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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 40

Yeshua flees to Ephraim – A young couple seek Yeshua’s help – Marriage based on love not law – The ring of Jakobis and a place of refuge – Lazarus falls sick – Disciples fear for Yeshua’s life – Yeshua sends Mary and Miriam to Lazarus


1  Now the Passover drew near and there entered into the city Pontius Pilate, and with him marched two cohorts unto the fortress Antonia.

2  And Yeshua, knowing the hearts of them which hated him, fled unto the city of Ephraim, both he and his disciples, and the whole city received him with gladness.

3  Now there came unto the Master at the sunrise, a young man and woman which had fled together from the city of Bethel seeking the Lord.

4  And when they had found him, they knelt before him and the young man spoke unto the Lord, saying: “Great Master, have mercy on us I pray you.”

5  The Lord asked them, saying: “For what cause have you come seeking after me?” And the man, making notice of the woman, said:

6  “My Lord, this my beloved, was married unto another and when he died, having brought forth no children unto his name, his brother did take her that she might bring up children unto him which was dead, and this according to the law.

7  But he did beat and abuse her daily, and seeing that we have but loved each other from our youths, we did flee away seeking refuge, for we know that by the law we must perish.

8  What then shall we do, my Lord? For if we stay in Israel we are accursed; yet do we love each other and in our devotion would that we might live or die together.”

9  But the disciples, when they heard this they murmured against the man and the woman, and Cephas spoke unto the Lord, saying: “Master, forbid them; for by the law is this woman married unto another.”

10  Yeshua answered them, saying: “What marriage have you except that the husband should love his wife tenderly, and likewise the wife should love her husband, and both with all their hearts?

11  For it is love and not the law which binds together the man and the woman whereby they are made as one heart, one mind, one soul, one flesh.”

12  And the Lord, calling for the purse, drew out the signet ring of the house of Jakobis, and he spoke unto the man, saying:

13  “Go now unto the city of Tyre in Lebanon and give this ring unto the sisters Maximilla and Prisca, and say unto them:

14  ‘Thus speaks the Lord Yeshua of Nazareth unto thee: Receive for my sake the man and the woman, for they shall prove profitable unto all your house.’”

15  So spoke the Lord unto them, and they journeyed unto Tyre and there lived joyfully, being husband and wife one unto the other, bringing unto themselves a multitude of children, for they were blessed of the Lord.

16  Now Yeshua dwelt in Ephraim peacefully seven days, and there came unto him a messenger, saying: “Lord, come quickly, for Lazarus, your friend, lies sick and near unto death.”

17  When the disciples heard this, they grew fearful for the Lord’s sake; and Cephas spoke unto him, saying: “My Lord, go not unto Jerusalem, for all them which hate thee will seek to kill you.”

18  But the Lord, said: “Did I not speak unto you from the beginning this saying: No greater love has any man than this, than that he should lay down his life for a friend?”

19  Yet would Cephas not hear the Lord, and he spoke again unto him, saying: “My Lord, take care, for if you would but speak the word only from a distance, then would Lazarus be healed in the very moment.”

20  And the Lord looking tenderly upon his disciples, said: “Why will you be fearful?

21  For it is expedient that I go again unto Jerusalem that all men might see the love of the Father which is made manifest unto the whole world.

22  But this word will I speak for your sake: for when I am come again unto Jerusalem, then shall the Son of Man be betrayed into the hands of the chief priests and scribes, and they shall condemn him unto death.

23  And they shall deliver him unto the Gentiles for judgment and death, and they shall mock him, and scourge him, and spit upon him, and they shall crucify the Holy One of Israel;

24  And the Heavens shall gather darkness, and the lightning shall flash and thunder all about, and the earth shall be convulsed with sorrow because of it.”

25  But Cephas, being angered against the Lord because of these things, rebuked him, saying: “God forbid that these things should be!”

26  The Lord answered him, saying: “Get you behind me Satan, for you are an offense unto me; for you know not the things which are come from God, but seek only the things which be of men.”

27  And Cephas, when he heard this, wept; for no man could constrain the Lord from going unto Jerusalem.

28  Now the Lord sent unto Lazarus both Mary and Miriam that they might tend unto him till the Lord come;

29  And the Lord tarried yet a little while in the city of Ephraim, teaching in the synagogue the things which were come from God.

30  And when certain days were passed, the Lord went before his disciples unto Jerusalem; and all which followed after him were filled with amazement and in their hearts did many fear for his sake.