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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
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5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment

Chapter 1

The Ancient of Days descends, and speaks to the Teacher a great parable – Michael and his Beloved dream – Adam and Eve come to the earth to dwell among the children of men – Adam and Eve teach and give knowledge – Birth of Cain and Abel – Cain teaches blacksmithing, commerce, trusting in the arm of the flesh – Abel teaches husbandry, farming, music, and writing – God is not pleased with Cain’s offering


1  And it came about that on a certain day while the Teacher was walking in a lonely place that the Ancient of Days descended from above to speak unto him, saying:

2  “Behold, the day has come which was promised, for unto you is it given to establish the tabernacle of God upon the earth, that there might be peace among the nations of many people, that the children of men and women might know of a surety the Lord their God, for he shall come among them, and as a loving Father he shall heal them of many sorrows.”

3  And the Teacher spoke, saying: “How can this thing come to pass? Have you not seen the great evil which afflicts the souls of the children of men? Consider how they war, one against the other. How shall I establish the tabernacle of God among these people, seeing that their faith is diminished by great affliction?

4  From whence came this wickedness among the children of men that they should despair continually against the Lord of Hosts? What knowledge shall I give unto these many, that they might prepare the way of the great God?”

5  And the Ancient of Days spoke unto the Teacher a great parable, saying: “In the beginning did Michael and his Beloved together dream, and Adam and Eve came unto the earth that God might breathe into man the breath of life, whereby the children of men might possess a living soul.

6  Now Adam dwelt for a season in the land between the great rivers, even the Tigris and Euphrates, and he walked among the children of men eastward in Eden. And when he saw that the land was good, he planted a garden there.

7  And the children of men marveled greatly concerning the coming of the son of God, for Adam was even as a giant among them, and his beauty and comeliness was glorious to behold, and his wisdom was beyond comprehension.

8  For this cause did the children of men exclaim unto one another, saying: “Behold, a God has come to dwell upon the earth.” And they were fearful of Adam and Eve because of their greatness before them.

9  Now in the days when Adam and Eve began to walk upon the earth, the children of men dwelt upon the land even as the beasts of the field, for they did live in the caves and deep places of the earth, and their speech was crude and hard to understand, and they did clothe themselves in the skins of animals.

10  But Adam and Eve had compassion upon the children of men and in the evening tide, Eve would sing from the midst of Eden and all who heard would gather round about her, and they grew to love Eve, even as their own mother, for she did nurture them with great tenderness.

11  Wherefore, in the beginning were the children of men innocent before God, for they knew neither good nor evil, for the knowledge of such had not been given unto them.

12  For this cause did Adam walk among the inhabitants of the land, teaching unto them every good thing which was expedient unto them. And Adam did give unto them a pure language that he might more perfectly instruct them in the ways of knowledge.

13  And Adam built a house of brick and mortar wherein he and Eve might dwell during the days of their sojourn upon the earth, and the eyes of men beheld Adam as he built unto himself a house and they saw that it was made of curious workmanship, and they came unto Adam and desired that he teach them his ways.

14  So Adam taught men to fashion brick from the clay of the earth and to make for themselves houses wherein they might dwell in safety upon the land. And in that day Adam separated the children of men from the beasts of the field.

15  Now after the sons and daughters of men had built unto themselves houses of brick and mortar, they came again unto Eden and found Eve fashioning a dish of clay. And they besought Eve, saying: “Great Mother, behold, the houses wherein we dwell are dark in the night, for there is no light within.”

16  Then Eve took a portion of clay and fashioned a lamp and filled it with oil and gave it unto the children of men; and they rejoiced and danced about, for into their keeping was given a light whereby darkness would flee from them.

17  And it came to pass that on a certain day Eve gathered unto herself the daughters of men and taught them the law and covenant of marriage, that each man might have but one wife, and that each wife might rest safely beside her husband. And she did command them straightly that the man should love the woman and that the woman should love her husband.

