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Chapter 14

Jubal of Calneh – Kneeling before Enoch – Story of abomination – Jubal cries out in anguish – Enoch comforts Jubal of Calneh – Parable: The King and His Wayward Son – The forgiveness of God – Wicked priests contend with Enoch – Enoch rebukes the priests of Rahob – The desolation of Yasher-Baal foretold – People desire death of wicked priests – Enoch returns to Zion after seven years


1  Now there were with the people certain priests, and they desired to lay a snare for Enoch, for they feared the words which he spoke unto the people, lest many believe him. And on a certain day there came unto Enoch a man greatly sorrowing.

2  For he had heard the words of God which Enoch spoke concerning the abominations of Rahob, and his soul did grieve greatly.

3  For he desired for himself the forgiveness of that God who in the beginning breathed into man the breath of life, whereby all men should become as living souls.

4  Yet in the anguish of his soul did he cry aloud among the people, for by the priests of Sumer had he been made to offer up his only child as a sacrifice to the gods of affliction.

5  So he came and knelt in the dust before Enoch, and all the people marveled at his grief, for he wept greatly because of the loss of his child, and he would not be comforted.

6  And Enoch stood the man upon his feet and spoke, saying: “It is not good that you should come and kneel before me, seeing that I am now but a man like unto you. Come now, my son, and tell me truly. What sorrow has caused you to grieve so?”

7  And the man told him all that had happened unto him because of the abominations of the priests of Sumer, and when he had finished speaking, he fell again upon his knees and cried in the anguish of his soul.

8  When Enoch beheld this, he despaired greatly, and turning to the multitude, he asked concerning the man, for he desired to know somewhat of him.

9  Now there was one among them who knew of the man, and he told Enoch how that this fellow was once a worker of metal, and that his name was Jubal of Calneh, and that he possessed great skill and cunning workmanship.

10  Yet there were in the city certain merchants who desired to take unto themselves the works of Jubal’s hands, so that all who desired to purchase should be made to buy from them only.

11  But this Jubal refused to give them the works of his hands. So they went unto the high priest of Sumer, even Rahob, and with much money took revenge against him.

12  Wherefore, in the season of planting did the priests come into the house of Jubal and with many threats did they take his only child, that they might appease the gods of abomination.

13  Now there followed close behind the priests the child’s mother; and she did plead continually for the life of the child, but unto her they gave no heed.

14  And they cast the child into the fires of wickedness, and the mother did cry aloud unto God and rushed upon the flames to save her child.

15 Thus did Jubal have torn from his heart his wife and child, which thing caused him to cry aloud continually, saying:

16  “Woe is me! For I am made to dwell in the midst of abominations. Behold, I am corrupted by evil men, and there is none to save the wounded soul from transgression.”

17  When Enoch heard these things, he laid his hand upon the man, and spoke tenderly unto him, saying: “Hear now, my son, the words which I speak unto you this day.

18  For by the word of God am I sent forth to preach repentance and forgiveness of sin. Therefore am I persuaded by the Spirit of his righteousness to comfort you.

19  Therefore, hear the words of my mouth that your soul might be made clean of the blood of this untoward generation. Receive now the forgiveness of your Lord, even him who is ruler of Heaven and earth.”

20  And the man answered Enoch, saying: “How can God forgive such a one as I, for I dwell in the city of abominations? How can I be made clean, that I might return unto God, seeing that the blood of innocence is upon me?”

21  When Enoch heard these words, he spoke to the man a parable, saying:

22  “Once there was a king who had a son. And on a certain day the son grew angry with his father and he departed from his father’s house, and he went unto a strange and distant land.

23  Now the seasons came and passed away and the son repented of the evil which he had done unto his father, and would that he might go home again but he could not, for he felt unworthy and unable.

24  But the king sent forth a messenger unto his son, saying: ‘Thus spoke your father, the king: Come now, my son, and return again unto me, for I have forgiven you from afar. Return again unto me, for I care for you.’

25  And the son answered the servant, saying: ‘I am unable to go again unto my father’s house, for I am unworthy of his kindness toward me.’

26  So the servant went and told the king the words of his son; and the king, hearing them, took the signet ring from off his finger and gave it unto the servant that he might give it unto his son. And he commanded the servant to speak the words which he had given him to speak unto his son also.

27  Now the servant went again unto the son and gave him his father’s ring, and spoke unto him, saying: ‘Thus spoke your father, the king: My son, if you are willing but unable, then come to me but a little way, and I shall be gracious unto you and shall come unto you the greater portion.’”

28  And Enoch looking upon the man had compassion on him, and he spoke to him, saying: “Consider now, my son, how that you have come nigh unto the Father of your spirit only as far as you were able.

29  Shall God not come unto you but this far, that he might stretch forth the hand of healing, that he might restore you to his soul?

