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Chapter 39

Zealots offer to make Yeshua king – Judas and the Zealots turn against Yeshua – “Why do you call me: Lord, Lord?” – Parable: The House Built Upon the Rock – Yeshua accused of having demons – Streams of living water – Honoring the Father – Yeshua greater than Abraham – Marcus Galerius writes to Pilate


1  Now when the Feast of Purim was come, Yeshua went walking in the city, and when he was come near again unto the temple, the people gathered round about to hear him;

2  And there was in the midst of the multitude, many which were of the Zealots, for they thought to use the Lord that they might foment rebellion against all them which ruled.

3  And as he was teaching, there came Judas of Kerioth and Simon Zelotes, saying: “Know you not my Lord how close to power you stand?

4  For see how many are come forth to serve you, that they might establish in your name the throne of David.

5  Go, therefore, my Lord, unto the temple that we might enter in unawares; for we know of a surety that you are come from God, for no man can do as you have done except that God be with him.

6  And if it so be that you shall enter in, then shall we take by force the temple, and you shall we make both king and high priest over all Israel.

7  For if we take by force the house of the Lord, how then shall Rome prevail against you, seeing that you are come from God and are made to dwell in the house of God forever?”

8  When the Lord heard these things, he looked about and seeing in the crowd many which were of the Zealots prepared for battle, he groaned in his soul;

9  And speaking unto Judas, he said: “What evil have you done for my name’s sake? Get you, therefore, away from me, for you have no part with me.”

10  Now when Judas heard this, he was stunned unto silence and he brooded darkly against the Lord for Israel’s sake; for he knew not his own sin.

11  And they which were of the Zealots, when they heard how the Master rebuked even the whole of them, they set their hearts against him, and sought instead to kill him; for he had upbraided them before all the people.

12  And turning to the people, the Lord spoke unto them, saying: “Why will you call unto me, saying: ‘Lord, Lord’, and do not the things which I say?

13  Whosoever shall hear these sayings of mine to do them, he it is which follows after me truly, having forsaken his own ways that he might cleave unto the one which is come from God alone.

14  Him shall I liken unto a wise man which built his house upon a rock: and the floods came, and the winds blew fiercely and beat upon the house and it fell not, for it was built upon a rock.

15  And everyone that shall hear my words to do them not, even that one shall I liken unto a foolish man which did build his house upon shifting sands:

16  And, behold, the rains descended and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon the house, and great was the fall of it; evensomuch that the man perished, being pierced with deep wounds.

17  Whosoever among you would follow after me, let him deny himself daily, and come, follow me.”

18  Now there was among the people, many which were of the Pharisees and Sadducees; and one spoke unto the Lord, saying:

19  “Did we not speak rightly against you, saying: ‘Behold, this man is a Samaritan, and is possessed by many demons?’”

20  But the Lord answered, saying: “I have no demons as you suppose; for I do but honor the Father which sent me, while you yourselves dishonor me always.

21  For I seek not my own glory, but my Father’s only; and there is but one which sees and judges righteously, and he is God.

22  But come and before the people answer truly: Did not Moses give unto you the law? Why then will you not keep it? For you are they which go about secretly to kill me.”

23  They answered him, saying: “Why will you accuse us falsely, for which of us have sought secretly to kill you?”

24  And the Lord, speaking unto the disciples, said: “Yet this little while am I with you, and then shall I go again unto him that sent me.

25  And you shall seek after me, but shall not find me: for where I am, there you cannot come.”

26  The disciples, when they heard this, spoke among themselves, saying: “Where can he go that we should not find him? Will he go again unto the Gentiles that he might teach the heathen?”

27  And the Lord, being full of the Spirit, spoke loudly unto the whole multitude, saying: “If any man thirst, let him come and drink of me.

28  For whosoever shall believe in me, even as the scriptures say: out of his belly shall flow streams of living water.

29  For truly I say unto you, if any man shall keep my sayings to do them, the same shall never see death.”

30  Now they which were of the Sadducees believed not in the life to come, and when they heard these words from the Master, they thought to scoff against the Lord, saying:

31  “Will you tell us now that you have no devil in you? For Abraham our father is dead, and all the prophets with him; and yet you say: ‘If any man shall keep my sayings to do them, he shall never see death.’

32  Are you become greater than our father Abraham, which has been dead these many years?

33  Are you greater also than the prophets which are dead and through whom the word of God is come? Come and tell us: What think you of yourself?”

34  Yeshua answered, saying: “If I honor myself, then is my honor nothing, being vanished away because of pride.

35  But my Father which is above all things, even he has honored me; and of him you say that he alone is your God.

36  Yet have you not known him, for you believe not in the power which is come from above; for in him is there found the power which is greater than any power, and the glory which is beyond all other glory.

37  But the Father do I know always, for he is revealed in me unto good works.

38  And if I should say, ‘I know not the Father’, then am I become as a liar like unto yourselves; yet do I know him, for I keep even all his words unto me.

39  Whosoever has ears to hear, let him hear; for your father Abraham rejoiced greatly to see my day; and I tell you truly that he indeed saw it, and leaped for joy because of it.”

40  Then said the Sadducees unto him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and will you say that you have seen our father Abraham?”

41  But Yeshua answered them, saying: “I tell you truly and lie not, that before Abraham was, I am.” And all which heard it gasped with wonder because of it.

42  And many which were of the Pharisees and Sadducees thought to pick up stones whereby they might cast them against him;

43  Yet did the Lord pass unhindered through the press of the crowd, and no man dared to lay a hand against him.

44  But Galerius which watched closely over all which happened in Jerusalem, grew troubled all the more because of Yeshua, for wheresoever the Lord went, even there would the multitudes gather to hear him.

45  And calling forth a scribe, he wrote unto Caesarea, saying: ‘To the most excellent governor, Pontius Pilate, Procurator of all Judea and Samaria: From Marcus Galerius, Tribune of Rome and Prefect of Antonia and all Jerusalem, Greetings:

46  Seeing that there has arisen out of Galilee of the nations this Yeshua of Nazareth which has set aflame all Judea, it is expedient, my lord, that you make haste unto the city with both troop and horse.

47  For having captured certain of the Zealots which would lay waste the countryside, even they have confessed that Yeshua alone is king of all the Jews.

48  And they which rule in the temple grow fearful daily, lest they lose both their place and nation because of him.

49  And whensoever those which are in authority would lay hold of him, behold, he flees away through the press of the crowd, for many are there which keep watch against us for his sake.’

50  These then are the words which Galerius wrote unto the Procurator in Caesarea, and Pilate determined to go in strength unto Jerusalem at the Feast of the Passover, that he might take by force the Nazarene and put him to death.