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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 3

Marriage of Abel and Yoshibel – Matriarchal priesthood is established – Cain is angry and jealous towards Abel – Yoshibel has a son, Gimmel – Cain covenants with Lucifer to bring evil to the house of Adam – Cain gathers sons of men, forges a sword – Teaches murder for gain and power – Cain murders Abel


1  Now it came about that on a certain day the children of men were made to rejoice exceedingly, for Abel took unto himself a wife from among the daughters of men.

2  And, behold, the woman was exceedingly fair and she dealt kindly with all living things, for she was of the healing arts. Wherefore, the sons of men did call her name Yoshibel, which in the language of Adam means Mother of Joy.

3  And upon a high mount did Adam build an altar and he caused to kneel before it both Abel and the woman, that he might seal them together as husband and wife.

4  And Eve anointed the woman with sweet oil and laid her hands upon her, and ordained that she should be a wife unto Abel.

5  Therefore on that day was the priesthood of the great Mother given unto the daughters of men. And Eve commanded the woman that she should grant this priesthood unto all those daughters who should be born unto her, even throughout all their generations of both mother and daughter.

6  Of all these things did the children of men bear witness, and Cain also, yet Cain was filled with anger towards Adam, his father.

7  For in the day that Cain began to multiply wives unto himself, Adam and Eve took no thought to seal their union as they had done unto his brother Abel. Neither did they pronounce upon him their blessings.

8  Now Abel knew his wife and she bore him a son and called his name Gimel, for he was filled with the joy of life. And towards Abel was God pleased and he blessed him with every good thing, and the children of men had respect for Abel, for God was with him always.

9  But Cain hated his brother and desired to kill him; therefore he did covenant with Lucifer to bring great evil unto the house of Adam, that he might avenge himself against his father.

10  Now Cain gathered unto himself all the sons of men, and he built a forge whereby he might melt copper and tin. And he fashioned a small sword before many witnesses, and when he had made it, he brought forth a small lamb and struck off its head, saying:

11  “See now, you sons of men, how on this day, Cain shall give unto you great power over the children of many people, for by the strength of your arm shall you take from all who are weaker than you whatever your heart shall desire. For by the strength of your arm shall you make your cities to become kingdoms and nations upon the face of the land.

12  Therefore I shall teach unto as many as will this great secret, whereby you might murder to get great gain. For why should you labor when it is an easy thing to take unto yourselves all that you will? Who shall there be to stand against you if you are strong and mighty and have girded yourselves for battle?”

13  And the sons of men drew back from Cain, for they feared him, for they had never yet killed any man his neighbor. And they spoke to him, saying:

14  “Cain, you are mighty and filled with cunning, yet we fear to war lest we make God angry and in his anger he shall depart from us, and we shall be made to dwell alone among the beasts of the field. What you ask of us is too much to bear, for we have never at any time shed man’s blood.”

15  And Cain answered, saying: “Did you not know, have you not heard that God has desired to make you in his image and likeness, that you might attain unto the glory of God and become heirs of the kingdom?

16  Why then do you fear to be alone in the land, seeing that by my word I shall make you as gods? For I shall set before you the power of life and death, and into your hands shall I give the knowledge of good and evil.

17  For has not God commanded that I should teach you every good thing which is expedient for your learning? Wherefore, have I not taught you that to be strong is better than weakness, and the strength of your arm better than faith?

18  Come now and cease your fears, for this day I shall give unto you power and dominion over all your neighbors, for to kill and get gain is good. And who shall recompense evil unto you, seeing that I have made you strong and mighty?

19  For I say unto you that God shall not be angry with you, seeing that you have been given power over life and death. Therefore, gird up your loins and be strong. For this day I shall give into your keeping the knowledge of this great power.

20  This day shall I show you who is the greater, Cain or God, that you may know who it is that cares for you. Come now, you sons of men, and learn great cunning, for today I shall make you mighty before all the creations of God.”

21  Now after Cain had said these things, he took the sons of men and hid them in a small meadow. And when he had accomplished this, he took the sword and walked towards Eden.

22  And when he drew nigh unto the garden, he called unto Abel, who was walking among the flocks, and he besought his younger brother to walk with him a little way.

23  And together did Cain and Abel walk unto the meadow wherein Cain desired to murder his brother. And when they arrived at a certain place, Cain drew forth his sword and he struck Abel three times, and Abel was made to perish before the sons of men; by the hand of his brother was he slain.

24  Then did Cain rejoice greatly before the sons of men, and he took from Abel’s body a horn of oil sweet and fragrant, and a shepherd’s staff, and he spoke, saying: “You sons of men, consider how that by the strength of my arm I have murdered my brother to get this gain.

25  Therefore if your neighbor has offended you, satisfy yourself against him. By such means shall you take by force both power and glory, for where is the God of Abel now, seeing that Abel is dead? Who, therefore, is the greater? Abel’s God, or he who slew his brother?”

26  So on that day did the hearts of men grow evil, and they became anxious to follow Cain and to take unto themselves great power.