30  For if God shall forgive you all, wherewith shall you be brought under condemnation, seeing that God has removed your sin far from you?

31  For God is gracious to restore your wife and child unto life again, that they might have opportunity to know the Lord their God, and receive unto themselves the promise of life everlasting beside the throne of God.”

32  Now there being certain priests among the people, when they heard all these words, they grew angry with Enoch and they spoke hotly against him, saying:

33  “Who are you that you should speak for God? Are we not the priests of the Most High? Who appointed you to preach to this people?

34  Who ordained you to speak unto all the inhabitants round about concerning the love of God and the forgiveness of sins?

35  For behold, the God who created the heavens and the earth is great and mighty, and by the fierceness of his wrath are the elements made to tremble; by the indignation of his fury has he weighed in the balance the worth of all men, insomuch that he has ordained unto all the full measure of his judgment.

36  Who is this God who forgives sin without sacrifice and blood atonement? Have you come forth to destroy this people? For we know that there is no other way wherewith we might obtain favor with God except it be by the shedding of blood.

37  Shall these people be made to perish because of your vain imaginations? Shall they go seeking after strange gods, only that they might receive unto themselves the torments of an everlasting punishment?

38  How shall we obtain favor with God except we first satisfy him with the offerings of our sons and daughters? For by the blood of the innocent are we made clean from all unrighteousness, for by the shedding of blood are we granted favor and pardon.

39  Who gave you power, that you should forgive sins with a word? For we know that you are come to get power over the people of this land, that with soft words you might become as some great one.”

40  Now when Enoch heard these words, he was filled with the indignation of the Lord, and taking the shepherd’s staff, he stood before the multitudes and spoke sharply unto the priests of Rahob and Yasher-Baal, saying:

41  “You serpents! You men full of wickedness! What manner of abomination gave rise to such as you?

42  Behold, how you are made to become the sons of whoredom and idolatry! For the evil that gave seed unto you shall come upon you again, and your portion shall be darkness and desolation.

43  Shall the God who established the heavens above be made to thirst for the blood of children? Shall he be made to hunger for the flesh of virgins?

44  Behold how you have laid upon the people a burden too grievous to be borne. For the god that you make mention of is your father the devil.

45  For you desire to keep the people bound in fear unto you, that he might have power over them. For you would that all these many believe that except for you they can in no-wise approach unto God.

46  Wherefore, for this cause has God sent me again to proclaim liberty throughout the land, that all who have a desire might come unto the Father of their spirits and live.

47  For God desires that none should be made fearful of him, seeing that he is filled with mercy towards the children of men, and he delights to reveal himself unto all who would call upon him.

48  As for you, God shall bring you to account. For you have corrupted the name of the Father, even God, that you might take unto yourselves power and gain.

49  For by the priestcrafts of men are the children of men made to sorrow, that by your word alone many should be brought into bondage.

50  For you desire to rob the people of knowledge, for you will not have them know the God of Heaven; neither do you desire that they should draw nigh unto him, that he might heal them of many afflictions.

51  Behold how you have clothed yourselves in costly raiment. Your houses have you adorned by the sorrow which you have caused to fall upon the innocent. For the love of gain have you made as merchandise the souls of men.

52  Therefore, God shall set his hand against you. And the glory of Yasher-Baal shall be made to perish from before the eyes of men.

53  Your comely habitations shall be laid low in the dust, and jackals and serpents shall possess your dwelling places.”

54  Now when the people heard these words spoken, they became exceedingly angry with the priests of Sumer, and they did pick up stones wherewith to slay them, but Enoch rebuked them. For he desired that the blood of no man be shed in the name of God.

55  Now among all the people of the land were there many who believed the words of Enoch concerning the evils of Yasher-Baal and Rahob. Nevertheless, they would not follow Enoch unto repentance.

56  For they desired the death of those who ruled over them with much harshness. Yet they would not lift the hand of violence while Enoch walked among them, for they had regard for him.

57  Wherefore, the priests of Rahob grew fearful of their lives, for the land became filled with the words of Enoch concerning their deeds. And they grew in anger against him, because the people would no longer believe their words.

58  And if there came priests before the people demanding the sacrifice of their sons and daughters, the people would rise up in great anger and chase the priests from their doors, casting stones at them continually.

59  So Enoch went throughout the land of the two great rivers. And wherever he went, multitudes would come seeking him; for they did hunger and thirst after the word of God, and as many as were willing they did receive unto their souls the Spirit of God unto life everlasting.

60  And in the seventh year of his ministry, Enoch returned unto Zion, and there went with him a great multitude of people. And there were added unto the city of God five thousand souls.

61  But Methuselah the son of Enoch did not return to the city; for he had been ordained by his father that he should stay among the people of the land, that he might teach them further the things of God.