made king of Calneh, and upon the throne of Babel did Belzebub rule.

36  Over all these cities did the lord Yasher-Baal rule by the strength of his arm and unto the laws of Sumer were the souls of the children of men made subject.

37  And the children of men were made subject unto the sons of Yasher-Baal. And they did rule with exceeding harshness and from that day till now have the nations of men ruled upon the earth.

38  And all the nobles and mighty men of Sumer praised their lord Yasher-Baal, for he had given unto them great power by his great cunning and fierceness. And the bitterness of Zion did they remember no more.

39  For among all the children of men were there none to withstand the might of Sumer. And the dominion of Yasher-Baal grew in power and glory, insomuch that the glory of Cain and all his might could not compare with the glory of Yasher-Baal.