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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 2

Lucifer woos and seduces Cain with a song – Lucifer lifts the veil from Cain’s eyes – “Consider, Cain, how you are like unto me” – Lucifer boasts of his plans to recompense Michael – Cain is persuaded to contend against God –  Cain teaches war, empire, usury, and distorts the teachings of Abel


1  Now in the beginning was Lucifer cast from Heaven, and he swore in his great anger to bring havoc upon the children of men, that violence and deceit might rage in the hearts of many, that he might have claim upon the souls of all who would obey him; that with these he might ascend again unto his Father and take with violence the kingdom of Heaven.

2  Now in the days when Adam sojourned upon the earth, Lucifer went nigh unto the place where Cain was wont to rest, and when he had drawn near, Lucifer began to sing. And when Cain heard the song he marveled at the beauty thereof, for its melody did haunt him, and Cain drew nigh unto Lucifer.

3  And Cain beheld one sitting under a tree and his countenance and beauty were like unto the Ancient of Days. And Lucifer did woo Cain by the beauty of his song; by the cunning of his words did he cause Cain to cleave unto him.

4  Thus spoke Lucifer unto Cain, saying: “Greetings unto you, O son of God. You have chosen a good land wherein to dwell. Consider how all the sons of men glory in your greatness.”

5  And Cain answered, saying: “Who are you that you should come to this place and sing your song unto me? What have I to do with you?”

6  And Lucifer spoke, saying: “I have heard the cries of your soul. Behold how my ears have been penetrated by your great sorrow. Therefore have I come unto you that I might give answer to your prayers. Come now and speak unto me. Why is your countenance fallen and your joy vanished away?”

7  Then spoke Cain, saying: “Who are you that you should give answer to my prayers, or that the thoughts of my heart should be made known to you?

8  Have you not seen how God has rejected my offerings unto the children of men, and how he has preferred my younger brother over me? For this cause have I been made to sorrow, because Abel has taken place before me.”

9  And Lucifer spoke unto Cain, saying: “Are you not the elder brother? Consider how the children of men follow you as though you were some great one. Who is your father that he should think less of you?

10  Consider how the sons and daughters of men rejoice in the knowledge which you have granted unto them according to your wisdom and power. Behold their many dwellings: Are they not made beautiful and pleasant to the eye?

11  Who among the sons of Adam made both the plow and the reaper, that the sons of men might plant and harvest in abundance, if not you? Has someone besides you given unto men the forge and the hammer?

12  How then is your brother made greater than you, seeing that he is but a youth? Why should God bless Abel before many witnesses and scorn you? Is your name not great in the land and the strength of your arm made known abroad?

13  Who is this Abel that he should bring shame upon you? For what cause has he set forth his hand to separate you from the love of your father? Why should your brother glory in the strength of the Lord and Cain be made to despair continually?”

14  And Cain took thought concerning the words which had been spoken unto him by Lucifer, and he said unto him: “Why should one such as you come to me to comfort? What care have you between Cain and Abel?”

15  And Lucifer answered Cain, saying: “Come now and let us reason one with another. Who shall give answer to your prayers if not me? For I have come unto you that you might be comforted from your many sorrows. By the power that I shall give into your hands shall you be comforted over your brother Abel.”

16  Thus spoke Lucifer unto Cain, and he took the veil from before Cain’s eyes that he might understand even all the words which should be spoken unto him. And Lucifer brought him to a remembrance of the glory to be found in Heaven.

17  And Cain was made to see the glory that had once been as a covering unto Lucifer, for in the beginning was he made the bearer of great light and power. And Lucifer caused that he should see how that God had chosen his younger brother, even the Ancient of Days, over Lucifer, which thing caused great sorrow in Heaven.

18  “Consider, Cain, how you are like unto me. For my Father, even Ahman, did prefer Michael over me. Consider, therefore, how my Father scorned me for the sake of my younger brother, and how your father also has scorned you for Abel’s sake.”