18  And Eve taught unto the daughters of men the skills of weaving wherewith the children of men might clothe themselves. Wherefore, the sons and daughters of men did consider that Adam and Eve were Gods by reason of their great wisdom and holiness towards them.

19  Now Adam went forth among the sons of men, saying: “Come now and walk beside me, for I desire to teach unto you every good thing which you might use for food, and that which is not good, even that shall you not eat, lest you die by its bitterness.”

20  And Adam took the sons of men and walked about the land and he did establish every seed which was good and he did ordain it for the use of man, and every tree and the fruit thereof which was good did he ordain for the use of man.

21  As also every plant and herb which was good to comfort man and make him whole did he ordain for their use. And he commanded that these things should be used with care and wisdom always.

22  For this cause did the children of men come to worship Adam and Eve, for they did all things which were expedient to teach the children of men great knowledge, but only as they were able to bear.

23  Now Adam and Eve loved each other greatly, and Eve took seed from Adam and bore a son, and she did call him Cain. And he grew large in stature and had great cunning, insomuch that both man and beast grew fearful of him.

24  And Eve conceived again and bore another son, and she called his name Abel, for he was comely and loved the Lord his God with all his might, insomuch that the children of men were filled with wonder towards the God of Abel.

25  And Adam taught his sons in all his ways and commanded them that they should teach the children of men knowledge, that they might benefit therefrom, that they might fulfill the measure of their creation.

26  For God shall give unto every man the breath of life, even the glory of God, whereby men might become a living soul.

27  For in the day appointed did God determine to place within the heart of man the spirit children of many great and mighty, that the sons and daughters of man should no longer be as the beasts of the field, for he has declared the decree whereby all who are willing might become the sons and daughters of God, the Father of All.

28  Therefore, woe unto that man who shall consider the children of men to be as beasts and who inflicts misery unto the promise of God, for they shall be cut off, and their portion will be divided among the desolate.

29  So Adam commanded his sons to teach the children of men every good thing and Cain went forth among the inhabitants of the land and did fashion for them tools which they might use to till the soil and to build.

30  And he taught them to gather together their dwellings into towns and cities that they might benefit one the other. For Cain taught the children of men that they should not call upon the name of God in times of trouble, but that they should help one another and to put their trust in the strength of their own arm.

31  And he taught them to work in copper and bronze, and he did teach them the designs of trade and commerce whereby men might purchase from one another according to the desires of their heart.

32  Now Cain took unto himself many wives, for the daughters of men were fair and comely. And the children of men beheld Cain as some great one, for he was exceedingly large and he was cunning in all his ways.

33  But Abel his brother taught the children of men the skills of husbandry, and they began to build flocks and herds unto themselves. And he taught them to till the soil and to grow every grain and herb which was for their good.

34  And Abel planted a grove of olive trees near Eden, and in the evening time he would walk in the cool of the day, and the children of men would gather before him and he would teach them to play the flute and the lyre.

35  Now on a certain day Abel fashioned a tablet of clay and he gathered to himself the sons and daughters of men, and before them he did write upon the tablet.

36  And the children of men were astonished, for they perceived that some great power had been engraved upon the tablet, and they besought Abel that he should teach them this thing.

37  So Abel taught them the skills of writing and language, and the children of men grew in wisdom and in cunning, for they did follow the teachings of Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve.

38  And God was gracious unto Abel, for he taught the children of men the ways of peace and holiness always, and unto his sacrifice did God attend. And God blessed Abel over his brother Cain.

39  For with Cain was God not pleased, for he did put forth the hand of mischief unto the children of men. For he taught them not to trust in God but to put their trust in the strength of their arm.

40  Therefore, God was not pleased with Cain and his sacrifice would he not accept. And Cain was swallowed up in bitterness against God, and unto his brother Abel was Cain made envious, and he brooded against him continually.