19  And Cain answered, saying: “Who is this Michael that the great Father of All should consider him over you? What power has he that he should take from you your glory and that you should be cast down unto the earth?”

20  And Lucifer answered, saying: “Behold, in the kingdom of my Father’s glory does Michael dream together with his Beloved, and even now do they walk together among the sons and daughters of men as though they were someone great.”

21  Then did Cain draw close unto Lucifer, saying: “Tell me now, where is this Michael that I might know him, that I might take measure against his great cunning?”

22  And Lucifer spoke, saying: “Behold, your father Adam, even he is Michael, and that which he has done unto me in the beginning has he done unto you also. For consider how he has taken away your glory and caused that it should be given unto your brother, Abel.”

23  Now when Cain heard these things he grew angry and swore by a mighty oath that he would take again his honor and his place before God, and he cursed his father and swore great vengeance against him.

24  And Lucifer to himself did smile, for he had taken unto himself the heart of Cain. Wherefore, Lucifer commanded Cain, saying: “Consider even now, O son of Adam, by what means we shall take again the glory that belongs to us by right.

25  For in the beginning did I speak unto my Father, saying: ‘Behold, if you cast me down to the earth, then I will take these faithful spirits with me and I will whisper into the hearts of men, and with many promises shall I entice the souls of men far from you.

26  And over the spirits which you have prepared to come down to the children of men shall I take unto myself both power and dominion, and in that day shall I take again my glory.

27  For with great cunning shall I cause the nations of many people to shake, by the fierceness of my wrath shall the earth be made to tremble, for in my right hand shall I bring war unto the children of men, and in my left hand shall I bring forth pestilence of every kind.

28  For I shall cause violence to rage in the hearts of men, and they shall become drunk with blood, even as with much wine; by the lusts of the flesh shall I consume many. I shall make the habitations of men desolate, and fear shall lay hold of many.

29  Thus shall I bring havoc upon the earth, and the spirits which you have organized shall grow weary of you by reason of many sorrows, and in that day shall the children of men rise up to curse the God of Heaven.

30  So shall I gather unto myself the souls of men and therein shall my power increase, and I shall ascend the highest Heaven to stand before God, and I shall recompense unto Michael according to his works unto me.’

31  Therefore, consider, Cain, how together we shall ascend before the hosts of Heaven and take unto ourselves the power and the glory; and all the souls of the children of men who shall follow you by reason of your great cunning, even they shall rise up and bless you forever; for you shall be as a god unto them throughout all time and eternity.”

32  And Cain trembled before the words of Lucifer and spoke unto him, saying: “How shall I contend against God? By what designs shall I frustrate the plans of God? Behold how God does watch continually over the children of men. In what season shall God slumber that I might stretch forth my arm to disturb the works of his hand?”

33  And Lucifer answered him, saying: “Did not your father command that you should teach unto the children of men great knowledge? And did not your brother teach them the skills of writing and language? Now go and teach the children of men that by cunning words they might lay a trap unto their neighbor, wherewith they shall get great gain. For it is not good that men should eat their bread by the sweat of their brow.

34  Did you not teach the sons of men to work in copper and bronze? Therefore, go again among them and teach them to make weapons of war and teach them also the songs of empire, that the children of men might take glory by the strength of their arm.

35  And teach them the art of usury, that they might buy and sell from one another to take great gain and power unto themselves. For, behold, is not power better than weakness, and cunning ways better than faith all together?

36  Thus shall you corrupt the teachings of your brother, Abel, and you shall give unto the children of men the power of the sword. And you shall receive unto yourself great glory, for by your cunning and dark designs shall you be as a god unto the children of men, and by their works shall they praise you throughout all the dispensations of time.

37  Thus shall you avenge yourself against your brother, for the children of men shall take power unto themselves, and they shall take from your brother the fruits of all his labor.

38  And I shall recompense unto Michael, evil for evil, that I might avenge myself against my younger brother, even as you shall avenge yourself against Abel.”

39  And when Lucifer had finished speaking, Cain withdrew from him that he might consider all the words which had been spoken unto him by the Fallen One.